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Cosmic Awareness 2006-11: She's Awakened by Strange Messages (An Interdimensional Warp is O


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Published in: Spiritual, Health & Medicine
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Cosmic Awareness 2006-11: She's Awakened by Strange Messages (An Interdimensional Warp is O

  1. 1. The Cosmic Newsletter COSMIC AWARENESS COMMUNICATION S P .O . Box 115, Olympia, Washington 9850 7 E-mail : m Helping People Become Awar e INTERNET DOMAIN : www.CosmlcAwareness .or g FAX: 360-352-6294 Cerebrating our 35th year!2006-1 1Issue No . 60553 .00 --- Is Nano-Bacteria the real cause of clogged arteries ? - -- And can Hulda Clarks Zapper destroy them ? Index is on page 7 - -- Is Bio-Fuel laced with Bird Flu Viru s now being sent to California ? - -- An exercise to unclog your arterie s - -- How to improve communication between the sexe s - -- Does a Color Coding conspiracy exist ? --- Reverse speech theory : Anything to it? The Cosmic Awareness Spiritual Development Cours e TAURUS : Volume 2 Lesson Number 1 1 Copyright 7006 by Cosmic Awnrenass Communicallons 6 the Aquarian Clench of Unlvorsal Se1Y1c p Reotooucuon Is penciled but no elUMlcns wtlrwul express permlealon .
  2. 2. 2 CAC General Reading Will Berlinghof Interpreter 9-23-0 6 Is Nano-Bacteria the Real Cause of CloggedCOSMMC AWARENESS : OPENING MESSAG E Arteries? Can Clarks Zapper Destroy Them ? THE ENERGIES OF THE FALL EQUINOX (Monumental Events Coming in the Months Ahead ) QUESTION : A question from John Stroker in Kingstown, Rhod e An Attitude of Gratitude Wlll Help Immensel y Island . "In a recently published book "The Calciu m This Awareness greets the new energizer, Shari , Bomb", the author suggested that plaque buildup in th eand welcomes you at this time . This Awareness asks that arteries is caused by nano-bacteria . Is this true? Iyou talk a little louder for the Interpreter and for th e constructed a Zapper a couple of years ago as detaile dtape, to ensure that your voice and your questions ar e by Dr . Hulda Clark in her book "A Cure For Al lheard strongly, so that your energy is strongly present i n Diseases" . Does this device destroy the nano-bacteri athe room and in this _process . This is the request that thi s referred to? Does Awareness have a better suggestio nAwareness makes of the energizer Shari . for unclogging the arteries? What causes this buildup? " This Awareness has an opening message today . COSMIC AWARENESS :This Awareness wishes the membership to reflect at thi stime on the energies of the season . The Fall Equinox i s This Awareness first wishes to confirm that the termtoday, and the energies of the equinox are about balanc e "nano-bacteria" is an appropriate term to use in theand harmony . The energies of the Fall Equinox are als o buildup of those substances of that which is known a sabout harvest, and abundance, and the callin g forth of plaque in the arteries . The nano-bacteria is indeed thatabundance into ones life, and for gratitude for that which is the cause of this buildup of plaque . It iswhich is presented and given to one and all . basically a sticky substance, in tat when the bacteri a It is often an attitude of gratitude that will ener gize comes together, it sticks together as a glue, and thi sabundance, and the arrival of abundance in ones life . stickiness has an attraction for other nano-bacteria thatOften, those who have the least, have the greates t joins it and builds up, at a microscopic level at first .amount of gratitude for that which they do have, whil e "Stickiness" is simply a term to be used for the ioni cthose who have the most are never happy or satisfied attraction, the molecular attraction that draws th ewith what they have . It is not so much how much i s bacteria together, that causes the buildup of this bacteria ,owned or possessed by an individual, but their attitud e producing that substance known as plaque . This is aof gratitude ; their ability to be thankful for that which i s confirmation of the question that nano-bacteria is whatgiven, that which is received . constitutes plaque. It is the buildup of nano-bacteria tha t causes the problem known as plaque in the arteries . At this time during the fall season, as the harvest i s This Awareness wishes to move to the second par tbrought in from the fields, as we prepare, as many of the question at this time . Can Hulda Clarks Zapper Destroy the Bacteria ?prepare for the winter ahead, a sense of gratitude for thatwhich is received, that which has been given wil lprepare one for the times ahead . Even if there aredifficulties in those times ahead, to hold to this sense o f QUESTION :gratitude . this sense that even a little is enough will help I constructed a Zapper a couple of years ago a sthe entities of this world deal with the events that li e detailed by Dr . Hulda Clark in her book "A Cure For Al lahead. There are monumental events directly ahead i n Diseases" . Does this device destroy the nano-bacteri athe coming months that will try ones faith, that will tr y referred to?ones conviction, that will try ones trust in the greate rpowers, and it is important to hold gratitude in one s COSMIC AWARENESS :heart, to hold trust and faith in ones heart, to hold to th econvictions held of the highest and the greatest spiritua l This is in the affirmative . The Zapper device de-light and energy that will see one through these trouble d scribed by Dr. Hulda Clark is a device that basicall ytimes that lie ahead . negates the molecular attraction of the nano-bacteria . It takes away the stickiness and thus the bacteria does no t This Awareness wishes one and all to remembe r come together, does not stick together, does not build upthese words, so that with the times and the challenges o f as plaque . It is not so much that it destroys nano -the times, that one still has the gratitude for what one ha s bacteria, but it destroys that property, that ionic propertyand what is still available and what is still given . that draws the bacteria together, that causes it to stickAbundance is an attitude . Gratitude is an attitude, and together . Minus the charge, the bacteria cannot hol dfaith and trust are also attitudes that one holds to hel p together and thus is flushed away in the bloodstream ,one through, to help one cope, to help one be at one with eventually being passed out of the bloodstream throug hthe Everything and the All. the urine and through a discharge . The Zapper is a mos t The harvest times have often been forgotten in thes e effective way to eliminate the nano-bacteria and tomodern times, when the individual no longer must wor k prevent the buildup of plaque, and this Awarenes shard to bring in the crops and store the harvest i n heartily recommends Dr . Hulda Clarks Zapper as a wa ypreparation for the winter, but this Awareness wishe s of dealing with this problem . *this ancient principle to be remembered again, to giv e This Awareness is complete and wishes to move t othanks at this time for that which is given, that which i s the next part of this question .owned and possessed and that which is still available t o *CAC Permanently stocks the books of Dr Hulda Clark . Pleas eone. refer to the Book Price List . Zappers are available on the Internet fo r An attitude of gratitude will help tremendously in th e up to $400 but we located the basic zapper as designed by Dr Clar k for $69 .95 on Http :/iherbal-remedies .com Phone 1-866-467-644 4 An Exercise for Unclogging Arteriestimes ahead, and at this time also . This Awareness i scomplete with Its opening message, and wishes now t oask for the first question of the evening . QUESTION : Does Awareness have a better suggestion for unclog- ging the arteries?
