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Christian counseling


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Covenant Life leverages all forms of media and technology for worship, evangelism, virtual counseling, and teaching.

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Christian counseling

  1. 1. Youth Ministry Resources in Santa Ana from Covenant Life Fellowship Covenant Life is a fluid group of fans and followers who have made a revolutionary persistence for uncovering the power and success in living covenant-focused lives for the Lord in all areas and intervals of life. Covenant Life harnesses all types of media and concept for praise, evangelism, exclusive counseling, and training. Covenant Life is a virtual church comprised of devoted christ-followers who aren't right, but have made a pledge or accord to live gloriously in all conditions that life throws their way. It is a group of supporters who have created a drastic dedication to comprehend the power and victory in living covenant-focused lives for Christ in all paths of life. holds all ground-breaking and real phrases in worship that is introduced sacrificially to enlarge the name of Jesus. Most youngsters are considering strategy for building their lives on the way to the almighty. Youth Ministry Resources Santa Ana has to offer is the best thing that you can carry out outreach during the week beyond school. You can become a member of the Covenant Life movement and begin living with impact. The Covenant Life Movement is regarding making devoted followers
  2. 2. of Christ who build up and unite through Digital and Social Media and Christian Ministry Los Angeles. There is holy bible review for new believers so as to feel people’s lives with the love of God in sensible ways. About Covenant Life Fellowship Covenant Life is a virtual church comprised of passionate believers in Christ who wants to train, educate, furnish, train, and develop in sensible way. Covenant Life Fellowship is also looking for leaders and facilitators in this and other areas of the ministry. If you want to become a member, please email your contact info and brief summary of your ministry background and one of their representative will contact. For information regarding Christian Churches in Long Beach and to donate, visit the website