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Esquivel courtney project 4


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Esquivel courtney project 4

  2. 2. LEAVE A MARK AND BE REMEMBEREDMobile and tablet usage has grown and estimated future usage. Serves as a unique way for customers to remember your business. Experience viral/word-of-mouthgrowth through friend-sharing features.
  3. 3. DO YOU WANT TO BE PART OF THE CROWD?Experience word-of-mouth growth through friend-sharing features. Present you company on Facebook, Twitter, and with Apps. You can Brand yourself.
  4. 4. MAKE A STATEMENT CREATE TRAFFIC Customer engagement, make a statement create web traffic
  5. 5. Out with the old New Business Card WATCH YOUR COMPANY’S PROFIT GROW.It is the best digital business card you can give. The app can be the business card you don’t misplace. You can make appointment, call, view products and more. It is lightweight, easy to carry,
  6. 6. Current technologies can be used to make websites accessible on all devices. Information in graphics must be available using all technology that is web accessible.Hand-held devices do not effectively display large (width and height) graphics.
  7. 7. CHANGES IN THE WEB DESIGN PROVIDES MORE FUNCTIONMobile and tablet usage has impacted web design by getting rid of the fold. Companies have increased their width and movement.
  8. 8. CONSIDER YOUR AUDIENCE bad examples of websites that don’t work well on mobile/tablet devices. Do not overcharge your customer for using your site. Whatever you charge for using your site make sure yourcustomers get what your offering.
  9. 9. 1-2 good examples of websites that do work well on mobile/tablet devices. They captivate without over whelming.
  10. 10. CAPTIVATE!!! Captivate, Create, Sell, Network,
  11. 11. REFERENCES h"p://‐apps‐for‐business‐what‐you‐need‐to‐know/