  3. 3. 3COSMIC AWARENESS : foods contain toxic elements that are not truly fit fo r This Awareness doesnt necessary have a bette r human consumption . The use of soya products, althoug hsuggestion, but It does have an additional suggestion to touted as a low calorie substitute for meat and other hig hthis process, and that is the use of visualization in th e fat, high calorie substances, is actually harmful in th eprocess ; to visualize the nano-bacteria being totall y long run .affected by the Zapper and totally losing its charge . There is far too much use of soya product now . It i sVisualize the bacteria being swept out of the system . used in filler in so many processed foods now, thu sThis will reinforce the strength of this cleansing opera- claiming to be "lite," to be healthy, and yet there ar etion that has been caused through the use of the Zapper . growth inhibitors and hormones that are detrimental fo rFurther to this, the use of visualization on a regula r umans and detrimental to human health . As in allbasis ; to see the arteries being scrubbed clean, o r matters, excessive use of these substances is what is th emaintained, free of plaque buildup, free of the nano - problem, not occasional use . So this Awareness does no tbacteria ; this would help in the maintenance of a clean wish to frighten the membership, especially those wh oand clear arterial system . use soya products, but this Awareness does wish for th e How to Visualize the Arteries Being Scrubbe d membership to look deeper into the use of this particula r How you visualize would be up to you, but it i s product .recommended to see an automatic system going throug h The use of soya must be looked at and determined i fthe arterial system, scrubbing the sides of the arteries , it is being used excessively or moderately . The Chinese ,especially in those places that are known for plaqu e for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years have knownbuildup . This can be visualized and seen and the n that soya products were not the very best, and did no tthought, to be on an ongoin g system, an ongoin g themselves engage in using it excessively, but even i nprocess, where at all times the arteries are kept clean an d the use of soya products such as tofu, the whey produc tplaque free through whatever visualization process on e of the soaking of soya beans, contain growth inhibitors .comes up with. One could see, for example, the arterie s This is one reason that the Chinese race has traditionall ybeing like the inside of a pipeline, and that a scrubbin g been shorter and smaller in structure and stature and ho wdevice travels constantly up and around and along all o f it is so interesting that many immigrants from the Asia nthe arteries from Point A to Point B, to Point C , to Poin t countries to North America have seen their children an dD, throughout the whole of the body, continuall y the childrens children grow beyond the height of th ecleansing and clearing the arteries, scrubbing the arteria l parents and the grandparents .system, loosening up any plaque buildup, any nano - Again, this Awareness wishes to make clear that i tbacteria, and flushing it out of the system altogether . is the excessive use of soya product that could cause This Awareness invites the membership that use thi s these problems, that could cause the buildup of toxins i nvisualization technique to be imaginative in how they the system . This is why this Awareness mentions it a ssee the arteries being kept clear and clean . If thi s one contributing factor to the buildup of nano-bacteria ,visualization technique was used and is used in associa- which is the result of toxicity in the blood system . Thi stion with Dr . Hulda Clarks Zapper, then there is a is of course, and most certainly not the only reason fo rstrong likelihood of good and clean arteries whic h the buildup . In fact, one could Jsay that processed foods,promotes good health . This is what this Awarenes s generally speaking, contain high levels of toxicity, o fsuggests at this time in addition to using the process o f toxins and elements detrimental to human consumption .the Zapper . Again, this Awareness wishes it to be understood that i t Clean the System With an Herbal Cleans e is In reference to extreme use of processed foods that I t This Awareness also would suggest cleansing as a is speaking against, not occasional or moderate use .form of maintaining good health . There are variou s It is important to be aware that the best way is t oherbal cleanses available that allow the body a natural use fresh ingredients cooked in traditional ways .way to cleanse the system, but this is recommended fo r Dont Eat Microwave Food sgeneral and overall health that would also include th e Another problem is through the use of microwave an darterial system, arterial maintenance ; the maintenance o f microwaving food . This often kills the nutritional valu ethe arteries, and that there are many cleanses availabl e of the food that could be beneficial, leaving instead th efor this purpose . higher levels of toxicity that is within prepared foods . It The Master Cleanse being one of those cleanse s is a double-whammy so to speak, that those pollutant savailable, but there are also cleanses available throug h that are within prepared foods such as high sugar, hig hlocal health food stores that would also work adequately . salt, high levels of harmful bacteria or substances, i sThis a gain is overall to the general health of the human made even worse by the destruction of the nutritiona lbody, but would also be effective in keeping dow n value of the food . This Awareness therefore cannotplaque and preventing the buildup of nano-bacteria. Thi s recommend highly the use of microwaves, and recom-Awareness sees this topic as complete, and asks only i f mends its use only in a limited manner .there are any last questions on this matter. Again, traditional ways of preparation, such as What Causes This Buildup in the Arteries ? ovens and stoves would be more superior in the prepara- (The Evils of Eating Soya Products ) tion of food than the use of microwaves . This too is a contributing factor to the buildup of the bacteria levels ,QUESTION : especially the harmful nano-bacteria that is in th e What causes this buildup ? system, that builds up to the plaque, that needs to b e removed before it constricts the arteries and make sCOSMIC AWARENESS : possibilities of stroke and heart attack possible . What causes this buildup generally is the inade- This Awareness wishes the members to be aware . Inquate diet that so many have at this time, especiall y these times of high processed food with low nutritiona lthose who live in Western society, but it is particularl y value and destructive cooking techniques, that man-bad in those areas and regions where there is a heav y kind/womankind is under direct threat . The buildup o freliance on processed foods . Many of the processed plaque and the arterial dis-ease that results from such
  4. 4. 4buildup is as much a result of unhealthy lifestyles , the deep emotional analysis of a topic, but simply wis hunhealthy eating habits, unhealthy ways of preparin g to be given the problem so that they can present afoods as anything else. Raw food is one alternative . The solution . They do not wish to analyze the problem o ruse of organic raw foods is even better . It would b e emotionally investigate the situation . They wish instea dadvisable to eat salads and carrots and other raw foods in to actively solve the problem and come up with aaddition to prepared foods . The raw food holds more solution .nutritional value, is alive in its potency versus dead an d Women often are the opposite . They wish to under -non-nutritional in value . stand the situation, the problem, to give vent to th e Again, this is yet another recommendation thi s emotional energies around a problem ; those feeling sAwareness makes to counteract and counterbalance th e they are having . They wish to be heard . As the popularuse of processed foods . highly flavored foods that hol d book "Men Are From Mars . Women Are From Venus "toxins and pollutants and harmful substances like su gar refers, they dont always present the situation fo rand salt and flour . White flour is also part of the sticki- solution, but rather for discussion, whereas men are th eness that this Awareness has already spoken of and tha t opposite . They do not wish to sit around simply discuss-the use of white bread instead of perhaps whole grai n ing. They wish to solve the problem . Somewhere in th ebreads is also part of this problem . This Awarenes s middle is the solution . Somewhere in the middle is therealizes that the Interpreter found this funny only in th e answer .sense that he saw that it seems to be almost an unendin g While men may have more of one hormone o rlist of things that could go wrong, that are wrong in the substance than women, it does not really come down t ofoods we eat, in the way we prepare, but in truth, thi s the chemical differences . That simply explains in aAwareness simply says : Pay attention to what you eat physical way a difference between men and female tha tand how it is prepared. does exist . One is not better than the other . One i s Many of the mainstays of modern diets are largel y simply different from the other . This Awareness wishe sunhealthy for you . Used in moderation, the result will b e also to state that each gender does contain within it aless damagin g than when such things are used exclu- spark of the opposite gender . Thus, the masculin esively ; such foods as white bread, sugar, salt, processe d contains within it the spark of the feminine, and th efoods, fast foods, when taken in extreme and eate n feminine contains within it the spark of the masculine .exclusively can have the harmful effects that thi s This is of course the Yin/Yang principle .Awareness is on about today . This Awareness doe s The white side of the Yang symbol contains thesuggest that each and every individual make up their black dot in the middle, and the black side of th eown mind as to what works for them, but with awarenes s Yin/Yang principle contains the white dot in the middle ,that eating those