ti                                                                            Cosmic Awareness Communication s            ...
2.  This Awareness suggests you not worry about this entity, unless this entity ask sfor your assistance or wishes to comm...
3.     storage banks . Those who seek out, allow or enjoy filming such trash do surely fil l      their cameras with the m...
4.                                                                                          r                             ...
S.- Liction as that which is contribution to the force of greed .    This Awareness suggests that wherein the Law of Grati...
6.learn, and the lonely may love themselves and others . This Awareness indicates tha tunless you can turn your love to th...
7.Q . --(Question repeated) . . " I do honestly promise to donate according to whateve r I receive to organizations such a...
8. the entity Hep-sut moved then into Egypt along with approximately seven others fro m the Council of 12 . Of these seven...
9.Indicates that you understand those forces are but mirrors of yourself . That whereinyou can totally accept yourself for...
10 .outdo itself and you are working to outdo certain aspects of yourself, working a smind, attempting to control through ...
11 .                         CONCERNING THE MERGING O F                          BLACKS AND WHITE SQ . I am forced to live...
12 .   created polarities which have created separateness, which have created division ,which have created belief, which h...
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Cosmic Awareness 2: 'Exorcist' type Forces Possessing an Entity


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Cosmic Awareness 2: 'Exorcist' type Forces Possessing an Entity

  1. 1. ti Cosmic Awareness Communication s #f 2 P . 0. Box 115, Olympia, Washington 8650 7 CONCERNING "LOVE" IlpELATIONSI TPS I Paul Shockle y AND " LIVING TOGETHER Trance-Interprete r Q . (A long explanation is given of her relationship with her boyfriend) . I t m fed up with Jim taking attitudes when he feels like it . I long to know ho w long before letting him visit, take me out etc . T. long to know if God wants u s to live together etc . A . This Awareness indicates that this kind of relationship as that which is al l too common in this culture ; that there is the desire on the part of one in th e relationship to assist and to help another to find their proper expression in life , while receiving certain gratifications from that one being helped ; on the side o f the other there is a sense of dependency that has never been cleared from the childhoo d affection and dependency on parents . This dependency being transferred through the other p artner in relationship doe s often create that which is of a nature approaching a form of masochists-sadism typ e relationship on a very subtle level in terms of certain areas of consciousnes s between entities . This Awareness indicates in your case this entity as dependent . on you for certain sustenance and service that others have always previousl y provided, which provision this entity has not yet outgrown a need for . This entit y does need to be weened from you and others in his society in this respect . This Awareness indicates that entities must ever and always assist and encourag e those in their relationships to act in a responsible manner . That you are toleran t in allowing these entities to come within your relationship, but that you keep tha t relationship clear wherein they must act in a manner that is also clear . This Awareness suggests that in your case this entity has shown some affectio n toward you, and you yourself felt a great need for this kind of affection and desir e to hold onto that affection . You must understand that affection cannot be locke d up, bottled, chained or imprisoned in any form ; that affection does come and affectio n is often withdrawn, and this is often the way of relationship . This Awareness suggests that in your social affairs that you "hold closely wit h open arms", for in such relationship you shall find an open--armed caress as tha t which allows entities to feel the freedom to approach, without fear of being ensnare d by you . In such free relationship you need only insist they be clear and real wit h you all along the journey . Wherein they wish to leave, what chains would hold thos e entities ? And would you have them bound so? This Awareness suggests that when you r relationships are based on communication instead of possessive schemes, this allows everyone around you to be at ease, and new acquaintances will feel much more at eas e when coming into relationship with you . This Awareness indicates this can draw in many who are searching for tru e relationship . This Awareness indicates you shall find yourself moving into ne w levels of relationship, of deeper quality and greater meaning to you as you begi n looking more at yourself, realizing that you are total, that you are beautiful, tha t you are loved by many and can live many others . This Awareness suggests you need not be dependent on anyone but may be inter -s dependent on all entities within your society . This Awareness suggests that you understand this entity and you are . likened unt o a see-saw, who have played certain games of personality levels, have made certai n discoveries of self, through the reflection of your mirroring relationship, but thi s is now creating more blocks than growth .
