Social Networking


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Information about social networking given to HS students by HS students

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Social Networking

  1. 1. Peer Support• Short video• Survey• Discussion of social networking sitesRemember: we have Facebooks too!
  2. 2. Download & watch this video nr/adcouncil/26474/
  3. 3. Social Networking Survey
  4. 4. Raise your hand ifyou have a Facebook account
  5. 5. What Information Do You Provide About Yourself On Facebook?• Entire Legal Name• Nickname• Made Up Name• Birthday• Age• Pictures of Yourself• Videos Of Yourself• Cell Phone/ Home Phone Number
  6. 6. How Frequently Do You Go On Facebook?• Annually• Monthly• Weekly• Daily• Every Hour• Every Minute
  7. 7. Raise your hand if you sometimes keep Facebookopen on a different tab while doing homework on your computer.
  8. 8. Approximately What Percent of Your Facebook Friends Are You Actually Friends With Offline?• 50%• 60%• 70%• 80%• 90%• 100%
  9. 9. Which Of The Following Apply To You?• I’m friends with family members on Facebook.• I’m friends with people on Facebook that I have only met once.• I’m friends with people on Facebook that I have never met/never talked to.• I Facebook stalk
  10. 10. Issues With Facebook •Security  Who can view your page? •Positive image?•False sense of security: Do you post things you wouldn’t say in person?•College, jobs, etc..can see this stuff.
  11. 11. What is Formspring Used For? Basically, get to know your friends better! Ask them things you really want to know, but would be too awkward to ask in person!
  12. 12. But What is it REALLY Used For?• Conveniences: – Anonymous – You can anonymously ask embarrassing questions – You can let people know whatever you want (anonymously)• We all want to know what people think of us…so Formspring must be awesome, right?
  13. 13. This is good, right? Though you’ll probably never know who said it..
  14. 14. So everything must be nice, right?
  15. 15. Well at least I make myself look cool? johnny, malcolm, ashton, and freddy!!
  16. 16. In summary•Use a good sense of judgment!• If you don’t reply…no one sees original post • Think: Why are you on Formspring?
  17. 17. Real World Impact of Social Networks Positive Negative•Stay in touch •Hurtful/mean things•Update friends and family •Permanence•Share pictures, videos, games, etc. •Public•Find old friends and reconnect •Misinterpretation•Show your work (i.e. music art, etc.) •Accessibility•Groups / Clubs •Time Waste•Play games, use different applications •Impact on college, jobs, etc.•Messaging
  18. 18. Wrap-Up• Privacy Settings• Is your electronic image consistent with who you are in person?• Impulsive decisions online have lasting consequences• Social Networking = extension of Wheeler community