Cosmic Awareness 1979-18: A Cosmic History Of The Illuminati (More About Hades, Celestria, Jehovah, Zionism, UFOs)


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Cosmic Awareness 1979-18: A Cosmic History Of The Illuminati (More About Hades, Celestria, Jehovah, Zionism, UFOs)

  1. 1. A.w.. -d — Reuelatiaaa Cosmic Awareness Communication s 79-18 The New-Age Cosmic Newslette r P. O . Box 115, Olympia, Washington 9850 7 COSMIC AWABFNESS is the Force that expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Edgar Cave, : an d other great avatars who served as (channels tot the l leavenly Father and who speaks again today as the world begins to enter the New Ag e of spiritual consciousness and awareness . since 1963 Cosmic Awareness has been communicating through certain carefully-trained channels . The information contained herein was received from deep . super-conscious trance states and interpreted by an entity affiliated with C .A .C . This information is for those who desire to help in bringing in the New Age and those who shall inherit the New Age .[ hroughout the man y thousands of Readi n g s given through these channels, Cosniic Awareness repeatedly tells us not to believe anything, but to question, explore , doubt, and discover for yourself, through your own channel, what is the truth . Cosmic Awareness will only itttlicatc and sug Best . Members o f Cosmic Awareness Communications are invited to end in questions of general interest for possible publication in this Newsletter . GETTING IT INTO PERSPECTIVE A COSMIC HISTORY OF THE ILLUMINATI . . . . ( MORE ABOUT HADES, CELESTRIA . JEHOVAH, ZIONISM, UFOs I Paul Shockle y CAt General Reading Trance—Interprete r COSMIC A1V kitENESS : Ma!, 24, 1979 9 This Awareness indicates that it-appears to he appropriate at this time to begin with a broad cosmic view of the Universa l Forces, then from that viewpoint move into the experiences present time upon your earth plane . This Awareness indicates that in a previous reading there was the description of the realm known as Il,idcs . and the real m known as Celestria, as well as the C :nnmeria realm, and that of Terresrna . This Awareness indicates that this shall he briefl•ysuni- niarir.ed at present for those who have not received that reading . This Awareness indicates Celestria is that which is on a very high frequency level . this being in that realer of the immortals- - living in Celestria have existed for as long as they can remember, that those li ving in this realm are capable of crca t that entities Mg that which they desire simply by then own thinking . This Awareness indicates these entities live m the Law of One and d o not see separation as a reality . This Awareness indicates that the realm of I lades as that which is on a lower vibration, a lower octave---that these entitie s came from Celestria and moved into lower vibrations in an effort to create a different kind of lifestyle, whereby there could- b e more challenge, more competition, and whereby they could experience their own individuality . This Awareness indicates tha t this area has approximately seven planes whereby entities of different vibratory rates reside in each of these planes . 78-19 (The Immortal Realm of I lades) $2 .ut) available from t .A .C .
