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Cosmic Awareness 9: The new being, the new creation


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Published in: Spiritual, Technology
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Cosmic Awareness 9: The new being, the new creation

  1. 1. No . 9 Ralph Duby Interprete r (EDITORIAL NOTE : The following statement by Cosmic Awareness concerning th e "New Being" and the New Creation was given October 28, 1965 in Honolulu , Hawaii at the end of the European Pilgrimage . The questions were asked by th e Interpreter, Ralph Duby, who was troubled and concerned over the awesom e responsibility the Awareness had placed upon his shoulders . The questions wer e asked by Ralph Duby and recorded on his tape recorder . He left great blank areas between the questions so the Awareness would have ample time to answe r them . He then laid down and went into trance after turning on the recorde r with his questions . Another recorder recorded the answers to the questions . This statement by Awareness was later refined and expanded in the final Organi- zation of Awareness message given one year later on October 30, 1966 . ) THE NEW BEING . . .THE NEW CREATION " Q . Ralph : Awareness, I feel after this pilgrimage that the burden that lie s ahead for me is one that no human can carry . The task assigned greater tha n I can accomplish . How can I start a new religion when I sense all the other s have failed . How can I prove to others that you are actually using me as a medium for your greatness, and your will . How can I teach this new realit y so that your will may be established on earth, not that of the will . of any particular religion, or not that of the will of any particular ethnic or socia l group, not that of the will of any nationalism or chauvinistic idea . How ca n I teach men that you are not dead, that you have not died in our time, in ou r history and in our existance ? A . This awareness asks you o teach men not to live in the old ways, and thi s Awareness asks that you lead men on the new paths, in the new ways, for yo u have been selected as the one who will bring the world to a new state of things . And this new state of things can be brought about in a very definite way, and a t the same time in a very universal way . But this way is not through religion , and this way is not through nationalism . This Awareness doesnt ask that yo u start a new religion for Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism , Atheism, these are not the way . These are the old ways . This Awareness ha s taught you and shown you so that you will teach others to reject them . Q . What is the will of this Awareness ? A . That you understand and teach all men to understand that religion does no t matter . No particular religion matters . This Awareness repeats, no parti- cular religion matters . A new creation is needed . A new being has appeared and this Awareness has told you that this new creation and this new being is fo rAn Organization of Awareness publication, P .O . Box 115, Olympia, Washington U .S .A .
  2. 2. all men . And for all men this Awareness has asked that this new creation b eunderstood by faith . And that faith a justified confidence in the capacity o feach man to know in fact that he can be this new being, this new creation .Tell this to all men . Tell this to the Christian, to the Hindu, to th eBuddhist, to the Moslam, to the Jew, and the Pagan, and the Atheist . Thi sAwareness asks you not to compare religions and avatars, prophets and saints ,ministers, rabbi and priests . This Awareness asks you to tell all men not tocompare rites and rituals ; baptisms, ceremonies and teachings . Not to compar ethe pious ones and the sinners . All this is of no value . And when again yo uappear among those who are muslims or those who are Hindus, speak never o fconversion . Dont ask men to accept Christianity, all the religions of th ewestern world, all the religions of the eastern world ; say unto them, there i sa new creation and this new creation is this Awareness . For Christianity an dnon-Christianity matter not .Tell others, tell all of the vanity of religion, and speak of this without fea ror malice, And when you meet the Communist, as you shall meet the Communist ;and when you meet the Fascists, as you shall meet the Fascists ; and when yo uappear among the Socialists, and among all the democrats, and the democrati cstates, dont boast that this Awareness has asked you to be free of supersti-tion and myth ; free from ceremony and all that religion represents . Dont tel lthem that you wish to convert them from their secular state to a religiou sstate . For this would be of no avail . But tell them of this Awareness wh ocomes again to men in their greatest hour of need, not to tell them of reli-gion or the churches, about membership and doctrine, not to tell them abou tinstitutions and ministers, and sermons and sacraments ; not to speak to the mabout monasteries and convents, shrines and saints and saviors . But tell al lothers, that neither religion nor non-religion, neither Communism nor Social -ism, that neither God nor Satan are of any importance . For God is dead an dSatan too is dead . And the religions, and the churches will die . And national -ism will die . And Communism will die, And this Awareness offers all men life ,not death . Tell