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Metal Roofing Permashake II


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Metal Roofing for Residential Homes as Professionally installed by Country Towne Builders in Chatham Ontario. Visit our website for more information...

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Metal Roofing Permashake II

  1. 1. 12” 36” Long-Term Solution All these benefits, combined with Permashake™ II’s fifty (50) year limited warranty, equate to long-term value. A home’s resale value is also enhanced because the product warranty is transferable. Product Overview Permashake™ II simulates the look of cedar shake shingles. Manufactured from high-quality, corrosion-resistant steel, Permashake™ II combines the look of traditional shake with all the benefits and convenience of metal roofing. Embossed with a wood grain finish, Permashake™ II is available in four colors: Forest Green, Slate Grey, Redwood and Sierra Tan. The paint system is a high-performance finish that provides maximum protection from the sun’s harsh UV rays, is non-staining, and resists fading and chalking. TM Value Permashake™ II is durable and weather- resistant. Maintenance concerns are virtually eliminated because, unlike traditional shakes, Permashake II does not rot, crack, burn or support algae. It is also ideal for re-roofing because it is light enough to be installed over existing roofing materials, subject to local building codes. These benefits translate into direct savings because the costs associated with the tear-off and disposal of existing materials are reduced. A direct environmental benefit is also realized due to minimized landfill waste. Permashake™ II can also lower energy consumption and reduce energy bills. Metal roofs coated with cool pigmented paint reflect up to 70% of the sun’s energy, heat absorption and retention is minimized. This results in less summer heat being transferred into the house. Additionally, since steel roofing contains of a minimum of 25% recycled material, and is not dependent on petroleum-based by-products, it is a smart green building choice. · Heavy Shake style appearance · Highest impact resistance (Class 4) · UL Class“A”fire rated · May qualify for homeowners’insurance discount · May be applied over existing asphalt shingles · Cool Pigment Technology · Recyclable & Sustainable · MCA Certified Premium Painted · 50 Year Warranty · Minimum recommended roof pitch is 4:12
  2. 2. TM Slate Grey (20) Redwood (07) Sierra Tan (09) Forest Green (11) Colors TM © 2013 ATAS International, Inc. LRD0613 LAT079 Permashake TM II is a trademark of ATAS International, Inc. Colors are as close to the actual colors as modern printing allows. ATAS is not responsible for colors selected from this chart. ATAS reserves the right to modify, eliminate and/or change its products without prior notification. ATAS cannot assume any responsibility for the actual selection, use and/or installation of materials.The structure should be designed and prepared in accordance with local building codes. A home’s character is inevitably influenced by its design. After all, design is art and emotion. Construction, on the other hand, is science and practicality. Building materials that accentuate a home’s character are not always the most suitable for long term performance. Permashake™ II blends the style of wood shake shingles with the technology and benefits of metal roofing. Durable, weather resistant, attractive, and non-combustible, Permashake™ II offers the warmth and character of wood shakes with the security and peace of mind that only metal affords. Long Term Value · Long Term Value · Cost Effective · Durable · Attractive · Energy Efficient · Ecologically Sound · Low Maintenance · Weather Resistant · Non-Combustible · Convenient Benefits from Metal Roofing Questions? Visit for information and installation guides or call 484.221.6375. See install guide for product limitations.