  2. 2. This Awareness indicates the area of Cimmeria as that which is a kind of seething subconscious realm wherein no form 0-1–exists, but only that which is likened unto a mystic memory of being . This Awareness indicates that very few entities fro mthe immortal realms ever enter into Cimmeria . This Awareness indicates this Cimmeria is the residue of a previous realm whichno longer exists other than as the residue . This Awareness indicates that wherein entities of the realm of Hades become so gros sthat can never be reformed, and cannot even fit into the society of Hades, these entities under severe circumstances ma ybe sentenced to the second death, that wherein they are sent to Cimmeria and there reside as part of the seething form ,seething formless energy . This Awareness indicates that apart from these three immortal realms, there is the realm of Terrestria, wherein mortals d oexist, live and die, move from the immortal realm into mortal bodies, and then back into immortal realms again . This Aware-ness indicates that many entities from the immortal realm look forward to life on the mortal plane of Terrestria, for withi nthat realm there becomes more interesting experiences which allow for greater learning and greater awareness of themselves .This Awareness indicates that many entities move between the realms of Hades and the realms of Celestria through transitio nexperiences within the realm of Terrestria . This Awareness indicates that there are also entities from the realms of Celestria who serve as ambassadors to the realms o fHades ; there are also agreements and pacts and various types of contracts and arrangements between the realms of Celestria an dthe realms of Hades . This Awareness indicates there also are contracts and agreements and arrangements between the realms o fCelestria and Terrestria, between the realms of Hades and Terrestria. This Awareness indicates that in the past there have bee ncontracts signed by agents from Hades to work with and reward certain entities from Terrestria for their efforts in various pro-jects . This Awareness indicates the agents of Hades seek to have entities from Terrestria to enter into their realm and serve a spart of the labor forces to assist in building up the areas in Hades which are incomplete . Essentially the Hades realm is an incom-plete realm, yet these entities are capable of great accomplishments . This Awareness indicates however, these entities do no twish to make fast strides and great production, for these entities enjoy the slow movement and the difficult challenge, therefor ethe realm of Hades is one of struggle—the development of individuality, through competition, struggle and challenge. HOW UFOs FIT INTO THE PICTUR E This Awareness indicates that in regards to the general universal scope, these realms exist on various levels of vibration–tha tessentially the realm of Celestria is the higher vibratory rates of the electromagnetic scale, the resonating electro-magneti cenergy fields—that there are lower levels, these including those levels of the physical scale and the realms of Hades . This Aware-ness indicates that more on the vibratory rates of these areas or realms can be given at a different time . This Awareness indicates essentially the so-called UFOs are from various realms—there are those which enter from Celt-stri ainto the Terrestria realm, there are those which enter also from the Hades realm into Terrestria . This Awareness indicates tha tUFOs are capable, certain of these UFOs are capable of moving down the vibratory rates from the higher octaves through th e49th octave which is your octave of light—the octave on which the Terrestria realm has been created . This Awareness indicatesthat as these UFOs move into that 49th octave from the octaves above, they change in color from purple or violet, and mov ethrough various colors and then toward red, as they disappear into the infrared zone, moving from the 50th octave which i sthe ultraviolet zone, through the 49th octave of the seven colors, then into the infrared zone of the 48th octave . This Awareness indicates that likewise, they may be seen to move in the opposite direction from the infrared scale towar dthe ultraviolet scale, changing colors . This Awareness indicates that these are the inter-dimensional UFOs which have been see nby many entities upon this plane, and these have the capability of changing forms, or of hovering close to the 49th octave, beingon the infrared side or on the ultraviolet side, and being photographed by ultraviolet cameras or by infrared cameras when i nthose octaves . This Awareness indicates that these also are capable of being photographed by cameras of your own octave o flight, when in that 49th octave . U .S ., Russia, England, Argentina Have Developed UFO s ( Others Come from Inside the Earth ) This Awareness indicates that other than these inter-dimensional beings who have learned to transcend the dimensional barr-iers, there are also UFOs which are of this dimension . This Awareness indicates that the government of the United States, Russia ,Britain and Argentina all have their own versions of the so-called UFO . This Awareness indicates this was developed essentiall yby German scientists, that this was not completed before World War II, but was completed afterwards . This Awareness indicatesthere also are those which come from the center of the earth . This Awareness does not wish to enter into a discussion of th escientific belief or presentation of the earth being molten lava on the inner cores, and assumes that entities reading this type o fmaterial are open-minded or can be lenient enough to consider the possibility that the earth is hollow . This Awareness indicatesthat there is much evidence for this within various books if entities wish to pursue this further—that those who are already close -minded on this, and do not wish to consider this, will probably not he reading this type of information anyway . This Aware-ness indicates this can be a topic of a different reading . (EDs Note : One of the best books on this subject is The Hollow Earth by Raymond Bernard . Price $3 .95, available from C .A .C .)
