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HealthNation 21 Reasons


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24/7/365 access to a US doctor by phone, email from anywhere in the world. Online medical record storage, prescription discount card, patient advocate department saves you 30-50% on your major medical bills. Save time and money by not having to go to the doctor's office. Great for parents or those who suffer from common conditions like strep throat, allergies, earache, UTI, bronchitis, etc...

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HealthNation 21 Reasons

  1. 1. 21 ReasonsThis Membership Makes Sense For Everyone!
  2. 2. The HealthNationAdvantage According to research, approximately 70% of doctor visits could be handled by phone Consultations by video, phone or email could reduce emergency room visits by 60%, saving almost 60 billion dollars More than 90% member retention Doctors participating in HealthNation’s model spend more time with patients Industry-wide satisfaction rating is more than 95%
  3. 3. You Deserve BetterWe’ve all seen the signs. We’ve all encountered the problems withthe system. The shortage of primary care physicians and otherprofessionals continues to grow. Costs have skyrocketed and arenot slowing. Patients have to wait weeks or months just to get anappointment with their doctor. Of course, insurance ratescontinue to go up while coverage is declining. And, let’s not eventalk about the headache of hassling with insurance companies overwhat’s not covered and why.But, there’s good news. We all now have access to a solution thatprovides convenient, affordable and effective access to healthcare.It is time for you to enjoy better health, peace of mind, savings,and freedom. You Deserve Better!
  4. 4. Your Solution Is HereHealthNation is the first to offer a membership that providesconvenient access to proven, quality care without the cost –allowing patients to obtain medical information, diagnoses orprescriptions, typically within an hour, from U.S. based,credentialed physicians by phone, email or video conference.These services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and alsoallow secure access to medical records, tools and coaching forhealthy living, billing assistance and negotiation. Plus, you haveaccess to Naturopathic physicians for a more holistic approach toyour health. In fact, experts say that the benefits offered byHealthNation’s Membership can handle more than 70% of alltypical doctor visits. Save time, money, worry, and hassle. Getanswers. Get healthy.
  5. 5. 21 ReasonsWhy this membership makes sense…1. It Works: According to the Wellness Council of America, it is estimated that70% of all primary care, urgent care and ER visits could be handled over the phone.2. The doctor is always in: HealthNation provides 24/7 access to healthcareprofessionals for advice, diagnosis, treatment and prescriptions.3. Addresses the #1 healthcare problem - affordable ACCESS for All:It doesnt matter where you live, access to adequate healthcare is shrinking. But,With HealthNation, that will never be a problem for you.4. Dont miss work, school or play: Avoid lost work and family timeby consulting with a doctor when it works for you. You dont have to leave yourhome, office or vacation to address your everyday health needs.5. Pays for itself over and over: Just one use of HealthNation’s membershipCould pay for itself. Members report saving hundreds with just one use andPotentially thousands every year.6. U.S. based, credentialed and fully licensed doctors: Our networkPhysicians are credentialed using NCQA standards and number in the hundredsThroughout the United States. No matter where you are or where you go we’ve gotyou covered.
  6. 6. 21 Reasons7. Fast and affordable second opinions: Using a HealthNation physician is afast, easy and inexpensive way to get a second opinion and peace of mind.8. Total wellness approach: Looking for a more holistic approach? Access ourNaturopathic doctor network for complete wellness, proactive prevention, andthorough analysis.9. NEVER again put off a medical condition due to cost, time or hassle:With such affordable care and nationwide access you can finally get the treatmentyou need.10. Save big on prescriptions: HealthNation’s prescription card savesMembers 10% - 80% on prescription medications.11. Secure and convenient access to your medical records: Any time,anywhere, with HealthNation you have secure and complete access to your medicalRecords.12. Full Family benefits for less than $1 a day: This is perhaps the bestbenefits of all. You can enjoy all the benefits of HealthNation for a low monthlyprice. Reasonable and affordable – you can’t afford to be without it.