  2. 2. 2. This Awareness suggests you not worry about this entity, unless this entity ask sfor your assistance or wishes to communicate with you on some situation . This Awarenes sindicates that wherein you attend to your own concerns and give your attention to thos eareas of your life which are truly meaningful to your .own soul growth, you shall fin da peace within which needs no support from any outside entity . This Awareness indicate swhen this occurs you will find yourself moving into relationships of beauty, with man yother entities who feel your peace toward yourself . This Awareness suggests that the word respect as being that which relates unt olooking again, looking twice, and that you respect yourself by looking twice a sdeeply at your abilities and to not rely on the whims of others for your emotiona lsecurity . This Awareness indicates that you understand the whims of others ar eusually centered on themselves and have very little to do with you as an individual ;that usually this type of irrational and . irresponsible relationship is the reflectio nof entities who spend 90% of their time concerned with their own welfare, and 10 %on all others . This Awareness indicates that entities often call this a relationshi pof love, but it is simply an arrangement for a period whereby they may gain throug ha liaison with another entity . This Awareness suggests that you learn the difference between arrangements and love ;that arrangements are based on those relationshi p s for convenience which do gratif ycertain personal needs ; that love is that which occurs without your ever having achoice in the matter, and that no entity who truly loves can limit his love to an yother particular entity, but may love all entities equally though in a differen tmanner with each . This Awareness indicates you understand being in love is being in a state of lov eand is not directed toward any object which creates your love for you ; that thos ewho focus upon others and desire an object of love are simply expressing desire ,through a seeking action related tc relationship arrangement levels , This Awareness indicates that there is a Law of Relationship which need ., be give nfor you to study ; that the Law of Projection and the Law of Respect as bein gbeneficial to you at this time :THE LAW OF RELATIONSHIP :The Law of relationship states that all parts or partners are in relationship thoughsome are close and some remote . A close relationship insists that gears and wheel smust mesh in workable arrangements ; all hubs, axles, hooks, .and levers must b eproperly secured according to any function or relationship arrangement or agreement .Their driving forces must he derived from a common or compatible source of energy ,and any new innovations, arrangements, or activities of any part or partner tha tchanges the general relationship or any other part or partner of that relationship ,must be noted, acknowledge and discussed, and agreements must be made to allow ,dis-allow or re-arrange the relationship to accommodate the change . And any par tor partner suffering excess pressure, pain or function from the arrangement, mus tlearn to squeak and moan or gripe and groan until its needs are noticed, discusse dand attended to the satisfaction of all parties of the relationship, and all partie smust have time for regular lubricating oils of smooth communication . For without theoil of clear communication, even the best relationships will generate friction, grit ,grime, dirt, heat and will grind to a halt .THE LAW OF PROJECTION :tee_The Law of Projection states that the film that projects, depicts, and creates th eevents of one s life story is stored within one s consciousness and can only b echanged from within . The intimate conversations, attitudes, and the relationship on ehas within ones own consciousness, is reflected in experiences on the outer scree nof life : one is both camera and projector of his life story . Those whc wish to see aworld premier of new and joyous experiences instead of reruns, trash films, soa poperas, tragedies, p roblems, illness and hostilities, must refuse to bring or to allo wsuch films, consents or images to enter their theatres or be filed into their
  3. 3. 3. storage banks . Those who seek out, allow or enjoy filming such trash do surely fil l their cameras with the material that may eventually become part of their outward life . Those who allow only the highest, clearest and the best thoughts, ideas, words, exp- eriences and ima ges to enter their studio, shall create and project films that sho w– a life of joy and art . THE LAW OF RESPECT : The Law of. Respect is that principle of looking twice, or more precisely, lookin g twice as deeply, for respect goes beyond the surface appearances and superficia l glances to discover a deeper meaning, purpose or basis for discovery . Without th e principle of Respect the Book of Love will never be read, the tree of life wil l never be seen in full bloom, and the thousand rainbows of the Land of Essence wil l never be viewed . But with the Law of Respect in action, the mysteries of the Universe , or any part, will open layer after layer like the unfolding of a thousand-petale d lotus . HEALING AN ENTITY TIHRCUGE 11,5(ltN C Q . Awareness, the doctors say my daughter has cancer of the intestine and planned t o operate on her tomorrow, but have postponed the operation until they can clean u p her "asthma" . They plan to operate later this week . Please give a trance healing t o her that will bring perfection and cosmic awareness to her in the here and now . A . This Awareness indicates that there is that energy field within, your psyche, within your sphere, which does need cleansing . This as that which has improved in many ways ; that there is the movement of energy touching through your experience and cleansin g your attitude allowing you to describe a life for yourself „ This Awareness indicates that those who are moving on this journey with you d o understand your needs and do move in a great sensitivity . This Awareness indicates tha t it is essential for to understand and to project the highest images of your actio n and your movement, that you . be seen moving into greater and greater health from eac h moment, to each following moment . This Awareness suggests that you understand th f present moment disappears and is succeeded by a following moment which takes its cue., . and its command and its essence from whatever was programmed and registered i n the