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A presentation to Frome businesses about Sustainable Frome

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  • KD Good evening, etc. 20 mins plus Discussion at end
  • What is Sustainable Frome? November 2006 meeting in The Griffin, 40 attended, now nearly 400 on emailing list & c 100 to each monthly meeting, discussion forum c 200 with x topics.
  • Credit crunch!
  • Apart from climate change! Peak Oil outline
  • TC Introduce group - all stand up!
  • AM If we don’t decide how to respond to this potential crisis then someone else will do it for us! Community needs to come up with its own response
  • About the Transition Network Kinsale, Totnes, permaculture, EDAP
  • RS
  • RS - Transition Network
  • Need to establish boundary that we are working with for purposes of MEASURING stuff, PLANNING for the future & MONITORING our own progress. At moment lots of movement across this boundary: travelling to work, supermarkets distribution system, etc (Reiterate: What happens when you only have x amount of petrol in car? What if supermarkets run out of food because just in time system Need to be more SELF SUFFICIENT) Boundaries (Ref Katy, V4F, Wiltshire) – Market town and hinterland. In old days when more self sufficient had Thunen land-use rings! We need to look again at land-use and potential of land. Learn from the old ways and the new. Use local knowledge, geology, agric maps. Working with surrounding villages, need to asses land potential for growing food, building eco-houses or even eco-villages, where to put the wind generators, where we could build more watermills etc. Sustainable Frome will need to work with planners, farmers, landowners, Town Council , etc Example of Langport & allotments Importance of the Frome Vision. Don’t be afraid to dream. Do say – “wouldn’t it be good if…………..” HK
  • KD - Comprehensive look at wide range of issues, eg. Where do materials for business come from Isle of Wight Best Foot Forward Funding
  • HK Give examples: Ref to Katy’s examples of wind turbines etc No of bicycles in town? Setting targets for times between now and 2035 HK (and others chip in)
  • From Data in this spreadsheet should be used with reference to the report 'Local and Regional CO2 Emissions Estimates for 2005-2006', produced by AEA for Defra (see AEA is a leading energy and climate change consultancy, delivering visionary, integrated environmental solutions worldwide. We assist Government with evidence based policy development and solve environmental challenges to improve organisational performance.
  • KD Estimate of starting position & targets for 2035 One-fifth of consumption for eg. Data Data in this spreadsheet should be used with reference to the report 'Local and Regional CO2 Emissions Estimates for 2005-2006', produced by AEA for Defra (see
  • KD Spreadsheet matrix covering key interest areas, eg. Land management policy, Energy generation, Housing, Transport, Food, Waste - build targets in
  • KD How each target could be achieved - eg. 60 wind turbines by 2035
  • RS
  • RS - conclusions
  • Mendip Power, Organic Power, FOTRF, Env Agency, Wessex Water. Ecotricity, landowners.
  • Keep talking!
  • Business seminar

    1. 1. Sustainable Frome and theEnergy Descent Action Plan who are we / what is it? Katy Duke & Peter Macfadyen of Sustainable Frome, town in transition
    2. 2. Meetings & food!
    3. 3. Structure of SF Elders CORE GROUP Communications Group keeping an eye main point of contactcomms internal/external comms Events meets ocassionally meets monthly meets monthlyTransport Energy Transition Food & Land Greener BuildingsElectric car Methane digester Spirituality SCC Permaculture Waste Solar ProjectsLift share Solar Earth healing V4F Vallis Veg Make & Mend Green Club LDF Apple group Dig with Des .... and more
    4. 4. Creative solutions to power Frome in the future DRAFT mission statement is; To create a vibrant and sustainable community unleashing the collective genius of Frome to face the twin challenges of Peak Oil and Climate Change. We believe a town using much less energy and resources than at present will be more resilient and can also be more abundant and pleasurable. Please join us and help to make this vision a reality.
