Feeling Blah


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What can you do when you are Feeling Blah?

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Feeling Blah

  1. 1. ==== ====Improve your health for freehttp://goodhealthinanutshell.com/2011/05/31/improve-your-health-for-free-tips-set-1/==== ====1.Curb indoor pollution. Maintain proper ventilation in your home whenever possible.Make sureyour home or office is smoke-free, if possible also, use a quality air-ionizer device.All gasappliances should be checked once a year to maintain that they are properly ventilated to limit theoutput of poisonous carbon monoxide.2.Maintain healthy"straight-up" reading posture. Poor,"slumped" posture can lead to tensionheadaches, vision problems and pain the neck.3.Inhale an energizing scent. Research suggests that lemon and peppermint scents areenergizing.To further test this, have a cup of lemon or peppermint tea or chew peppermint gum.Oryou can also try potpourri containing such scents as pine, jasmine, lavender or orange. Or betteryet, lemongrass/peppermint oil in the tiny bottle.4.Do ab exercises.By strengthening the back youll be eliminating room for future back and neckproblems.5.Minimize noise at home and at work. Loud or irritating sounds creates severe emotional andphysical tension.6.Sip ice water.It keeps your cells hydrated and helps you burn calories by stoking the fire to burnmore quicker. When you drink anything cold, it raises your metabolism to keep your bodytemperature from dropping. In fact,seven 16 ounce ice water drinks daily will burn an extra 200calories per day!7.Practise meditation,yoga or anything that has been proven to reduce stress.8.Soak in 5 minutes of bright light.Sunlight or bright indoor light will give you a powerful surge ofenergy.9.Perform mental exercises. Exercises, such as word puzzles, video games or anything involvingbrain activity will make your mind run more efficiently and effectively.Youll get more work donewhich leads to more happiness overall.There is also new technologies emerging, such as qualityNLP programs that train your brain by way of brainwave entrainment.10.Do trigger point therapy on yourself. Wherever you feel really tense pain,feel for a band ofmuscle tissue close to the pressure point, and then press or squeeze it with light to moderatepressure, visually "massaging" the pain out of the area.Continue pressing for 5-15 seconds, thenrelease.Do this until you feel less stress in that area.
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