substances, those foods prepared i n thus showing that the male contains the feminine, an dways that are destructive of any nutritional value wil l the feminine contains the masculine . This is the middlehave a ne g ative effect on their bodies, will cause th e ground between the two genders . A male needs to havebuildup of plaque within the system and fat or weight o n the patience to truly listen to that which is being pre-the body . sented ; not necessarily to offer solutions, but to learn t o This Awareness is complete on this subject at thi s listen, because that is often what the female wishes .time, and wishes to move on . HOW TO IMPROVE COMMUNICATIO N The female equally needs to understand that th e masculine energy loves to provide solutions, and in th e BETWEEN THE SEXES (Cosmic Awareness Opens a Can of Worms ) providing of solutions feels competent and adequate i n itself, and that presenting a problem may also require th e solution be acknowledged and perhaps, even carried out ,QUESTION : if appropriate. This Awareness supports both th e feminine and the masculine ; neither being better than o r A question from Zoey St Germaine in California . She less than . Both bein g equal, but different, capable o fwrites : "I have read a book called "What Can He B e supporting one another with the truest understandin gThinking? How a Mans Mind Really Works, by that each contains within it that seed of its opposite tha tMichael Gurian . In this book, he states when women tal k would allow the tolerance, the harmony, the balanc eabout personal issues, their oxytocin (love bondin g needed to find the middle ground .hormones) go up . When most men talk about personal This Awareness wishes to continue with the ques-issues, their cortisol (stress) hormones rise . I wonde r tion and to address anything not quite covered by thi swhy this is? Is it part of genetic hardwiring, so i n Awareness at this time . HINTS FOR BETTER COMMUNICATIONcaveman days the man would be hunting instead o fsitting around the campfire talking? Men and wome ndont find it very easy to talk and problem-solve abou tpersonal issues . Any hints or suggestions for mor e BETWEEN THE SEXES (Enter the Talking Stick )positive communication between the sexes? " QUESTION :COSMIC AWARENESS : This is a kettle of worms waiting to be spilled ; thi s Any hints or suggestions for more positive communi- cation between the sexes ? COSMICquestion, and the inferences that are made in thi squestion . This Awareness is willing to shake up this ca n AWARENESS :of worms and present some thoughts on the matter .There is indeed a distinct difference between th e First of all , this Awareness wishes again to refer t omasculine way of response and the prioritization of wha t a tolerance and a patience of one gender, one sex to th emen are interested in, versus how women think, what other, with the recognition that males will respon dthey would be interested in . differently than females, so females needing to b e The masculine energy is active, or action orientated . tolerant and patient with the male, and males under -Through many popular books of this time, it is seen tha t standing the same of the feminine, that they will b emen are problem solvers . They do not wish to engage in different in their expectations and needs than anothe r man would be, and to also be tolerant and patient and
  5. 5. 5willing to go deeper, to open up, to be emotional, t o When this is successfully completed, when the initia lopen the heart energy, and not simply using the min d person speaking their peace feels satisfied that th eenergy . person heard them, the second person has a chance t o talk, not with the intent of defending what was said, bu t The Use of the "Talking Stick" in Communicatio n rather . expressing from their heart what they perceive d This Awareness does have a suggestion for a tool o f and understood of what the person was saying to them ,communication that could be most beneficial in thi s so that a solution perhaps can be found, but mos tprocess . This is a tool known as a talking stick . A talkin g importantly, so that each can be heard on this issue . Th estick bein g a Native American tool of communicatio n talking stick will go back and forth until both parties fee loften used by many native families . The talking stic k content that they have been heard, that the issue has bee nwas not of course a stick that talked, but a stick tha t presented, that communication, true heart to hear tallowed talking, communication between individuals . It communication has been achieved .is a particularly effective tool to be used in the commu- The repeating back and forth need only take place a snication process between men and women . A stick wa s long as it takes for both parties to feel they have bee nfound that could be used as this tool of communication . heard . After a certain point, open heart to heart conver-It was decorated upon every successful use as a commu- sation, flowing freely between the two parties ofte nnicating tool . occurs . The talking stick is a true tool of communicatio n The process was based on protocol that was agree d that this Awareness advocates the members adopt as ato in advance . The first protocol being that this stick , tool for personal communications between themselve soften one to two feet in length, would be acknowledge d and loved ones, that treated with honor and respect wil las a means to establish a time to communicate, to talk . If reflect honor and respect between the parties involved .one asked for a talking stick, that because a greement had This is an excellent way to learn how to communicat ebeen made that this tool would be used to allow open - with other individuals .hearted communication, one made the effort to use it an d Attach a memento to the Talking Stic kto communicate with the other as quickly as possible . This Awareness feels complete at this time in ItsOnce this agreement is in place, if an individual has a n discussions of the talking stick . It simply wishes to ad dissue, has the need to talk, that when he or she asked fo r this ; that upon every successful completion or use of th ea talking stick of the other person, that there would be a n talking stick that something be added to the talkin gagreement to come together as soon as possible in orde r stick ; some little knickknack or memento, that woul dto communicate, in order to resolve issues, or to spea k indicate a successful use of the talking stick, so that ove rthe unspeakable, to speak that which needs to be spoke n the years, when one picks up the talking sticks with al lor discussed . the little mementos or knickknacks on it, it is an indica- When the two individuals, or several individuals, i f tor of successful communications between these tw othere are more than two, come together to use the talkin g parties or perhaps within the family . This is a tool thatstick, there is further protocol that is used . The firs t can be used for family communication, thus, eve nprotocol is that the person asking for the talking stick i s children would be encouraged to ask to use the talkin gthe first to talk . If it is a one on one communicatio n stick when they feel they are not being heard or they arebetween the two people, the person would speak to tha t not being honored .person hes asked, or she has asked to have a talkin g Seeing a talking stick with all of the additions to itstick with ; he or she would state the issues that they fee l will indicate always high success in the fine art of heartare needing addressing, needing to be communicated , to heart communication . This Awareness is complete a tneeding to be heard . this time on this subject and wishes to move on to th e The problem for most males and females in thei r next question .communication is a lack of listening, a lack of hearing .Too often, when something is voiced that triggers the RADIO REPORTS OF BIO-FUEL LACE Dindividual, they will go immediately to a place o f WITH BIRD FLU VIRUS NOW BEING SEN Tcreating a defense in their mind, a rebuttal to what ha sbeen told to them . Thus, they stop listening, they sto p TO CALIFORNI Ahearin g what is spoken . With the use of this talkin g QUESTION :stick, the individual presenting their case, presenting tha twhich is the issue, speaks it to the other individual the y A question from Ethel Burkett in New Jersey . Sh eare communicating with, that they are doing the talkin g writes : "Dear CAC, my son called me yesterday wit hstick with . When the individual holding the talking stic k very disturbing news . He listens to the broadband radi ois complete, the talking stick is passed to the othe r all the time . Yesterdays news : the new bio-fuel was sen tperson with the purpose of that individual repeating bac k to California and its faced with the bird flu virus .to the first individual what he or she said . Millions will become sick and die . What can I do? I thought maybe bumper stickers would help . That is why it is important for the individual startin gwith the talking stick to not go on and on and on, so COSMIC AWARENESS :much so that the individual can never remember all thatwas said . It is recommended that the initial presentation This Awareness wishes to communicate to the indi-of the issue, of the problem, of that which needs to b e vidual . It does need a name to put to this letter, and thi sdiscussed, be short and to the point, so that the individ- Awareness apologizes for not pointing out sooner that I tual, when asked to repeat back what was spoken, can d o requires a name to each letter, and where the lette rso, thus indicating that he or she truly did hear what wa s comes from to the new Interpreter, and apologizes fo rspoken . If in the event that the individual canno t not mentioning this earlier . This Awareness requires aaccurately repeat and give back what was spoken, th e name and a location from which the letter comes from ,talking stick is returned to the first individual, and that and asks that this be included at this time for this letter .individual repeats again what he or she said, and the n QUESTIONER:returns the stick back to the second party, again for th epurpose of having it repeated . Ethel Burkett, New Jersey .
