Cosmic Awareness Communication s80–30        The New-Age Commie Newsletter                                                ...
COSMIC AWARENESS :   This Awareness indicates this as another repeat performance of many similar announcements . This Awar...
This Awareness indicates that the Passion Play serves as an example for entities to follow, serves as a moral lesson ,    ...
DOES ONES SUN SIG N                                                         DETERMINE ONES, LIFE SPAN                     ...
judgment and balance of Libra, being more inclined to letting the emotions go, tends to produce the children bor nin Cance...
THE SHAKERS OF CONSCIOUSNES S                                               (   The Masses Begin to Awaken From their Slum...
This Awareness suggests you move into the spiritual and have the faith than the material needs will be manifested ,      a...
whereby an entity can use a pendulum to determine the direction of a particular object which has been lost . Thi sAwarenes...
COSMIC AWARENESS :   This Awareness indicates that this as the tragedy of complacency in following orders, in following th...
GERM WARFARE TEST IN U .S .                                       ( From a C .A .C . Reading, May 7, 1980 )QUESTION :A que...
This Awareness indicates these manners of questioning as that which applies in particular to entities questionin g        ...
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Cosmic Awareness 1980-30: Agent Orange- Tragic Karma for those who Went to Vietnam


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Cosmic Awareness 1980-30: Agent Orange- Tragic Karma for those who Went to Vietnam

  1. 1. Cosmic Awareness Communication s80–30 The New-Age Commie Newsletter P . O . Box US, Olympia, WnMngian 9130 7PRICE . $3 .0 0 Buddha, as the world begins Edgar Cayce an d Itself through Jesus of Nazareth again todayKrishna. Mohammed,to enter the New Ag COSMIC AWARENESS served Force that expressed Heavenly Fathe r and whoen co the is the speaks other great avatars who as Channel s for the e se -trained chan.CcTh s lnfor- n eAwarn from deep super-conscious tranc h~ lseand inters ted byan enttitdyaffiliated with C A channelnnrls , y throu g ,nation c ntained hereinwho d esire toc was receiv d bringing In qe Age re,rdouo and disscu rfor yourselithrough your own ovv information is fo t tels.. us not to believ e nything but to xp h th e , C rosmicAwarens bt, the Aqueri ir Paul Shockley necessa Frily ter truth r sp nsibleµfortanything ewhatLs Cosmlicd~Awareness acy state fi in eany of these readings . nor dos trance. levels and is riot personallp m C .A .C y Paul S ochley is tsith the statements of Cosmic .Awarcnces . to send in questions of generalhe sees them in Awareness for possible publication . believe or agree are invited Paul interprets the energies as interest to ask responsible for what is said .Members of C .A .C he Secon d Comin g of Chris t Paul Shockle y Trance--Interprete r ( Once more ! All together now . Lets here it for Jesus ! QUESTION : Awareness has answered this question numerous times before when asked : When is the entity Jesus going to return to the physical plane . Each time a psychic or new book comes out we get an onslaught of letters and have rec - eived no less than ten or so in regards to a book recently put out called, Th e "~a a Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom, by Benjamin Creme . The following question of R .K . is typical: "This book states the `Lord Maitreya, the Christ, has arrived in a well-kno w c country on the 19th of July, 1977, and is currently doing work on the planet himself in the political and economi - : besides the Second Coming of Christ being a level of col areas, with pari,icular emphasis on sharing . My question is Consciousness and spirit also manifest Us e sciousness that individuals can themselves tap into, will or has this Christ . ? in a physical form? Who is Lord Maitreya the Christ? " And I might add, is this book mentioned valid , Ellis Note : This book available from Tea Preis, PO Box 2626 Los Angles, California 90028 ($5 . l0) ;iw1lrsuees CotnlntuliCatio ni Si the Aquarian Church of Universal Service
  2. 2. COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this as another repeat performance of many similar announcements . This Awarenessindicates that each of these various new messiahs entering into the work of assisting the planet to improve, givin gthe message of love and sharing, of service---each of these as adding to the collective efforts and messages of th evarious teachers and messiahs of old . This Awareness indicates that each is as valid as the entity is capable of assist -ing in channeling the clear Christ Consciousness to the masses . This Awareness indicates and reminds entities that the Lord Krishna, that there were also other messiahs fro mreligions of other times and other cultures who also are prophesied to return . This Awareness indicates that entitie swho search for the messiah and point here and point there, looking at this child, looking at that child, looking a tthis entity or that entity, would be wise to attend the movie The Life of Brian and observe the scene wherein thecrowd assumes that Brian must be the messiah . This Awareness indicates often your own hunger of seeking to fin da physical leader, a physical messiah, is that which stands in the way of finding the Christ : Consciousness within you rown soul : the Light, the way, the truth to the kingdom which is within . This Awareness suggests that even as ther eare those who search here and there for the kingdom of heaven, (which is within), there are also those who searc hhere and there for the Christ Consciousness, which is also within . This Awareness suggests that you turn your attention deep into your soul toward the divinity within, and thereyou will experience the Second Coming of the Christ . This Awareness indicates that for those who cannot be satisfied with this, you may pleasure yourself by searchin gfor the Christ in others, for it lies deep within each entity . This Awareness indicates there is a saying by Buddh athat those who search for the clear light and discover the Buddha of the clear light, realize that they themselves ar ethe divine Buddha, the