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General description of the services provided by Aster

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Aster Company Profile

  1. 1. Aster s.r.l. – Company Profile Consultancy Services for Civil Engineering
  2. 2. Index 01 Aster s.r.l.: Key figures 02 Asset Management Systems 03 Structural and Seismic design 04 Bio architecture Engineering 05 Software Development
  3. 3. 01 Aster s.r.l.: Key Figures Background Aster s.r.l. is an independent consultancy firm that integrates Structural, Pavement, software Engineering, combining the strength of method with the power of design for serving the Construction and the Asset Management Industry. The Board of Directors is composed by the Company’s partners and integrates all the management functions necessary to effectively support the business. Aster s.r.l. is based in Italy with a staff of 6 professionals. With 12 years of experience in the consultancy industry, Aster s.r.l. is a market leader for seismic structural engineering, bioarchitecture engineering, Asset Management (including Structures and Pavements Management Systems) and software development Aster s.r.l. offers the highest standard of professional and advisory assistance to its Clients, providing technical and economical support from initial project evaluations The mission of Aster s.r.l. is to deliver excellence in the field of activity through fully comprehensive consultacy that covers all the aspects of the project 01
  4. 4. 01 Aster s.r.l.: Key Figures Organizational Chart Board of Directors Finance Administration Quality Consultancy for Asset Structural Design Project Software Management - Bioarchitecture Engineering Management Development - Bridges Management Systems - Seismic Design - Buildings Management - Civil Engineering -Pavement Management Systems - Pavement Engineering 01
  5. 5. 01 Aster s.r.l.Key Figures Sectors Urban Developments Commercial Developments Transport Infrastructures Software Development
  6. 6. 01 Aster s.r.l.: Key Figures Consultancy Services Design and Engineering -Structural and Seismic Design -Bridges monitoring -Pavement Engineering Project Management -Construction Supervision -Cost Estimation -Planning Software Development -Software development for project management and Asset Management 01
  7. 7. 01 Aster s.r.l.: Key Figures Staff 2008 2009 Senior Partner 2 2 Senior Engineers and Architects 2 2 Junior Engineers and Architects 2 2 Staff 2 2 TOT 8 8 01
  8. 8. 01 Aster s.r.l.: Key Figures Clients Structural & Seismic Design Provincia di Software development 41.000 Torino, ANAS Roma, Politecnico di Torino, engineers and architects in Italy, ASL 3 Borini Costruzioni S.p.A., Environment Park, Turin, ATC, P & M Genoa, Comune di Palazzo Canavese, Gilardi Chiabotto s.r.l. Costruzioni S.p.A., ROGIM s.r.l. Bio-engineering Environment Park of Turin, ATC, arch. Alessandro Fassi, arch. Fabio Sciacca, Bridges monitoring Provincia di Torino, Politecnico di Torino, Selpro s.r.l. 01
  9. 9. 01 Aster s.r.l.: Key Figures Location Headquarters TURIN Via Molina, 13 10025 Pino Torinese, Italy T +39 011 84 30 00 F +39 011 811 80 69 Branch Ivrea Strada della Torretta 10010 Banchette, Italy T +39 0125 611388 F +39 011 811 80 69 01
  10. 10. 03 Asset Management 02 Asset Management Consultancy Asset Management as applied to the infrastructures sector represents a systematic process of maintaining, upgrading and operating assets, combining engineering principles with sound business practice and economic rationale, and providing tools to facilitate a more organized and flexible approach to making the decisions necessary to achieve the public’s expectations. Aster Ingegneria combines the necessary technical and managerial skills to provide its Clients with the most comprehensive and integrated consultancy for effectively managing their infrastructures’ asset 02
