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January service change final page spread


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COTA January Service Change book effective January 6, 2014.

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January service change final page spread

  2. 2. BUY YOUR BUS PASSES AND MULTI-USE RIDE TICKETS ANYTIME WITH COTA’S TICKET VENDING MACHINE. Located outside COTA’s office at 33 N. High St., the vending machine is available 24 hours a day. It’s easy to use, with just three simple steps. 1. Select the type of pass or Ride Ticket 2. nsert payment I Machine accepts CASH, DEBIT, or one of these CREDIT CARDS: 3. ake your pass T You can use your pass on any fixed-route COTA bus line. CHECK OUT COTA’S MULTI-USE RIDE TICKET Convenience when you need it. 1 RIDE 2 RIDES 5 RIDES 10 RIDES LOCAL* $2.00 $4.00 $10.00 $20.00 EXPRESS^ $2.75 $5.50 $13.75 $27.50 DISCOUNT^ $1.00 $2.00 $5.00 $10.00 A dditional $.75 required to ride Express buses when paying with Local fare media, including transfers. ^ O nly available through the Ticket Vending Machine outside at 33 N. High St., 43215 * January 2014 Service Changes Effective Monday, January 6, 2014 Use COTA’s Ticket Vending Machine located outside COTA’s office, 33 N. High St., in downtown Columbus to buy multi-trip tickets anytime. You can also buy multiple tickets and passes at one time and activate them when you want to. The machine accepts cash and credit cards, and provides you your ticket immediately. Simply take your ticket, receipt and change. This information is available in accessible formats. Call (614) 228-1776 with requests.
  3. 3. glossary Alignment table of contents Line Matrices 1 Bus Stop Service Improvements 7 Local Lines Maps 9 Express Lines Maps 12 Crosstown Lines Maps 15 21 Night Owl Service 17 How to Ride 19 This is an indicator of service reliability. Buses that arrive up to five minutes after the established stop time are considered on-time. Fares 20 Passes 21 Service reliability How to Read a Timetable 22 Students 23 Senior Services 24 Mobility Services 25 Bike ‘n Bus 26 Park Ride 27 Helpful Tips 29 Need More Info? 30 The path the bus travels along a particular line. Frequency of service The time between buses on a particular line. Line-up Scheduled time when most major local lines arrive Downtown at the same time to provide transfer opportunities. Line-ups occur on latenight and Sunday trips. On-time performance The ability of buses to consistently maintain their established schedule. Span of service The time from when service begins in the morning to when it ends in the evening. Travel time The time a bus travels from an origin stop to a destination stop. Trip time A departure time for a particular trip on a line. William J. Lhota Building 33 N. High St. • Columbus, OH 43215
  4. 4. Local 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 6 6 7 7 8 8 9 10 10 11 11 12 13 14 15 16 16 18 19 21 222 Livingston Cleveland E. Main N. High Northwest Blvd. W. Mound Indianola Parsons W. Fifth Ave. Sullivant Mt. Vernon Neil Whittier Hamilton Ave. Frebis Leonard/Brentnell E. Broad W. Broad Oak/Bryden St. Clair McKinley/Fields US 33/Watermark Harmon/Greenlawn Grove City E. Long S. High Kenny Arlington/Grandview Night Owl W. Broad/Casino 1 • JANUARY 2014 Frequency of Service Span of Service Alignment New Line/ Service MAP Description of Service Change Modify Travel Time/Service Reliability BSSIP line matrix WKD SAT SUN WKD SAT SUN WKD SAT SUN WKD SAT SUN WKD SAT SUN                      SERVICE CHANGES • 2
