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  1. 1. **Science 2009** **Structures**
  2. 2. Structure # 1- The Confederation bridge Type: Arch bridge Structure: Frame -Designed to Carry heavy Loads -Man Made -
  3. 3. Structure # 2- The Legislature building in Ontario Structure: frame -Man made -Designed to hold lots of people
  4. 4. Structure # 3- The saddle dome Structure- Shell -Man made -Designed to stand cold temperatures inside and to Carrie lots of people
  5. 5. Structure # 4- Great wall of china Structure- Solid -Man made -Designed to manage huge weights -
  6. 6. Structure # 5- The Eiffel tower Structure- Frame -Man made
  7. 7. Structure-# 6- The giant sphinx Structure- Solid
  8. 8. Structure # 7-Suspenion bridge A suspension bridge is a bridge that is built between 2 equal sides, and is very strong, it is designed 2 carry huge weights
  9. 9. Structure # 8- Beam bridge Beam bridge is a type of bridge that is built on 2 equal sides that is designed to carry heavy loads and to go over a river, The beam bridge can carry very heavy loads. Built with beams
  10. 10. Structure # 9-Truss Bridge A truss bridge is a type of bridge that is built in trusses that can carry heavy loads and designed for vehicles to cross.
  11. 11. Structure # 10- Egyptian Pyramids Structure: Solid Man made and designed to hold tombs inside of the hull