divine clear light ; and once discovering this, turn and see that the divine, clear Iight of th eBuddha-hood is also found in all others, even though they may not yet realize its presence . This Awareness indicates that as those who are unaware of the presence of the clear light within themselves searc hfor the all-good Buddha and the clear light in a living master, once finding this, the living master can do no mor ethan to show the entity the clear light within the entity s own consciousness . This Awareness indicates if you cam eface-to-face with the living Christ in flesh, it would simply point out to you the living Christ within your own flesh . This Awareness indicates that it is for each entity to accept this Christ Consciousness, this clear light, this all-good,all loving presence by the faith that it is available to you if you but open yourself and accept its presence as part o fyour being . This Awareness suggests this best occurs wherein entities give themselves to the crystal pure, virgin-bor nclear light of truth, the Christ Consciousness . WILL THE PASSION PLAY OF CHRIST EVER AGAI N BE ACTED OUT UPON THIS EARTH PLANE ?QUESTION :Awareness, the Passion Play acted out by the entity Jesus, Krishna and all those other Avatars down through history ,which was basically the same, is there any possibility that in the future on this planet that this play will have to b erepeated ?COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that in varying degrees, each entity moves through this scenario in his or her experience son this plane as each entity develops the Christ Consciousness . This Awareness indicates that as has previously bee ngiven, the Passion Play as being symbolic of the movement of the self to the place of skulls and the crucifixion o fthe ego upon the cross . This Awareness reminds entities that even as the Satan tempted the Christ with promises of material gain an dthe Christ shunned the offer : likewise, every entity must realize that the material promises do not, bring forth th espiritual purposes of on es mission---as each entity may move through activities on this earth that amaze and astoun dothers as to their magnitude, that serve others, such as through healing and miraculous accomplishments such a swalking on water or some feat that astounds others, --- all of these actions and the fame which follows are but par tof the earthly experience leading up to the crucifixion of the ego, whereby the self, with all its glory, crowned, rec-eives in fact little comfort from the world---for the crown is but a thorny reminder of the weakness of the flesh ; andtherefore, in spite of all the glory and the potential greatness and the claims, the ego must be sacrificed, must b egiven upon the cross of spirit and matter and must be laid to rest . This Awareness indicates once this occurs, the nthe resurrected soul---egoless, bodiless---then may reform and move into its full divinity and higher purposes . 2.
  3. 3. This Awareness indicates that the Passion Play serves as an example for entities to follow, serves as a moral lesson , and also serves as a pattern for the soul in its path of development . This Passion Play moves through the chakras with points designated and symbolized in a manner whereby each chakra is touched as the consciousness rises to ite m )lace of resurrection . The original point of birth of this consciousness, being in the chakra at the base of the spin e--in the gonad area, as being symbolized in the Christian story as the manger wherein animalistic vibrations lie . This Awareness indicates that each chakra moves the energy upward wherein the movement of the Christ child int o Egypt and again back toward his home . This Awareness indicates there also were the `hidden years wherein the entitys life was unexplained in thi s passion story and these chakras being touched are not clearly designated in that particular area . This Awareness ind- icates the entity having moved into India, Tibet, Persia and certain mystery schools in Ethiopia and in Egypt . Thi s Awareness indicates that the movement back into contact with his own people begins again with the heart chakr a wherein the entity assists and heals others, the throat chakra wherein the entity teaches and speaks to others, an d the pineal wherein the entity confronts those money-changers and priests . This Awareness indicates that in this action the energies rising to the place of skulls, up the back of the head t o that Hill of Golgotha, the place of the skulls, and onto the cross between the pineal and pituitary energies, wherei n the cross, and into the tomb known as the pituitary . This Awareness indicates that this then resulted in a resurrect - ion of higher Christ Consciousness levels and the death of the ego . This Awareness indicates, of course, the ego is also personified in other legends as the phoenix bird, which rise s from its own ashes ; and therefore, like the phoenix, the ego, or new self, arises and is resurrected anew, as a Ne w Being to move on to higher purposes on a higher dimension, no longer bound by the lower vibrations of the phy- sical, material world . This Awareness indicates this also reflected in the Zodiac movement from the signs of Aries through to Scorpio , the sign of death and resurrection, wherein the scorpion symbolizes the lower ego form and the eagle symbolizes th e higher, resurrected or transmuted form . This Awareness indicates the scorpion being an emotional or water an d earth creature and the eagle being the air and sky, or spirit creature . This Awareness indicates that in the Zodiac symbology, the movement from that sign then goes on to the Sagitt- arius sign, symbolizing expansion or extension, this paralleling the philosophy being spread in the Christian o r Krishna or Indra or Mithra or Buddhist religions . This Awareness indicates that in these religions, the philosoph y spreads and is more powerful after the entity s death than during the time when these entities were alive . This Awareness indicates in the Zodiac, the next sign being that of Capricorn, wherein these energies and philo- sophies become crystalized in structures such as churches, temples and systems, wherein these teachings are taugh t and enforced . This