  6. 6. 6 A11C AWARENESS : This Awareness can prepare individuals, can hel p hank you. This Awareness first of all picks up on th e them take measures to keep their immune systems stron g r in this letter . The fear being that the bird flu woul d and healthy . It is important not simply to be a harbinge r released through the bio-fuel ; that it is contained of fear, of anxiety . of stress over this situation, but to thin bio-fuel . This Awareness wishes this entity t o also bring hope, bring awareness, bring understanding to ilize that there are various ways that it is planned fo r those plots that are in the ethers, that are in grasp of bird flu epidemic to be released on the worl d individuals whose intent is less than honorable toward s Ipulace . The use of bio-energy fuel and containing th e humanity . and towards the perpetuation of the huma n ganisms in the fuel to be released when this is con- species . imed, is simply one of those methods . There are other Each individual has a responsibility to convey no t lethods too . Chemtrails are one way that this agen t only information, but solutions, answers, awareness : tha t could be released eventually . At this time Chemtrail s this is what is recommended . A simple bumper-sticke r re more for the purpose of weakening the immun e may make some individuals aware of something, bu t ystem, thus, when the bird flu agent is released, that i t does not really give any solution to the problem, doe s vill hit a populace with a reduced immune system an d not really promote hope or awareness of what to do, o f hat they will fall prey to this epidemic even more how to deal with it . The government in its continua lluickly. release of information, of movies, of news report s Other ways of introducing this flu would be through documenting bird flu perpetuates the fear around it an dsuch things as the annual flu vaccinations . which the possibility of such a thing happening .organized medical organizations regularly recommend t o While it may he held as something that those agen-the seniors and to children and to those with weake r cies will wish to infect the populace with, it is als oimmune systems to help them be fortified against the recognized by them that the creation of a fear base i nseasonal fus. This too could be contained in the seru m society will actually impair the immune system an dbeing injected, supposedly with the intent of providing make it less effective against the treatment of thi sprotection against the flus . This is not at all their reason , illness, of this bird flu, and that is why this Awarenes sfor if it was so, then there would be no flus availabl e cannot recommend that the individual perpetuate fea rthat people suffered from after being injected . Often th e herself to others . but would rather recommend discuss-case is that individuals receiving a flu vaccination wil l ing it to those of like mind . like spirit, who are preparedoften immediately come down with the flu upon receiv- to hear, who are prepared to listen, and thus also givin ging their vaccination . insight and awareness to what could be done to improve Fear In Itself Weakens the Immune Syste m the immune system, and thus prevent the cases of bir d It is seen that this too would be one delivery syste m flu being potent, being an effective agent that leads t othat has been thought out and thought of as a way of death .introducing the bird flu epidemic . Other ways are als o Bird Flu Not Spread by Birds At Al lseen, so this Awareness wishes this entity Ethel to no t Ironically, with the many plans for the release of thi spanic, to understand that it is fear that would be the mos t viral infection . the only thing that will not truly sprea dharmful of all, not the spreading of this, but rather i n this virus is contact with birds, and yet that is the con ,holding a negative energy over this . Fear in itsel f and that is what the government and the World Healt hweakens the immune system, thus creating a situatio n Organization and other agencies would have yo uwhere the individual could be twice at risk to somethin g believe, that this is an illness that would be sprea dsuch as the bird flu as when they are not in a state o f through infected birds . This is not how this virus will b efear. spread . There are many ways that it will be spread . It i s The suggestion to create bumper-stickers is seen a s imperative that individuals know that it is a planne dsomething this individual could do if this individual activity and that there are ways to stay strong and sta yfeels the need to share information that way . It is seen healthy and thus not fall victim of this epidemic that i sthat most people would first of all not understand what already planned, this epidemic that is already on thethe bumper-sticker might be trying to convey . or secon d books. It is important to stay strong in body and in min dof all, might simply write off the owner of the vehicle o n and hold to health and well-being as a way of stayin g which the bumper-sticker is attached, as a "kook" or a resilient to the spread of this virus, of usin g good food ,"crank ." Speaking about it to individuals may be a mor e good nutrition . natural remedies, keepin g the body soun deffective way of spreading this information, but under- through exercise, meditation and all of these sorts o f standing that speaking about it is also something that ca n things as solutions to the possible release of the bird flu .cause panic, cause fear, cause concern . so if the individ- This Awareness also wishes to say that it is not ve t ual is coming from her own place of panic and fear, the n 100% that even though it is a plan to release this virus . she would be conveying that to others . She would need that this will actually occur. So that simply being i n to be able to contain herself and her fear, so it is not panic over it will certainly not be helpful or beneficial i t what is being passed on, but rather good clear informa- any way, shape or form . Again, a further reason of no t tion is passed on . simply spreading panic or concern ; rather sprea d Because the plan is to release a flu-like virus tha t information, spread awareness . spread solutions to thi s would be and could be very destructive, because the pla n situation . It is that which this Awareness recommends . is to introduce it at various levels through variou s This Awareness feels complete with this subject an d means, simply telling people to be fearful of the use o f asks if anything further is asked of this Awareness i n bio-fuels would not seem to be all that effective . A regards to this question . discussion of the plans to infect the populace with bir d QUESTIONER : flu, and that the best thing to do would be to keep th e immune system strong and healthy, would be a bette r No. approach . This way, people become aware of certai n plans held by certain agencies to introduce the bird flu t o i rip. intent of destroying large amounts sem ,