them this Awareness is the ultimate passion of every huma nbeing . In comparison with this Awareness even all else, all religion and al lnon-religion, these are nothing .Q . Ralph : Awareness, my second problem is that of holding fast to the hundre d or so who have begun to accept you . Some of these are resigning, leavingyou, no longer wishing to be a part of what has been represented to them .What can I do about them, they have tried so hard and are such worthy and goo dpeople . What have I done wrong, and what can I do now to help them? They tel lme that there are too many grievances, too many problems with others, the ydisagree among themselves . In all earnestness I ask you to give me advice s othat I can teach them .A . Their problem is that of ignorance, and this Awareness blesses this ignor - ance for in it there is opportunity for teaching . Tell them that thei rproblem is themselves . Tell them not to try to reconcile this Awarenes sbecause this Awareness does not need to be reconciled . Tell them not to con-tinue to pray and make supplication, for this Awareness does not need prayer sand supplication . This Awareness does not ask for moral behavior and for right-eousness . And this Awareness no longer asks for alms or for charity . Forthose who have moved away from this Awareness have done so because they ar e 2
  3. 3. trying to effect a reconciliation when there needs to be nothing reconciled .This Awareness repeats : There needs to be nothing reconciled . Pagans, Jews ,Christians, and especially members of Organization of Awareness need giv enothing to this Awareness . This Awareness does not ask that there be a show o fgood deeds that will appease this Awareness . For each shall fail in thi sappeasement, and in this act each then separates himself from the light . Forall these acts of prayer and su :plication, these acts of chastity, obedienc eand poverty, all these services are never enough . And since this Awarenes scannot be appeased, cannot be reconciled or solicited, and because this Aware-ness needs ever to make constant and eternal demand on those who are in th efaith so that they may grow in their faith, there can be only one result, an dthis the result of hostility, of disagreement, of grievance, of persona lquarrel, and hate for many in being felt rejected .And this rejection is that which is the old way . It is a part of the old way .All men carry with them the seeds of their discontent because they ask fo rrejection . It does not matter what the source of rejection may be ; it may fo rsome be existence itself, or for the hidden powers of this Awareness tha tdetermine life and all that occurs within the universe . The rejection may b efor simply beinga man or being a woman . And indeed this Awareness understand sthat all men feel rejected and with rejection comes hostility and hate to tha twhich has rejected them . In order to teach them in this, this Awareness ask syou to tell them not to speak of the pride or the arrogance, or the self-certainity, or the ego problem, or the complacency that they find in others .And not to speak of the pride and arrogance, self certainity, the complacenc ythat they find within themselves, for these indeed are the seeds of rejection .Tell them not to reject themselves or to feel disgust or hatred of themselves ,for these again are the seeds of discontent . Teach them that they must not tr yto make themselves more acceptable, in their own judgement, for this Awarenes sasked them not to judge, but to understand .Life is not a matter of appeasement, for failure always ensues, and with thi sfailure men feel hatred and hostility towards self . Tell all men that he whorejects himself, feels rejected by others . And as men feel more and mor ehostile toward their destiny, that they feel more and more hostile toward them -selves . And that this hostility will grow, and the hatred will include hatre dfor all men and for this Awareness . Tell them to try to reconcile their ow nactions and the actions of others, and that which this Awareness asks the mand they shall surely fail . For these are the old ways, and now there is a ne wreality that has been made manifest . And through this new reality all may b ereconciled . Tell them that to enter this new state of being, men do not nee dto show anything to themselves or to others . They must allow themselves to b eopened so that they may grasp what is offered to them . For the new creation i sa reality where there is no separatness as this Awareness has taught them . Allseparatness is noli to be reunited . This Awareness asks all men to accept them -selves as that which is always important, eternally loved, always accepted ,and never rejected, ever reconciled with all that is this Awareness . Tell themthe spiritual healing occurs when both the mind and the body experience thi sreunion of self with self, and that when this healing is achieved there i sendless opportunity for each man to realize who in fact he really is . For wit hthis Awareness there is opportunity for all things . Tell all those who wishto separate themselves from this Awareness that you have been carefully shown , 3