  3. 3. PHOTOGRAPH OP THE NORTH POLE taken by an American space satellite on November 23, 1968, which shows a definite bole in the center of the earth . Many such pictures have been taken, but not released to the public . This Awareness indicates that in terms of the inner planetary UFO contacts and movements, the works of George Hun tWilliamson and Brinsley lc Poer Trench are highly recommended, these being The Sky People, and The Road in the Sky, *these two books as being very informative. This Awareness indicates that this gives information relating to the origins of tha twhich has been called the Alien Force-the relationship dating back approximately one million years—this Awareness indicate sthat this in reference to the Unholy Six .-the planets in the area of Orion, this in reference to a dark hole in the areas of the sk ynear the constellation of Orion, which leads into that realm known as Hades, wherein certain forces poured through into th eTerrestria realm and formed their civilization on these planets in the area of Orion . This Awareness indicates that these entities arc, were a powerful force on a planet known as Tyrantor. This Awareness ind-icates this planet having been blown apart approximately 500,000 years ago, that other planets tied with that Tyrantor, usin gcomputers which were tied with the computers of Tyrantor, have formed certain types of lifestyle based upon the concept ofallowing the computer to totally dominate the human realm . This Awareness indicates that information on this is availabl ewithin the book in the chapter, The Unholy Six . This Awareness indicates there has been other information given on this . This Awareness suggests that the reason for mentioning this Alien Force connection is that there has been a major influenc eupon the earth plane from these particular entities . This Awareness indicates there also are other alien forces which have influ-enced the earth plant-the Natas, or Satanists, the word being the backward spelling of Satan—the Natas entities who com efrom deep space who seek to control the minds of humans, have had a strong influence upon this plane . This Awareness indic-ates however, that the forces from Tyrantor arc most closely associated with the forces known as the Luciferians . This Aware-ness indicates these essentially as vampire types—entities who feed off of the energies of others—these may be referred to a sparasites or psychic vampires .* This Awareness indicates that the forces from this area came to Maldek, the planet which once existed between Mars an dJupiter, and now is an asteroid belt due to its misuse of nuclear power . This Awareness indicates that many of these from Malde khave reincarnated upon the earth and are carrying that same energy to this plane . This Awareness indicates that approximatelyone million years ago, there was a highly evolved race of people upon this earth planet who inhabited not only the exterior ofthe planet but also the interior . This Awareness indicates these entities were known as the Els or Elder race . This Awarenessindicates these entities transcended time and space and moved on into the essential realm, or the realm of Cclestria . • Road in the Sky is available from C .A .C. ($6 .50) : Sky People is out of print but may be obtained in used books stores or from UF O publications . Many UFO books have been banned and taken off the market by the U .S . government . • Pot more information on this, please refer to Revelations of Awareness No . 79-13, Psychic Vampirism to be released shortly . 3.
  4. 4. Space Entitles Trying to Conquer Earth to Gain Contro l of a Master Computer Hidden Deep Within Eart h This Awareness indicates that these entities left behind a highly evolved computer that was the envy of all civilizations withi nthe surrounding galaxies . This Awareness indicates this computer as hidden deep within the earth, that the reason for such comp-etition over conquest of this earth is due to the desire of various types of space entities to possess this computer . This Awarenessindicates that there are those outer space beings who are in connection with various forces upon this plane, working hand in ha nin an effort to gain control of the earth plane, yet these entities are forced to follow certain intergalactic rules, even as upon you rplane you have the Geneva Convention which allowed only certain types of warfare . This Awareness indicates that the internat-ional bankers and the Illuminati basically have been controlled by the Luciferian forces from that area in Orion or in that direct-ion—those forces which originated from the so-called Unholy Six as described in the books previously mentioned . This Awareness indicates that the ancient city of Tyre as that which once served as a model for the lifestyle or economic syst -em which came from Tyrantor. This Awareness indicates that this included the banking system, which spread its tentacles in al ldirections around . This Awareness indicates this became a model for modern day banking systems and this became associatedwith that which is called the Illuminati . This Awareness indicates that there will be seen many connecting images and concept sbetween this message and that of Robert Anton Wilson who describes in his book, the Cosmic Digger, certain space