Awareness indicates that the next Zodiac sign being that wherein the energies and spirit of th e message by these teachings is given to others through service . That the final sign being that of Pisces wherein th e integration of all these energies and teachings begin to merge and flow together in a lifestyle or culture . This Awareness indicates that these Passion Plays are also symbolized in various ancient, secret schools and thei r rituals---these coming from early Atlantean schools . This Awareness indicates likewise, the Development Classe s which this Awareness has given for Its ministers also includes the symbolic and consciousness and ritualistic move- ment through these energy fields to allow Its ministers to experience the ego death through imagery, philosophy and ritual . * *The 12 Basic Development and the 12 Advanced Development classes given by Awareness hopefully will be available to th e membership in tape form in the near future so those interested may participate in the ego-death experience and many others . For more information on the Passion Play and the entities who participated, please refer to `Revelations of Awareness No . 80-20 , (Should Children be Taught the Fundamental Christian Doctrine?) :$3 .00 from C.A .C .Also No . 78-25 (Is Cosmic Awareness a Fals e Prophet?)$1 .50 . MORE ON SAINT TWINKL E (Closing Message from another reading ) This Awareness suggests that the Christian Age being seen as that wherein the Christ was suspended from th e cross, this having having four arms . This Awareness suggests you visualize the Aquarian Age as that wherein th e Thrist has been resurrected, released from the cross, and stands in the symbol of a five-pointed star, legs bein g— spread apart, arms outstretched, a smile and crown on his head, superimposed over Saint Twinkle . This Awarenes s indicates Saint Twinkle being simply that coacept of joy, prosperity, harmony, radiance and freedom . For more on St . Twinkle, please refer t o `Revelations of Awareness No . 80- 8 (The birth of St . Twinkle) ;$3 .00 from C .A .C . 3
  4. 4. DOES ONES SUN SIG N DETERMINE ONES, LIFE SPAN ( Long Live the Gemini s QUESTION : A question from V .K . "A certain researcher stated that his findings revealed peopl e born under certain astrological signs live longer than others . For example, after check- ing many, many cemetery monuments containing birth and death dates, as well as oth e sources registering demises, he found that Geminis live the longest, while Sagittarian s `°" ~•~ , had the lowest lifespan . Of course, there must be exceptions, but his invest - ./ti . ues e igations were intended to establish data as respects vast majorities . Can Awareness explain why certain signs evidently are prone to shor t er life spans ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that this particular type of evidence i s valid during certain periods, but will have some variations durin g other periods ; for the slower moving planets will change signs fro m generation to generation, and this will affect the outcome of th e statistics, because the planets in these different signs have differen t effects on the other signs,---this having some influence on the statist- ical research . This Awareness indicates, however, that in a general sense this a s being valuable and relatively accurate, for there appears to be som e tendencies for certain signs not to have as much vitality as others .This Awareness indicates that this having to do with the vital energies involved in the initial programming of th ecells of the entity . This being in part related to the types of food, the time of year, the tatvic tides involved durin gthe time of conception and of birth . This Also having something to do with the balance of the tridosha : the tridosha being that balance of fire, ai rwater (or in modern terms, the circulatory, nervous or nerve energies, and the phlegmatic energies of a body),-- cproper balance giving health, and those which are altered improperly denying health . This Awareness indicates that each sign having a slightly different influence on the tridosha of individuals : thefire signs having a more fiery tridosha, the watery signs having a more emotional or phlegmatic tridosha, and the ai rsigns having more of a nerve or airy type of tridosha . This Awareness indicates that each of these being such tha tthey have an effect on the ability of the body to handle stress from various sources throughout life . WHY ARE THERE SO FEW GEMINIS ? ( "Anjin-san, come pillow with me" )QUESTION :Awareness, some astrologers claim that Gemini is the scarcest sign as far as numbers, the sign with the lowest amou rof entities ; that there are fewer Geminis than there are any signs . This doesnt appear to make much sense---it seen -like it ought to balance out evenly . If this is true, would Awareness explain why ?COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates there is a tendency for entities to be more intimate during colder weather, wherei nthere is not as much opportunity for entities to become involved in other types of physical activities, and whereb yentities are more attracted to each other for bodily heat and attention and intimate relationships . Therefore, manyof the cooler months tend to be those times wherein entities conceive children . This Awareness indicates likewise ,the Springtime has an effect of causing certain types of appetite and energies which relate unto the time of plantin gand therefore this also becomes a time of conception for many entities . This Awareness indicates that the Fall, being a time of apprehension and harvest, is not so much a time of conc etion, but a time of gathering ; is not so much a time for planting seeds, is not so much a time for intimacy, but ratjis a time of work, wherein entities are somewhat more exhausted and also apprehensive of the coming winters . Tfore, this not being a good time for entities to conceive . This Awareness indicates therefore, nine months later ,fewer children are born . . This Awareness indicates essentially, the sign of Libra as being more of a barren sign than that of Scorpio . This Awareness indicates that the Scorpio sign, being more active in sexual interest and more passionate, without th e 4.