    5. 5. Interest groupsVallis Veg
    6. 6. Website &
    7. 7. The oil problem
    8. 8. The Transition Network groupWho we are….What we are focussing on: • Links to Transition Network • Links to government • Sustainable Communities Act • Energy Descent Action Plan
    9. 9. Transition Towns12 steps1. Set up a steering group and design its demise from the outset2. Awareness raising3. Lay the foundations (networking with existing groups and activists)4. Organize a Great Unleashing5. Form sub groups6. Use Open Space meetings7. Develop visible practical manifestations of the project8. Facilitate the Great Reskilling9. Build a bridge to Local Government10. Honour the elders11. Let it go where it wants to go…12. Create an Energy Descent Plan (target Sept 2010)
    10. 10. Boundary for study
    11. 11. Targets from the communitySMART and aspirational targets to take us to 2035….eg. Increase in community busesDecrease in shoppers at supermarketsPercentage of children eating locally produced school dinnersIncrease in fruit trees planted on public landPercentage of houses with solar panelsIncrease in woodland, etc.Do it step by step:Vision for 2035 leads to…..Targets for 2035Then set targets for 2015,2020,2025,2030
    12. 12. Mendip emits 934kt of CO2 pa Mendip CO2 emissions 2006 26% 44% Industry and Commercial Domestic Road Transport 30% domestic 30%AEA data for DEFRA, Sept 08
    13. 13. Domestic emissions for 2006 Mendip Domestic CO2 emissions 1% 0% 1% 18% O. Domestic Electricity P. Domestic Gas 44% Q. Domestic Oil R. Domestic Solid fuel S. Domestic House and Garden Oil T. Domestic Products 36%
    14. 14. How it might lookNB. current Mendip C02 emissions are 8.6t per capita, of which 30% is domestic
    15. 15. FEDAP matrixFrome Energy Descent Action Plan - DRAFT OVERVIEW 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Policy YR 1 YR 2 YR 3 YR 4 YR 51 Planning LDF core strat LDF action plans V4F merged w2 Vision for Frome V4F adopted FEDAP3 Energy Descent Transition training FEDAP drafted FEDAP adopted Sustainable Frome Key Actions Carbon Footprint Land Audit FEDAP *** NB these are just suggestions at LIFELONG FROME SLOW FOOD SUSTAINABLE KEY PROJECTS this stage *** LEARNING CENTRE CENTRE FROME CENTRE ENERGY CENTRE 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 FEDAP drafted FEDAP adopted YR 1 YR 2 YR 3 YR 4 YR 5 carbon footprint of Identify sites, land Funding, design, First energy project Secong project Energy Centre ENERGY whole town negotiations planning completed commenced wind turbine no. 1 opens 2GW 2 ecohomes built, 50% of target energy reduction sites for new build 40 homes have 50 new, 1500 properties have HOUSING identify targets plan schemes energy makeovers 8 new, 280 existing existing been improved Youth Café finds YOUTH key projects permanent home expand into LLC ELDERS key projects expand into LLC identify strategy, land management LAND MANAGEMENT Audit existing Frome Forest, etc. training courses Audit existing, FETE adopts Trust status, Lifelong Learning LLC opens, with Sustainable Frome EDUCATION new classes at FETE Centre designed LLC constructed low energy focus Centre opens sites for biofuel, campaign for low Projects identified, car club formalised, methane, LPG, energy public TRANSPORTATION car club set up audit existing waste to fuel transport energy reduction sites for new health HEALTH & WELLBEING Audit existing plan facilities expand into LLC Food Frome expands, food miles Slow Food Centre FOOD identified key projects awareness raising in food training at LLC opens identify good identify new local business, site for ECONOMY & practise, time opportunities, RE Frome Energy LIVELIHOODS banking, NEF, etc. companies Centre reduce, reuse, sites for waste to waste to energy WASTE recycle identify options energy schemes scheme completed
    16. 16. Increase in renewables
    17. 17. Ideas for the next 12 months• General awareness raising through;  Film Shows, posters, leaflets, events, etc.• Keep in touch with TN & local authorites  training & presentations  Influence policy• Programme of events to create the FEDAP, inc.  Events at Frome Festival (Rob is coming!)  Transition Timeline project (2010 - 2035)  Transition Tales (what is life like in 2020/2035?)
    18. 18. Summary actionsPutting together the Energy Descent Action PlanNeeds: Carbon Footprint, your ideas/targets, community buy-in andawareness raisingTie in with:Local governmentLocal businessesSustainable Communities ActTransition SomersetTransition NetworkLinking with Sustainable Fromeand whole community.We need your help us make this happen!
    19. 19. Proposed Frome ForestExisting woodsProposed woods
    20. 20. Detail near Buckland DinhamExistingProposed
    21. 21. North Frome generationWindWaterWasteSolar
    22. 22. North Frome detail
    23. 23. NW Frome ideas Water turbine Methane digester Vallis Veg Allotments AllotmentsNew woods Solar at Oakfield
    24. 24. NW with satellite photo
    25. 25. Asda area - solar, allotments & fish farm Allotments New woods Wallbridge MillSolar B&T Fish Farm Solar Asda Market Garden
    26. 26. Frome overview
    27. 27. keep talking!