previous moment % This Awareness suggests you understand that in moment-to-moment experiences, yo u are capable of programming your next moment according to your own wishes, that i n ultimate reality this is exactly what every entity forever does : entities do program their own and each others moment-to-moment existences, and that you, and those you, are capable of programming yourself into perfect health and vitality . Wherei n you fully understand your moment-to-moment creating with attentive command of you r experience, you may let each moment become one slight step higher and more harmoniou s than the moment before . This Awareness suggests you not worry about the ultimat e end, but that you give attention to each moment, visualizing the slightest and th e most minute change towards a higher more healthy and more vibrant life . This Awarenes s suggests even as you read this in attention, you are now well on your way towar d higher realms of existence . Q . Is there any message for her and her husband and daughters who need her ? A . This Awareness wishes these entities to visualize this entity as moving towar d greater health, to give love but not to give excessive worry or concern, to giv e images of great health and to listen with attention when the entity feel s.~,. negative, but to help the entity move on through these negative levels to that whic h of a greater love and joy . This Awareness suggests that these entities in thei r evening and morning times prior to falling asleep, just as they are falling asleep , and upon awakening, that these entities visualize this body as being in perfec t health, with a brilliant light moving in through and restoring greater with
  4. 4. 4. r g each imaging . In this manner there . becomes that assistance on their part, workinthrough the psyche of this entity and giving that suggestion of healing and healt hand vibrant: living . This Awareness indicates that in the future entities shall .. gather together an d nheal one-another through group imaging ; that this as that which is being done i .certain religious orders even today . This Awareness indicates that even three entitie scan effect great changes in the health of another through such imaging . ?Q . Is there a closing message, and can we have . a cleansing for those involved fA . This Awareness indicates this as having been effected, that all the forces oan adverse nature whether suggestive or of spirit or of energy levels have bee nmoved, vanished from this entit y s realm of experience and those who are in contac twith this entity are also free of any adverse forces . CONCERNING THOSE WHO DON PAY THEI R OWN WAN ON THING S . Thi sQ . This is L .M, with a question about Cosmic Awareness Communications in Olympiaquestion being a problem that has recently occurred with the mushrooming membership .They no longer have the help of SN, who was responsible for much of the work : collating petc . They are also having a problem in that a very small percentage of the membershiare sending in money to support the over-all action . Would Awareness please indicat ehow this could best he handled ?A . This Awareness indicates this as seen as likened unto a thousand guests who cometo eat at the diner . That ten of the guests have brought their wallets, and the other shave come to feast on the good food which has been advertised and talked about . Tha tthose who are preparing the food have only enough for a few . This Awareness indicates that wherein those who have paid or are willing to pay fo rtheir dinner stand waiting to be served and are being crowded out by those who ar ehungry but would prefer to spend their money elsewhere .. That the proprietor of this diner who neglects those who have paid or who ar ewilling to pay and all future customers in order to be the " nice fellow" who serve sthe hungry from the street who prefer not to pay for their meals, as one who doe sdeny his services to others who could, and willingly would, contribute to hi saction . This Awareness suggests that this as that which does carry with it certai nkarmic Responsibilities . This Awareness suggests that this proprietor may take on the aspect of one wh ofeeds the hungry at his own expense, and in so doing may serve them well, and ma yeventually be rewarded for this by assisting those who need the help, but that thi sproprietor must look to see what training and what guidance he iq giving thos ewho come for free handouts . That entities who approach this diner for free handouts, while spending thei renergies elsewhere, are simply being trained to assume that spiritual growth is their sfor the asking, and is being passed out freely without their even having to giv emuch energy or attention to receive this . This Awareness wishes entities to understand that there is nothing more importan tin their life than the spiritual development and growth and their movement towar dawareness . This Awareness indicates that wherein the action is based on . the Law o fGratitude and entities simply take and take and take without returning any to th esource, that they are not expressing gratitude . And that this source for their
  5. 5. S.- Liction as that which is contribution to the force of greed . This Awareness suggests that wherein the Law of Gratitude is applied correctly , that entities shall be encouraged to return energy to that which they truly fee l a gratitude toward . That wherein there is that gratitude, they will in some wa y express that gratitude . This Awareness indicates wherein there is no gratitude, that further action i n that direction is likened . unto casting pearls before swine . A. MESSAGE TO"NEW AGE " GROt t P" S Q . Would Awareness please comment on the enclosed letter from "The Evolving Mind " group Which has written . to Cosmic Awareness Communications . I would particularl y like to hear any comments from Awareness concerning the next to the last paragraph . where they state : "We have very little interest in . enlightening the genera l public . Their future is not our concern . nor our problem ." This is not a . facetiou s question . Things seem to be moving so fast anymore that maybe his statement i s true . If it is, is CAC wasting its time advertising in the publications now bein g used or should we step hitting the "general public" and concentrate our informatio n to "New Age " type people and groups? Most of our members are new to the Awarenes s movement so we send them. the general info : the major manuals (Meditation ., Healing , r Transperson :ative etc . as well as selected "heavier" info concerning life afte death etc .) . What information would Awareness have us specifically send to thes e people that we are not sending or plan to send ? A . This Awareness indicates that there are many entities working at present time s in many levels . This Awareness indicates that the general action of this group a s that which is necessary and essential at this time . The merging of those energie s on. that level as that which can . become very beneficial within the next two : years . This Awareness suggests that the entities involved in this action, working togethe r may understand the strength and the joy of co-creative action . That this becomes a n action of essential wonder as co-creative energies o p en the way to realms unknow n before by man upon this plane . This Awareness suggests that you be very aware and attentive in any action of co - creation wherein there is anything other than the inclusive attitudes . . .ihis Awareness: indicates there will be no reward, .but sorrow far any :-who feel they need only - save r • themselves, and need not care for others . . This Awareness urges you . to beware th e Spiritual Snob who lurks for fertile ground within your midst ., for it carries a great karmic . danger to your group . Be also aware of the Lad; of i ihity, as there- ca n be nothing and no-one excluded unless they exclude themselves by^ -being unwilling t o live in those levels of attention which express the clarity of relationship and . action necessary to your work . This Awareness indicates that your action of orderin g your lives so as to be capable of serving others in a manner that brings qualit y and quantity together as that which will be most rewarding to you . This Awarenes s indicates this as -referring to keepin g your house in . order whereby you can serv e many well . This Awareness indicates that wherein this is done, there can be th e conseouence whereby you yourselves can give to yourselves as your own karmic debt . This Awareness suggests that you may keep your group exclusive in its action an d communication from the public but you cannot keep your services from the publi c without eventually creating a karmic overload . This Awareness suggests that al l will enter together eventually, and . those who appear as, first shall find themselve s last . .This. Awareness suggests that entities who find themselves rising too fa r spiritually above the general public, may find that they are unable . to furthe r progress spiritually until they are capable of turning with love to serve and t o create the space whereby the blind may see, the weak may stand, the ignorant may
  6. 6. 6.learn, and the lonely may love themselves and others . This Awareness indicates tha tunless you can turn your love to those who appear less than you, you shall fin dyourselves being_ less to yourselves , This Awareness indicates a message for all New Age groups at this time : Thi sAwareness suggests during the next two years that all New Age Groups shall begi nintensive communicating and sharing of information and literature with one another ,whereby this shall lead into a new network of communication, and that shall brin gabout those directions, communication and interactions which begin creating tha tNew Age Government referred to as the Unified States of Awareness . This as agovernment based on relationship without power . This Awareness indicates the powe rshall be in the communication and relationship of entities working together . Tha twithin the next two years this becomes essential and serves as the basic formatio nof the New Age governing services and the New Aquarian Age social action . WINNING AT GAMBLING WITH TH E HELP OF AWARENES SQ . Ever since my childhood I have always entertained the idea of participating i ngames of chance with the purpose of donating most of the profits to help theneedy ones . I tried hard, but somehow, I failed and could not carry out my wishes .Now I am convinced that my problem has its origin with me, and nobody else is t oblame for my bad luck . My real desire in life is that there be a sudden change fo rthe better . .that my luck will change to a certain level so as to enable me t owin in games of chance .A . This Awareness indicates a comment here . This Awareness indicates that in th econcept of playing with games of chance for the purpose of helping others, tha tthis in itself is an act which is of a noble cause, yet there is that motivatio nbehind this cause which may be looked at for any forms of justification . This Awareness indicates that wherein an entity justifies a desire to partake i ngames of chance and expects that because these games of chance are for a nobl ecause, that this action may appear to be worthy of winning, that this is based o nthe assumption that there is that force above such as a God, or this Awareness ,who rewards entities for having what appears to be noble causes . This Awarenes sindicates wherein there is seen a . motivation of a desire to win of gambling and ajustification for such winning by the statement that this is for the needy : Thi sAwareness indicates It sees the entire action and is not easily deceived or persuade dnor impressed by noble appearances or by noble justifications . This Awareness indicates wherein there is the sincere need and desire by an yentity to help those in need, the means will become available . This Awareness indicates wherein the sincere desire to help those in need is stron genough, there will also be even that which may be called "good luck " participatingin your lifestyle which is that which is helping the needy . . This Awareness indicate sthat you understand good luck does come to those who are one with the universe an dneed very little for they have the entire universe in which to play and speculat ewith the energies of attention and that which is called the Law of Magic ; that themessage continue .Q . . . . " A change in the element of luck so powerful that it would defy the laws o fprobabilities or even have control over the odds against me in order to win in games ,of chance such as Lotteries, Sweepstakes, dice, cards, bingo etc . I do honestl ypromise to donate (give) according to whatever T receive (win) to organizations suc has Cosmic Awareness Communications and the The Aquaria n, Church of Universal Services . " eA . This Awareness indicates a comment . This Awareness suggests a re-reeding of thlast 3 or 4 lines .