  5. 5. judgment and balance of Libra, being more inclined to letting the emotions go, tends to produce the children bor nin Cancer, nine months later . This Awareness indicates there being a very high rate of Cancernians, or. that know nas the "Moon child", which follows the low birth rate of the sign of Gemini . PICK NG A PRESIDENT ( From a C .A .C . General Reading )QUESTION : April 13, 198 0A question from G .J . of Holcomb, Wis 4 "How do we judge our politicians this Fall? We all want a good President ,one who will stabilize our economy and our foreign affairs . How do we judge our man? " And I might add, does i treally make any difference in light of what has been happening these last few years`:COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that essentially, this election makes little difference ; for the greater influence is bein gconducted from other levels far beyond the Presidency . This Awareness indicates this much likened unto a corpor-ation whose employers are asking each other, "Who should we elect as janitor? "QUESTION : Then it would do no good to look for particular qualities in any of the candidates at this particular time ?COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that the candidates can have very little influence in terms of the events which are occur -ring ; but they can assist in serving as likened unto an emcee, a moderator or a communicator, to pacify the peopl einto thinking there is a policy which the people can choose from or follow . This Awareness indicates that it appearsthat the economy and the international affairs being the great issue, ana both being out of control of the Presid-ency, will simply serve as discussion points for candidates and will continue being controlled, regardless of who is`in This Awareness indicates if there is a meaning in what is occurring, it appears that the purpose of the Presidency ,the elections, and all of the ballyhoo in regards to this action, is to demonstrate to the masses that there is no leade rcapable of serving the needs satisfactorily°This Awareness indicates this as likened unto diffusing the concept o fleadership, so that entities cease to look at the President and begin looking at the manipulators behind the scene sand where the real power lies . This Awareness indicates that there are events which will overshadow the elections ,but which the elections will also tend to reflect off of . This Awareness indicates that this appears to be an actio nwherein the election serves as a diversion, while other events are taking place which circumvent the roles of leader -ship and direction which the masses would require . This Awareness suggests that were it not for the election, entitie swould be looking at the events ; but as the election is being given great significance, entities are looking at this an dat the candidates. And as this occurs, the events are being manipulated and moved through, according to the patter nof those who manipulate the events . WHAT WORDS ON YOUR TELEPHONE WILL TRIP THE COMPUTER ?QUESTION :Ever since we published the question about the telephone ,wherein certain words trip a computer, + : we ve had a lot o fpeople ask if Awareness would explain what words not t ouse on the phone so as not to trip the listening computer .Would Awareness give us a list of these words ?COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that generally words relating to weapons, l Q v~~ ~whether these are clear words or slang ; that is general . slang, word srelating to weapons, to taxes, to drugs, to acts of violence, to anit-semiti cterms, and to major political or powerful banking officials, and key words relating to secret organization sand their names and their titles, the titles of their members and officers . This Awareness indicates that theseare generally the areas which contain the words which tri gger the computer . This Awareness suggests that th edanger of these not so great but that these can be listened to by the computer and are reviewed by those wishing t oknow what is occurring . This Awareness indicates that more recently, terms such as those relating to robotoids andthat information of Dr . Beter, this also i5 being included, the terms such as names reiating ; to high political offices ,also agencies such as the CIA, FBI . and NSA and similar terms, abbreviations or titles . *`Revelations of Awareness No . 78-31 (How Ma Bell taps your phone) :$1 .50 from C .A.C . 5.
  6. 6. THE SHAKERS OF CONSCIOUSNES S ( The Masses Begin to Awaken From their Slumbe r rvk . ) This Awareness indicates there is seen that which is likened unto a Iight----This as a light which shines forth upo nthe mass mind . This light as being such that it begins to grow brighter and to allow the many eyes of the mass min dto see deeper into the mysteries of life . This Awareness indicates that this as the dawning which begins to approach ,to even awaken those who have been in deep slumber . This Awareness indicates there are many who still sleep, bu tthere are also many who awaken very rapidly at this time . This Awareness indicates the situations which are on th ehorizon, whereby entities move about as shakers of consciousness to awaken those from their slumber, this situatio nwill serve to assist in speeding up the awakening process, whereby more entities shall awaken and assist in helpin gothers to awaken also . This Awareness indicates these entities coming in contact with those who slumber, shaking these entities fro mtheir stupor, being somewhat gentle, but also being capable of firm shaking . This Awareness indicates these entitie sare beginning to have a powerful effect . Others, also, are joining in, in the efforts to awaken others, even while ther eare those forces which would continue lulling others to sleep . These forces are losing their momentum, for there i sa whole lot of shaking going on at this time . SEEKING FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GO D (A Good Reason Why Not to Work ? )QUESTION :A question from J .M. of Ridgecrest, Calif . "The Bible says, `Seek the Kingdom of Heaven first and all else will b eadded unto you . I have expected that this was true, but have had no success as yet . Is it possible that due to th epresent economic system that this statement has become invalidated, ie . making a living first and then seek th eKingdom of Heaven? However, this doesn t make much sense either, because Jesus said that he knew people ha dto provide shelter, food and clothing for themselves, but that they could seek the Kingdom of Heaven first anyway .How does that passage above relate to what is happening in this day and age? I am unable to make any decision sabout this one way or another, because no matter which way I choose, someone will be hurt and just waiting i sboring . Responsibility is a difficult thing forsomeone to assume . How can it be taken without someone being hur tby