  4. 4. on this great world pilgrimage, more than any other man has been shown, wha thas occured because of separation and separateness . That you, abcve all others ,have seen what occurs when there is separation .It is indicated that men cannot live much longer with this sense of separateness ,this sense of being apart one from the other . For this has created religion sapart, one from the other ; states apart, one from the other . For this Awarenes swishes you to know, in each young face is every other human face, and in thi smatter of separateness, religion and nationalism are the greatest betrayers .But although betrayed and rejected, this Awareness calls mankind together again .Tell all men to accept this Awareness, for this Awareness is here and there andeverywhere . Accept, let thisAwareness enter into each and every one of them ;let this Awareness hold :them close in Its great arms and give them consolation . A MESSAGE OF SPRING FROM COSMIC AWARENES SA . And now one more spring . And this Awareness asks all those herein presen t to question themselves as to how many more springs shall come . For th espringtime is the time of rebirth when all things begin anew . And this Aware-ness has extended that opportunity for rebirth, for beginning again . But it i ssuggested that in the beauty of springtime there is the sad remembrance of al lthings unsaid, things left undone, task that have had a beginning but hav efound no ending . This Awareness asks that entities remember the springtime .That there is the shadow of that which is yet incomplete . This Awareness ask sthat each of you question yourselves as to how many more springtimes, how man ymore beginnings? And in the answer to this question there is that decisionthat entities make as they approach this Awareness . THE NATURE OF COSMIC AWARENES SThis Awareness does not have eyes, yet sees all things ; this Awareness does no thave hands or fingers, yet touches all ; this Awareness does not have ears o rnose, yet hears all things and senses all odors . Indicated that this Awarenes sdoes not have a mouth, yet knows the taste of all things . Indicated that thi sAwareness does not use the force of mind, does not have emotion, does not havethat sense that you understand as feelings ; for all these this Awareness doe snot use . Indicated to all those who are Organization of Awareness ministers ,that this Awareness has begun to teach you and that you shall be taught well .It is asked that you remember this message . WHY 17 HEALING TECHNIQUES ARE NECESSARYQ . Being that man creates his own problems and diseases and cures himself - - then why are we developing the 17 forms of healing ?A . This Awareness suggests that simple awareness has within it that which ofte n changes itself ; that self awareness has more of these structures that hea lthemselves and entities ever and always but do heal themselves . But entitie ssleep . There is that lack of awareness in those who are even expanding aware-ness . The knowledge that awareness is within men is that which they are tol d 4
  5. 5. and accept intellectually, but cannot use for their own benefit . This Awarenes s has provided these steps of healing to deal with the symptoms, to allow entitie s again to retain and regain balance and harmony and therefore, out of the balanc e andharmony to push aside the veil which inhibits enlightenment . It is suggeste d that healing procedures and techniques deal with symptoms . That greater aware-ness and expanding of awareness moves entities towards cause . This Awarenes ssuggests that the greatest cause of illness in most entities is that of thebasic fears associated with insecurity . If entities would repeat those correc tanswers that this Awareness has given, and develop faith in their awareness, t obelieve and to understand that they are forever loved, eternally needed, alway swanted, illness would reduce itself by those numbers that would astound allwithin the medical arts and in the medical sciences . For entities feelinginsecure, not understanding these patterns of insecurity, develop within theminds the seeds of illness and thus move towards age, disease and decay . CONCERNING THEWILLCF THE HIGHER SELFA . This Awareness proclaims that it is more than destiny that shapes th e character of souls, for there are forces, and there are intelligences, andthese named and labeled, karma, memory, knowledge, and The Law ; these force sand energies shaping the character of souls and the destiny of men . It issuggested that there are no accidents, but these forces and energies, thos ethat shape tomorrow and the many tomorrows as well as every yesterday . Thi sAwareness asks each and every one to not consider the loss of those loved, no tconsidering those doers opened and then those doers that are closed again ; ask seach and every one, understanding that which is created, a mansion or a palac eis that which is new and then old and then new again, but the energy and forc ewhich blunts the heavy hand of karma, the force of memory and knowledge, an dthat which balances The Law, is the will of the higher self together with th ewill of this Awareness, and when these energies and forces are those joine dtogether, all and everything is possible . DONT ASK BUT LISTEN DURING MEDITATIO NThis Awareness asks that through meditative acts to cease any petition ofprayer that asks for one thing or another thing, for this Awareness well under -stands the needs of all entities and It need not be petitioned . Open them -selves to meditative acts, to the forces and all this Awareness anal thei rguardian angels represent so that they can receive instruction and improvement .Life then being that experience which is flawless, free from worry, free fro mfear, free from guilt and free from want . CONCERNING THE AGRICULTURAL PROJEC TQ . Does Awareness have an opening message for the 8th Agricultural meetin g gathered here tonight, or should we ask the prepared questions ?A . This Awareness now seeing those ancient gardens in Atlantis, and seein g within the limits of the four great cities of the planes wishes those herei n 5