  7. 7. 7COSMIC AWARENESS : everyone is told, and understands, how important it is to CA) This Awareness feels complete for this evening . spray the eyes with Silver Water .Are there any last questions before this Awarenes s Most people are unaware that nature has protected th econcludes for this evening . nose and mouth from virus and bacteria that are air- borne, with an acidic saliva . However, the eyes are mois tQUESTIONER : and warm and completely open to receive infections . No . Even if a person has become infected they shoul d immediately begin to spray the eyes . MANY PLANS BY THE DARK TO REDUCE IT COULD SAVE YOUR POPULATION S Small plastic sprayers are available in most dru gCOSMIC AWARENESS MESSAGE) : stores and health food stores for about $2 .00. This Awareness wishes to provide a closin g mes- s Nog Nsage ; that the theme for tonight seems to have been K r aunit rii tM a u nu nu M iruu tti b ittwuxu u u u n tKt NU au t MInM MINnu t u w aant N "" "" " I N nu NMIMIN "4NcN trt ru0 M mt nu NN N INnu m ttu menu to INIM nn rut uu N"i rat + t8Iabout health and well-being, especially relation to earn t tw rtl (Al rtt m nu nu °nu turn ra nu "" motto .rnt N N .f~w xt rum* nu + nowillness and viral infections . This Awareness wishes the I tu.ttt tut nu woo to n„ nu ru slum nu to fxi..w iutvemembership to be aware that there are many plans afoot P a m stl NI mmm Ail IC 11IM,114 T1 t it ; Mt OW MI X g: VA Nof how to reduce the worlds population . The strongest u :Z; , •, ~ ,rmeasure of defense is good health and good attitude . An to tw ~°r~ nu a tit ru w mitt nu nu tw n nw n+t+,s nu mm nun+ 1w nu ru n >w rt tattitude of gratitude and thanks giving is essential . 141ru nu nn M A nu N M nu nI N N to nu NL4k N N te Kll 1131 N N Ifu N nu m as N nu IL MPositive emotion and emotional well-being is essential .Good health through good nutrition is essential t Mt o t,u 1it ," N nu MIN n nu rai MI N MINM+u There are a number of agencies at work on both mm t N Kau NIfft n f nu nu u ^u ~?o tutitn mountsides; on the side of the Light, of Spirit, that are working °n ;tou m ee N, nu mutt t :t t tltt n~ nn Ni "nu nu nu nu n w p ri: m w nu n ,to promote understanding and spiritual advancement as nu iwtwtt nu rs nu nu ru I rat4,ru-rn+;m+ n+iw n, ~+ "i nu ra t mina ut " NnII n .lnt flu mwell as those on the side of darkness that are working to ru pu ar rt tilt %It % au ra nrt IAN N nu ra r n, racreate fear, panic, disbelief, anxiet , stres , bad healt, ~tl t11t nit T ~ a. g um ilt *1 At 10 CA N nu Ull fnt lki w! o~ ]i Ml nk P~M M nu eta NInit n IFJbad nutrition . One needs to have awareness and a t ri aStii~ NI "u i; rnlw w~ t nR >wiln ~+ "" eai bu yrr 1° W nu du "`t n M ru aI "a ra gness to work at good health on all levels to be ryt x ranu u o, "~ rra ^~ nu +u nu ntru Uu^u Tar r t a nA n„ 111109 : : :: ril ra nu w w u ntw asnfu t u, m n n m N NSIIIu .freothcsaDrkFoepmtingw : : NI N N N tW tul athis planet at this time . This is an active participation in mr mina nu nw M nit N tit 3311 N lrt m rµ N tAI M W N M "mones health and well-being, not passive . mn`" littuna ""`m"u"u runu p "" n nurfunuN pndim mNdnariur!Nn NW KM NU tYltNfffifIlRi a nu NN N N "1 There must be a willingness to look at the deep issuesthat are on the surface fearful ; to dig deeper into those IN THIS ISSU Eissues to gain awareness, but also to find answers .Nothing is hopeless, and the future is not hopeless . The Energies of the Fall Equinox 2There is great hope and great light ahead, and it is thi s Is Nano-Bacteria the Real Cause of Clogged Arteries ?that this Awareness wishes the individual to pay atten- Can Hulda Clarks Zapper Destroy Them? 2tion to and to stay focused on . There is great hope an d An Exercise for Unclogging Arteries 2great light at this time, and this li ght is being shown on What Causes this Buildup in the Arteries? 3humanity, on all of this world with the intent to brin g How to Improve Communication Between the Sexes 4people to the light, to bring great hope in these times o f Hints for Better Communication Between the Sexes 4darkness and corruption and betrayal . This Awarenes sasks the individual to always remember this, to alway s Radio Reports of Bio-Fuel Laced with Bird Flu Viru sseek the Light, to seek understanding, to seek Awarenes s Now Being Sent to California 5when everything around them seems lost, dark an dhopeless . These times are difficult times . but they are no thopeless times . They are not without Light and thi s Many Plans by the Dark to Reduce Populations 7Awareness asks always that you look to the Light an d Shes Awakened by Strange Messages 8that you hold to hope, to trust and faith that all will b e Does a Color-Coding Conspiracy Exist? 8well in the end . Color Codes are no Accident 10 Why Audrey Lost her Friends 10 This Awareness thanks the membership at this tim e Health Hints : Bad Shoulder Pain S Hearing Lossfor holding to this Awareness, to seeking their truth an d 10their understanding by looking deeper in themselves an d The Dark and Light Illuminatilooking to this Awareness to help provide Light an d (The Coming of the New Being) 11hope in these troubled times . This Awareness is com- Wisdom of Awareness : On the Masses Awakening 12plete at this time and asks that the Law of Gratitude berecited now . The Cosmic Awareness Spiritual Development Cours e TAURUS : Volume 2 Lesson Number 11 12 New World Order is Planning a New Age Religion? 15 (Law of Gratitude is given ) The Religion Planned by the New World Order 15 Prozyme : An Enzyme for Animals and Humans? 15 Eds Note : Wayne Rowland, the inventor of th e Do They Irradiate Our Bananas? 16Silver Wain Water which CAC makes available to th e The Oppression of Corporations 16membership, sent us the following memo in relation t o The Reverse Speech Theory : Is There Anything to It? 17the various flus : Human Speech has 2 Distinct Modes and Functions? 18 "In view of the announcements of possible bird fl u Send Questions for Awarenes sthat could greatly affect our lives, do be sure that and comments to the edito r To : avatont@comcast .net
  8. 8. 8 How Psychics Could Pick Up Messages From Other Dimension s This Awareness indicates that this does occasionall y happen in psychic levels and in interdimensiona l communications, whereby these dimensions and thei r frequencies tend to cross, and messages leak throug h into other dimensions than those intended . This Aware- ness indicates that this in some ways may explain ho w psychics often pick up messages from other dimensions ; this likened unto the entity w in has a short-wave radio , and can tune into many different frequency hands, a s compared to the entity who has the commercial radio , and can only tune to certain AM or FM bands . Thi s Awareness suggests that the questions originally asked may be repeated . That it appears this was not answere d in its entirety . FOLLOW-UP (AVATON ) Well , the main gist of the question was : Who is tryin g to contact SPIRAL members . COSMIC AWARENESS : Cn lg2ATIILA110NS! Y011 AIS.11t 300 MILUON1U NOICAN! This Awareness indicates that it appears that this as i n part an individual interpretation of these energies . This Awareness indicates that you as one who has peculia r Excerpt ACA Readin g 1-1-28-83 Paul Shockley Interprete r insight into areas which most entities fail to see o r Shes Awakened by Strange Message s (An Interdimensional Warp is Occurring ) understand . and this psychic insight as that which allow s you to have greater perception, as well as interferenc e from those realms which you see .QUESTION : This Awareness indicates that as ones consciousnes s One other question from Audrey P . She writes : "Who expands to include other frequencies, those frequencie sis trying to contact SPIRAL members? Upon going t o also expand to include ones consciousness, and yo usleep I used to hear a "beep-beep", then it changed t o become part of a greater scene, and find yoursel ftwo knocks, then a swishing sound, and other sounds . slipping In and out of other reality frequencies . ThisSince the "beep-beep I heard many times sounde d Awareness indicates that it is very important for you t oelectronic, it would not have simply been the sound o f keep your ability to discern and make distinction sexiting my body