decisions taken?"COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that the Greek word from which `heaven is taken is that which means `expansion, an dthis word expansion is in relation to consciousness . This Awareness indicates that the word `heaven as that which i ssymbolized by the hands uplifted, fingers together as in the prayer position . This Awareness indicates this heavin gor uplifting of the hands as that which is symbolic of the aspiring consciousness or the expanding consciousness.ThisAwareness indicates the word `heaven as essentially meaning the expansion of ones consciousness . This Awarenessindicates that. the entity Jesus, or the Christ, stated that the `Kingdom of Heaven was within . This Awareness indic-ates this in reference to the consciousness within an entity . This Awareness indicates that in terms of expanding con-sciousness within an entity wherein you seek that first, then you may have all else which is necessary for you . Thi sAwareness indicates that within that expanded consciousness there lies the magic and the capacity, the capability ,the talent to put your energies into action in a manner whereby you may receive all that is necessary for you fro mthe material realm. This Awareness indicates that whereby you seek to reach heaven through the material efforts, that whereby yo useek to find your happiness by grabbing for material wealth or goods, this is likened unto the Tower of Babel mov-ing from materialism toward heaven . This Awareness indicates that there is an action whereby you can move againstthe current, from the material toward the spiritual, but this action is that which takes a vast amount of energy an dtime. This Awareness indicates the Universe flows from the spiritual toward the material, and entities moving in th eopposite direction are working against the flow of the Universe . _ v.
  7. 7. This Awareness suggests you move into the spiritual and have the faith than the material needs will be manifested , and you concentrate on bc•in, a spiritual being at,oue with aapirituai Universe, and having the material that is nec- essary for your material existence and having this supplied from the spiritual realm to you . This Awareness indicates if you concentrate on seeking the material in order , to have that which is necessary for your spiritual well-being, yo u are working in opposite direction with the Universal flow . This Awareness indicates that in the action of being inv- olved with spiritual energies, when you look at others, if you are truly at one with spiritual energies, those others are as dear to you as you are to yourself, and therefore you would not do anything to harm these others . This Awareness indicates if it entails that you continue to work physically in order to assist those entities about you, the n you continue in this action, for your concern is of being spiritually oriented and related to those entities, and thi s grounding force of work is that which is necessary . This Awareness indicates you may be working physically fo r material needs for these entities, but this does not mean you are materialistic in your attitude ;--you may be doing this action from a feeling of love for your friends or family and this is a spiritual attitude . This Awarenessindicates that an action may be motivated from spiritual energies or from material and selfish energies, and thataction may be the,same action. This Awareness suggests that if you have been working for material gain to supplement your familys needs, then you may simply change your attitude and workito supplement you r familys needs because you have a spiritual affection and love for these entities . This Awareness indicates that you r actions need not change hut your attitude may---the attitude change itself is that which will begin to bring about a flow with the universal forces, and this will lead to „ ;renter control and benefits from the Universe for your spiritua l development and growth as well as rewards from the material level for your energy given . This Awareness suggests you begin to flow with the universal currents of spiritual love and affection for all, rathe r Lilian from the energies of seeking to get what you can for yourself and those dear to you, whom you consider as extensions of yourself . This Awareness suggests that the difference between the entitr_whosees himself as separat e _from the Universe and the entity_wlm-se-elin sell as part-cif The spiritual flovW of the Universe, is1hatwhich creates the change in attitude wliielf in turn generates the difference in reward, andthosewho seek the Kingdom of God,, . the spiritual oneness_with the Universe are those who will receive the greater inner rewards as well as the externa l rewards . This Awareness suggests however, you not approach this ,action simply as an economic game-plan for getting mor e physical and material wealth, but that you approach tinsIor your spiritual wealth ; for therein is the foundatio n`- which allows the other to follow. SOME LITTLE KNOWN FACTS ABOUT FISH AND ANIMALS ( How They Tune in to Certain Energy Fields ) ( More on Psionic Energy & the Pendulum ) . QUESTION: A question from B .S. of Lakewood, Colorado . "A recent In Search O f TV program wa about the psychic ability of animals . One experiment involved a Siamese fighting fish in a bowl with a special mirror, th e reflective qualities of which could be turned off and on. The switch- ing of the mirror was hooked up to a generator which was program- med to switch the mirror off and on in a random fashion. After the . fish had been exposed to the special mirror for a period of time, see- ing his own image when the mirror was on and not seeing it when th e mirror was off, a peculiar thing happened---the mirror started stayin g on for longer periods of time . It was hypothesized that the fish, whic h is known for its extremely bellicose and agressive attitudes toward s members of its own species, was somehow exerting a psychic contro l over the generator and was forcing it to turn the mirror on more time s than could be accounted for by random chance . Was the fish in its eagerness to posture beligerentiy before its own image exerting a psychic control over the generators? The TV program also touche d briefly on the ability of dogs and cats to PSI-track their owners to homes where they had never been before . Maybe Awareness could comment on this ability too . Can some animals literally tune into their owner s vibrational level and use it as a homing device ?-ants COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this in the affirmative . This Awareness indicates that these entities are indeed capabl e of such unity and oneness with their owner or master that they can feel the general direction and location of tha t entity . This Awareness indicates this is not too unusual a quality, this is very similar to the action of the pendulum , 7.