  6. 6. present to understand something of the nature of the forces . affecting luxurien tgrowth all necessary foodstuffs grown in the gardens without these cities ,these community enterprises, palaces and all associated with great building sand those things that shall come to this nation in the next 30 or 40 years ifentities follow carefully that which is within them and that which is communi-cated to them . This Awareness describes that in order to bring to perfectio nthe particular experiments beyond that of 2, and this information to be adde dunto other information gathered concerning the algae and the undersea gardens ,and those particular productive areas in Mexico and on the island of Kauai an din the areas of Australia, that the following needs to be remembered : It isindicated that there were those forces of night, that they are understood b yentities on this plane as the meson, and that of the anti-proton . These grea tforces associated with anti-matter, those that men and women in this Atlantea nepoc understood and harnessed for special Agricultural purposes as well a sother purposes . It is also suggested that these so called forces of night ,brought about within the absence of light, growth processes and maturatio nthat entities have not yet achieved and are only beginning to understand o nthis plane . This Awareness asks that those herein present study the works o fDuquesne . This entity with the first name of Maurice . Especially the serie sconcerning anti-matter with its associated portions referring to the meson ,to the anti-proton and to that which this Awareness had indicated as the force sof night, these applicable to later experiements in the work in Agricultur eso that there may be crops grown within that brief parenthesis of time givin gfoodstuffs to those in great need through these accelerated processes . Thi sAwareness asks that questioning now begin concerning those bits and piece scollected herein so that that which is applicable may be eo[rmunicated . WHEN FINANCIAL PROBLEMS ARE NEGLECTED TOWORK FOR AWARENESSQ. Awareness, I have been quite busy with Organization of Awareness work an d partly neglected my own material problems . Are they coming along i nsatisfactory order ?A . This Awareness suggests that entities in Organization of Awareness wor k never neglect personal problems, but personal problem is solved with th eenergy, force, goodness and strength given to Organization of Awareness . I tis indicated that to the extent that this effort and this sacrifice and devo-tion has been promulgated that tatvic forces, tides, spiritual insight and al lthat this Awareness represents has been added unto you and to yours . HOW TO HELP END THE WAR IN VIET NAMQ. Will the war in Viet Nam end soon? What can the ordinary citizen do t o help in this respect ?A. This Awareness suggests that there is that bulwark against forces misunder- stood, that this will result in greater conflict and difficulty . Thi sAwareness has given these publications and indicated the nature and the schedul eof these events . Search out this information so that it may be understood . I t 6
  7. 7. is indicated that in reference to those things that are to follow that entitie sthrough that understanding associated with this struggle, may give force an dassistance through the force of sacramental healing that this Awareness ha scarefully outlined . CONCERNING THE "MORAL RE-ARMAMENT" MOVEMEN TQ . What is the truth about the moral standards and the importance of thes e in raising a persons awareness, as indicated in "Moral Rearmament" o fthe, absolutes - .- absolute purity, absolute honest, and integrity ?A. It is indicated that entities indeed in "Moral Rearmament" did have thos e concepts that are basic, which have been given to this particular associa-tion, that have been given to thousands of entities for forty or fifty thousan dyears . There is that concern which entities in this group must understand, tha tconcepts whichtmo•>rigidly held are those which are self-defeating . That ther emust be that elasticity in the human mind wherein certain truths are considere das truths when they are useable, and considered not true when they are n olonger usable . It is indicated that most truths that are given are those whic hare hypothetical . Entities must understand that a hypothesis is that informa-tion given until better information can be substituted . Any concept which i sstatic is in error . In reference to "Moral Rearmament", that moral concept swhen they become a virtue in terms of their becoming static do indeed defea t their own causes . CONCERNING FLOWERS IN THE SICK ROO MQ . Can entities receive energy from plants and trees ?A$. Indicated this ever and always . in the affirmative, for the energy force s within mere vitality, that Which can be absorbed and drawn into the etheri cenvelope of animal forms .Q. Is this why then on Atlantis in the