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How to take a photo


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How to take a photo

Published in: Design, Art & Photos, Business
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How to take a photo

  1. 1. Whenever you see those photographers holding their big cameras capturing nice shots, are you wishing to be like them? Do you like also to take those great photos you see in the internet? Well, stop dreaming and learn the ways on how to become a photographer. That's right because now, I'll show you the steps on how to become a photographer: How to Become a Photographer Step 1 - Buy Your Camera Of course for you to become a photographer, you should have the main tool that photographers have - camera. You can borrow one but if you really want to become a photographer, you should have your own. Since you are still beginning, you don't have to buy a professional camera anyway. You can start even from a compact camera for now specially if your budget is tight. But if you have enough money and you're capable of buying an expensive camera, then why not? So go on, look around the shopping centers, search online, then buy your camera. How to Become a Photographer Step 2 - Know Your Camera After having your camera, the next thing to do is for you to learn how to use it. Of course it's easy to know where to push the shutter button to take a shot but it's not just that. Since you wanted to become a photographer, you must go further and learn beyond the basics. The best way to learn the features of your camera is by reading its manual. Every new camera has a manual that comes with it so read that. Another way is to search for the reviews of camera online. You'll surely get detailed features from the company website or from other users of that camera.
  2. 2. How to Become a Photographer Step 3 - Learn Photography You can go to a university and find any major that has photography subject with it but you don't have to do that. Of course that's a good way of learning photography but there are other ways as well. Let's see some of them: 1. Search Photography Lessons Online This might be the easiest and free way to learn photography. Just look for some free basic photography lessons online and try to apply them. 2. Buy a Photography Book/s or eBook/s There might be free lessons that you can see out there but it is still better to spend a bit for you to learn more. It's also different if you spend something for you to learn. Since you paid some price, you'll take the learning seriously. This will then take you to the next level and become a photographer. There are lots of good photography books and ebooks out there. It's good to start from basic photography books first then grab more advanced ones once you mastered the basics already. 3. Join Seminars and Workshops Many professional photographers are conducting seminars and you can join too. Just find some of them in your area. The experience in learning in seminar workshops are also different
  3. 3. so it's good to join. The learning is person to person so you will surely gain a lot of skills. The bonus is, you can also find many friends who are also into photography. How to Become a Photographer Step 4 - Join Photography Clubs and Forums After learning photography (of course, learning still continues), join those photography clubs in your area. Try also to find photography forums online. It's good to mingle with other photographers and fellowship with them about the experiences in photography. How to Become a Photographer Step 5 - Keep on Photographing You're now a photographer so keep on doing what you are doing. Post your shots in those photography forums for others to comment. Keep on uploading your works also in social networks sites and blogs. For More Info visit :