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2015 Cuyahoga County Natural Resources Assistance Council Applicant Workshop


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Cuyahoga County Natural Resources Assistance Council

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2015 Cuyahoga County Natural Resources Assistance Council Applicant Workshop

  1. 1. Clean Ohio Green Space Conservation Program CUYAHOGA COUNTY NATURAL RESOURCES ASSISTANCE COUNCIL July 15, 2015 Memorial Hall, 21016 Hilliard Blvd, Rocky River, OH
  2. 2.  The Clean Ohio Fund, started in 2000, restores, protects, and connects Ohio's important natural and urban places by preserving:  Green space,  Farmland  Developing state-wide recreational trails CLEAN OHIO
  3. 3. Clean Ohio Green Space Conservation Program preserves:  Open spaces  Sensitive ecological areas  Stream corridors CLEAN OHIO Ohio Revised Code, Sections 164.20 to 164.27
  4. 4.  Preserve open space  Protect riparian corridors  Protect rare, threatened or endangered species  Support open space planning  Preserve wetlands and other scarce natural resources  Preserve streamside forests, natural stream channels and floodplains A Unique Opportunity to Advance Conservation Forested Bank on the Chagrin River PURPOSE
  5. 5.  938 projects were funded  $309 million awarded  Area protected:  75,800 acres of natural areas and greenspace Statewide 2000-2015: CLEAN OHIO CONSERVATION
  6. 6. OPEN SPACE  Acquisition of open space  Acquisition of land or rights in land  Construction or enhancement of facilities  Acquisition of land to connect natural area corridors Wood Creek Preserve TYPES OF PROJECTS
  7. 7. Rocky River East Branch: Heron Rookery OPEN SPACE PROJECTS
  8. 8. Forest Ridge Preserve and Forest Ridge Preserve Expansion OPEN SPACE PROJECTS
  9. 9.  Fee simple acquisition of lands to provide access to riparian corridors or watersheds.  Reforestation of land or the planting of vegetation for filtration purposes. Big Creek at Snake Hill Area Conservation RIPARIAN CORRIDOR PROJECTS CLEAN OHIO CONSERVATION
  10. 10. • Euclid Eu Euclid Railroad – Green Creek Corridor RIPARIAN CORRIDOR PROJECTS
  11. 11. West Creek Confluence Project RIPARIAN CORRIDOR PROJECTS
  12. 12.  Acquisition expenses  Planning and implementation  Design Mill Creek Conservation Project ELIGIBLE PROJECTS AND ACTIVITIES
  13. 13.  Acquisition of land for active recreation  Water Management Activities  Flood control projects (dams, dredging, etc.)  Stormwater management is the primary purpose.  Preparing an application INELIGIBLE PROJECTS AND ACTIVITIES
  14. 14.  Local Subdivisions  Counties  Cities  Villages  Township  Special Districts  Conservancy Districts  Soil and Water Conservation Districts  Joint Recreation Districts  Park District/Authority  Non-Profit Corporations  Exempt from federal income taxation  Conservation activities as a primary part of mission ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS
  15. 15. CUYAHOGA COUNTY CONSERVATION PROGRAM Solomon’s Seal wildflower at Beecher’s Brook East Branch Rocky River Heron Rookery
  17. 17. • Appoints NRAC members. NRAC • Implements Clean Ohio Conservation Program in Cuyahoga County. • Develops project selection and evaluation methodology. • Selects projects for funding and makes recommendations to OPWC. OPWC DOPWIC • Oversees “Issue 1” and Clean Ohio Conservation Program. • Approves NRAC methodologies. • Give final approval of recommended projects. CLEAN OHIO CONSERVATION Program Implementation