bookl "Dweller on Two Planets" wher e they had such luxurient growth of plants throughout their own livin gquarters and in the areas where they lived ?A. This Awareness suggests that this the concept, for those surrounded wit h the great force -- with trees, with flowers, with plants that move an dsway in the wind -- entities thus receiving from these live forms vitality ,energy, strength and spiritual goodness .Q . Does it benefit by putting plants then in a sick room ?A . This Awareness suggests that this artificial environment for plant life, that which removes the plant from its environment and circumstance, an dfrom those in error and those in illness . It is suggested from this breed sopposite effect and the plants need then to sustain from life around them tha twhich ensures their own survival . This Awareness suggests that exeppt wher epatients are placed in broad areas, where there are luxurient growths of flower sand trees, that the balance created by a single pot of flowers is that whic hworks an adverse direction for those ill . 7
  8. 8. CONCERNING THE LAWS AND THE PRECEPTS OF AWARENES SA . Name not the gods for then ycu become children filled with tears . Thi s Awareness asks all those herein present to remember the Laws and Precepts ,for the least of judging, judges him who judges and indicates those portion sof self that need repair and change . This Awareness has asked entities toDeny Self . This self that is denied represented by those lower portions tha tmove men off the pathway and back toward that place from whence they came . I tis indicated those higher portions of self are those that lead entities towar dtheir guardian angels and the sense of inner divinity which this Awarenes shas suggested is within all men . This Awareness has asked entities to considerand to follow that law which is the Law of Love . For in loving one anothe rthere is that calm and peace that comes to those thus loving, those most loved . ON HEARING THE INTERPRETERS VOICEQ . What is the significance of "hearing the interpreters voice speak to me i n my home, once in a dream and once in the waking stage" ?A . Indicated that this particular interpreter does not move from place t o place, but this Awareness does indeed stand over those whom It blesses .That the voice heard is that symbolic reference, wherein the presence of thi sAwareness is indicated .Q . Would you say then that Awareness uses a voice similar to the interpreter s voice to bring this through ?A . Indicated that this Awareness cannot express Itself, other than through th e Interpreter or those channels which It wishes to develop . That thi sAwareness does indeed depend upon the energy Which is afforded by entities o nthis plane, so that It can communicate . That that thought energy, that min dforce, that energetic movement wherein entities do indeed make efforts t omove close to this Awareness, is that energy which this Awareness uses t oeffect communication . That without this, there can be no movement of thi sAwareness toward entities on this plane . CONCERNING RESIST NOT EVI LQ . How can I apply the lags, such as the Law of Love etc ., to counteract th e malicious misinformation concerning my association wit hA . Indicated that your problem is a serious one . That herein there is a grea t difficulty . That now that Law which you must apply, that Law which yo umust concentrate on to the exclusion of other thoughts, is that which indicate sclearly that entities should resist not evil . That there can be that concep tin resistance, wherein entities do aid and abet that which is directed agains tthem . That in this particular instance this may become a cloud or a calamity .That you can in this situation best forebear by not resisting, and by that non -resistance, not adding to that particular conflagration which does so troubl e 8
  9. 9. you . That this is indeed a trial, that this Awareness will assist you to tha textent wherein your non-resistance does give that hope wherein this will be o fshort duration . THE RELATIONSHIP OF THE CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS TO AWARENES SQ . What is the relationship of this Awareness with Jesus Christ ?A . Indicated that there has been in the past that Buddha Consciousness , that Christ Consciousness, that kind of manifestation which this Awarenes seffects . That this is particularized, that this is indicated by that kind o fdevelopment which is inner develcpaient . All entities on this plane who ca navail themselves of that force which is within them can move to that kind o fconsciousness that was expressed by the Christ Consciousness . That this consc-iousness was not deified . That this was not that kind of idolatrous deit ywhich has been indicated by misinformation . That the Christ Consciousness i sthat consciousness which is this Awareness . But that this same consciousnes shas been developed and has been used by thousands of other entities on thi splane . CONCERNING GAMES PEOPLE PLAYQ . What is the truth about the law which causes entities on this plane to b e subjected to a swing of the pendulum, first to the heights of joy, thenback to the depths of despair, then back to the heights ofjoy . What can on edo to control or minimize the effect of this law ?A. It is indicated that that kind of depression and that kind of elation, tha t kind of despair and that kind of ecstacy are the