  5. 5. Express 27 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 Brooksedge Polaris Smoky Row Worthington Crosswoods North Central Karl Tamarack Annehurst Westerville Easton New Albany New Albany Business Park Gahanna E. Broad North Reynoldsburg Reynoldsburg Eastland Brice Eastgreen Southeast OSU/Airport Lincoln Village London - Groveport Gender Tuttle Hilliard Dublin Dublin/Metro Frequency of Service Span of Service Alignment WKD SAT SUN WKD SAT SUN WKD SAT SUN WKD SAT SUN WKD SAT SUN              3 • JANUARY 2014 New Line/ Service MAP Description of Service Change Modify Travel Time/Service Reliability BSSIP line matrix Continued on next page SERVICE CHANGES • 4
  6. 6. Express 60 61 64 65 66 67 68 84 87 89 92 95 96 118 OSU/Lennox Hudson/Ohio Grandview/OSU Oakland/Weber Hilliard/Arlington/ OSU Cassady Hamilton Rd. James/Stelzer Morse/Henderson Fifth Ave. Sawmill 5 • JANUARY 2014 Span of Service Alignment New Line/ Service WKD SAT SUN WKD SAT SUN WKD SAT SUN WKD SAT SUN WKD SAT SUN Arlington Kenny Grove City South Park Hilliard/OSU East Hilliard Hilliard/Westbelt Crosstown 80 81 82 83 Frequency of Service MAP Description of Service Change Modify Travel Time/Service Reliability BSSIP line matrix  WKD SAT SUN WKD SAT SUN WKD SAT SUN WKD SAT SUN WKD SAT SUN        SERVICE CHANGES • 6
  7. 7. bus stop service improvement project bus stop service improvement project To improve bus service, COTA is undertaking an initiative to analyze the locations of bus stops. Bus stops should be spaced to balance the need for a quick in-vehicle travel time with considerations of the distance customers must walk to access the stop. Optimally spaced bus stops can have positive impacts on quality of service as well as operational effectiveness and efficiency. In 2010, COTA began a multi-year project to analyze all existing bus stops to determine if spacing is consistent with the new guidelines. Many of the communities in COTA’s service area have changed over time and the existing bus stop spacing may not reflect current land use and population density. Other Factors Affecting Bus Stop Placement • Ridership • Pedestrian amenities like sidewalks and crosswalks • Special populations • Nearby destinations • Transfer opportunities 7 Neil/Whittier 18 Kenny 95 Morse/Henderson Bus Stop Spacing Guidelines Population Density Bus Stop Spacing Standard High Density/CBD 20 people/acre 500-700 feet Fully-developed Residential 10-20 people/acre 700-850 feet Low Density Residential 3-10 people/acre 850-1200 feet Rural Areas or Express Lines 0-3 people/acre 1200+ feet 7 • JANUARY 2014 Select bus stops on the following lines have been identified for consolidation through the Bus Stop Service Improvement Project for the January 2014 Service Change: Commuter bulletins were posted at all stops proposed for removal in order to gather customer feedback, and the public comment period lasted for three weeks. After the public comment period ended, COTA addressed all public comments and reevaluated all stops that received feedback in order to produce a final stop removal list. For a complete list of bus stops affected, contact COTA Customer Service at (614) 228-1776, TTY/TTD (614) 275-5878 or visit the COTA website at SERVICE CHANGES • 8
  8. 8. local lines maps local lines maps 1 Livingston Sunday 8 Frebis Ave. Weekday Saturday 1 Cleveland Sunday 8 Hamilton Ave. Weekday Saturday 3 W. Mound All Days All trips extended to Reynoldsburg. Travel times adjusted. Travel times adjusted to improve on-time performance. Travel times are adjusted to improve on-time performance. Travel times are adjusted to improve on-time performance. 9 Leonard/Brentnell Weekday Southbound buses will not travel into the Walmart parking lot. Instead, southbound buses will continue south on Georgesville Rd., turn right onto Automall Dr. and immediately west on the service road, turn left onto Boltonfield St. crossing over Georgesville Rd. to go eastbound on the service road, and then turn right onto Georgesville Rd., continuing north, resuming regular route. Northbound buses will travel into the Walmart parking lot before continuing north. See Map 1 on page 11. Frequency of service is improved to approximately 23 minutes during peak times, and 30 minutes during mid-day operation. 