to go into the astral . One night I heard between the physical reality plane and those which are i nthe name "Zvliton", repeated three times . a name Iv e the other realms, so that you do not become confuse dnever heard before . Another night I was startled out o f about which is which .my sleep . There had been this huge head of an orienta l It is also important that you be cautious in relating toman, directly in front or above me . I could feel pressur e others about this who may not have your understandin g in the pineal region . He shouted : "I said holes, (o r and discernment, and may think that you are lacking i n wholes), not hose!" The contact has been very strong ." clarity, and are borderin g on insanity . This Awarenes s She wants to know what in the world is going on, an d indicates that you must discern who to communicat e are other SPIRAL members being contacted like this ? with on such matters, and who not to communicat eCOSMIC AWARENESS : with on such matters, for many entities simply canno t This Awareness suggests that this message be spelle d handle such information in their version of reality .out; the message of the oriental. This Awareness indicates that in reference to th eAVATON : im lied question : "Who is trying to communicate wit h SPIRAL members?"—This Awareness indicates ther e (Quoted statement above is read again) It doesn t are energies which would prefer the SPIRAL informa-make much sense : the message. But thats what she says. tion not be released . There are energies which are encouraging the release of SPIRAL information, an dCOSMIC AWARENESS : both of these energies can, at various times and t o This Awareness indicates that the message was no t different degrees, attempt to communicate with you .intended to make any sense, but rather to confuse th e This Awareness indicates that Ir does watch over th eentity. This Awareness indicates that this appears to b e SPIRAL organization and does assist in keeping thes ean interdimensional entity, not having any particula r energies aligned for Its purposes:significance in terms of purpose, the entity simpl y This Awareness indicates that It cannot always dis-enjoying attention . This likened unto a noisy ghost, o r close Its methods or Its purposes, other than to indicatepoltergeist. The entity as being more of a nuisance tha n It seeks to lessen the sorrow and suffering of th eas a threat . This entity also not having any particula r world.value to your life . This Awareness suggests that it appears the energ y Does a Color-Coding Conspiracy Exist ?involved in this entity was simply a kind of distorte d FOLLOW-UP QUESTION (AVATON) :warp, interdimensional warp such as occasionally woul d Awareness . this entity has repeatedly sent in question soccur on a radio, whereby you are tuned to a particula r about color coding . She is convinced there is some kin dfrequency, but as you drive along a road, or as certain air of code being transmitted through entities wearin gcurrents change over your house, a frequency interfer- certain types of colors in their dress, in the way the yence occurs . and the frequency crossing your channel , dress . The Interpreter read a letter, a long letter that sh e interferes and leaves a message which you recognize a s sent to Sam . and hopefully, it might have energize dnot being part of the message coming through your ow n some new information, and Id like to ask at this time i fradio channel . Awareness can see any validity to Audrey s theory of
  9. 9. 9the color coding, or is this, as Sam suggests . a mild print. This Awareness indicates however, that throug hparanoia, or something of that nature ? persistence you will find a copy of this book .*COSMIC AWARENESS : "Eds Note : Its out of print but available on the Internet site whic h This Awareness indicates that this as havin g sub- sells rare and out-of-print books abebooks .co mstance . This Awareness refers you to the book by L . Ron Its called "Brain-Washing . A Syntheses of the Russian Textbook o n Psychopolitics" by L .Ron Hubbard—L . Berea . Price : $45 .00.Hubbard, . ..this appears to be Psychic ThisAwareness indicates that the name not seen clearly . It This Awareness indicates also that information give nappears to be . This Awareness indicate s through the New Solidarity in regard to the U .S . Laborthat this book including a speech by Beria during th e Party, and the book Dope Incorporated ; this can also b e`30s. whereby he describes the use of psychology an d informative . This Awareness indicates also that othe rtraining of psychiatrists in Austria to become part of the information from this organization relating to theRussian plan for domination, whereby these psychiatrist s Knights of Malta : this can also be found in their mate-would he used to alter political direction, to influence rial .the courts, to rid society of persons who were a threat to This Awareness indicates that it is more or less a fac tthe Communist program, and bring about a greate r of life that there are vested interests in every aspect o fawesomeness of the psychiatric field so that the y life, whereby certain forces seek, through cooperatio nessentially became gods, unquestioned by society as to with each other, to gain power over others and towhat their authority might be . promote their own particular values . This occurs amongThis Awareness indicates that this plan as having bee n Christians, Jews. Indians . Russians, Poles, or any othercarried out, whereby these forces were to establis h nationality . This Awareness indicates that it occurs in allpower as psychologists, psychiatrists, throughout th e religions . That this is what may be termed to an outside rsystems, so that they could control where the power wa s as a conspiracy, but whereby you are involved in th ebeing centered at, and whereby those who entered int o action, it is generally considered as group action, o rthe profession of psychiatry would in due course, come cooperation, or co-creation .under their domination, their jurisdiction or authority, s o What Concerns Cosmic Awareness About Color-Codin g that even without knowing, a psychiatrist would become This Awareness indicates it is not so much how enti- part of the system of guiding and watching through th e ties cooperate that concerns this Awareness, but rathe r psychiatric profession, individuals, programming the m the methods motives for that cooperation . This in the direction desired, or using them for a desire d Awareness indicates that the actions of color coding a s social or political purpose . that which could be used by the most elaborate globa l This Awareness indicates that the color codin g as that conspiracy organization ever to inhabit this earth, o r which allows them to recognize each other as fello w which could be used by the local Brownie girl club - members, or as rank might be indicated . This Awarenes s house. This Awareness indicates that in itself, the colo r indicates that there are several other factors in thi s coding is harmless, that this as simply a way of recog- recognition program . That the first being to bring abou t nizing members and rank . This Awareness indicates tha t the visual contact or message, whereby the entit y these recognitions are simply a by-product of th e recognizes the other by certain patterns of color scheme , organization; that the organization is that which needs t o such as wearing the color, whereby the entity new on th e be examined for its motives and purposes ; that some of scene may wear the color red or blue, or in a combina- its purposes approach high s iritual directions, and ca n