  11. 11. 02 Asset Management Bridges Management Systems Bridges cannot last forever. Whatever form of construction is used and whatever materials are adopted, sooner or later the effects of degradation begin to appear. There are many contributory factors which affect the nature and degree of degradation such as the structural form; construction materials; quality of construction; design and detailing; atmospheric environment; scour; fire; fatigue; earthquakes; floods; weather and the nature and intensity of the imposed traffic loading. Bridge management is the means by which a bridge stock is cared for from conception to the end of its useful life. The six critical stages in the life of a bridge 02
  12. 12. Asset Management-Bridges Management Systems At the heart of a BMS is the database built up using information obtained from the regular inspection and maintenance activities and containing a register of the bridges. A bridge management system is thus the means whereby the bridge manager can be kept fully informed of the ‘health’ of the bridges under his control, and make informed decisions about future maintenance activities A BMS is more than a collection of facts, it is a system that looks at all of the information concerning all of the bridges and is able to make comparisons between each in order to rank its importance within the overall infrastructure with regards to safety and budgetary constraints. Basically it should be able to tell the bridge manager where he should be spending his funds in the most efficient way. 02
  14. 14. PROVINCIA DI TORINO Structural Monitoring of 90 bridges Location: Province of Turin Client: Province of Turin Years: 2003-2004-2009 Sector: Infrastructure Service: Bridges Management 02
  15. 15. All data resulting from inspection are processed by our software that contains defect assessments of varying degrees of seriousness in relation to the type of structure involved (supported beam, continuous beam, framework, arch, etc.), the component materials (reinforced concrete or prestressed reinforced concrete, steel, masonry, etc.), as well as the extent and location of the deterioration. The processing criteria are such as to permit a ‘global assessment’ of the state of the structure criteria for maintenace priority. 02
  16. 16. 02
  17. 17. 02 Asset Management Pavement Engineering Pavements are the most relevant asset for a road network managing body and for other transportation infrastructures, such as Airports, in terms of quantity and costs for construction and maintenance. Pavement is the interface between vehicles and soil. Its main functions are: 1. Providing a safe and regular surface for traffic 2. Protecting lower road structure layers from deteriorating agents (water, loads…) 3. Being durable Therefore Pavements must guarantee: a. Sufficient friction levels b. Low distress levels c. Adequate slope for water management d. Adequate thickness and materials quality for preventing early failure 02
  18. 18. Asset Management – Pavement Management System Pavement Life Cycle From Construction to Rehabilitation Construction Traffic Weather Deterioration Seasons Time Investigation Specialistic Analysis Rehabilitation 02
  19. 19. Asset Management – Pavement Management System Pavement Management Optimization How can the Pavement Life Cycle be optimized? 1. Construction: a. Traffic assessment (flows and composition) b. Traffic forecast Optimization of materials c. Performance indicators definition performance and d. Performance acceptance level definition pavement structure e. Pavement modelling dimensioning f. Materials properties assessment g. Pavement dimensioning for coping with Traffic Forecast Identification of real Deterioration and Investigation: pavement distress a. Pavement Condition assessment (surface and structural) b. Pavement Material testing causes c. Identification of distress cause Rehabilitation: a. Pavement Strengthening Design Optimization of b. Optimization of mantenance phases (pavement financial resources condition and budget) 02 c. Works Supervision
  20. 20. Asset Management – Pavement Management System Pavement Management System What does a Pavement Management System do? 1. Detailed Input data collection (traffic, foundation, materials performance, climatic data) 2. Input data analysis 3. Pavement Performance parameters definition (surface, structural, materials) 4. Mechanistic Pavement Design 5. Survey programme outline 6. Pavement performance forecast 7. Maintenance programme and annual budget definition 8. Survey data analysis 9. Pavement condition assessment 10. Pavement rehabilitation design 02
