CARES Draft Recommendations


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CARES meeting 6 presentation where draft recommendations were presented.

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CARES Draft Recommendations

  1. 1. WelcomePlease introduce yourself to others at your table Put on a name tag Complete the information on the sign-in sheet
  2. 2. CARES Charge The CARES Process
  3. 3. CARES Open HousesDate Time Station AddressTuesday, Nov. 29 4 – 8 p.m. Station #3 6310 Weldon Spring Rd.Wednesday, Nov. 30 4 – 8 p.m. Station #4 4340 Towers Rd.Saturday, Dec. 3 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Station #1 1385 Motherhead Rd.Sunday, Dec. 4 Noon- 4 p.m. Station #2 4065 Old Hwy. 94 South
  4. 4. Board Presentationo December 13o 7 p.m.o Station #1 o 1385 Motherhead Rd.
  5. 5. Sign-in Sheet
  6. 6. I Have a Question!• Fill Out Form• Call: • 636-447-6655• Email: •• Ask During Small Group Work Time
  7. 7. CARES Onlineo www.CARESforCFPD.como Like us on Facebook o
  8. 8. CARES DraftRecommendations
  9. 9. PurposeThe Chargeo Make recommendations in response to the following questions: o What are the key challenges and opportunities facing the Cottleville Fire Protection District today and tomorrow? o What are the best ways to address these challenges and make the most of these opportunities? o What level of service does the community expect from the Cottleville Fire Protection District now and in the future? o What resources in the areas of facilities, staffing, equipment, finances and communications are needed? o What do we need to do to secure these resources?
  10. 10. Key Information Learned
  11. 11. About the District
  12. 12. About the DistrictDiverse Service Areao Four Stationso Covers 38 Square Miles o St. Peters o O’Fallon o Weldon Spring o Cottleville o Dardenne Prairie o Unicorp. St. Charles County
  13. 13. About the DistrictDiverse Service Areao 40,000 Residentso 100,000 Daytime Population o Residential o Heavy Industrial o Retail o Hotels o Highways
  14. 14. About the DistrictGrowing Population St. Charles County Population Growth450,000400,000 412,435350,000300,000 360,485250,000 150% 283,883200,000 Population150,000 212,751 Increase from100,000 144,107 1980- 2010 50,000 0 1980 1990 2000 2010 2020
  15. 15. About the DistrictMulti-Discipline EmergencyResponse Organizationo Fire Suppressiono Hazardous Materialso Emergency Medical Serviceso Homeland Securityo Code Enforcemento Public Safety Educationo Emergency Planning
  16. 16. About the DistrictDemand for Service Emergency Calls3,0002,500 2,7002,0001,5001,000 500 0 400 1986 2011
  17. 17. About the DistrictHow Our Service Area ComparesFireDistrict/Departm Resident Population Square MilesentCentral County 80,000 85St. Charles City 65,000 21O’Fallon 80,000 67Cottleville 40,000 (100,000 daytime) 38Wentzville 60,500 88
  18. 18. Staffing
  19. 19. StaffingOrganizational Structure Citizens Board of Directors (5) Fire Chief (1) Office Manager (1) Office Assistant (1)Assistant Chief • Fire Marshall (1) Assistant Chief • Operations (1) Plan Review Inspector (1) Lead Captains (3) Company Captains (9) Contract Inspector • Plan Review Firefighters (32)
  20. 20. Firefighters
  21. 21. Staffing NFPA Response Standardso NFPA Standards: 18 o 4 – 5 firefighters per truck 16 o 15 – 17 firefighters on the scene 14 within 8 minutes 12o 12 CFPD firefighters available on an 10 average day 8o All firefighters and equipment sent to the 6 scene. 4 2o Other area districts must respond to all other calls as part of mutual aid 0 Minimum Staffing Full Staffingo Results in longer response times Cottleville NFPA Standard
  22. 22. StaffingFour Person Crews Are Safer Demonstrated a highly coordinated, effective5 Firefighter attack on the fire and search and rescueCrew operations4Firefighter Capable of performing satisfactorily in controllingCrew the fire and affecting the rescue operation3 Firefighter Could not accomplish all the required tasksCrew within a given time span *Dallas Staffing Study Conclusions
  23. 23. StaffingFour Person Crews Are Safer Injury Rate Per 100 FirefightersReviewed 136 7.7%emergency 5.3%incidents involving1,938 firefighters-Austin Fire Department Study 4 & 5 Person Crews 3 Person Crews 46% Difference
  24. 24. Operational Leadership Staffing
  25. 25. StaffingDistrict Operationso Budgeting o Facilities Maintenanceo Legal o Equipment Maintenanceo Pension o Computer Networko Personnel/Benefits o Reportingo Training o Public Fire Educationo Incident Command o Public Informationo Emergency Operations o Community Liaisono Vehicle Maintenance o Plan Review o Inspections
