==== ====How jin shin jyutsu can help YOU.http://goodhealthinanutshell.com/2011/11/03/ghian-good-health-in-a-nutshell-intr...
Number 10 in JSJ has to do with the breath. "All healing is within the breath." (Mary Burmeister,Master of Jin Shin Jyutsu...
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Feeling Blah


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What can you do when you are Feeling Blah?

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Feeling Blah

  1. 1. ==== ====How jin shin jyutsu can help YOU.http://goodhealthinanutshell.com/2011/11/03/ghian-good-health-in-a-nutshell-introduction-to-jin-shin-jyutsu/==== ====2007 added up to a 9. Number 9 is the "End of a cycle, the beginning of a new cycle." Accordingto Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ), (an ancient form of Japanese acupressure or harmonizing the bodys lifeforce)#9 erases the past.If we did our inner work last year, we all had the opportunity to clear out the past and bring ourlives into a better balance. It was a year to see our weaknesses and heal what we could and makeroom for new life. Of course every moment we have that same opportunity.Our Earth is going through a transformation. David Wilcock (who could be the reincarnation ofEdgar Cayce) says we will be entering the 4th dimension at the end of the Mayan Calender in2012.Our whole solar system is evolving, heating up, and changing. For example; "The icecaps on Marsmelted within just one year, causing 50% changes in surface features. Jupiter is becoming soenergized that there is a "tube of energy in the path of the moon Io. The size of Jupiters magneticfield has more than doubled since 1992."(quotes from David Wilcock. To see more go todivinecosmos.com Look under "Popular" then click on "What is Ascension?")We are all heading on a different path. My 8 year old grandson said to us, "Earths polar ice capsare melting. The sun is getting hotter and causing this." Out of the mouth of babes...Such Logic! Infact, according to David Wilcock, "The Suns magnetic field is over 230% stronger than it was atthe beginning of the 1900s" The rape and plunder of our beautiful Mother Earth has NOT helpedthe situation.Are we responsible for the sun heating up? On a spiritual level this may be true. We areexperiencing an evolution of Earth and us as divine/human beings. This all has helped to createmore LIGHT. The light of the Great One Spirit is growing in us. We all have the Sun, the planetsand constellations in us. The Sun may represent the heart. The Great One Heart of the Universe.2008 adds up to a 10. Number 10 is the decate, the "number of God." In Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) #10is the "outpouring of unlimited life force." Someone said is was the $ point. The life force of thebody flows along definite avenues called meridians. It feeds life into our cells. Without it we woulddie. The life force is present in every atom, cell, and molecule. It is the one constant of theUniverse and occupies every minute bit of space.
  2. 2. Number 10 in JSJ has to do with the breath. "All healing is within the breath." (Mary Burmeister,Master of Jin Shin Jyutsu) As we grow we will learn to become more of who we are at our center.The life force of the whole Universe is within us waiting to be born anew.Number 10 is also a #1. Number 1 (JSJ) is the "Prime mover. Connecting extreme heights withextreme depths." #1 gets everything going, it helps to clear ALL disharmony in the body. If youhold your #1s (inside knees at crease or a little higher on thighs) for one hour a day for one year ithelps with all "big labels and little labels.") The hands are like "jumper cables." Hold the pointsgently, do not squeeze.I like to think of the Great "One." In Spirit we ALL are part of the great "One" body of GodGoddess. Let us learn this in the coming year so that we can begin to see everyone as ourselves.This will bring peace to this planet and peace in all of our hearts.Blessings and Love in the New Year and Always!©2008 Merry C. BattlesMerry C. Battles has worked in the healing arts since 1977. She has practiced the art of massage,Jin Shin Jyutsu (an ancient form of Japanese Acupressure), CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki, and footreflexology. Merry is the author and illustrator of Christmas Meditations on the Twelve Holy DaysDecember 26-January 6 Merrys book is a compilation of her 26 year meditation journey with thetwelve holy days. Her book can be used all year as we travel through each sign of the Zodiac.Merry has been a student of the ancient mysteries for as many years. Her greatest joy in life,along with her grandchildren, is to learn about the spiritual. This is reflected in all of her work.http://merrybattles.com - http://walkingthespiritualpath.com/Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Merry_C._Battles==== ====How jin shin jyutsu can help YOU.http://goodhealthinanutshell.com/2011/11/03/ghian-good-health-in-a-nutshell-introduction-to-jin-
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