3 Northwest Blvd. The bus that leaves Gender Road Town Center at 7:14 p.m. has been shifted to leave at 7:12 p.m. All Days Trip times are shifted due to changes on line 3 W. Mound. 5 W. Fifth Ave. Weekday The eastbound trip previously leaving First Community Village at 10:57 p.m. will now leave at 11:07 p.m. to better accommodate work shift times. Travel times are adjusted to improve on-time performance. 5 W. Fifth Ave. Sunday Trip times are slightly modified due to changes to line 3 W. Mound. 10 E. Broad Weekday Travel times are adjusted to improve on-time performance on specific trips. 11 Oak/Bryden Weekday The westbound trip that started at Main Holtzman at 5:57 a.m. will now start at the Gender Road Town Center at 5:25 a.m. 11 St. Clair Weekday 16 E. Long Weekday 16 S. High Weekday The bus that leaves High Broad at 8:02 p.m. has been shifted to leave at 8:00 p.m. Travel times are adjusted to improve on-time performance. Travel times are adjusted to improve on-time performance. 7 Neil Ave. All Days 18 Kenny Rd. Weekday 7 Whittier St. All Days 18 Kenny Rd. All Days Go to Bus Stop Service Improvement Project on page 8. Go to Bus Stop Service Improvement Project on page 8. 9 • JANUARY 2014 Frequency of service is improved to 20 minutes during peak times, and 30 minutes in the evening. Go to Bus Stop Service Improvement Project on page 8. SERVICE CHANGES • 10
  9. 9. local lines maps express lines maps R RD 40 New Albany Business Park Weekday V IC E SER RD W DR ST OO D MALL PKW Y E VIE PA RK TON E LL VI Weekday DR AG E All Days Big Run Park § ¦ ¨ E R IL L CI SV DR A RE COVINA DR GE U 0 GE N OR SQ RD RU GE DR RD E RV IC E SE V IL L GES EOR A LL VI E A GL AUTO Line 3 Extension Line 3 Alignment F R Proposed Line 3 Stop A LE D Line 3 Stop TE Alignment is modified in the campus area ! E P due to the closing of Curl Dr. Buses will 270 travel northbound on College Rd., westbound Georgesville on Woodruff Square and south on Cannon Dr., Ave., Shopping Center resuming regular route. See Map 2 on page 14. LT ! E P HI Y BA ! P E ! P DR GILMAN R D UB CL TA B AY ON HO G FR 0 RD ILLE RD GE 0 ! E P Big Run Park DL N HICKO RY G REYS E ILL SV GE OR GE 52 OSU/Airport Line 3 Extension 11 • JANUARY 2014 49 Southeast W Line 3 Alignment GES V OO Travel times are adjusted to improve on-time performance. Proposed Line 3 Stop GEOR GW AMW OOD MALL P K WY LEGEND N Miles LO #3 W Mound Line 3 Stop ¸ 0.25 A U TO ! P E ! P 0.125 ST ST 0 Weekday ! P P Trip times are modified ! provide an earlier to trip leaving Nationwide High at 3:45 p.m. ! P Travel times are adjusted to improve on-time Walmart !! PP performance. W ! E P 47 Brice Rd. BOLTONFI ELD ! E P GEOR LE SV IL RG E O FR RD ILLE GES V BOLTONFI ELD N An additional evening trip is added leaving Aetna in New Albany at 6:05 p.m. ! P GEO ! E P RD GE MALL PKW Y ¸ An additional morning trip is added leaving Downtown from High Rich at 7:54 a.m. W AY LT PARKW ICK DR GE E ILL SV GE OR GE A NT 0 LEGEND Weekday The trip time on the second morning trip is changed to leave the New Albany Park Ride at 6:54 a.m. Travel times are adjusted to improve on-time performance. 0 AUTO Miles DR 0 0 0.25 MALL P K WY RE D LN 270 E IL L SV OR GE Walmart RD A U TO A Georgesville Square Shopping Center ! P U KR ISW OO CI RD UB CL § ¦ ¨ D LN !! PP B AY HO 0.125 39 New Albany DR W N Weekday Travel times are adjusted to improve on-time performance. SQ 0 37 Westerville 0 GILMAN R D E L VI G REYS E G LA F A LE TE HI TON E LL VI AG DR PA RK DR HICKO RY KR ISW OO GW ST OO DL N OO D LO W W AY AMW OOD RU Weekday Bus stops on Campus View Blvd. will no longer be served by lines 31 and 32. PARKW ICK DR W DR !! PP 32 Crosswoods R Y BA Weekday Bus stops on Campus View Blvd. will no longer be served by lines 31 and 32. COVINA DR E VIE D ! P 31 Worthington Big Run Park E A GL Big Run Park Map 1 Line 3 Mound #3 W W. Mound SERVICE CHANGES • 12
