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When Conveyancing Goes Wrong!


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Conveyancing is not something that should be done on the cheap as it can bring all sorts of problems to your property transaction. Employing a fully licensed conveyancing solicitor to ensure your transaction goes trouble free is vital for peace of mind.

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When Conveyancing Goes Wrong!

  1. 1. When Conveyancing Goes Wrong Conveyancing can go wrong sometimes. It’s not something we often think about and it doesn’t happen often but it is a possibility. There are several scenarios that can play out negatively, each with their own extent of damage to the process. In the same way, each scenario can come about due to various reasons and sometimes it has nothing to do with the conveyancer. What Can Happen? One of the problems that many people come across is where the process takes too long to complete. Conveyancing has been known to extend by weeks and months. When this happens, one can lose the house they were looking to buy as the seller moves on in search of another buyer. Several reasons can cause these and they include: being in a ‘chain’, mortgage process taking too long or the need to carry out comprehensive surveys or searches. At County Conveyancing we try and keep these delays to a minimum as we believe the solicitor should never hold up a property transaction. At other times, though rare, you may be unfortunate to find your purchase or sale under the hands of a negligent conveyancer. This can cost you the transaction you were aiming for and thereby cost you money and valuable time. The conveyancer in question can also overlook important items that can bring about lawsuits later on. When it comes to costs, many clients are very cautious about what they will have to pay. There are no flat rates in the industry so each conveyancer has their own quote. Many complain of finding out about other hidden charges that they were not aware of. This especially happens when one is quoted a certain fee plus expenses. Many people never bother to find out what all the extra expenses are and may later find out they paid much more that they expected. How Do I Avoid This? To avoid getting yourself in any of the above situations, clients should always pay great care to the people they entrust their conveyance to. Buying or selling a house is a big undertaking that should be accompanied by the due expertise it deserves. One should look for experienced conveyancers that have a great deal of knowledge dealing with a situation similar to yours. Right from the start, both parties should agree on important details such as all fees and expenses that will be required. Also agree on how regular to communicate and receive updates. It’s also important to maintain a cordial relationship with your conveyancer and not to overly burden them with phone calls or impatience. Not all the responsibility lies with the conveyancer. The client also has their role to play. Make sure to sign documents and return them as soon as possible and provide all the required information. Instruct your conveyancer clearly and well ahead of time. Lastly, follow up on the process closely and provide truthful information to all parties to avoid problems later.