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Newsletter: March 2013


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In this newsletter we have focused on the area of Sentiment Analysis using popular social media platforms.

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Newsletter: March 2013

  1. 1. MARCH 2013NEWSLETTERDear Subscriber SENTIMENT ANALYSIS -office using the pre-release social media sentiments about theHope you are doing good and in Twitter was launched on July 13, movies, pre-release buzz createdgreat health! 2006 and is an extremely popular on the social media and other online micro blogging service. important predictor variables.We take this opportunity to The immense potential itupdate you about latest provides for viral marketing has COSTARCH is working on ahappenings at COSTARCH. In attracted corporate attention. In Movie-Reviewer that will ratethis edition of the Newsletter we addition, Twitter is also used to movies based on the collectivehave focused on the area of examine and analyze the judgment of the viewers.Sentiment Analysis using the changing sentiments of the socialpopular social media platforms. media for different IPL SENTIMENT ANALYZER brands/products.We firmly believe that Indian Premier League (IPL) is aSentiment Analysis has a long Social media has become professional league for Twenty20way to go and the ongoing ubiquitous and important for cricket championship in India. Theresearch in this field is just a social networking and content sixth season of IPL is currently inbeginning. sharing in recent times. Social progress and has an estimated media can be construed as a form brand value of over $ 3.00 billion. of collective wisdom. COMPANY UPDATE COSTARCH has developed a The massive reach of Twitter can state-of-the-art sentiment analyzerCOSTARCH was setup with the be used to study how sentiments for IPL-6. This sentiment analyzerobjective to meet market demand are created, how positive and uses data from popular socialfor a high-level statistical negative opinions propagate and media platforms in an attempt toresearch and consulting how they influence people. predict the sentiments generated bycompany. Over the past few Overall, we can firmly state that the collective wisdom of the socialyears we had the opportunity to the “chatter community” can be across different industrial intelligently used to makedomains, which has strengthened quantitative predictions that can Our IPL Senti-Analyzer predictsour skills and knowledge. outperform the existing brand value of each team at the predictive models. end of every week. In addition, thePresently we are in the process of daily support level on social mediaexpanding our company MOVIE REVIEWER for each sports franchiseoperations and we have participating in the IPL-6 is alsointroduced a software division in In the past, lot of research studies estimated.our company. have focused on predicting the Send your feedback at:- performance of movies at the box