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WestIsland.ca, Open for Global Business

The West Island is a major economic hub, supportive of innovation and growth. Diverse in culture and industry, it offers a progressive, technologically advanced environment with unique strategic advantages for internationally oriented businesses.

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West island.ca open for global business

  1. 1. WestIsland.ca Open for Global Business
  2. 2. Open for Global Business The West Island is a major economic hub, supportive of innovation and growth. Diverse in culture and industry, it offers a progressive, technologically advanced environment with unique strategic advantages for internationally oriented businesses. Diverse Community in a Great Environment Unique Location Only minutes from downtown Montréal, the West Island is a community of eight cities and two boroughs at the western tip of the Island of Montréal, in the Province of Québec. The region attracts local and international investment due to its great people, dynamic business climate, extensive resources, affordable cost of living and unique atmosphere, flavoured by Québec’s old-world charm. Nature is omnipresent in this peaceful region, boasting an abundance of waterways, greenery and picturesque villages. The West Island offers a wide variety of housing and top-notch community services, covering every need, from education to healthcare, daycare and recreation. In terms of personal safety, the Greater Montréal area ranks at the top of the largest North American cities. Though in close proximity to Montréal’s busy urban core, a country feeling and a unique sense of belonging is felt by its residents. Major modes of transportation, whether by air, land or sea, are readily available to West Island businesses, keeping all channels open for the flow of goods and services to and from customers and suppliers. The region, criss-crossed by a network of highways strategically connecting to major economic centres, and in proximity with the Greater Montréal area, offers direct access to Ontario, Atlantic Canada and the United States. At the heart of the West Island, Montréal-Trudeau airport, the principal Canadian airport east of the Great Lakes, is a hub for domestic, transborder and international passenger traffic. Its positioning makes it a natural connection point for traffic between North America and Europe. Laval Montréal Toronto Chicago Boston New York West Island Montréal Longueuil
  3. 3. Distinctive Business Environment The West Island’s business community, composed of small and medium-sized companies, as well as large multinationals, has evolved and solidified over the years, showing signs of sustained growth for times to come. Highly Educated and Qualified People West Islanders are highly educated, talented, and multicultural. Creativity, professionalism and dedication are common traits. A large percentage of the population, compared to elsewhere in the province, is university educated, with training in engineering, sciences, administration or management. Residents benefit from four international calibre universities and seven institutes of higher learning, available in nearby Montréal, and many technical training programs. A unique asset that characterizes the region is its strong cultural diversity. Fully 70% of its population is bilingual, French and English. Pro-active Business Community Whatever the need, from real estate to manpower, financing or market expertise, West Island corporations are well served by a full spectrum of public and private services. Développement Économique West-Island, at the forefront of governmental services, offers support and guidance with regards to available programs, financial tools and partnering organizations, poised to help corporations optimize growth and manage relocation, such as: • Montréal International • Investissement Québec • Ministère des Finances et de l’Économie • Export Development Canada • Canada Economic Development for Québec Regions • National Research Council Canada The West Island’s business community welcomes international corporations looking for a foothold in the dynamic North American market. Développment Économique West-Island and its partners look forward to working with these corporations to help them achieve success. Vast Availability of Land and Office Space The region offers prime locations, including existing office and industrial spaces, as well as land for development. Contractor-developers offer a variety of approaches to construction, including design-build projects, for ownership or leasing. Location-based operating costs in the West Island are lower than those in Central and Western Canada and the United States. Businesses also benefit from many real estate programs such as municipal tax reimbursements and incentives to accelerate investment in property development. “ The West Island offers a phenomenal quality of life. There are lots of spaces, lots of positives and it costs less to live in Québec than in Europe or the United States. These factors make this place a true gem and one of the best kept secrets on this planet.” Mike Hardman – President, Sika Canada
