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Feeling Blah


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What can you do when you are Feeling Blah?

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Feeling Blah

  1. 1. ==== ====When you feel blah. . . . ====Considering the way most people eat, it is no surprise that most of us feel a bit run down most ofthe time. Even someone who eats the right amount of sugars is probably not eating the right kinds.Add to that the fact that most of us do not get enough protein at all, and it becomes veryunderstandable why our health is in such a dilapidated state.The quickest thing anyone can do to correct this is to take a protein supplement like whey proteinisolate. There are many different ways to increase ones protein intake, but whey gives many ofthe benefits of drinking milk without all the fat and lactose. This is because it is derived from milk inthe process that makes cheese - since cheese is made mostly from culturing the fat of milk, theprotein in the milk is not really needed and is strained out.Protein does not directly affect energy levels. Only a body that is starving for fuel will use proteinsfor that purpose. However, they do supply the building blocks for every part of the body, from cellwalls to digestive enzymes. Having enough of the right kind of protein will help the body to betterprocess the sugars and other fuels it already has.Feeling cruddy for no reason may be an indicator of a serious medical problem, so if it persists,one should always consult a doctor. However, if a protein supplement solves the problem, onemay not need to spend the money on a visit. All one needs to do in this case is to pay attention tofurther changes in health and keep taking better care of himself.For More info: whey protein isolate, protein powderArticle Source:
  2. 2. ==== ====When you feel blah. . . . ====