  10. 10. express lines maps ST W 18TH W 19TH E ! P Ohio Stadium N DR WOODY HAYES DR ¸ Feet AVE AVE ¸ E ! P W WOODRUFF AVE North Dorms DR CURL ! C NEIL AVE W LANE AVE 1,000 ¸ C A N 500 E RD NEIL AVE RK P L 0 N COLLEG ! C ! C W NORWICH AVE N HIGH ¸ Weekday Travel times are adjusted to improve on-time performance. N NO 58 Dublin Map 2 Line 52 OSU/Airport #52 OSU/Airport Weekday Travel times are adjusted to improve on-time performance. TUTTLE PA 55 Gender Rd. express lines maps 0 500 ! C E ! P New Alignment N Discontinued Alignment N WOODY HAYES DR DR N NO New Line 52 Stop New Alignment Discontinued Line 52 Stop Unaffected Alignment 13 • JANUARY 2014 ¸ C A Unaffected Alignment C ! E ! P New Line 52 Stop LEGEND LEGEND Discontinued Alignment Discontinued Line 52 Stop Feet Ohio Stadium SERVICE CHANGES • 14
  11. 11. crosstown lines maps Map 3 Line 81 Hudson/Ohio #81 Hudson/Ohio All Days In both directions, the deviation from Hudson St. into the Lowe’s parking lot is removed. See Map 3 on page 16. All Days Go to Bus Stop Service Improvement Project on page 8. 96 Fifth Ave. E HUDS ON ST E HUDS ON ST ! P ! P ! Weekday An additional westbound evening trip is added leaving Gahanna at 7:44 p.m. 500 500 Feet AL Feet DE ALDE N N AVE AVE 1,000 1,000 PP !! ¸ ¸ N N P ! P ! P ! P ! S I SI LVE LV R ER D DR R Lowe's Lowe's 0 0 PP !! AUDUBON RD 71 AUDUBON RD N FOURTH ST P ! § ¦ ¨ E ARCADIA AVE CC 95 Morse/Henderson PP !! P ! E ! P P ! E ! P AKOLA E ARCADIA AVAVE E Crew Crew Stadium Stadium AVE Select trip times are modified to improve connections between other lines. P ! N FOURTH ST Weekday ! P !P 71 AKOLA AVE N FOURTH ST 95 Morse/Henderson § ¦ ¨ N FOURTH ST Travel times are adjusted to improve on-time performance. Weekday BEULAH RD BEULAH RD 82 Grandview/OSU DR SILVER SILVER DR #81 Hudson/Ohio Travel times are adjusted to reflect the changes. KORBEL KORBE L AVE 81 Hudson/Ohio crosstown lines maps LEGEND ! P CC ! P ! E ! ! P E ! P LEGEND Unaffected Stop Unaffected Stop Discontinued Stop Discontinued Stop New Stop New Stop Alignment Unaffected Discontinued Alignment Unaffected Alignment Discontinued Alignment 15 • JANUARY 2014 SERVICE CHANGES • 16
  12. 12. night owl service COTA’s line 21 Night Owl is the best way to travel to and from Clintonville, the Short North, Arena District and German Village in the evening. It operates along High St. every 30 minutes Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, 7 p.m.-3 a.m. 21 THURSDAY, FRIDAY SATURDAY RUNS ON HIGH STREET • Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings 21 THURSDAY, FRIDAY SATURDAY • 7 p.m.-3 a.m. • Every 30 minutes • From Clintonville to German Village To plan your trip call (614) 228-1776 or visit SERVICE CHANGES • 18
  13. 13. how to ride Know your • Line number • Departure time and location • Destination fares Cash fares This list outlines one-way fares for all COTA services. Have exact fare ready. Bus operators carry no cash. Fareboxes accept both bills and coins. The time points listed on each timetable are departure times from major stops along the line. REGULAR Pay fare Pay your fare in or swipe your pass through the farebox when you board the bus. Have exact fare in bills or coins—COTA bus operators and fareboxes do not provide change. If you plan to transfer to another line, ask the bus operator for a transfer before you pay your fare. Transfers are free and valid for two hours from the time of issue. Transfers can only be used to transfer to another line in the same direction. Signal to stop When the bus is approaching your stop, push the yellow strip or pull the cord located by the window near your seat. A bell will ring, signaling to the bus operator that a stop was requested. When the bus stops, exit through the rear door. Accessibility COTA provides accessible buses, annunciators and facilities. All buses are accessible for mobility devices including wheelchairs and three-wheeled scooters. COTA bus operators are trained to secure mobility devices on the bus. COTA bus operators can lower the front of the bus to make boarding easier. Just ask the bus operator to lower the bus before stepping onboard. 