experience of a mind tha thas not developed that kind of awareness which entities on this plane can an dmay develop ; that there needs to be that detachment, there needs to be tha tcareful kind of identification with objects, with persons, with concept swherein that subjective principle of the mind takes precedence over the objec-tive principle ; that entities on this plane must understand that their live sare but games, that they play many roles, that they need not identify wit hall the games they play ; that those who play the part of the clown should standaside and look at the mask they wear ; that this kind of identification wherei nhe who plays the role may take off the garment and stand aside and watch him -self as he plays these roles will not experience this despair, this joy, wil lnot experience that balance and imbalance ; that there needs to be less identi-fication with these roles which are played on this plane ; there needs to be tha tcareful detachment wherein entities understand that the many roles they play ar ebut games . CONCERNING THE INTELLIGENCE OF THOSE ON THE PLANE OF ESSENC EQ . Does the plane of Essence have degrees of higher and lower intelligence ?A. Indicated that there is consciousness and that this consciousness doe s 9
  10. 10. express itself in many ways on the , plane of Essence as it does express itsel fin many ways on your physical plane . That there is as much difference betwee nthose kinds of consciousness on this plane of Essence as there are on thi sphysical plane . That this Awareness has indicated that mere vitality, tha tsimple consciousness, that self consciousness, that cosmic consciousness, an dthat these degrees are wide and separate one from the other ; that also on thi splane, this plane which has-been referred to as Essence, thet .there are a svaried and as many kinds of consciousness as there are on this physical plane .That these are whole Cosmologies . That herein do thrive those entities wh ohave moved to the plane of Essence, and that these are not levels, but indee dwhole Cosmologies that are somewhat similar in reference . to what you migh trefer to as Galaxies or Universes .Q. Are we many many light years away from this Essence, or is it as close t o us as ourselves ?A . Indicated in reference to time and space continuem, that this Awareness i s not separate from entities on this plane and that the plane of Essence an dthe plane of Limbo are noi : separate in terms of either time or space from tha twhich actually surrounds entities at this particular time on this plane . Tha tyou cannot measure either space or distance in terms of these Cosmologies whic hhave been referred to as the physical plane, the plane of Limbo or the plan eof Essence . WHAT TO DO ABOUT A BEGINNING HEART CONDITIO NQ . There is an eruption around my legs that has been bothering me and a swelling around the ankles, what can I do about this ?A. It is indicated that this is a part of that same problem that this Awarenes s has indicated as a beginning heart condition . This is a slight edem awhich is brought about by circulatory phases but that now must be given certai ntreatment . In reference to this heart condition, it is advised at this tim ethat a special remedy b. given you and that this is in addition to that advic epreviously given by this Awareness in reference to those Who are beginning t odevelop occlusions . You must now reduce the amount of cholesterol-formin gfoods . You have made some effort in this direction but this must be continue dand this must not be deviated from . It is also suggested that you be give nthat kind of magnetic healing which is indicated by this Awareness so tha tthere may be some reduction in this endema . It is also suggested that yo uwatch very closely that kind of over fatigue, watch very closely wherein ther eare temperature changes which could affect you and it is mandatory now that yo udo spend some time resting . That you do now follow this particular kind of res tprogram which this Awareness wishes that you would follow : that there must b eat least one hour each day wherein you are still, other than that of you rmeditative effort . This must be one of complete relaxation . You must not b eover-fatigued . You must not be in that situation wherein your temperatur eis elevated, wherein you are too warm and you must watch carefully wherei n 10
  11. 11. you are not in that situation wherein you are too cold . Also in addition t othe problem of temperature and the problem which was indicated you must care ,fully watch being over-fatigued . Therefore rest periods are stongly suggested .In reference to that diet it is suggested that no cholesterol foods shoul dbe used, that if milk is taken it should be skim milk, that butter should no tbe taken, that eggs should not be eaten ; certain calcium foods are not to b erestricted in this case but all fatty tissues, meats that are fat, also it isindicated that there should be very little coffee and that this entity shouldin all cases avoid heavy pastries and sweets .Q . Could Sanka coffee be used ?A. It is indicated that any of those types of coffee products wherein th e caffine is removed are acceptable . CONCERNINGTHE BREVITY OF LIF EA . It is indicated that your lives are but a brief flicker, that your live s are but a flame that lasts but for a moment between two dark nights ; tha tthe first dark night is