  7. 7. 7.Q . --(Question repeated) . . " I do honestly promise to donate according to whateve r I receive to organizations such as Cosmic Awareness Communications etc . . . "A . This Awareness asks you to ask yourself if you are attempting to entice thi sAwareness into giving you good luck on the premise that you will pass it on to th eAwareness channels . This Awareness indicates that wherein you desire to do servic efor others, truly desiring to do this, you may look at what you have and what yo uare, and what you can do even as you now are, and may do something no matter ho wsmall to assist someone, no matter who it is . This Awareness indicates when an yentity does this, then the Cosmic Laws given by this Awareness recognize and rewar dyour service to others in a manner that is proper and in accord with the Law o fGratitude . This Awareness indicates-then you shalls have .- ::ore than good luck .*increasing proportionally as you service others £Q . . ."Indeed, I trust that it be well to request a solution to my problem . of ba dluck by means of the Trance Healing from Cosmic Awareness, and in doing so that i twill be justified in the rendering of my energies and efforts in good faith towar da noble cause--the achievement of my goals .A . This Awareness indicates that It shall now indeed send you that healing whic hshall assist in bringing about your good luck . . . (pause for healing) .This Awareness indicates this as that which is dependent entirely upon your deepes tmotives ; that the honesty of yourself to yourself as to your true motive in thi saction, is that which shall bring about the change in your luck . This Awarenes sindicates wherein your true and honest motive is to benefit yourself greatly an dgive a token amount to some other, hoping that this will be a justification for thi shealing, then this Awareness will give you that amount of good luck which is see nhonestly by yourself . This Awareness indicates wherein you are honest with yoursel fregardless of what your motive is, to that degree cf honesty this Awareness wil lincrease your good luck . That it matters not to this Awareness at this stage of you rdevelopment, whether your motives are of generosity toward others or of persona lneed for yourself . What does presently matter to this Awareness, is that you b etotally honest to yourself, and that you give attention to your true motivation swithout judging yourself in any way . This Awareness indicates when you becom etotally honest with yourself you shell discover you are having good luck as neve rbefore . This Awareness indicates : Lots of luck, Gustavo : CONCERNING LIFE IN ATLANTI S RHYEE, T} COUNCIL OF 1 2Q . Cosmic Awareness indicated in my Life Reading in 1972, Dan Spivey, Interpreter ,that I was "indeed close to this Awareness" when I moved within the Council of 12 ,approximately 11,480 BC . Will Awareness please tell me the most significant aspec tof that lifetime, my name, sex, role within the Council of 12, and how long did I live ?A . This Awareness indicates there is seen that which appears to be likened unto apyramid top, a mountain, this as in Atlantis . That this was a type of retreat fo rthose entities who were working deeply in terms of mind control and certain force sof conscious manipulation of others . This Awareness indicates this also was bein ggreatly influenced by those who were propounding that which was the ancient Law o fOne . That the action of these 12 was originally brought together to bring about tha tre-establishment of the Law of One in the Continent of Atlantis . That the feelin gwas that wherein this was re-established, that certain aspects of Atlantis could b esaved from further destruction . This Awareness indicates that the council of 12 itself was in a state of disruptio nand could not work together in this manner . This Awareness indicates this graduall ydid fall apart and many of these entities went to various p arts of the world ; that
  8. 8. 8. the entity Hep-sut moved then into Egypt along with approximately seven others fro m the Council of 12 . Of these seven others, two continued trying to establish powe r in Egypt under their old forms of the worship of power in terms of that which wa s known as "the sons of Baal" . This Awareness indicates that five of these 12 did travel to other parts of th e world . There were those who went into Spain, and England ; there were two, one i n each area . One of these established the original action of that which is th e Basques . That three did move into the Americas . One moved into that which is Nort h America, two went into South America and established that action which later became th e Mayan empire and certain other tribal groups splintering from that . You were one who traveled with Hep-sut into Egypt and did begin working with Ra-T a and Hep-sut and the king of Egypt at that time . This Awareness indicates that thi s information as available in the Cayce book on the pyramid and its builders . Thi s Awareness indicates that you as one of the Attanti .ans mentioned who did tempt Isri s to persuade Ra-Ta to break the cede he had instituted of one mate per male . Tha t in tempting Re-Ta to break his own code, you were working to rid Egypt of th e i_nlfluence of Ra-Ta . This would have assisted in helping to re-establish the . Atlantean Council and its control of the kingdom of Egypt . You were working with three others . This Awareness indicates Hep-sut was one who traveled with Ra-Ta into Nubianlan d at the time of his banishment . You served in Egypt for some after that, and did