  8. 8. whereby an entity can use a pendulum to determine the direction of a particular object which has been lost . Thi sAwareness indicates there are certain entities employed in high positions of technology who can look at a particula rdiagram, run their hand over that diagram and locate a part of that machine represented by the diagram or the elec-trical component drawn upon the diagram which indicates to them an area of breakdown in a machine built from ,that diagram which may exist several thousand miles away . This Awareness indicates this is not unusual as a quality among certain highly evolved technicians in your presen tindustrial sciences . This Awareness indicates that this is little known by most entities, and that it is not highly pub-licized---this relates to the psionic force which is becoming more and more popularized among entities in variou sfields of technology as well as other studies . This Awareness indicates in terms of the fish and its activities, that this as a demonstration of the power of mind . This Awareness indicates that the fish as operating from a sense of curiosity, a desir e to see what it is looking at . This Awareness indicates the fish was not fully conscious that it was a reflection of itself but did recognize that when it appeared it had a part- icular feeling about that reflection---the fish then began to generate that feeling eve n at times when the image was not present, and the generation of that feeling assiste d in causing the image to reoccur . This Awareness indicates there are many examples of this kind of mind over matte r in human affairs, that this as a rather unique example as it indicates the movement of the psionic energies into levels of the world of fish . This Awareness indicates tha t this also is the same energies which are useful in terms of the migrations of animal s and fowl and fish . This Awareness indicates that essentially this relates to the electro- magnetic field which is in layers of many octaves, one around the other, vibration s coming off of vibrations, and the finer and finer vibrations reaching into higher an d higher frequencies . This Awareness indicates that in these higher frequencies, th e energies begin to merge into one mind or one common dimensional exist- ence and in the lower frequencies, the energies merge into individual differ- ences . This Awareness indicates that wherein the minds of entities or anim - als, plants or other creatures move into these higher frequencies, they have - s- common communication with one another and with other fields of energ- ies which lie between . This Awareness indicates this also is related to actions whereby entities are capable of effecting material change s at a distance, of driving blindfolded, of bending metal even at dist- ances, of stopping clocks or watches at distances or simply by touch . This Awareness indicates this is an entirely new area of science , which as entities become more and more involved in this area t odiscover the full potential of their own consciousness, they also will discover that the mind in itself is the greates ttool and the organ of creation in all imaginable levels of existence . This Awareness indicates this as tapping into energies which the Lemurians had tapped into . This Awareness ind-icates that this as a universal energy, which many on your plane are now becoming more aware of and this shal leventually be used to work wonders which once machines or manual labor was required to do . AGENT ORANG E (TRAGIC KARMA FOR THOSE WHO WENT TO VIETNAM ) QUESTION : During the Vietnam war, young Americans were sent overseas to fight a war that few people liked . In the midst of dodging bullets, they were sprayed with a poison intended to strip the jungle bare and make the killing easier . No w the men are home and they are saying that the poison meant for the enemy, is killing them . Thousands have bee n complaining to the government that they have been sick for a dozen years ; many have skin cancer, blisters on th e hands, stomachaches, headaches, shooting pains in the eyes ; their offspring has genetic problems . The Veteran s Administration has sponsored a study, but its going to take about six years to study the medical histories . Th e Government denies that there was any problem . If this Agent Orange is indeed doing these things to these youn g men that they claim, would Awareness give some antidote or some type of remedy if there is something that migh t help alleviate this problem? $.