  18. 18. Member Representing DAVID BEACH Director, GreenCityBlueLake Institute Environment KYLE DREYFUSS -WELLS, CHAIR Deputy Director of Watershed Programs, Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District Environment DOROTHY HAZEL Board Member, Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District Soil and Water Conservation District HONORABLE MICHAEL PROCUK Mayor, Village of Brooklyn Heights Government HONORABLE SUSAN RENDA, Mayor, Village of Moreland Hills District One Public Works Integrating Committee (DOPWIC) KIMBERLY RASSI-GALLIN Board Member, Cuyahoga County Farm Bureau Agriculture NATALIE RONAYNE, VICE CHAIR Executive Director, Cleveland Botanical Garden Environment JESSICA SHAMSHOUM FRENCH, SECRETARY Special Projects Coordinator Park System DONNA STUDNIARZ Director of Strategic Initiatives, Cleveland Metroparks Park System CHRISTOPHER URBAN Manager of Physical Development, Greater Cleveland Partnership Business, Realtors, Planning VACANT Cuyahoga County Government DISTRICT 1 NRAC MEMBERSHIP
  19. 19.  96 projects were submitted  60 projects were funded  $27.5 million awarded  Area protected:  1,380 acres of natural areas and greenspace  16,930 lineal feet of riparian corridors Cuyahoga County (District 1) 2000-2015: CLEAN OHIO CONSERVATION
  20. 20. Funds Available: Round 10 Allocation $ 3,339,704 Available balance $ 997,215 Total $ 4,336,919 ROUND 10 FUNDING
  21. 21. Grant program:  Maximum award: 75% of total project cost  25% local match required  Contributions of money from individuals, local or federal government.  Contributions in-kind through the purchase or donation of equipment, land, easements, interest in land, labor and materials.  Appraised value of property.  E.g. Project Total - $100,000 $ 75,000 – Clean Ohio Grant $ 25,000 – Local Match FUNDING
  22. 22.  Relates directly to the NRAC Evaluation Methodology.  Used along with the OPWC Application to review projects.  Applicant is responsible for making sure all documents are complete, accurate and submitted on Friday, October 23, 2015  Screened for eligibility prior to evaluation. NRAC APPLICATION
  23. 23.  Financial Information – Page 2  Financial Resources – Page 2  Project Schedule – Page 3  Project Description – Page 4  Project Officials – Page 5  Attachments – Page 6 Important points. OPWC APPLICATION
  24. 24.  Projects acquisition must be completed 1 year from the date of the Project Agreement  Projects must be concluded within 2 years from the date of acquisition.  Appraisals must be performed by an Ohio Department of Transportation Prequalified Appraiser who is credentialed in value analysis. OPWC POLICIES – ROUND 10
  25. 25.  Purchase Contracts exceeding the appraised value will be returned to the NRAC for validation. Notice to Proceed will not be issued until this validation has occurred.  Projects that consist of leveraging the difference between the appraised value and purchase contract required to have an appraisal review performed.  Applicants that have an appraisal review rejected will not be issued a Notice to Proceed until these discrepancies are resolved.  Properties purchased above appraised value are eligible, but it is important for the NRAC to understand the valuation of the property. OPWC POLICIES – APPRAISALS
  26. 26.  Existing oil and gas leases will be treated as pre- existing easements.  Requests to engage in oil and gas leasing on Clean Ohio Properties that have been acquired along with the mineral rights will be denied.  Oil and gas activities on Clean Ohio Properties acquired with a third party holding the mineral rights will be dealt with on a case by case basis OPWC POLICIES – MINERAL RIGHTS
  27. 27. 1. OPWC Clean Ohio Conservation Application  OPWC website: 2. NRAC Project Checklist 3. NRAC Application Supplement  Cuyahoga County Planning Commission website:  Available as a Word document 4. A certified appraisal performed by an Ohio Department of Transportation Prequalified Appraiser who is credentialed in value analysis. APPLICATION MATERIALS