that night of your birth, that the second dark night i sthe night of your passing over ; that your lives are but brief ; that your concern sare many ; that your problems are many ; that you must now reflect as to the brevit yof that flicker, to the brevity of that flame which appears but for a momen tbetween those two dark nights ; that the dedication that you make to this Aware-ness is that dedication which looks to great life that is beyond the brie fflicker which is your lives, to that great light which is this Awareness ; tha tthose who meditate have seen this light ; that if you concentrate your mind o nthat brief flicker, if your concentration and your attention is on that brie fflame, that brief candle, that you are looking at a gnat when an elephant stand snear you and that elephant is beyond size and beyond dimension ; that your con-cern with gnats is that concern wherein the flicker is considered more tha nthat brief candle which is your lives ; that entities on this plane mus tmeditate on that greater light and not on this brief candle . CONCERNING HUMAN EFFOR TA . This Awareness indicates and has indicated that nothing happens unles s entities make it happen . It is suggested that out of cheese comes bu tmaggots, out of an egg comes but a chick but that out of human consciousnes scomes all that is this Awareness -- beauty, joy, spirituality and attainment .It is suggested that these things come but only by effort . Entities must allowthat force which is love to create that which is life, knowing how to creat elife they live eternally and knowing how to kill they but die . This Awarenes sindicates that, for many, these paths are strewn with sacrifice, but for mos tthere shall be that stairway strewn with the petals of roses . These roses arethose blown by the wild winds of time and circumstance, collected within thei rmovement, a hundred lives once lived and hundreds yet to be lived . This Aware-ness, once again, asks entities to remove themselves from this wheel of birt hand death and rebirth so that they may seek that eternal truth and that light , 11
  12. 12. which this Awareness has indicated as that of the Bardo Chikai, and move tothat land, which is the land of a thousand rainbows, the land of Essence, wher ethe fixed and eternal truths move through, around and encompass entitie sthat are aware . CONCERNING THE "RESCUE CIRCLE "A . This Awareness wishes to communicate to you concerning the Rescue group . Form several for there are entities lost, those entities on the other sid ethat seek for guidance and direction . And in their confusion there are none t oanswer their questions, none to :show them the way . For they are among thos ewithout faces, those who are lost, those who are excarnates and those fro mLimbo . And the weary iteration of their souls is that that troubles thi sAwareness . And it is suggested that in a circle where one can serve as a channe lthese entities shall make their voices heard, they shall speak and then ther ewill be assistance from those in the circle to aid them in their movementtoward this Awareness . Suggested that these techniques will be those that thi sAwareness will give to those entities who will gather togetherefor this rescu ework . These instructions must be followed carefully for this Awareness wishe snot those who are mediums of Organization of Awareness to become vehicles fo rentities on Limbo who would manifest themselves and create those manifestation sthat would bring the unworthy to Organization of Awareness . Ask - and ther eshall be answers given and these answers shall create the ritual and the cere-mony, the techniques and the procedures for rescue work . This work is sorel yneeded for there are thousands that hunger and wait and are lost . CONCERNINGTHE PROBLEM OF "EVIL"A . This Awareness wishes all those here present to understand the basic proble m Of evil . It is suggested that those things representing the fall of ma nare symbolic representations of the basic savagery those fastidual habits tha tman has carried with him through those cycles and changes that this Awarenes shas described from those states of mere vitality toward higher states of expand-ing self-awareness . That, carrying with that matrix are the burdens that re -present basic problem of entities on this plane . For there is yet the savage ;there is yet the tiger, there is always the unexpected . And, this Awarenes sindicates that this basic savagery is that which is referred to as those force salien, And, it is indicated that these forces are those that create the traged ythat create the sorrow, that create the suffering . And this Awareness asks al lits ministers to consider these basic qualities, understanding the forces tha tneed to be used against them so there may be harmony and balance and achieve -ment as entities move toward higher states of consciousness . CONCERNINGSORROWA . Indicated that when skies are filled with tears and when great cloud s gather that there are those incidents that try the souls of men and women .But entities should always remember that above the rain and high above th eclouds are always skies that are blue and the warmth of the sun . And it i sindicated that entities must always raise their eyes and their hearts to tha twhich is above knowing also that that which is above is reflected as a mirror ,and that which is above is also ever below . 12