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Hoddwinked Grammar Review


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Published in: Education
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Hoddwinked Grammar Review

  2. 2. YOUR REVIEWS Open up your writing folders and have a look at your drafts. You may find some red marks on your work. They might be: Sqirril there and then P [ Once upon a time little red riding hood ]
  3. 3. SPELLING Spelling was the biggest error in the reviews. After this presentation you will correct your errors in a list on the back of your reviews. You will use your dictionaries to do so. Some common errors were: Charicters Sqirril Bandett
  4. 4. SPELLING STRATEGIES As well as using the dictionary there are several ways you can correct incorrectly spelt words. You can try writing the word out several different ways to see which one looks right, i.e.. Weird weerd wierd You can ask the person next to you You can try “sounding” out the word to get the correct spelling, although some words are tricker than others.
  5. 5. GRAMMAR Grammar errors were far less common, they are identified on you review drafts by double underlined words eg. There. Grammar refers to how a sentence is constructed, an error means this is done incorrectly. Two common examples were: All of the bakeries was shutting down Little Red Riding Hood went over their.
  6. 6. GRAMMAR STRATEGIES If you have any grammar errors on your review draft, the easiest way to correct them is to read them aloud….but not too loud.
  7. 7. LONG SENTENCES If you have a sentence in your review that has brackets around it i.e. [ Once upon a time there lived a little girl known as red riding hood all she wanted to do was get away from the forest but instead she delivered goodies all over the forest on her bike her goodies were the best of all ] STRATEGIES Read through your long sentences and try to break them up into two, possibly three smaller sentences. If you can’t read your entire sentence in one breath, its far too long.
  8. 8. PUNCTUATION Some draft reviews will have red P’s in the middle of sentences, this means that a punctuation mistake has been made. Usually it had to do with commas. Commas are used to break up sentences i.e. Granny competes in extreme sports how weird. ALSO be careful when your using apostrophes. Grandmas house Its a girl Its tail got caught in the squirrels camera
  9. 9. FINALLY When your spelling and grammar errors, long sentences and punctuation have been corrected, then and only then will you start word processing. When you think you are ready, check with a teacher and get marked off, only those with a double tick can begin typing their review up.