  28. 28. 5. Cuyahoga County Fiscal Officer’s property valuation.  US/REPI.aspx 6. Resolution(s) of Support from the appropriate political subdivision(s) (Cuyahoga County, municipalities, townships) as determined by the Ohio Revised Code, Section 164.23 7. Documentation of pending land transaction, e.g. purchase agreement, letter of intent, memorandum of understanding if applying for open space acquisition. 8. Maps and other Documents as needed. APPLICATION MATERIALS
  29. 29. Applicants must include a resolution(s) of support with the project application unless the applicant is a park district.  All resolutions from Cuyahoga County Council will be read at 3 regular Council meetings  In between readings, the resolutions will be heard in committee. A staff member from your organization should plan to be present at the committee hearing.  Resolution requests are due by Friday, August 28th, 2015. RESOLUTIONS OF SUPPORT
  30. 30. The Evaluation Process is divided into three major components: Phase 1: Project Eligibility Phase 2: Preliminary Project Evaluation (includes Applicant Interviews) Phase 3: Project Scoring and Selection PROJECT EVALUATION
  31. 31. The NRAC Application Supplement has a checklist for eligibility and six major sections that are scored: Section One: Project Emphasis – Page 3 Section Two: Project Description – Page 4 Section Three: County Principles – Page 5 Section Four: Project Benefits – Page 7 Section Five: Needs Of The District – Page 8 Section Six: Other Relevant Factors – Page 9 DISTRICT 1 NRAC EVALUATION
  33. 33. SECTION ONE: PROJECT EMPHASIS  Based on the factors stated in authorizing legislation  Indicate each factor that will be achieved by the project  Check as many as apply in one category EXAMPLE: Open space project will acquire property identified in the city’s open space plan and will preserve a high quality wetland that will be used by the city’s school district as a hands-on science laboratory.
  34. 34.  A certified appraisal must be included.  Appraisals must be done by an Ohio Department of Transportation Prequalified Appraiser, who is credentialed in value analysis.  g/RealEstate/Pages/LPA.aspx  g/Consultant/Consultant/prequal-row.pdf  The project will not be evaluated if the appraisals and supporting documentation are not attached. SECTION TWO: APPRAISALS
  35. 35.  Provide a three-page project description with a map showing project location and local setting and, if applicable address:  Whether or not project is part of a phased plan  The projects relationship with the Cuyahoga County Greenprint  Any existing structures on the property SECTION TWO: PROJECT DESCRIPTION
  36. 36. To ensure that projects are visible, accessible and instructional, the NRAC has 5 guiding principles: 1. Preserve natural areas or open space. 2. Restore landscapes that have been degraded or destroyed. 3. Enhance the quality of natural areas or open space. 4. Link natural areas to each other or to county cultural and civic heritage areas. 5. Provide public access to natural areas and/or county cultural and civic heritage areas. West Creek Critical Conservation Linkages SECTION THREE: COUNTY PRINCIPLES
  37. 37. Restoration MUST comprise a portion of the project scope, budget, or local match and include supporting documentation.  Reduce or Eliminates nonnative & invasive species  Restores or improves ecosystems.  Reforests and/or restores vegetation, and/or eliminates impervious surfaces  Restores steep hillsides SECTION THREE: RESTORATION
  38. 38.  Economic  Social  Environmental SECTION FOUR: PROJECT BENEFITS SECTION FIVE: NEEDS OF THE DISTRICT  Advance a concept from an adopted plan  Retain the County’s natural heritage  Provide open space to areas that lack access and/or to low-income neighborhoods
  39. 39.  Each project requires a minimum 25% local match  Points awarded based on percentage of local match – the higher the local match the higher the points. SECTION SIX: OTHER FUNDING % of Local Match Points 25 2 35 3 45 4 55 5 65 6 75 7 85 8 95 9 More than 95 10