connect-ions between the star Sirius and the earth in relation to his book triolgies known as the Illuminatus Trilogy. This Aware-ness indicates that there also will be seen an interesting connection in relation to the U.S . Labor Party booklet describing th epotential assassination of Lyndon LaRouche, wherein they lay out a full chart of the Dark Illuminati from the top down, run -ning from Queen Elizabeth through Baron Rothschild, and on down into the banking systems and further into the other agen -cies—you will notice the Bank of Orion listed among those of the banking systems. This Awareness indicates that this is no mer ecoincidence—that there are other ties, and once understanding this network, entities will begin to notice more and more th econnecting link between the Illuminati and the outer space association . This Awareness indicates this may be referred to as theOuter Space Connection . This Awareness indicates that this now brings us to present situation . This Awareness indicates that the Old Testament ,referring to Jehovah as the creator of the entities Adam and Eve, needs to be looked at briefly . This Awareness indicates tha tthis entity Jehovah was not simply one entity, but rather was a tribe—the word Lord in the Old Testament in reference toJehovah has a meaning equivalent to your modern term, Commander . This Awareness indicates that often in the Old Testamen tthere were references to the Lord walking with Moses or Abraham —that this was in reference to the Commander himself a sa physical body . This Awareness indicates there are also references to the Lord carrying a mighty power, which was able to par tseas, to create devastation upon the enemies of the Hebrews, to come down from the sky or to rise again into the sky . This Aware-ness indicates that this reference of the Lord or Commander was referring to his space ship . This Awareness indicates thatthere are also references to UFOs or the space ships in the Egyptian Papyrus—that these references are even more clear and des- -criptive . This Awareness indicates there are also references in Tibetan libraries which are presently being deciphered, that som eof these actually describe the inner workings of these space ships . Jehovah a Renegade from Outer Space who Broke his Promise to Fulfill Prophec y ( Jesus Came to Earth to Fulfill the Prophecy ) This Awareness indicates that the Lord Jehovah, creator of Adam and Eve, was not the creator of humanity as you know it .This Awareness indicates that this entity was capable of cloning, and created Adam and Eve as clones—Eve became a femal ecounterpart of Adam . This Awareness reminds you that the entity Lilith as being Eves female counterpart . This Awareness ind-icates that you may also remember that Adam and Eves children—Cain and Abel—went into another land to marry the daughtersof those who were already alive and present upon this planet . This Awareness indicates that the Jewish or Hebrew people plante dupon this planet by Jehovah were watched carefully for genetic purposes, because Jehovah was essentially a geneticist as well asa biologist and historian, and was very interested in his own creation . Essentially, the entity was somewhat vain about his creat-ions. This Awareness indicates that the entity who created Adam and Eve, (this entity known as Jehovah, or Commander), ha da brother, Jehovih—that there was in_fact an entire tribe of these entities having this as their names, these entities residing o nMars . This Awareness indicates this as a residence for sometime during this period of the Old Testament . This Awareness indicates that the entity known as Jesus war essentially from the Intergalactic Space Command, or the MaxPax—the Galactic Man . This Awareness indicates these entities basically being high vibration creations, who entered into the real mof Terrestria from the area of Celestria. This Awareness indicates that the entity Jesus as one who came not from Jehovah, bu tfrom the area of Celestria and the divine kingdom there, moving through the various vibratory planes until he was born as a phy-sical being upon this earth . This Awareness indicates that this entity moved into positions which were started by Jehovah, tofulfill a prophecy which Jehovah did not complete—the prophecy being that he would return to redeem his people . This Awareness indicates essentially Jehovah was a renegade from the outer space connections . This Awareness indicates thi sentity Jehovah as closely linked to the ancestors of the modern Gypsies . This Awareness indicates that this entity also havin gcertain connections with entities within the center of the earth—these being in relation to the almond-eyed, olive-skinned ent-ities often described in various works, particularly those of John Keel . This Awareness indicates that the entity Jesus as one who sought to transmute the energies which Jehovah had started by ful-filling the prophecies on a totally different level : Instead of coming back with his mighty chariot, the entity returned as a babein the manger ; instead of coming back to smite his enemies and to redeem his people, the entity came back with an attitude o flove and mercy and granting redemption to those who erred . This Awareness indicates that this entity, instead of coming back as
