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The guide of Security Jerk


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How to be a jerk in Security (rump session of RMLL Sec 2016)

Published in: Technology
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The guide of Security Jerk

  1. 1. @CreativeConnard The Guide of Security Jerk Code of conduct is for bastards RMLL Sec 2016 – Rump session
  2. 2. @CreativeConnard Previous edition Le Guide du Connard du Logiciel Libre
  3. 3. ~ 3 ~@CreativeConnard HOW TO be a security jerk ~ Developer ~ ~ Sysadmin ~ ~ End user ~
  4. 4. ~ 4 ~@CreativeConnard Developer Store passwords in base64 (or in base32 for 32bits systems)※ Require specific lib versions and discourage any upgrade※ Invent your own cryptographic algorithm※
  5. 5. ~ 5 ~@CreativeConnard Sysadmin export TLS_REQCERT=never (aka Malware In The Middle)※ Write your own Config Management (SSH for kids)※ Always run processes as root and disable SELINUX※
  6. 6. ~ 6 ~@CreativeConnard End user Don’t trust One Time Password as is it always changing※ Click everywhere, IT is a game※ Use pastebin as password manager※
  7. 7. ~ 7 ~@CreativeConnard @CreativeConnard Links for bastards @DonJon_Legacy