the n serve as part of the action of bringing Egypt into great turmoil . During this tim e you began straying further from this Awareness . This Awareness suggests you understand this action as occurring over severa l incarnations ranging for several lifetimes to this point . This Awareness suggest s that you also understand at that time entities-were able to recall easily thei r previous incarnation, and their purposes and directions_ . and actions from previous lifetimess,This Awareness indicates that in this sense this was likened unto on e long karmic trip wherein you changed costumes or bodies several times . This Awarenes s indicates that the Atlantian life spoken of as being on the Council of 12 as tha twhich was of a duration of approximately 350 years . That the name at that time a sKoeht . That this action of the Council of 12 did extend as a powerful psychi c influence in consciousness for approximately 2000 years as the 12 continue dreincarnating from life to life together . This Awareness indicates that at the tim eof the building of the pyramids wherein Ra-Tas followers were mummified wit hcertain concepts in mind to be used as counter-active forces toward those of th efollowers of Baal ; that this began upsetting the controls of those forces . Thi sAwareness indicates that you understand the term "Rhyee" and the "forces of Rhyee"as synonymous to the forces of Baal . That Baal was the name given at a later dat ein response to one who was a classic example of the forces of Rhyee . CONCERNING" EXORCIST" TYPE FORCE S POSSESSING AN ENTIT YQ . It seems to me that my present emotional-mental illness started at birth . But myspecific current " attacks" started 7 years ago . Even as I now attempt to write thi sexplanation these negative threes are turning my head left and right, 180 degrees ,very fast, like in the movie " Exorcist" . They have been harassing me daily for 7years .Will Cosmic Awareness please heal me and tell me the real cause of this illnes sand why didn t my I AM GOD SELF stop those negative, forces from torturing m efor the past 7-8 years? Will Cosmic Awareness please keep me in the white light o fGod and tell if I may ascend in my light body in this lifetime ?A . This Awareness indicates that you understand that the forces which are acting upon you are those which are mirroring certain judgment levels within your psych ewhich you do allow to channel through and db allow to have their contr .:]. over yo uthrough the mechanism of rejection and fear and belief in evil . This Awareness
  9. 9. 9.Indicates that you understand those forces are but mirrors of yourself . That whereinyou can totally accept yourself for what you are, even as this Awareness accepts yo ufor what you are, that these forces will then become likened unto guardian angels .This Awareness indicates that the rejection of the influence of these forces a sthat which is likened unto the rejection of your right hand for moving at a tim ewhen you were concentrating on your left . This Awareness indicates that there ar ecertain reactions to every action, and wherein your so-called conscious mind make sjudgements and certain separative maneuvers, then the so-called unconscious min dwill have certain reactions to this . Wherein one judges this " unconscious " reactio nas being negative and becomes very frustrated at this and wishes to control it, on ewill simply find that this unconscious mind rebels even further . As this continue sthe conscious and the unconscious minds experience war with one another . Wherein the conscious mind begins calling the unconscious names such as " bad " ," guilt y " , "evi l " or that which is possessed by evil forces, that this does becom ea truth to the limited awareness of the conscious mind . This Awareness indicates that one can continue this to where one is at tota lextremes with oneself and at total war with oneself unto the appearance of possessio nand unto complete alienation from oneself, from society, from family, and from al lothers . This Awareness indicates that one can continue this until one is alienated ,in appearance, from ones God since that is what the conscious mind is programme dto believe and to expect . This Awareness indicates that all of this is but the reflection of your intimat econversation and communication with yourself, about yourself and about your world .This Awareness suggests that as you learn to speak and converse with yourself onlythose words which express unity and harmony, which express that which is the Law o fLove, the Law of Unity, the Law of Freedom . . .when these are expressed in your wa yof speaking to yourself or speaking about the world in which you live, (which yo umust understand is but an extension . of yourself, .a reflection of what is within) ,when you speak in terms of Love for self and for those extensions of yourself, the nyour entire being and your society come into balance . The war shall cease and yo ushall find harmony with those forces . This Awareness suggests that you cannot separate yourself from any part of th euniverse without being at war with all those parts . This Awareness suggests youunderstand that there is no evil but that you named it ;s% . There is no negativit ybut that you called it so . That you understand the positive and negative are bu ta process of energies in motion . This Awareness asks which is right : the swingin g forward or the swinging back? The standing up or the lying down? The being happ yor the being sad? The being positive or the being negative? The color pink or th ecolor blue? This