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Balanced Team Salon Talk - LeanUX NYC Highlights


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The major takeaways from the Lean UX NYC conference and the Balanced Team Salon that followed

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Balanced Team Salon Talk - LeanUX NYC Highlights

  1. 1. NYC Takeaways
  2. 2. “Don’t look at current constraints (imagined), look toward future ideal state.” - Jabe Bloom
  3. 3. Cynefin
  4. 4. “Can somebody help me understand?” - Adrian Howard
  5. 5. “...start from data to prevent bias then dive into metadata and the stories...” - Dave Snowden
  6. 6. “Systems need flexible architecture to adapt.” - Shelley Evenson/Fjord
  7. 7. “There’s huge value in more than getting the product right. Shape your company in the right way while doing so.” - Fridtjof Detzner
  8. 8. Lean UX Salon NYC
  9. 9. “LeanUX as a term maybe is just a Trojan horse to get into organizations and affect change.” - Jeff Gothelf
  10. 10. “The most valuable contribution of diverse disciplines is framing.” - Lane Halley Should coders learn to design?
  11. 11. “Bottom up practices to cultivate Balanced Team culture.” - Johanna Kollmann How do you find BT culture?