  26. 26. StaffingRole of Battalion Chiefso Provide Leadership, Serve As Safety Officer At An Incidento Third In Command Of Districto Assist With General District Operations o Training Planning, Implementation o Disaster Preparedness o Pre-incident Planning Planning o Public Education, Community Outreach o District Mapping o Fire Prevention Activities o Mentoring o Emergency Operations Center o Succession Planning o Technology
  27. 27. StaffingBattalion Chiefs432 3 3 3 31 00 Cottleville Central County OFallon St. Charles Wentzville
  28. 28. StaffingOperations & Leadership 10 8 6 9 4 8 8 6 2 3 0 Central County OFallon St. Charles City Wentzville Cottleville
  29. 29. StaffingHow CFPD Compares Recommended Staffing Levels60504030 51 5020 42 36100 NFPA 1710 Standard Recommendations ICMA Cottleville MaximumCottleville Minimum
  30. 30. StaffingKey Findingso CFPD does not meet ISO or NFPA staffing recommendationso Staffing directly impacts residential and commercial insurance rateso Concern for providing safe, effective emergency responseo Limited organizational leadership positions presents challenges
  31. 31. Training
  32. 32. TrainingCertification & Educationo Cottleville Firefighters Hold: o State Certifications In: o Emergency Medical Care o Fire Investigation o Apparatus Operator o Fire Inspection o Fire Service Instructor o Fire Officer o Degrees Ranging From: o Associates to Masters in Business Administration
  33. 33. TrainingRe-Certification RequirementsArea Hours FrequencyEMT 100 5 YearsParamedic 144 5 YearsInstructor 24 3 YearsInvestigator 30 3 YearsInspector 30 3 Years
  34. 34. TrainingAnnual Training Hours Comparison30,000 25,04725,00020,00015,000 ISO Recommended 12,653 10,500 Hours 10,06410,000 7,963 5,000 0 Cottleville Central County OFallon Wentzville
  35. 35. TrainingTraining Leadership Full-Time Training Officer Cottleville No Central County Yes O’Fallon Yes Wentzville Yes
  36. 36. TrainingArea Training Budgets$120,000 $107,000 $101,000$100,000 $90,280 $80,000 $74,900 $60,000 $40,000 $20,000 $0 Cottleville OFallon Central County Wentzville
  37. 37. TrainingKey Findingso Do not meet NFPA training standardso Officer training does not meet standardso Driver training is short 12-hours per yearo Do not currently conduct recommended two night drillso Currently lack annual proficiency training at all levelso Average 5+ hours short per month per person of the 20 hrs required
  38. 38. Equipment
  39. 39. EquipmentFleet Number Equipment Age Target Replacementof Pieces Date 4 2004 Rescue Pumpers 7 years 2014 (phased) 1 2006 100’ Aerial Platform 5 years 2018 1 1997 Brush Truck 14 years 1 2009 International POD Urban Search 2 years and Rescue Truck (Paid for by federal government as a federal resource) 1 2001 Utility Pick-up 10 years 3 Staff - Command Vehicles (2003, 2005, 3–9 2008) years 1 2003 Inspection vehicle 8 yearso Recommended Replacement Every 10-12 Yearso NFPA, OSHA, Apparatus Manufacturers Association Generational Cycle, 5 Years
  40. 40. EquipmentAnnual Maintenance & Fuel Cost$45,000 $39,000$40,000$35,000$30,000$25,000 $20,000$20,000$15,000$10,000 $7,967 $5,000 $0 Average Car Rescue Pumper Ladder Truck
  41. 41. EquipmentFleet Maintenance Cost Reduction Measureso Purchase batteries and lights directo Install batteries and lights in houseo Purchase brake parts direct, and keep in stocko Mobile service comes to the station o Cuts down time from two days to 3 hours
  42. 42. EquipmentAdditional Equipment Replacement NFPA Life Age of CFPD’s Cost Span EquipmentJaws of Life $30,000 10 years 6 yearsSelf Contained Breathing $250,000 10 years 14 YearsApparatuses and AssociatedEquipmentThermal Imaging Cameras $8,000 5 years 5 yearsComputer Servers $18,000 5 years 2 yearso Aging Equipment More Costly To Repairo Difficult If Not Impossible To Find Parts To Make Repairso Keep Up With Changing Standards And Technology
  43. 43. EquipmentBasic Firefighter GearEquipment CostStandard Issue Helmet $255Nomex Hood $38Bunker Coat and Pants $2,100Boots $300Gloves $50S.C.B.A. Face Piece $225TOTAL $2,968
  44. 44. EquipmentFirefighter Gear Standardso Firefighter Gear Must Meet NFPA 1971 and 1500 Standardso Gear Must Be Replaced Every 10 Yearso Average Cottleville Gear 2 Years Old o Developing phased replacement plan
  45. 45. EquipmentKey Informationo Maintenance must be paid from general revenue and is increasingly expensiveo CFPD does not have the equipment to respond to water or all terrain emergencieso Equipment is rapidly agingo Some equipment does not meet national standards
  46. 46. Facilties