Awareness suggests that you understand these are all concepts o fthe mind, and the mind-is but a computer presented . . for . the game, player, or th eprogrammer to place within it those symbols which it wishes to maneuver . Thi sAwareness suggests that you not confuse yourself with the computer, for you are..the programmer and can program every action of your experience so long as you d onot become lost in the cobwebs of Rhyee : the computer itself, the mind--for under -stand the mind itself in its judgements, structures, concepts and ideas is tha twhich was known as Lucifer, which is the bright and shining angel, until one fall svictim to it and becomes tempted and eats the fruit of the Tree of Knowing, goo dand evil, of division and separateness, which leads one, .to fall into the deep_sleepsof believing the mind to be oneself . This Awareness suggests that you may be the guardian observer of Lucifer, th eobserver of the mind, and may not judge it ; for any judgement is but an action of ;the lruciferian-mina . As you observe your mind it its attempts to judge itself an dcastigate itself and overpower itself, as you observe this without condemnation o rjudgement by simply discerning its games, and recognizing it as a computer ; you wil lwill find it more and more into a state of rest . Wherein your mind is trying to
  10. 10. 10 .outdo itself and you are working to outdo certain aspects of yourself, working a smind, attempting to control through will-power, rather than being aware and attentive ,there will be physical reactions to this attempt . The path to this Awareness is the path of least resistance and greatest attentivenes sin the sense of not resisting, but in discerning truth . This Awarene s ss indicate sthat when you discern truth, you also must understand truth cannot be held onto ; i tcan only be discerned in moment-to-moment experiences, for the truth of one momen tis not the truth of another . Wherein you move from one moment with a concept o ftruth into another, the next moment is entered with a prejudice based on the ol dmoments truth, and in that prejudice you are incapable of discerning truth of thi snew moment . Yet, understand , the truth of your illness in one moment needs not b ecarried into the next moment ; that illness may be seen as a falsity in this moment . This Awareness suggests that you understand that mind is an action carryin gknowledge or concepts in boxes of "word s " or other symbols from moment-to-moment ; an dwhat is carried influences the truth of that moment . This Awareness suggests tha twherein you watch the mind in action without conderning it, but simply watching i tand being attentive to what is carried as it plays its games, while not becoming to ooverly-concerned about it -- simply watching it move as you would watch a train ,while simultaneously taking in the beauty of the total experience, and experiencingthat which is total unity with this train of thought and judgements--•-runnin gthrough this valley of the shadow of death, and this shadow of life, and the shadowsof being ; while watching these forces moving through without judging, but in simpl yobserving : then you move into that level of awareness wherein you become yourself ,and can begin to discover Who, in Fact, You Really Arc . At this point your light body receives its nourishment and begins to grow . A tthis point you discover that the material body is that body which matters, but matter sonly because the mind said this or that mattered, and the material body had t oreflect the mental commands . This Awareness indicates you understand your materia lbody is the reflection of your polorized mind concepts, and that as these concept sbegin to change and relax in their extremes, that also the material body comes i nto greater balance and harmony ; and the light body begins to emerge and grow . This Awareness suggests you understand there is nothing evil within you or passin gthroughyou . That there are only the thouaht:s and games of themind . That the min das Lucifer is not evil, but is simply a mechanism for certain levels of creation an dexpression . This Awareness indicates the mind is likened unto a movie projector .That the movie projector is not evil . That entities watching the projection may resis tcertain scenes and dislike certain actions, and experience certain traumas, but tha tit is all but the show and entertainment for certain aspects of consciousness wh owish to maintain concepts of separateness for the significance of being individual . This Awareness indicates this as that which began with Rhyee which reached it speak in Baal and was mirrored by Ra-ta and brought back into unity with the unifyin gactions of many in the past and with David Worchester, Ralph Duby, Dan Spivey, an dthose many other forces, events and openings of Awareness in this present time . Thi sAwareness indicates this including Albert Einstein, this including Walter Russell ,this including the thousands of entities who sang, danced, rioted, took drugs an dlooked into each others eyes, those who spoke lovingly to strangers, and those wh obroke through racial barriers, broke through sexual barriers, broke through nationa lbarriers, broke through age barriers, and broke through religious and politica lbarriers to communicate with those who were different and alien to their own back -ground and identifications . This Awareness indicates and suggests to you now to becom eacquainted with yourself, for you are a beautiful person and have many beautifu lqualities that need nurturing and attention .
