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Mountain powerpoint, Courtney Cunningham


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5 Largest Mountain Ranges in the World

Published in: Education
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Mountain powerpoint, Courtney Cunningham

  1. 1. 5 Largest Mountain Ranges in the World CourtneyCunningham
  2. 2. Andes Mountain Range 4,500MilesLong What South American country are the Andes Mountains mainly located in?
  3. 3. Rocky Mountains 3,750MilesLong Which individual mountain is the largest in the Rocky Mountain Range?
  4. 4. Himalayas 2,400MilesLong Which temple is located closest to the highest point of the Himalayas?
  5. 5. Great Dividing Range 2,250MilesLong The Great Dividing Range is located on the east coast of Australia next to what large body of water?
  6. 6. Trans-Antarctic Mountains 2,200MilesLong Near which pole, north or south, would you find this mountain range?