tion, or whereby a new employee would wear the colo r easily be modified to bring this planet into alignmen t red for each day for a period of 13 days--this being a with Divine Forces . That other aspects of this organiza- signal to others that this entity was part of the group . tion are grounded in concepts of greed, power and This Awareness indicates that the entities arriving or control over others, a lack of respect for life ; and these leaving, wearing the color of red, or an entity being in a concepts need to be weeded out of this organization s o public place, might be cautioned to wear a particular that a higher sense of purpose and value can emerge . color for that day . This color coding as intended t o The organization, if it does not weed out these element s create the first message to others that this person may be from itself, will, in time, destroy itself . one of your group . Forces in the Galaxy are Watching Events on this Plan e The Men in Black—The Brotherhood of The Shadows This Awareness indicates that there are forces in th e This Awareness indicates the second message is tha t galaxy that are watching events very carefully upon thi swhich is verbal, whereby the verbal contact would no t plane, so that these forces are allowed only a certai nseem unusual or out of line in any social situation, thus , perimeter in which to move and a certain time in whic hthe question : "Have you got the time?" This Awarenes sindicates that you will recall this question also being tha twhich was associated with the Men In Black, th e Q: V lat ; is tt about~}ielmisl ±ka€ :seems .particuiarijBrotherhood of the Shadows . This Awareness indicate s forleign to : our_niodein world ?that these are all part of the same organization an dactivities, but on different levels. The psychiatric field as a .)They daft its+?>electr icitybeing on a lower level, whereas the most high as that b) IIhey,dait drive car swhich is the secret order which has previously bee n . C) They l .foigiverttiieir aft2clmrmentioned by this Awareness as the Knights of Malta,and the Saint John Cross of Jerusalem . and that which i sassociated with the royalty of England and the Roths-child banking system . L. Ron Hubbards Book "Psycho-Politic s This Awareness suggests that entities wishing furtherinformation in regard to these mysteries, to contact theChurch of Scientology, requesting that book; it appearsto he Psychopolitics, by L . Ron Hubbard . This wa swritten in ..this as an older book which may be out of
  10. 10. 10 BushNow Confetnng . Wilk Henry Kissinger on wnct,to Igo This Awareness indicates that when dealing wit h psychiatrists, psychiatrists generally evaluate each othe r through psychiatric techniques, and therefore, when coming across an entity who is too perceptive an d observant and who can see the techniques for what the y are; these entities often feel naked, and therefore, the y lose their power over that entity . To keep the power over that entity, they may need to band together and ostraciz e the entity, and make the entity feel as though it is sh e who is inadequate . This is Part of the Battle of Armageddo n This Awareness indicates that in this manner, b y banding together, using secret codes, secret communica- tions, and sharing as a kind of group action, entities can gain much power over the minds of others . This Aware- ness indicates that this as part of the battle of Armaged- don, the battle of minds, whereby entities follow the pat h toward material gain through cooperation with the Dar kto evolve to the spiritual level that is required . Thi s Forces, or follow the path of spiritual gain throug hAwareness indicates that meanwhile, these forces hav e allowing the Light to guide one .their games, their charades, their secrets, their colo rcodes, their meetings and their feeling of superiority fo rbeing part of the "in group", as opposed to being part of Health Hints From Personal Reading s (Persistent Pain in Shoulder and Hearing Loss )the common herd . :FOLLOW-UP (AVATON) : Color Codes are No Accident? For many years Ive been a total vegetarian, but have not yet overcome a loss of healing condition which , Then these entities actually are verbally instructed, o r while not becoming worse, doesnt seem to improve .through the printed message about the color coding, an d The loss had its onset while and after I was working in ait isnt something thats done via programming o r very noisy place . Here again, I have hoped to get helppsychic programming or something of that nature ? through the use of a good trance subject . Besides this, aCOSMIC AWARENESS : persistent pain in my ri ght shoulder is rather debilitating , This in the affirmative . This Awareness indicate s as I need the use of both arms . Should I reasonablythere are of course many coincidences, wherein an entit y expect help from some source as yet unknown to me ?simply wears red or blue without even being aware tha t COSMIC AWARENESS :a color code exists for others . This Awareness indicatesthat as white is generally a color which is discouraged This Awareness suggests that you take pumpkin see don television, it leaves entities with a choice of seve n oil, two parts pumpkin seed oil to one part sesame oil ,other colors, and black . This Awareness indicates that this being approximately two tablespoons daily for athe likelihood that an entity would wear red or blue in period of three weeks . This Awareness indicates this b e order to look good on color television is very high . taken orally . This Awareness suggests also that for theThis Awareness indicates that however . wherein thes e hearing situation, the use of olive oil, wheat germ oil ,entities in attending a particular meeting or gathering o f castor oil, and pumpkin seed oil in equal parts, a drop i n their own types, all make special effort to wear a the ear daily for a period of approximately three weeks ,particular color, and that their wives must also wear tha t this to soften certain tissues within the ear. This Aware-particular color as appropriate, and whereby this is ness indicates the use of the pumpkin seed oil mixtur e sufficient to cause emotional reaction if entities vary or taken orally as that which is related unto the shoulder alter the color scheme ; This Awareness indicates thi s situation . This Awareness suggests also that the use o f goes beyond coincidence and is to be taken at face value , lemon juice for a period of approximately three months , that indeed the color scheme as a code exists, and these at least one lemon daily. as being beneficial - the juice entities are organized to some purpose and use the colo r from one lemon, this as being beneficial to your genera l scheme to recognize each other . vitality and the shoulder in particular . M780624PB Why Audrey Lost Her Friends Attie Home for Retired Pdoels .of Boyhood Memo:v FOLLOW-UP (AVATON) : This entity, Audrey P . indicated that she had lost herjob and a lot of her friends, and even some of her family ,due to this type of exclusion, and Id like to ask Aware-ness : Is this because they somehow sense that she coul dnever be one of them and therefore, they just sort ofdismissed her from their lives ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that this in the affirmative .The entity as one who is so into expressing truth, an dtelling and sharing her observations, these entitie srecognized that she would not be a good candidate fo rthe secrecy required . This Awareness indicates thi sentity also had qualities of a high spiritual nature, whichthese entities saw as erratic in terms of their ability tocontrol the entity .