19 • JANUARY 2014 $2.00 $1.00 FREE $2.75 $1.00 FREE TRANSFER Arrive at your bus stop five minutes before the bus is scheduled to leave. Check the sign above the front windshield for the line number and destination of the bus or major streets the line travels. CHILDREN# LOCAL, CROSSTOWN EXPRESS Arrive early REDUCED+ FREE* FREE FREE ! MOBILITY SERVICES (ADA CARD REQUIRED) MAINSTREAM PARATRANSIT PLUS WILL CALL $3.50 $5.00 $4.00 W ith Senior, Key or ADA ID or children 48 tall or over, up to 12 years of age Children under 48 tall, limit three with adult, DOES NOT INCLUDE GROUPS ! Must request upon boarding, valid for 2 hours * dditional $0.75 if issued on a Local or Crosstown line A and transferring to an Express line. + # Adults 65 or older and all Medicare card holders automatically qualify for all half fares with a COTA discount ID. Customers that qualify for a discount can ride COTA’s fixed-route service at half the cost of regular fare and do not pay an upcharge for Express lines with a COTA discount ID. Customers must present the COTA ID when they board the bus in order to receive the discount. COTA offers three types of discount IDs: Senior, Key and ADA. Visit, or call (614) 228-1776 for more information. SERVICE CHANGES • 20
  14. 14. how to read a timetable ND 41express Prepaid passes give you unlimited service for one day, one week or 31 days. # LEGE Gahanna MCCU TCHE $25.00^ EXPRESS $85.00^ –– $31.00^ $2.25^ –– 1 2 4 3 DOW N COLU TOWN MBU S Passes can be purchased at COTA’s Pass Sales office or the Ticket Vending Machine at 33 N. High St., in downtown Columbus, select Kroger Stores, select Giant Eagle Stores, other retail outlets or by mail. To purchase by mail, send check or money order to COTA Pass Sales, 33 N. High St., Columbus, OH 43215. Make checks payable to “COTA.” Payments must be received 10 days in advance of anticipated use. All Reduced Fare programs require passenger to show valid COTA Senior, Key or ADA ID (which include a photo). A Medicare card, as well as a State ID or other official photo ID are required to obtain COTA issued IDs. Senior, Key and ADA ID cardholders do not pay an upcharge for Express lines. ANN A LINCOLNSH 6 5 7 8 INTE RN GATE ATIO WAY NAL Por Internat Colum tional bus Airport KDA Y from 2 7:08 7:37 1 7:09 Beyo nd run UP this poin 7:38 t, to 5 MIn buses may UtES AVE WEE 1 2 4:38 3 5 5:18 4:40 4:4 6 5:20 7 5:27 5:05 5:0 5:4 6 Beyo 7 nd this 5:48 EArLY. SE dow ntow n 7 5:13 8 5:1 5:55 6 UP to point, Park 5 MIn buses may 5:58 UtES FR EArLY. catc EE at an h CO TA. y Park No re Ride times serv are in atio location Expr ns re BOLD and ess serv quire and . holid ice no d! ay t run PM Be at your Infor s. avail able Satu bus rday stop , Sund five All bu minu ay ses ar tes ea e wh rly. ma eelch tion COTA is av air lif discrimis commit ailab t eq origin ination ed to ens le in uippe or any in rece urin acce d. other ipt of g that no ssible charact services per form on the son eristic protect basisis denied ats. ed by of race or subject , colo law. r, nat to ional Take the bus from Agler and Stygler roads in Gahanna to downtown Columbus 41 Gahanna Express WEEKDAY to downtown John Go stown R d shen Ln Gaha Park nna Rid e Agle r Rd Lin colns hire Rd Styg ler R Ag d ler R d Purchase in advance Purchase on bus + W ith Senior, Key or ADA ID or children 48 tall or