Feeling Blah


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What can you do when you are Feeling Blah?

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Feeling Blah

  1. 1. ==== ====When you feel blah. . . .http://goodhealthinanutshell.com/2011/11/08/when-you-feel-blah-time-management-2-of-5-good-health-in-a-nutshell/==== ====Well, how tall is your snow bank?If you are like many of us in the north you have just been hit with a hum dinger of a snow storm.Chicago got hit with over 20 inches of snow and some people were stranded in their cars for over10+ hours. Its no wonder with images like this floating in our minds that we succumb to theBLAAAHHHHS...I live in the Metro Detroit area and even though not as bad as Chicago we definitely hit the boilingpoint on the Blah thermometer, dark, dreary, cold and windy!How to Beat the Blahs even when faced with record breaking cold and storms. Well the first step isto be ready for them, they WILL arrive and the best attack is to have a plan of action. So as thesunlight hours get shorter and the temperature descends start to think of ways to BEAT THEBLAHS! I have compiled a list of activities that can be used both during and pre-blah winterseason.Think HEAT, thats right, anything hot can improve a dull moment, so spice it up, heat it up andwarm it up. Soups, hot drinks, toasted sandwiches, chilis. Experiment and try something new ordifferent. Put a pot on the stove and throw in whatever is in the fridge, broccoli, cauliflower,carrots, celery, parsnips, tomatoes, onions, kidney beans, you name it, put it in! Leave it onmedium heat for a couple hours, crank up the fire in the fireplace, put on a great comedy andenjoyNutritious is the ideal food choice this time of year. They provide more effective use of your bodiesresources and dont give you quick highs and lows like sugary treats can, thus leading to aneventual descent in the mood leading to the blahs.Get moving, even though your first reaction when the blahs hit is to stay in those p.j.s and layaround, DONT. Once you get up and start doing something, anything youll see an immediatechange in your spirits. When the body starts, the brain cant help but move also and often when itdoes it has forgotten the "blahs" and on to bigger and better things.Plan a family project. The closet/drawers/room that has been asking for your attention would makea great way for all of you to connect and actually get something accomplished. Another item offthe to-do list!Get out of the house! Something simple outside, like a walk or a little snow shoveling?! If not howabout sledding or ice skating or skiing. Naw, not the outdoorsy type. Try something completelydifferent, a museum or library; how about a concert or play?Go see a long lost friend, you know the college buddy that for the last year you have been
  2. 2. promising to go see; how about your favorite aunt who makes great homemade bread; or just anext door neighbor that you have been looking forward to meetingSeek out the sun. Whenever you can put yourself in the light of day, do so. Arrange your calendarso that during those warm, afternoon hours when the chances of the sun showing up are greatestyou are in a position to absorb those rays. Even if it means repositioning an office chair, take awalk around the building or plan a later lunch. Try to maximize your skins availability to that brightlight.Do something completely new and different. Maybe something as simple as a new grocery storeor more complicated like basket weaving. The process of learning and planning for this newbehavior can dramatically shift your focus hence no more blahs and a new habit or hobby acquiredExercise-I know when the blahs are in full force the last thing you want to do is exert any extraeffort. But here again start small. Start with something simple like an extra up and down the staircase or parking the car far away from the building. Then increase the activity every 2-3 days notonly will you feel better during the day but youll sleep better also!Change your surroundings. Try moving furniture or buy a new brightly colored rug or throw pillows.Get your family involved in the process and maybe come up with something fun, like all thefurniture in the middle or everything has to touch. You may find that some of these newconfigurations are actually conducive to better family time and more connecting.Plan your outside yard for the winter creatures that may be lurking. Put out bird feeders or nuts forthe squirrels. If you are in an area where deer are common try hay or a salt lick and see if you candevelop your photographic hobby at the same time. If the indoors is where you prefer, plant someseedlings, water and tend them in preparation for warmer temperatures.Keep those p.j.s on and crawl between the sheets. For the PG version grab a great book and readit out loud with your kids, let them participate and become actors if they have the desire. The Rversion... well hopefully I dont need to explain how THAT will alleviate the BLAHS, (big-time!)If all else fails and you cant seem to fight those winter blahs try the video below it will at leastgenerate a smile.Before you go tell me by liking this article that you enjoyed the read and better yet share with meyour remedy on how you fight the winter blahs!Donna Thomas is a mother of 3 and grandmother of 2. She is a coordinator for a Early ElementaryLiteracy Program and has worked in the public schools over 20 years. She is concerned for thehealth and well being of our children and invites you to pursue alternative healthy options forchildrens snacks. Check out her blog at http://donnalthomasdetroit.comArticle Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Donna_L_Thomas
  3. 3. ==== ====When you feel blah. . . .http://goodhealthinanutshell.com/2011/11/08/when-you-feel-blah-time-management-2-of-5-good-health-in-a-nutshell/==== ====