  40. 40.  A fully executed purchase agreement  A letter/memorandum of understanding  Copy of the Deed for Riparian Projects in which land is already owned Applications with confidentiality agreements in lieu of purchase agreements will not be evaluated. SECTION SIX: READINESS TO PROCEED
  41. 41. The NRAC will award 10 bonus points for projects that acquire and maintain available mineral rights as part of the property acquisition. Applicants must indicate whether:  The current landowner will retain the mineral rights;  The mineral rights will be purchased and transferred to another entity; or  The mineral rights will be purchased and maintained District One NRAC will not approve projects that utilize Clean Ohio Funds to purchase parcels with active gas and oil wells. SECTION SIX: MINERAL RIGHTS
  42. 42. CRITERIA MAXIMUM POINTS WEIGHT FACTOR MAXIMUM WEIGHTED POINTS % County Principles Preserves 10 3 30 11.5 Restores 10 2 20 7.5 Enhances 10 2 20 7.5 Links Areas 10 3 30 11.5 Provides Access 10 2 20 7.5 Principles Subtotal 50 120 45.5 DISTRICT 1 NRAC EVALUATION
  43. 43. CRITERIA MAXIMUM POINTS WEIGHT FACTOR MAXIMUM WEIGHTED POINTS % Benefits Economic 10 1 10 4.0 Social 10 2 20 7.5 Environmental 10 3 30 11.5 Benefits Subtotal 30 60 23.0 Needs of the District 10 3 30 11.5 DISTRICT 1 NRAC EVALUATION
  44. 44. CRITERIA MAXIMUM POINTS WEIGHT FACTOR MAXIMUM WEIGHTED POINTS % Other Relevant Factors Other Project Funding 10 1 10 4.0 Level of Coordination 10 1 10 4.0 Readiness to Proceed 10 1 10 4.0 Immediacy (bonus) 10 1 10 4.0 Property Rights 10 1 10 4.0 Other Subtotal 50 50 16.0 TOTAL* 140 260 100 *PROJECTS MUST RECEIVE A SCORE OF AT LEAST 60% or 156 WEIGHTED POINTS OF THE TOTAL POINTS AVAILABLE TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR FUNDING. DISTRICT 1 NRAC EVALUATION
  45. 45.  Must submit 1 original, noted as such in the upper right-hand corner, and 7 hard copies.  Copies to be submitted:  8 Hard copies – double sided;  1 Digitally on compact disc or flash drive.  Materials must be typed using at least an 11 point font, and have page numbers at the bottom of each page.  All copies should be stapled or clipped on the left- hand corner. APPLICATION SUBMITTAL TO NRAC
  46. 46. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all of the documents are accurate, complete and in accordance with the requirements, terms, and conditions set down by OPWC and the District One NRAC. Failure to meet these conditions will result in the disqualification of a project. INCOMPLETE OR LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE EVALUATED BY THE NRAC. APPLICATION SUBMITTAL TO NRAC
  47. 47. ALL DATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE ACTIVITY DATE Applicant Workshop Wednesday, July 8, 2015 Applicant Workshop Wednesday, July 15, 2015 Applications Due to NRAC Friday, October 23, 2015 Eligibility Screening October 26 - November 6, 2015 Project Evaluation November 9 - December 18, 2015 NRAC Applicant Interviews Friday, December 4 & Friday, December 11, 2015 NRAC Scoring Meeting Thursday, January 7, 2016 NRAC Project Selection Tuesday, January 26, 2016 Submit Recommendations February 2016 ROUND 10 SCHEDULE
  48. 48.  Project Eligibility Checklist  Appraisals  Restoration Points  Readiness to Proceed  Mineral Rights Disclosure for Bonus Points  Resolution(s) of Support REMINDERS FOR ROUND 10
  49. 49. To be considered for financial assistance, application must be received by: FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23RD, 2015 to the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission 2079 East 9th Street, Suite 5-300 (216) 443-3700 ROUND 10 APPLICATION DUE DATE
  50. 50. Cuyahoga County NRAC Contact: Alison Ball Planner Cuyahoga County Planning Commission (216) 443-3727 Ohio Public Works Commission Contact: Lou Mascari District 1 Representative Ohio Public Works Commission (614) 752-8117 CONTACT INFORMATION