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Planning the Cycling City Amsteram 2015 - Group 2 City Hall presentation


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Presentation made at the City Hall in Amsterdam by Team 2 of Planning the Cycling City. Video footage available at

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Planning the Cycling City Amsteram 2015 - Group 2 City Hall presentation

  1. 1. Euphoria in biketopia Home deficiencies Transferable opportunities Dutch Bike history realities Going home AMS’s future? Home frustrations
  2. 2. Allocation of space statistics (Julie) Space allocation on the Weesperzijde: Even on the 200m car free stretch from Erste Osterpark straat to Burmanstraat approx 20% of the public space is still allocated to car parking. Bike lane: 750 m2 = of the space⅙ Cars (road+parking) 1.500 m2= ⅓ of the space Bike parking: #### For a school of 400+ students Placeholder for map w. stats
  3. 3. Face-to-face interaction is ‘the fundamental mode of human intercourse and socialization, a primordial site for sociality … Co-presence is thick with information … it delivers far more context than any other form of human exchange. (Deirdre Boden and Harvey Molotch 1994)
  4. 4. ?
  5. 5. Faster journeys from A to B for cyclists in the city A more comfortable journey for cyclists in the city More physical security for cyclists in the city Optimize the cycling network for cyclists on the go
  6. 6. Thank you. Brian Almdale Mark Ames Sheila McGraw Cosmin Popan Lisa Ratner Julie Schack