over, up to 12 years of age * Additional $.75 required to ride Express buses when paying with Local fare media, including transfers. # n AM to RVED US 62 down town E. Spr ; then all Local : All Loc al sto PM fring St. an ps d W. Down betw oM down Broad town sto prior to ps be een W. enter St. to S. Hig Broad wn: All at Marco tween N. ing ni Blv 3rd St. E. Spr h St., N. 4th St. at Ma Local d. Do ing St. at ; then St. at E. Garconi Blvd. wntown sto all Loc an y ps al sto St. (Athena d E. Broad ps aft er exi eum), N. St. at 4th St. ting US at 62 $105.00^ ^ TH CONT INUES DOWN COLU TOWNTO MBUS wntow Downtown STOP S Gah Park anna Rid e 270 E 17 670 KDA Y to do 7 4 6:49 7:05 7:16 7:34 RD IRE RD STOWN JOHN WEE MAINSTREAM MONTHLY * R RD Colum E SPRING ST Comm bus State College E LONG ST E BROAD ST Stateh 71 ouse Colum Com bus mons E TOW N ST 8 5 6:36 6 6:39 7:01 6:40 7:04 7:05 GAH RD CR M –– DISCOUNT+ Gahanna Park Ride AGLE STEL ZER RD $62.00^ ON 270 U w S Broa fro d S nt t St E SBroa Hig d St hS n t E4th S Sp t rin gS Ga t Pa han rk na r ide Ag Li ler r nco d lnsh Sty ire A gle rd gle r rd rr d Jo Ghnst osh own en rd Ln LOCAL* AL CONT TO GA INUES HANN A 670 Jo Ghnst osh own en rd Ln Ga Pa han rk na r ide Ag Li ler r nco d lnsh Sty ire A gle rd rr gle d rr d n E3rd S Sp t rin gS EB t n roa dS Hig t hS w t n Broa fro d St nt St $4.50# 7-DAY 8 6:36 7:01 5 6:39 7:04 6 6:40 7:05 7 6:49 7:16 N 3r E Sd St pring St E Bro ad S N High t St WB N road St Fron t St 1-DAY N 4T H S T N 3 RD ST N HIGH ST N FRONT ST 31-DAY EE K Effective Jan. 7, 2013 Route Timepo int Transf er Poi nt Park Rid e Point of Int erest STYG LER RD passes 4 7:05 7:34 2 7:08 7:37 1 7:09 7:38 Beyond this point, buses may run UP TO 5 MINUTES EARLY. 1 Find the right bus schedule and direction for the specific day you want to travel (e.g., weekdays, Monday through Friday). Locate the timepoint closest to where you want to board (e.g., Gahanna Park Ride at timepoint 5). For your exact bus stop, use Google Transit or call (614) 228-1776. Read down the column of times under the heading until you find your desired departure time (7:04 a.m.). Read across this line of the schedule to the time listed below E Broad St. N High St. (7:37 a.m.). This is your arrival time. 21 • JANUARY 2014 SERVICE CHANGES • 22
  15. 15. students COTA partners with the following schools, universities and organizations: City Year COTA partners with City Year Columbus to provide unlimited transportation to Corps members. City Year recruits, trains and deploys young leaders to serve full-time in Columbus. City Year corps members provide academic and social support to students who need them the most. Thank you City Year. senior services COTA offers services to meet the needs of the active senior citizen. From shopping to visiting friends, COTA helps central Ohioans get more out of life. COTA offers discount fares for seniors with your free COTA Senior ID. Columbus City Schools A COTA Senior ID qualifies you for discounts on monthly passes and DayPasses. Passes are sold at the COTA Pass Sales office, the Ticket Vending Machine and participating central Ohio Kroger and Giant Eagle stores. CCAD students Applicants must be at least 65 years of age to apply. All reduced-fare applicants must provide a picture ID and Social Security card when applying. Seniors must show proof of age (driver’s license, State ID card or birth certificate). COTA maintains a pass program with Columbus City Schools. Check with your school for more information. If you’re a Columbus College of Art Design student, you can use your active CCAD student ID to ride any COTA bus. Just show your ID to the bus operator when you board. OSU students Ohio State students who are currently enrolled in classes have access to COTA’s entire system. Students must swipe their valid BuckID upon boarding the bus. Senior IDs are made at COTA’s Pass Sales office, 33 N. High St., Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. only. IDs are valid for three years. COTA offers free travel training to senior organizations. COTA staff will come to your location to provide transit information and how-to-ride education. To schedule a COTA representative for your group, call (614) 275-5828. SENIOR CARD Card Number 0 JANE SMITH Date Issued 101910 Expiration Date 101919 23 • JANUARY 2014 President/CEO SERVICE CHANGES • 24