  9. 9. COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that this as the tragedy of complacency in following orders, in following the powers, infollowing those who are insane ; which results in such destructive tactics as these entities allowed themselves to b einvolved in . This Awareness indicates essentially, this as karma . This Awareness indicates that there are few winners in war, and any winning is but of a temporary nature . ThisAwareness indicates that violence does not deliver anything but further violence until entities become aware an dcease their violence toward one another . This Awareness indicates that as far as this particular Agent is concerned, there is very little that can be done fo rthese entities at this time with the materials available to the public . This Awareness indicates there are certain meth -ods which are capable of assisting these entities, but the established medical controls would not permit these meth-ods to be used . This Awareness indicates this including chromo-therapy, the use of colored light as a healing device ,ultra sonics used in certain methods (or healing, radiology ; hypnosis as having some effect, but this being limite dto the responsiveness of each individual . This Awareness indicates that diet through fasting and through the use o fcleansing products such as Aloe Vera, lemon juice or various herbal cleansing formulas---this can be of some value i nassisting, but this being limited and a slow process . This Awareness indicates that there are certain scientific breakthroughs which, in time, can develop a systemwhich will lead to the curing of many of these diseases, such as cancer, and particularly those diseases which affec tthe cells of the body . This Awareness indicates however, that these breakthroughs are slow in coming, will requir emuch experimenting and time before they will be released for use by the medical profession . This Awareness indic -ates that these also may be hindered by agencies . This Awareness indicates that essentially, there is not a great deal which can be done for these entities, other tha nthat they work carefully in cleansing their physical body, avoiding improper dietary programs, and work with th evarious fasting programs which can, over a period of time, assist in the release of toxins from the body . This Aware-ness indicates that this to include the product Aloe Vera, for the Aloe Vera as having much value in the treatmen tof this. This Awareness indicates this product also, however, is limited in what it can do . This Awareness suggests that there is much information out on the treatment of skin, of burns, and on herba lmedicines. This Awareness suggests a good homeopathic researcher, through the use of the homeopathic method ,could discover medicines from taking the essence of the toxin and creating the homeopathic remedy . That this initself could be of assistance in healing the problem. This Awareness indicates however, this has not been done. Tha tgood homeopathic researchers would be capable of doing this without great difficulty . This Awareness indicatesthat the Bach Flower Remedy as that which may have some value in alleviating or retarding the problem caused b ythis Agent, but that this is not totally effective either . This Awareness indicates the approach seen as most effective would be that of finding a homeopathic doctor wh owould take the toxin and create the homeopathic remedy for it . This Awareness has explained previously the hom-eopathic medicine is created by taking that which is the poison or toxin and reducing it again and again and again t ominiscule parts, and then giving this back to the patient . This Awareness indicates that this action does require th etraining and understanding of one who is aware of the homeopathic method, This Awareness indicates however ,that this can be an effective method of dealing with this problem .EDs Note :For more information on how homeopathic medicines work, please refer to `Revelations of Awareness, No . 77-13 (The Cosmic andphysical nature of drug addition) :$2.00 ; Information on the cleansing diet can be found in `Revelations of Awareness No .75-76($2 .00 )Also recommended is reading No . 80-17 (How to Heal the Body, Mind, Emotions & Spirit) ;$3 .00 from C .A .C . Personal Bach Flowe rformulas are available by writing to the following address for information : ALL : Mary Farrell, The Goodship, PO Box 40083, Portland ,Oregon, 97240 . Aloa Vera can be found in health food stores . There are homeopathic doctors in most areas . Consult Yellow Pages. 9.
  10. 10. GERM WARFARE TEST IN U .S . ( From a C .A .C . Reading, May 7, 1980 )QUESTION :A question from W .B . The Spotlight ran a story a few weeks ago about a virus type flu that has hit all over th ecountry . At one point 30% of the work force in Washington D .C . was out with it . It seems to respond to treatment ,but keeps returning . One doctor left practice and home and took his family to the hills somewhere . They terme dit "Germ Warfare " and weren t sure if the United States or another caused it . Would Awareness comment, please ?COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that this as being a kind of "Germ Warfare" program, a kind of experiment . This Aware-ness indicates that, it appears to have been enacted within this country by entities who are not working in the inter-est of this country . This Awareness does not wish to comment upon the perpetrators of this action, as this could be somewhat dang-erous at this time . This Awareness wishes not to put too much significance or focus on this particular action, as i tappears not to be of any great significance other than as a test to determine how effective a certain weapon systemmight be . This Awareness indicates that this appears to be something which will be made known at a later time, that pres-ently the release of this information is not timely . THE CONFLICT BETWEEN SKEPTICISM & BELIE F ( Anything which cannot be questioned, MUST be doubted ) (Opening Message) Jan . 11, 197 9COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that at various times in the past, this Awareness has suggested that entities not fall int othe trap of believing . This Awareness suggested that entities question, that entities question everything, includin gthe words from this Awareness . This Awareness suggests that entities continue questioning and doubting, and tha tin being open and in questioning, entities shall begin approaching that which is more likely to be true . This Awareness indicates that It has also given certain suggestions and indications that the nature of skepticism ,the nature of doubting, is that which can be of a troublesome type of experience . This Awareness has indicate dthat you not concern yourself with proving anything to the doubter . Wherein you give what you can, and the doubt-er continues to resist acceptance, that you not concern yourself greatly with trying to convince the doubter . This Awareness indicates that there is what appears to be a conflict between these two states of consciousness :The entity who chooses to believe something and, without questioning or doubting, accepts that belief system, an dthen begins to close off and doubt everything that does not fit into his or her particular belief system . Such an ent-ity can, in fact, be containing both of these states of consciousness . Whereby the entity believes something anddoubts everything else, the entity_may e_entirely_wrong witlwut-Lust knowing_so . This Awareness suggests that another entity believing one of those conditions which the other doubted, may b e perfectly satisfied with that belief, and may doubt the first entity s belief system . This Awareness suggests that i n this manner, entities can have their personal beliefs and still be skeptical of all other belief systems, and such entities can be in total conflict with one another . This Awareness indicates that in another sense, each entity can be totally correct from his own point of view . This Awareness suggests that wherein an entity wishes to expand one s awareness, the entity must look at every - thing from every point of view available . That wherein an entity wishes to expand ones own awareness, the entit y must learn to question and doubt one s own beliefs. This Awareness suggests that you become skeptical of your ow n beliefs, rather than simply taking a stand of a belief system, and being skeptical of everyone else who does no t agree with you . This Awareness indicates many entities think that it is very intelligent to play the role of the skeptic and mak e others prove to them whatever it is they wish to share . This Awareness suggests that the more intelligent role is to b e skeptical of your own beliefs until you have examined these from so many different sides that you cannot den y these any longer . This Awareness suggests that even then, ydu not identify with those as absolutes, but as probab- ilities . That you believe in the sense of indications and probabilities that this is so, but that you not reach an abso- lute conclusion that it is unquestionably so . This Awareness hopes that this clarifies the apparent conflict betwee n beliefs and skeptics,---the concept of being skeptical and of being a person who does not believe, but questions . 10.