  21. 21. 03 Seismic Design Our skills in seismic design cover all the structures types: •Wood or timber frame (good energy absorption, light weight, framing connections are critical). •Reinforced masonry walls (good energy absorption if walls and floors are well integrated; proportion of spandrels and piers are critical to avoid cracking) •Reinforced concrete frame (good energy absorption if walls and floors well integrated) •Steel frame (good energy absorption if bay sizes are small and building plan is uniform) Of new and existing buildings 03
  22. 22. New Hotel in Sestriere Location: Sestriere (TO) Client: arch. Elio Luzi – 7 Nani s.a.s. Years: 2004 Sector: Urban Development Service: Seismic Design 03
  23. 23. Centre Hospitalier des Escartons de Briancon Extension Batiment EST Location: Briancon FR Client: Borini Costruzioni S.p.A. Years: 2004 Sector: Urban Development Service: Seismic Design 03
  24. 24. Aosta Fire Department Seismic Analysis of the existing building Location: Aosta Client: ing. Luca Rodolfo Years: 2004-05 Sector: Urban Development Service: Seismic Analysis of existing structure 03
  25. 25. 04 Bioarchitecture Structural design Since 2002 we work with the most important italian architects in the fileds of sustainable architecture and bio-architecture experimenting new materials and new structural shpes 04
  26. 26. Parco d’arte vivente Location: Turin Client: arch. Alessandro Fassi Years: 2003 Octagonal wood structure with brettstapel system & stone walls Sector: Urban Development Service: Structural Design 04
  27. 27. 04
  28. 28. Environment Park of Turin Nuovo Centro Servizi Totem fotovoltaico Location: Turin Client: Environment Park Years: 2004 New experimental wood structure with: - Platform frame system - Brettstapel system - Massive wood walls - Steko wood bricks - LegnoLego system Sector: Urban Development Service: Structural Design 04
  29. 29. Environment Park of Turin Nuovo Centro Servizi Location: Turin Client: Environment Park Years: 2004 04
  30. 30. Environment Park of Turin Totem fotovoltaico Location: Turin Client: Environment Park Years: 2004 04
  31. 31. A.T.E.R. - Rovigo Experimental Low Impact Wood House Location: Rovigo Client: arch. Fabio Sciacca Years: 2009 New experimental building with cellular concrete masonry & wood platform frame system Sector: Urban Development Service: Structural Design 04
  32. 32. 04
  33. 33. 04
  34. 34. 04
  35. 35. Arch. Alessandro Fassi Passive STRAW HOUSE Location: Sciolze(TO) Client: arch. Alessandro Fassi Year: 2009 New experimental straw house with wood structure Sector: Urban Development Service: Structural Design 04
  36. 36. 04
  37. 37. 04
  38. 38. 04 Software Development 05 Software Development SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Software for Project Software for Structural Management is stricltly connected to our fields of Assestment &Bridge activities: Management Systems Customized solutions for project SUITE STUDIO -Structural Assestments PROFESSIONALE management -Project Management Customized solutions for BMS “ONORARIO” – For both fields we have already Engineers & Architects fees developed “closed solutions” like BMS TO – Bridge BMS TO for Bridge Management Management Systems for Province of Turin Systems or “Suite Studio “FATTURE” – Financial Management Professionale” for Project Management. Anyway our staff can develop any kind customized COMMESSE – Project software solution for best fittings Data Management, Staff Management.. commitments needs. 05
  39. 39. Architects & Engineers fees SUITE STUDIO PROFESSIONALE Our Solution for Project Management Software Engineers and architects fees Financial With more than 41.000 users By Aster s.r.l. Management Years: 2005/2009 Budget, Cash Flow Analysis Project planning, staff management, Project Data Management Sector: Software Service: Project Management Software Development 05
  40. 40. Financial Management Budget, Cash Flow Analysis Project planning, staff management, Project Data Management 05
  41. 41. ASTER s.r.l. - Società di ingegneria Ing. Claudio Di Taddeo – ing. Fabio Mosca Via E. Molina, 13 – 10025 Pino Torinese (TO) Tel. 011843000 – Fax 0118118069 – skype: asteringegneria