  47. 47. FacilitiesChallengeso Station #1 o Entrance from Highway N not possible due to safety concerns o Driveway needs to be reengineered o Structural crackingo Station #2 o Back ramp and retaining wall need to be updatedo Station #3 o Basement flooding
  48. 48. FacilitiesMaintenance Costso Funding for general maintenance not availableo General maintenance must come from general revenue, not bond funding
  49. 49. Programs
  50. 50. ProgramsCommunity Outreach Residents Reached Residents NOT 4% Reached 96% Total Residents: 40,000 Residents Reached: 1,579
  51. 51. ProgramsPublic Safety Educationo Fire extinguisher training program o Limited due to staff shortageso In school programs o No longer have a presence due to staffing shortages and in school requirementso Station tours provided on a regular basiso School fire drills every October
  52. 52. Finance
  53. 53. FinanceOperating Fund Historyo $0.75 initially approved by voters in 1986o Measures taken to continue service level o Staff reductions o Wage freezes o Program eliminations o Maintenance and equipment cuts
  54. 54. FinanceCFPD Financial Historyo 2002 • 5-Year Balanced Budget Plan o Pay cuts o Elimination of all non-essential spending o Training, public safety education, staff, capital expenditures o New budget procedures o Cuts and programs have not been restored
  55. 55. FinanceCFPD Financial Historyo Results of 2002 Budget Plan o Improved fiscal responsibility o Spending controls o Reserve fund implemented o Inclusive budget planning o Multi-year firefighter agreements
  56. 56. FinanceExpenses Equipment 5% Training/Professional Development Personnel Related 1% Administrative 89% 5%
  57. 57. FinanceExpenses % of Budget Utilized for Personnel Costs 90% 90% 90% 89% 89% 89% 89% 89% *St. Charles County **FH School ***St. Charles Cottleville FPD Sheriffs Dept. District County Ambulance Dist. Source: *County Finance Director **FHSD 2011-2012 Budget *** SCCAD Finance Director
  58. 58. FinanceRevenue Interest Income Local Property 0.2% Tax Fire Prevention 96% & Code Enforcement Fees 2%
  59. 59. Finance2011 Tax Rate $0.6275 Debt Service 14% Pension General Operating 6% 80%
  60. 60. FinanceFundso General Operating o Debt Service o $0.5048 o $0.0342 o Pays for day-to-day activities o New construction, building o Salaries & Benefits renovations, apparatus, equipment o Fuel o Principal and interest o Maintenance payments are made each year o Professional Development & o Money must remain in debt service Training fund o Utilities o Insurance o Pension o $0.0885 o Revenue used to fund employees pension fund o Money must remain in pension fund
  61. 61. FinanceImpact of Hancock On Operating Tax Rate$0.80 $0.75$0.70$0.60 $0.51$0.50$0.40$0.30$0.20$0.10$0.00 1986 Rate 2011 Rate
  62. 62. Finance Tax on a $100,000 Home$160.00 $142.50$140.00$120.00 $96.90$100.00 $80.00 Rate $0.75 $60.00 Rate $40.00 $0.51 $20.00 $0.00 1986 2011 Calculating The Annual Tax Amount Assessed Valuationx Tax Rate 100 Assessed Value = 19% x Home Value
  63. 63. FinanceAssessed Valuation And Revenue 20.0% 15.0%Percentag Growth 10.0% 5.0% Assessed Valuation 0.0% Growth -5.0% Revenue Growth -10.0% 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Despite changes in assessed valuation, and area growth, revenue remains flat
  64. 64. FinanceProperty Tax RevenueReal Estate and Personal Property Tax Representthe Majority of Budgeted Revenue$8,000,000 $7,306,718$7,000,000 $5,625,510 $5,757,251 $5,657,587$6,000,000$5,000,000$4,000,000$3,000,000$2,000,000$1,000,000 $0 2008 2009 2010 2011
  65. 65. Finance7-Year Budget Projection$1,500,000.00$1,000,000.00 $500,000.00 $- 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 $(500,000.00)$(1,000,000.00)$(1,500,000.00) Budget Surplus (Deficit) Reserve Fund Balance
  66. 66. FinanceProjected Revenue vs. Expenses$7,500,000$7,000,000$6,500,000 Revenue$6,000,000 Expenses$5,500,000$5,000,000 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
  67. 67. FinanceKey Informationo The District’s revenue growth is limited by the Hancock Amendmento The main source of District revenue is local property taxo Revenue is remaining flat, while expenses continue to riseo The District has not had a change in the tax-rate in 25 yearso The District’s reserve funds are rapidly being depleted
  68. 68. Statements ofRecommendation
  69. 69. Staffing
  70. 70. Staffingo Provide for staffing a minimum of four firefighters on the ladder truck to meet national safety standards.o Work toward staffing a minimum of four firefighters on each pumper truck to meet national safety standards.