  11. 11. This Awareness indicates these manners of questioning as that which applies in particular to entities questionin g their own beliefs as much or more than questioning the beliefs of others . This Awareness indicates that anyone ca n believe without doubt the most . absurd lie . That it does not reflect intelligence . That the entity who believes tha t the stork brings the baby, may in fact believe this without doubt . That entity may cling to this belief from child - hood until death as an old being, but this still does not make the belief a reality . This Awareness indicates that it is a question of whether an entity wants to cling to a belief in order to remai n secure, close-minded and perhaps ignorant, or whether the entity wishes to become aware . This Awareness indicates that anything which cannot be questioned, must be doubted . For anything that is tru e can be examined and will still remain so . MORE PREDICTIONS OF THINGS TO COM E (The Blue Rose Ministrys Booklet on Earth Changes 1 (From a C .A .C . General Reading given) QUESTION : May 20, 1980 There is a document circulating around, published privately by the Blue Rose Ministry, Joshua Tree, California, an d C .A .C . receives two or three copies a week from various people who are concerned about this . Its called, Coming Earth Changes Concerning the Forthcoming Planetary Alignment and Its Meaning for and to the Earth Peoples Nation, Atmosphere and Future . Its about nine pages of very dire predictions and bleak forecasts . And this partic- ular one was sent by E .N . with the question, "I am giving you this copy of Coming Earth Changes . I would be s o pleased if you would get a communication regarding the accuracy of these predictions . Is this part of the cleansin g period which is ahead of us for the remainder of this century? " COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that the predictions appear to be excessively strong, yet the predictions also appear t o be essentially accurate, except for the dramatic strength by which they are presented . This Awareness indicates there will be major earth changes, earthquakes and further volcanic eruptions . This Awareness suggests this partic- ularly between present and 1986, during a time of intense solar activity, flare-ups of solar energies and planetar y alignments . This Awareness indicates that there also is much possibility and danger of nuclear war, or other mor e conventional war, becoming a problem and creating problems .stet- This Awareness indicates there also appears to be a major, or several major problems relating to nuclear powe r and its misuse upon this planet . This Awareness indicates that there appears to be further problems relating t o weather and the use of weather warfare . This Awareness indicates that it appears there shall be much danger an d many problems relating to the population increase and the productivity of food, whereby famine shall be experien- ced more than in any recent times . This Awareness indicates also it appears there shall be economic crisis whic h will affect the entire world, this apparently within the next two or three years, beginning already . This Awareness suggests, for example, it appears that during the early summer, many banks and savings and loan companies shal l begin to have financial troubles and some of these will close . This Awareness indicates that, likewise, in other part s of the world there shall be similar financial problems which will create a general slow-down in the economy an d world trade . This Awareness indicates that putting these things together, whereby there is famine, social unrest, economi c disturbances, geographical and geophysical problems, as well as weather disturbances, and whereby entities are be - coming more frustrated in their attitudes about life, the moralities and value systems crumbling and collapsing, i t simply adds up to a kind of chaos which will affect the entire earth . This Awareness indicates, however, that individuals may not necessarily need to be touched by this chaos . For there is room between the violence ; there is space between the times, there are energies available between the econ- omic collapses, there are friends strategically placed during times of social unrest, whereby entities who are awar e and are prepared and entities who are blessed and guided, may move from moment to moment, from place to place , from friend to friend, from business transaction to business transaction, from day to day, and from year to yea r without being caught in the cross-currents of these energies . This Awareness reminds entities that in states of putrefaction, when energies are beginning to ferment and rot , there is always that force within the fermentation which is cleansing and which is pure and untouched and unaffec- ted by the putrefaction, and that pure energy is that which begins to transmute the rotting, putrefied energy int o something new . This Awareness asks that those workers of Light continue to shine their light during these times , for it is the light which entities shine which can light the way toward the new beginnings . This Awareness indicate s that thereare forces from other planes and from this plane which are at your dish to assist you in~c viduall~_a s ) ;Y u_carry_ on_theak.miork. EDs Note : Awareness has previously indicated that those who are working in the Light are automatically provided the assistance necessary through the `Law of Gratitude . REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS is a cosmic newsletter published every two weeks by Cosmic Awareness Communications , P.O . Box 115, Olympia ., Washington (A non-profit crganization) . fates and membership information is available upon request.