  16. 16. mobility services Mobility Serives is COTA’s paratransit service for eligible persons who are unable to use the fixed-route service as a result of their disability. Guidelines for eligibility are based upon the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Inability to drive a car, the distance from a bus stop and age are not qualifying conditions in determining eligibility. For more information on applying for Mobility Services, visit Using fixed-route bus service COTA reduced fare cards (Key, ADA and Senior IDs) allow passengers to ride COTA’s fixed-route service for $1. Using fixed-route service is often faster than paratransit and adds flexibility to your travel plans. For fixed-route information, visit, or call (614) 228-1776. Travel training COTA provides travel training free of charge to people with disabilities who would like to learn to ride COTA’s fixed-route service. If you are interested in travel training, e-mail or call (614) 275-5828. COTA schedules and information in accessible formats Upon request, COTA provides information in accessible formats including audiotape, large print and Braille. Call (614) 272-3033 for accessible format information. COTA provides: Accessible buses, annunciators and accessible facilities. bike ’n bus Designed to securely accommodate most types and sizes of bikes, Bike ‘n Bus makes loading and unloading as easy as, well, riding a bike. HOW TO LOAD YOUR BIKE STEP 1: As your bus approaches, make sure all loose items on the bike are removed. STEP 2: Signal the bus driver that you are going to load your bike. When the bus has fully stopped and the driver acknowledges your request, begin to load your bike from the curb side. STEP 3: A. Squeeze the metal handle on the bike rack to release the latch and lower the rack. B. Lift your bike onto the rack and position the bike into the rack’s wheel wells (use the wheel well assembly that is closest to the bus if you are loading first). C. Raise and pull the support arm up and over the bike’s front tire. D. After loading, board the bus and enjoy the ride. UNLOAD IN A SNAP STEP 1: Remind the bus driver that you need to unload your bike. STEP 2: A. Raise the support arm off the front tire and lower it out of the way. Lift your bike out of the rack. B. If there is no other bike on the rack, return the rack to the upright and locked position. C. Signal the bus driver that you have removed your bike. For safety reasons, operators cannot assist bike-rack users. You must be able to load and unload your bike correctly without the operator’s assistance. Bikes are mounted at the user’s risk. COTA is not responsible for any theft or damage while the bike is mounted on the rack or located at any COTA facility. 25 • JANUARY 2014 SERVICE CHANGES • 26
