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Tutorial for merchants


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Tutorial for merchants. Easy to implement & highly scalable. Reward your customers today!

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Tutorial for merchants

  1. 1. Get real rewards for doing what you like
  2. 2. Tutorial on creating deals 1) Register a company Account 2) Select “deals” 3) This page show you all your past and present deals. Select “+” button at the top right
  3. 3. Tutorial on creating deals 4) Input the details of the deal. The title, start and end date and the requirement eg. Tag an OOTD photo *“No of like needed” is the number of likes required before user can get coupon. 5) Input the details of the coupon. Once you are done, the deal will be broadcast on couper marketplace *“No of Coupon” is the number of coupon you are giving out.
  4. 4. Tutorial on creating deals 6) You will be able to put up to 3 coupon for every single deal by selecting “+” at the top right. 7) For every single coupon, you will be able to keep track of who has redeem(get) your coupon and who has claimed(use) your coupon *Note: You are able to see the photos tagged to this deal.
  5. 5. Tutorial on creating deals 8) Everyone will be able to see who has tagged their photos to you. *Note: You can delete any photo. 9) When user claim the coupon, they will have to key their ID no. and name. There is a moving logo to show it’s not screenshot. *Note: There is a moving logo to show it’s not screenshot
  6. 6. Things to take note • You will not be able to edit/delete the deal 3 days before the deal start. • The start and end time for every deal is 12am. • The coupons are given out on a first come first serve basis. That means any user who meet the requirement and press on “coup it” first will get the coupon. • There is a “Email coupon list” button where you will receive an email containing information of the users who redeemed or has claimed your coupon. (Eg. Name, Email)