  7. 7. 21 Reasons13. Choice and option: More than 80 million Americans seek naturalalternatives for healthcare needs. Now you can talk to a medical doctor orNaturopathic doctor – or both! With such affordable care and nationwide accessyou can finally get the treatment you need.14. Healthcare concierge at your service: You also have you own advocate tonavigate and negotiate bill. Typical savings of 30% or more.15. Get your time back: With HealthNation you’ll spend far less time waitingfor the doctor and more time with family and friends.16. Stress-free travel: Go anywhere you want without worrying what to do ifyou need a doctor.17. Lose weight, get healthy: HealthNation’s Healthiest You program providesvideos, tracking, education, assessment and support to enhance your wellnesslevels and keep you fit!
  8. 8. 21 Reasons18. Easy as 1-2-3: Step 1: Connect with HealthNation Step 2: Get solutions and assistance Step 3: Feel better and have peace of mind19. Gives YOU control: With HealthNation you have far more options andcontrol of your time, money and healthcare access.20. Ahead of the curve: HealthNation delivers the proven medical practices ofthe past blended with technological advancements of the present.21. Feel better faster: Why wait to feel better? HealthNation connects you toanswers so that you can get on the road to recovery sooner. HealthNation is designed to complement, and not replace, the care you receive from your primary physician. HealthNation is not health insurance and we encourage all members to maintain adequate insurance from a responsible provider. HealthNation physicians are an independent network of doctors who advise, diagnose, and prescribe at their own discretion. HealthNation physicians do not prescribe DEA controlled substances. Prescriptions by phone are not available in Oklahoma.
  9. 9. The Easy ChoiceConsider this common scenario – It’s the middle of the nightand your child has a fever. What are your options? Go to the urgent care (if it’s open) – Cost $200 or more Go to the hospital ER and wait – Cost $1000 or more Wait and worry until morning and make an appointment. Waiting time? Several days Plus the time spent in the doctor’s exam room OR… Connect with a HealthNation physician via phone or computer. Waiting time? Just minutes! (guaranteed within 3 hours) HealthNation – It’s an easy choice!
  10. 10. What’s it cost? $100 Enrollment Fee / Pick Your Plan Individual Individual $20 Per Month $40 Per Month Advantage Advantage+ Family Family $30 Per Month $60 Per Month $20 fee for Doctors (MD) Doctors (MD) Unlimited Free diagnostic calls Naturopaths (ND) $20 fee Naturopaths (ND) Unlimited Free Patient Advocates √ Patient Advocates √ Online Medical Records √ Online Medical Records √ Healthiest You Wellness √ Healthiest You Wellness √ Prescription Savings √ Prescription Savings √ Nutritionists Nutritionists √ Weight Loss Coaches Weight Loss Coaches √*Best Value For... *Best Value For...Infrequent medical issues Infrequent medical issuesFully Insured Underinsured Health Savings Accounts (HAS) High Deductible Proactive Wellness Seekers
  11. 11. What’s it cost?Group Plan / No Enrollment Fee Individual Individual $20 Per Month $40 Per Month Advantage Advantage+ Family Family $30 Per Month $60 Per Month $20 fee for Doctors (MD) Doctors (MD) Unlimited Free diagnostic calls Naturopaths (ND) $20 fee Naturopaths (ND) Unlimited Free Patient Advocates √ Patient Advocates √Online Medical Records √ Online Medical Records √Healthiest You Wellness √ Healthiest You Wellness √ Prescription Savings √ Prescription Savings √ Nutritionists Nutritionists √ Weight Loss Coaches Weight Loss Coaches √ No Enrollment Fee Single Payer Group = 5 Or More
  12. 12. Contact &How To Enroll Eric Cox HealthNation Independent Certified Health Advocate Tel: (704) 493-5981 Email: Web: www.MyHealthNation.Net/Cox Digital Brochure: