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Future frome


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How is Frome preparing for the future? How are politics involved in sustainability? What is the Vision for Frome?

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Future frome

  1. 1. Future Frome
  2. 2. External InternalComms. Comms.Partnering Technical Finance
  3. 3. targets
  4. 4. mapping
  5. 5. Leader of the Town Council, Mel Usher, described thecountry’s political elite as “morally and ideologicallybankrupt” whist appearing on the Politics Show West.
  6. 6. At the risk of sounding subversive I want to say that the choice of the voters of Frome in their recent elections seems to me to be a sign both of a rejection and a hope. Deputy Mayor Bruno Hérisséof Frome’s French twin Château-Gontier.