  11. 11. 11 of superiority or inferiority, with concepts of divinity T}IE .PRESIDI IT T or non-divinity, with concepts of spiritual and materia l AND 1 ARE (3 K THE SAKE PACE . .. concerns . This New Being needs only be concerne d with actions of service, actions of attention, action s of sensitivity and actions that express love for on e another . This Awareness indicates this New Being has n o concern and no needs to sacrifice itself, has no need s to worship this Awareness or any other Deity ; has n o need to bow to any individual, no need to bow to an y concept, but does need to give attention to service , to express freedom, to allow others to express freedo m and to avoid any forms of violation . This Awareness indicates that this New Being can only exist when al l that which would be of a restrictive nature is give n attention and is looked at clearly . Wherein all of tha t which would . manipulate and deceive consciousness : is given hat spotlight wherein consciousness looks a t . . .GETTING IT ALL INTO PERSPECTIVE : those who would manipulate ; yet without condemnin g THE DARK AND LIGHT ILLUMINAT I the manipulators, simply look at the show and th e trickery and say, "Enough! I care not to be entertaine d (THE COMING OF THE NEW BEING ) or confused by this trickery any longer! There are othe r actions and other experiences that we may all part- Eds Note : For the benefit of our many new members who may not have rea d icipate in and may all co-create together! "some of the very early information released by Awareness on th e This Awareness indicates that the informatio nIlluminati, the following reading given in 1976 may be helpful in bette r on the Illuminati may be followed by further infor-understanding what is happening on this planet today as the Orio nconquest of Earth nears its completion . The Revelations of Awarenes s mation on how to function in the New Age withou tnewsletter from which this reading was extracted, has been out of prin t being controlled by the banking system, the money -for a number of years. Today, the major players in the Illuminati appea r changers ; how to function economically in a wayto be in total control and it is hard for entities not to get polarized a sthis scenario continues to manifest. However, Awareness ha s that allows entities greater freedom . This Awarenes sindicated we are only ob servers and not judges . (The New Bein g indicates this shall be given in several readings . "mentioned are now manifesting all over the planet) . This Awareness suggests entities understand th e Avato n nature of the Force of Lucifer as being the othe r side of the coin of the Force of the Christ, but tha t these two are essential of the Divine Being . ThisQUESTION : Awareness suggests you be very careful to depolariz eWe are now preparing the Illuminati information in any concepts relating to any forms of hostility o rbooklet form, including all Awareness has sai d rejection which might have been incurred whil eabout this to date . Is there any more informatio n reading the material given in these readings relatin gon the Illuminati Awareness would care to giv e to the Illuminati . This Awareness indicates that ther eat this time which can be included in this booklet? are no entities totally evil and no entities totall y good . There are entities who do switch back an dCOSMIC AWARENESS : forth from moment to moment and some wh o switch back and forth slowly from lifetime to life - This Awareness wishes this information be kep t time ; that all entities in general have a balanced karm ain balance . That entities in reading this informatio n where they are just as evil as they are good, and thos emay tend to be polarized into states of hostility ; who are good now are good only because they havemay tend to be hostile toward those whom they been evil previously ; and those who are evil no wthink of as evil . This Awareness wishes entities t o shall either pay for this later or have earned grac eunderstand that those forces which played the rol e from a previous time .of the Luciferians, when looked at from anothe r This Awareness indicates that the polarity is tha tdimension, are those forces which were necessary t o which is of the concern, the extremes of misdeedsallow mankind that opportunity to develop his ow n rather than the fact of misdeeds . This Awarenessindividuality . This Awareness indicates that through indicates that any entity who seeks to be especiall yerror entities develop their individuality ; through good shall find himself becoming a problem to others .the action of realization of that error, entitie s Any entity who becomes locked up in concerns fo rmove back toward divinity . In this manner th e evil and enjoys doing evil deeds, enjoys this onl yindividual becomes divine . because he has felt rejection from those deeds whic h This Awareness indicates that this Awareness doe s were intended as good ; this Awareness indicates tha tnot judge entities . It does not resent or resist an y the psychological effect of thinking in terms o faction of any entities, but does desire to allow ent- good and evil only adds to the problem . The effec tities to understand that these roles no longer nee d of looking at `what is without judgment begins t obe played, for there is a New Being coming int o move the polarity toward the center, likened unt oexistence at this time and this New Being is suc h entities who stand on the teeter-totter moving carefull ythat it needs not be concerned with concepts of goo d toward one-another, until they meet at the cente ror evil, with concepts of right or wrong, with concepts wherein there are no great ups and no great downs , *The Akashic Record(The Unified States of Awarencss) ;$4 .0 0
  12. 12. 12 but simply a balancing, and the higher is not muc h higher than the low and this may exchange easily . This Awareness indicates that in regards to th e Illuminati and the actions, you May recall there ar e the White Illuminati and the Black Illuminati . Thi s also as being within yourself . This Awareness indicate s that the Black Iluminati is that force which woul d promote self at the expense of others, which woul d force ones growth by using manipulation and power . The White Illuminati is that force which would serv e oneself by serving others and serve others whil e serving oneself, and would exclude no one in term s of any form of manipulation or control over an y other entity . This Awareness indicates the Whit e Illuminati is concerned with assisting all entities ; the Dark Illuminati as concerned with assisting one - self in competition with others . This Awareness indicates that as this is understood ,the very nature of the problem becomes clear and th eenergy on this begins to dissipate and the New Bein gbegins to emerge more clearly from the center o fthis action . This New Being having experienced th e THE COSMIC AWARENESS SPIRITUALtotality of the trip known as "good and evil" ; havin gemerged from having eaten of that fruit, this Ne w DEVELOPMENT COURSEBeing then begins to express new life upon this plane .This Awareness indicates this New Being then beginsto function wherein all beings are served by on e Taurus: Volume 2 Lesson Number 1 1another and no entity is excluded from the feast o f Question(Avaton) :life . Would Awareness please give the eleventh lesso n in Volume Two of the Correspondence Course? Th e eleventh lesson being that which relates unto the securit y WISDOM OF AWARENESS : and the foundation of the entity in relation to the societ y ON THE MASSES AWAKENIN G and that which the society can contribute to the entity , and which the entity has a right to claim and a right t o ask for and which the entity may contribute and add to . The masses of entities upon this plane shall eventuall y awaken and realize what is occurrin g , and those wh o COSMIC AWARENESS : have held power and have misused that power shall fin d This Awareness indicates that in relation to th e themselves being overthrown by the masses . entitys attitude toward society and the reality of th e The meek shall inherit the earth . society itself, in its relationship to the entity, there ca n (From Issue 78-20) be a great discrepancy . This Awareness indicates th e entity may look at society in a manner that does not se e clearly what is . This Awareness indicates that entit y may see clearly what is, yet may reject that as not bein g proper . This Awareness indicates that the entity ma y even go one step further : see the society as it is, rejec t the society as not being proper, and may have anothe r concept of how the society should be . This Awareness indicates the entity may approac h this from another direction, see how th ey society is, see it as not being proper - how it should be - but also se e himself or herself as likewise not being. proper, an d seeing also how he or she should be. The entity ma y also approach this as seeing the society as proper an d themselves as being improper, and seeing how the y should be, or perhaps not knowing how they should be . but simply feeling themselves as being a misfit in society . This Awareness indicates the entity who feel s integrated in society, sees the society as it is with it s flaws and its good qualities, its workable qualities, see s how he or she can work within the framework of th e relationship of himself or herself and the society ; see s the areas to avoid and the areas to relate with, and als o may see areas which need to be changed and worke d with, either in themselves or in society, in order to brin g about a closer, more workable relationship .