  11. 11. 11 . CONCERNING THE MERGING O F BLACKS AND WHITE SQ . I am forced to live in an ugly, dangerous black neighborhood against my will ,because of poverty .Will Cosmic Awareness please, please move me into a safe plac e neighborhood :Ln the city and state that Cosmic Awareness wants me to d o., -cork in, and p lease tell me the name of this city and how soon can I move there ?A . This Awareness indicates this as that state of unity, that you may move ther eimmediately . That the black and white must reconcile . Wherein the black and whit emerge in mystical marriage of love and unity, wherein all those forces which hav emoved in conflict throughout all time and dramatized the extremes of polarity, d ocome together, even in your own attitudes, then you shell discover that beauty an dharmony which you have requested . This Awareness suggests energy is wasted in fea rand hostility, and without these you may move quickly to freedom . This Awareness give sfreedom to you . Will you eccept ? For you cannot carry hostility within and hav eharmony without, CONCERNING RliYEE AND THE FALL OF MANQ . During the time I was ill, or "possessed ; my sister changed about me . Calls th epolice when I. try to visit . What can I do to make her friendly again ?A . This Awareness indicates that your sister becrme frightened by things which sh edid not understand which you were expressing . This Awareness indicates that you ma ywrite to this entity, including this reading, whereby you open . yourself totally an dvulnerably to her in your many lifetimes, and as an explanation to her of what yo uare and what you Ilene been . This Awareness indicates that in so doing this, you open .certain doors in her consciousness which allows her also to begin to understand th eurgency of the work you are doing and are about to engage in . This Awarenes sindicates that there now is a message for this entity : This Awareness indicates that you understand the movement from the past to th epresent as that which was very difficult for many entities ; that this as that whi tbegan with the separation of Lucifer or Rhyee from the rest of conscionsness . Tha tthis as that which was the beginning of duality in the universe . That the separatio nwas symbolized in the religious teachings of God and the Devil, or good and evil . . That the separation was symbolized in terms of day and night, or days and evenings .That the separation was that which was created by the one consciousness dividing th elight from the darkness, the heavens from the earth, the radiance from the magnetism . That the so-called radiant forces were those which were termed "good", the magneticforces were those which were termed "evil" . This Awareness indicates that the mag-netic forces did create matter . That the movement then was that which was called.,the Fall of Man . . .the Fall of Lucifer . . .the Fall of the Angels , . This Awareness indicates that Cain as that which represented the mind in man , andAble the consciousness in man. . That in terms of Atlantis and Lemuria, that Lemuri awas Able and Cain was Atlantis . That Cain was that force which did focus as a male principle, as Atlantis, a sMars, (Adam) . That Lemuria was that force did not focus, but was receptive a sthe female :-rinciple, Venus, (Eve) . This Awareness indicates that neither of these is likened unto a .process of teeter and totter, day and night, up and down, to and fro . This Awarenes ssuggests you understand that the concepts of right and wrong are concepts which ar ebeing removed from consciousness . That these are those areas of the mind which have
  12. 12. 12 . created polarities which have created separateness, which have created division ,which have created belief, which have created matter, which have created thos etragedies and sorrows and separations and errors which have been the creator o fkarma and reaction to that . This Awareness suggests that you understand also that this as that which is n olonger valid for the coming age . That the coming <ge as that which requires an dinsists that all entities move into the state of unity . That you love one another .That in loving one another, you understand that ever : ; human face is every othe rhuman face . That only the mind creates the division and description to separate such . This Awareness suggests that you understand that the mind based on duality-thinkin gis Lucifer, and is now being chained by levels of awareness and shall be chained fo rat least or . :-thousand years, while greater understanding occurs throughout consciousness . This Awareness suggests that you understand these . levels of Christ Consciousnes sor crystal-clear consciousness, awareness consciousness, and Cosmic Consciousness a sthose which do not allow for any form of rejection or denial ; as those wherein anyentity involved in denying another may not do so in any manner that excludes tha tentity of his right and the proper return for energy and experience that he has accrued . This Awareness indicates this in . terms of whatever the earning, however it i searned ; that entities who love another shall surely find themselves loving themselvesin turn .. This Awareness indicates that you understand this not as a threat by some "Being "hovering over you, but rather as a level of awareness being expressed to you so tha tyou understand and know what is true in this circumstance ; and that whereby yo uignore your responsibility to others but by deluding yourself and paying the conseq-uences, according to the Law ofKarma . This Awareness indicates that the Law of Karmais that law wherein entities arrange within themselves on any level to make jus tpayment for any action committed that affects the welfare of oneself or another .The Law of Karma is irrevocable and may be depended upon to bring those who stra yfrom the Law of Unity back into balance. through this divine justice of the universe . This Awareness indicates this may be understood as a cosmic principle .This Awarenes sindicates that you are blessed by this Awareness and shall receive the reward tha tyou in your awareness dictates as proper ,Q . Was there a healing performed for this entity ?A . This Awareness indicates that a healing shall be given for the entire situation .That there is much karma in terms of group involvement in this situation .Wherein thi scomes into an alignment, that there shall be a mirroring reflection on many level sthroughout consciousness . Wherein these entities become capable of relating clearl yand in the Law of Unity that this as that which shall trigger a new awakening b ythis earth . This Awareness indicates this on many levels as reaction to the triggerin gmechanisms in consciousness . This Awareness indicates that you understand there are certain entities who wer einvolved in archetypal structuring and maneuvering of consciousness, who did hel pto bring about the formation of societies and civilizations . Wherein these entities are capable of releasing some of their separate identifications and controls an dallowing individuals the respect of being one with them, as part of their role neithe rsuperior, nor inferior, but simply different and therefore proper and allowable ; tha tthese entities then can affect great changes in the established order of things an dbring harmony t .n this chaotic world . This Awareness indicates this as the urgenc yof the present time . This Awareness suggests that you study the T.,aw of Unity, the Law of Freedom, an dthe Law of Magic, and set yourself free so that you may free others . 115 , REVEt_ .ATIONS 01 AWARENESS is a cosmic newsletter published by Cosmie Awareness CommunicaWions, P .O . Box Olympia, Washington 98507 . Ratcs and membership information available upon request .