National Library 2010


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This is my whole Final project of graduation, It's about the national library,starting from the launching campaign, till the BTL and creative media and online advertising

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National Library 2010

  1. 1. USEK | faculty of fine & applied arts Costa Costi presents
  2. 2. The Lebanese foundation of the Public Library Final project for the Master degree in Advertising
  3. 3. Background • The Public Library was established in 1921, by the Lebanese Viscount Philippe de Tarazi and it was born from a dream. • Of all the important cultural institutions in our country, the Public Library is among those institutions that suffered the most during the Lebanese war between 1975 and 1991. • The Public Library contains more than 20.000 works, some 3.000 invaluable manuscripts, along with the first issues of periodicals published in the region, and inestimable documents in the history of Arab and Middle Eastern press.
  4. 4. Marketing Objective • To launch the public library, and to tell the people that it’s time to read books. •To tell the people that you can read as much as you want, and it’s for free.
  5. 5. Target Audience • The people who love to read, to inform them that the public library is open now. •The people who love to read and don’t have enough money to buy books ( especially university students).
  6. 6. Communication Objective • Create awareness for the people, that there is a public library and let them know, especially for the young generation. • Showing the people, how important is the public library, and the benefit of the public library and to take advantage of it.
  7. 7. Communication Strategy First the Above-The-Line (ATL) Communication. A mix of: • TV • Press • Outdoor • Online advertising • Bus The above combination will be used to communicate, educate and explain the various features and principles of the Public Library
  8. 8. Communication Material Above the line: • TV ads. • Press ads - magazines • Outdoor material. • Bus • Online advertising The above mix is destined for the mass campaign aimed at the public at large. Since the target audience is present on all the Lebanese territory, the reach has to encompass all of it.
  9. 9. Communication Material Below the line: • Movies • “ al maktaba al-nakkala” • Bus tickets (bookmarks) • Matchbox • Coffee shop Below the line advertising is becoming an important and easiest factor to communicate with the target audience.
  10. 10. Creative Rationale • Reading is an important factor for the progress of the human being and his development in his society. • The public library is offering the people to read as much as they want, having a wide varieties of local and foreign books, plus historical documents, so any kind of information is available at the public library.
  11. 11. Reading, etc
  12. 12. The old logo
  13. 13. The new logo
  14. 14. Press Ads
  15. 15. Billboards
  16. 16. TVC
  17. 17. The Media
  18. 18. Movies
  19. 19. Bus
  20. 20. tickets
  21. 21. Coffee Shop
  22. 22. Press Ads
  23. 23. Billboards
  24. 24. TVC
  25. 25. The Media
  26. 26. Creative Media
  27. 27. Online Advertising
  28. 28. Thank you