  17. 17. park ride Park and rides take the hassle out of going to work. Simply leave your vehicle at your park and ride location, jump on the bus, sit back and relax while COTA does the driving. COTA will take you to your place of business quickly, safely and comfortably for less money and less hassle. Park and ride locations and the lines serving them are listed below. park ride Indianola and Morse Indianola Avenue and Morse Road 4, 95 Livingston and Barnett Livingston Avenue and Barnett Road 1, 92 Macy’s Kingsdale Kingsdale Shopping Center (Tremont Road and Ridgecliff Road) 3, 19, 60, 83, 84 Berwick Plaza Refugee Road and Winchester Pike 46 New Albany 20 Third St., New Albany United Methodist Church 39 Crosswoods 7460 Huntington Park Dr. (off N. High St., just south of Campus View Boulevard) 2, 31, 32 Northern Lights Cleveland Avenue and Innis Road 1, 9, 27, 35, 37, 40, 83, 87 Delawanda Rathbone Avenue and High Street (north of Morse Road on west side of High Street) 2, 4, 31, 95 Dublin 4450 Dale Dr. 58, 59 Eastland South side of Eastland Mall parking lot on Refugee Road, just west of Hamilton Road 11, 46, 89, 92 Easton Transit Center 4260 Stelzer Rd. 16, 38, 40, 92, 95 Gahanna Royal Plaza Shopping Center on Agler Road 41 Gender Road 5336 Gender Road 55 Great Southern S. High Street and Obetz Road 4, 16 Griggs Dam Griggs Dam Reservoir (Riverside Drive, south of Fishinger Road) 58, 59 Grove City 2321 Old Stringtown Rd. (Stringtown Road and Parkmead Drive) 15, 64, 65 Hilliard 4199 Parkway Ln. (Cemetery Road and Parkway Lane) 67, 68, 84 Hilliard United Methodist Church Scioto Darby Road and Main Street, on west side of Main Street 57, 66, 68 27 • JANUARY 2014 Olentangy and Bethel Olentangy River Road and Bethel Road 30, 95 Renner Road On Renner Road at Hilliard-Rome Road (south side of Meijer) 5, 57, 66 Reynoldsburg 2100 Birchview Dr. (Birchview Drive, near Brice Road and Eastgreen Boulevard) 1, 45, 47, 48 Southampton W. Broad Street and Southampton Avenue 10, 53 St. Andrew Church 1985 Swansford Dr. (Swansford Dr. and Smoky Row Road) 30 St. Peter’s Church 6899 Smoky Row Rd. (north of Snouffer Road and Smoky Row Road) 30 Westerville W. Main Street (east of Cleveland Avenue) 1, 27, 33, 36, 37 Westwoods 55 Westwoods Blvd. (W. Broad Street and Westwoods Boulevard) 10, 53 Weyant Avenue/E. Main St. Loop Weyant Avenue and E. Main Street 2 Whitehall 4540 E. Broad St. (E. Broad Street, west of Hamilton Road) 10, 43, 87, 89 SERVICE CHANGES • 28
  18. 18. helpful tips Slide over Save the seats up front for seniors and those with disabilities. Strap in Allow the bus operator to strap your mobility device in properly for everyone’s safety. This is necessary before the bus may resume traveling. need more info? Customer Service (614) 228-1776 Monday-Friday, 6 a.m.-8 p.m. Saturday-Sunday, 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Holidays, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. (Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day.) Listen up COTA Pass Sales Fold up strollers Lost and Found (614) 228-1776 Your bus operator is there to help you arrive at your destination quickly and safely. COTA is happy to accommodate strollers when bus operators feel there is plenty of space to keep everyone safe. Move toward the back of the bus, place children in seats or on your lap and fold up strollers. Strollers should not be left in aisles. Be sure to remember that seats in the front of the bus are for seniors and those with disabilities. Get your bus in gear • To keep you and your bus on time, be sure to: • Arrive at your stop five minutes early. • Be visible–step outside of a shelter and remain close to the bus stop sign. • While you are waiting, prepare your fare. • Have exact change or passes ready when you board the bus. • Motion to the driver when you see your bus approaching. • Prepared customers = prompt bus service 29 • JANUARY 2014 33 N. High St. Columbus, OH 43215 Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. To claim a lost item, you must provide an accurate description of the item and a photo ID at COTA's Pass Sales office, 33 N. High St., Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Mobility Services (614) 275-5828 Accessible Information (614) 228-1776 TTY/TTD (614) 275-5878 SERVICE CHANGES • 30
  19. 19. William J. Lhota Building 33 N. High St. • Columbus, OH 43215 Printed on recycled paper.