  71. 71. Staffingo Implement a firefighter staffing structure that includes a battalion chief on each shift to assist with the increased demand for service. o In addition to being leaders in the area of incident response, battalion chiefs should be responsible for assisting with training, technology, equipment, facilities maintenance, homeland security planning, and public safety education programs.o Recruit and retain quality firefighters by providing compensation that is comparable to local averages.
  72. 72. Training
  73. 73. Trainingo Meet national training standards set by the Insurance Services Office (ISO) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) in order to keep pace with constantly evolving changes and demands for service.o Acquire a full-time training officer to develop and implement a quality training and safety program that will directly impact the level of service provided to the community.
  74. 74. Trainingo Explore opportunities to partner in training efforts with other emergency response agencies to reduce costs and expand training opportunities.o Recruit and retain quality firefighters by providing quality training that meets national standards.
  75. 75. Facilities
  76. 76. Facilitieso Ensure that all facilities meet the emergency services needs of the community.o Create a master facility plan to guide facility maintenance and updating.o Restore the capital projects fund to allow for proactive maintenance of current facilities.
  77. 77. Communications andCommunity Involvement
  78. 78. Communications andCommunity Involvemento Continue to actively involve the community in planning for the future of the Cottleville Fire Protection District.o Remain transparent and open in communicating about the operations, finances and state of the District to the community.o Create and implement a public safety education program for students, residents and those who work within the District.
  79. 79. Equipment
  80. 80. Equipmento Implement, and properly fund, an equipment maintenance and replacement schedule to phase out aging, out-of-date equipment. o This schedule should include all levels of equipment and gear including trucks, emergency medical equipment and firefighter gear.o Work toward meeting national standards for equipment replacement.
  81. 81. Equipmento Ensure the District has the appropriate equipment to meet the changing needs of the community.o Maintain up-to-date, functioning equipment, and replace all equipment within its life cycle to ensure it is fully operational when needed to keep the community and firefighters safe.o Ensure all current equipment can safely meet the needs of the community.
  82. 82. Finance
  83. 83. Financeo Remain fiscally responsible and maintain a balanced budget while continuing to provide quality emergency services to the community.o Implement the CARES recommendations over a financially responsible span of time.
  84. 84. Implementation
  85. 85. Implementation Plano To implement the CARES Statements of Recommendation it is recommended that a general fund increase be placed on the April 2011 ballot
  86. 86. Implementation Plano Options for Implementation o Option A: 24-cents o Option B: 27-cents o Option C: 30-cents
  87. 87. Small Group Work Activity
  88. 88. Select Recorder & Spokespersono Recorder Responsibilities o Complete the requested information on your group’s worksheeto Spokesperson Responsibilities o Facilitate Discussion o Keep Group Focused/On Task o Report Group’s Information
  89. 89. Complete the Worksheeto Make sure the information recorded on the worksheet reflects consensus of the groupo Monitor progress to complete the worksheet in allotted timeo Only the group recorder’s worksheet will be collected
  90. 90. Small Group Work Activityo Task #1: Come to consensus on any comments or suggestions that you believe would strengthen the recommendationso Task #2: Come to consensus regarding any additional Statements of Recommendation that should be included in the final report documento Task #3: In tonights presentation three possible options were presented to address the challenges facing the Cottleville Fire Protection District. Discuss these options and come to a consensus regarding your groups preferred optiono Task #4: What would you add, delete or modify to strengthen your preferred option circled above in Task #3