  4. 4. Key Innovative Industries The West Island is a prime destination for investment, meeting key criteria for location or relocation of SMEs and multinationals. Industry flourishes in the West Island, in diverse sectors such as aerospace, life sciences, information technology and telecom, food transformation, cleantech, R&D sciences and advanced logistics. Aerospace Life Sciences Québec is a major driver of the Canadian aerospace industry, home to more than 212 companies employing some 42,000 specialized workers, well trained in advanced production methods and techniques. The Greater Montréal region is considered one of the major world centres for aeronautics, on the same level as Seattle and Toulouse. It also has the secondlargest density of aerospace jobs in the world with one person in 95 working in a job related to the sector. Montréal-Trudeau airport is a vibrant air transport hub in the region, facilitating business and exchange in Québec and the world. The key to Québec’s success is the synergy that drives companies in the private sector, public research, universities, research hospitals and the major clinical research networks. Such resources harness the power of convergence and collaboration, both multidisciplinary and multicentric, and allow Québec to rank among the 10 largest health sciences industrial pools in North America. A number of world leaders in pharmaceutical and medical technology sectors have chosen Québec. Many of them are established in the West Island, including: • Charles River Laboratories • Merck Canada • Pfizer Canada • Jubilant Life Sciences • Medtronic of Canada • Galderma Canada • Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Aerospace companies in the West Island include: • Bombardier Aerospace • C&D Zodiac Aerospace • Innotech Aviation • MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates (MDA) • ThyssenKrupp Aerospace “ The West Island has an outstanding pool of skilled labour. Specialized programs and innovative teaching initiatives ensure that the quality of graduates keeps getting better each year. In the last two years, we’ve hired more than 200 people and are now 650 employees at our Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue facility.” Marc Donato – Vice-President and General Manager, MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates Satellite Systems (MDA)
  5. 5. Information Technology and Telecom The information technology (IT) and telecommunications sector is vibrant in the West Island. The province boasts hundreds of active businesses in related industries, and a large pool of highly skilled workers. The Montréal region has more engineering firms and engineers than any other city in Canada. The strong growth in the Québec telecommunications industry is driven by the dynamism and high export capability of local businesses, as well as the many ongoing leading-edge R&D projects. Many of these companies are located in the Greater Montréal area, benefiting from proximity to leading institutions of higher education, associations and R&D consortiums. IT and Telecom companies in the West Island include: • Advantech Wireless • Epicor Software Corp. • Matrox Electronic Systems • Netricom • Task Micro-Electronics Food Transformation The agri-food industry is a major contributor to Québec’s economy, employing over 475,000 people or nearly 12% of the province’s workforce. The industry owes its vitality primarily to the abundance and quality of raw materials that Québec has to offer, ranging from pork, soybeans, berries, vegetables, maple syrup, refined sugar and drinking water. Food transformation companies in the West Island include: • Aliments ED Foods • Cott Beverages • Plats du Chef Cleantech Québec’s cleantech ecosystem encompasses approximately 1,000 players, including producers of clean technologies, users and research facilities. Many economic sectors benefit from their solutions, including mining, manufacturing, forestry, energy, agriculture, petrochemicals, construction and transport as well as municipal services. Cleantech businesses in the West Island include: • Gradek Energy • Matrix Energy R&D Sciences In 2010, Québec’s population included 1,227,000 university graduates, 86% of whom were between the ages of 25 and 64. These workers occupied 24% of all jobs and 48% of jobs in professional, scientific and technical services. In this context, the West Island is very well positioned, its population showing the highest levels of university students (30%) and bilingualism (70%), as compared to all other regions of the Province of Québec. Research organizations in the West Island include: • FP Innovations • ITR Laboratories Canada • McGill University, Macdonald Campus, Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Advanced Logistics The West Island’s strategic location in relation to major transport facilities, such as the Port of Montréal, Montréal-Trudeau airport, and the Trans-Canada Highway, among many others, provides especially suitable conditions for growth of the advanced logistics sector. Businesses in this sector offer efficient, effective forward and reverse flow and storage of goods, services and related information, with recognition of the benefits and evolving role of cutting edge technologies. Advanced logistics businesses in the West Island include: • DHL • DB Schenker • UPS Supply Chain Solutions
  6. 6. Partner in your Global Success Développement Économique West-Island proudly offers guidance through the hands-on approach of its team of industrial commissioners and counsellors. Its mandate is to support business owners and decision-makers, pointing the way to tools, programs and a vast partner network, including key organizations such as Montréal International and Investissement Québec. “ The main reason we recently selected our new site in Dorval is because it is well located in terms of the daily commute for our work force and it offers good general accessibility. Pharmascience has a long-standing commitment to ensure that top-quality products reach consumers worldwide.” Pierre Sabourin – Director, Distribution and Customer Service, Pharmascience
  7. 7. Développement Économique West-Island’s support can make a crucial difference at any point in the life cycle of a company, from start-up to mature, international corporation. Copywriting: Figaro Communications Design: Stéphane Huot Photos: Bombardier Aerospace, Développement économique West-Island – CLD , Istockphoto, Montréal-Trudeau airport Développement Économique West-Island 1000, boul. Saint-Jean Suite 610 Pointe-Claire, Québec Canada H9R 5P1 T 514 426-2888 info@westisland.ca WestIsland.ca