  5. 5. a conqucnng icing, roue into Jerusalem on an ass, and was crucitied and slain as a sacnticia l lamb . This Awareness indicates that in this manner, the entity Jesus fulfilled the prophecy but also transmuted the energies . This Awareness indicates the entity not only fulfilled th e prophecy for the Hebrew people, but opened up the opportunity for all people of all race s to enter into the program of salvation . This Awareness indicates that the Hebrew people , basically have been following the program laid out by the Old Testament of Jehovah . This Awareness indicates that the name `Jew, the word `Jew, was not actually introduce d into the language until approximately 1400, that the entities whicji now constitute the Jew- ish appearance are from an area between Finland and Iran—this being a tribe of nomads wh o wandered about similar to Gypsies for many hundreds of years—these entities adopting th e Hebrew religion as their own . This Awareness indicates that this as being part of that whic h is termed the Jewish or Semitic race . This Awareness indicates that this not as the complete composite,,but to a large extent, this as so . This Awareness indicates that many of the so-called Arabs and Palestinians are the direct descendants from the early Hebrews . Illuminati or Zionists Originated at this Tim e This Awareness indicates that there are those who are among that group which is known as the Illuminati, Or the Zionists, that many of these are not directly related by bloodline t o the early Hebrews or even to those of the Jewish or Semitic race . This Awareness indicates that many of these do believe themselves to be Semitic. This . Awareness indicates that largel y it is impossible to fully describe what the Jewish or Hebrew race is—the efforts of Jehova h to keep track of this, to insist on the bloodline, on the Philosophy and laws being followe d to the letter—all of this was an attempt by Jehovah to make sure that he could identify hi s people at the time he wanted to return to take them away . This Awareness indicates that this entity Jesus did confuse the issue by making the Ol d Testament and the Jewish religion as that which others could be involved in, that the entit y Jehovah in enforcing concepts of circumcision and other religious taboos and rituals, and th e various laws, which would be impossible to follow, this entity Jehovah made it such that an y entity attempting to be Hebrew or Jewish would in some way be easily defined . This Aware-ness indicates however, that the complexity of this effort is that which was its undoing . This Awareness indicates that the race sintermarried, the energies of these entities dispersed and went to various countries, the philosophies became muddled, that man yof the Jewish people are atheists, that many of the Jewish people are of various nationalities, that many of the Jewish people ar eof various bloodtypes and have various nationalities or races within their bloodtypes . This Awareness indicates that It has becom every confused to determine what exactly a Jew is . There is No Way to Describe a Jew This Awareness indicates that in terms of the so-called Bolsheviks, which have been described by Dr . Beter as moving int oRussia during the 1917 revolution and taking over, that this also has been referred to as a Jewish plot by many to take overRussia . This Awareness indicates again the question is, What is a Jew? This Awareness indicates that there is no clear definition a sto what a Jew is . This Awareness indicates that the entity Sammy Davis, Jr . as being known as a Jew, that this entity as also ablack—therefore, this indicates the Jew may be of any race . This Awareness indicates that the entity, the various entities wh ohave proclaimed themselves atheists, consider themselves Jewish, indicate that it is not a matter of belief whether one is Jew-ish or not—it is not a matter of religious belief . This Awareness indicates that also it is obviously not a matter of nationality .Therefore, the so-called Bolsheviks who entered into Russia in 1917 and took over that nation were not necessarily Jewish .This Awareness indicates they were simply a group of entities with a purpose . This Awareness indicates that likewise, the variou sentities who have served with the Illuminati have often been referred to as Zionists, and Zionists are often referred to as Jew-ish . This Awareness indicates the so-called Zionists assisted in setting up Hitler in his power, so that Germany could go afte rStalin, who was not working properly with the so-called Zionists or the Illuminati . This Awareness indicates that Hitler turne dagainst the so-called Zionists, but believed these Zionists to be Jewish, and therefore set about to destroy the Jewish people . This Awareness indicates that this so-called Zionism is not necessarily Jewish, that also the concept of Zionism has not bee nclearly defined . This Awareness indicates that essentially these persons involved in a type of program or activity attempting t oset up controls which would manipulate nations against nations, or nations cooperating with nations forccrtain purposes . Thi smay be more easily described as a political action, rather than a national action, a racial action or a religious action . This Aware-ness suggests that this may be termed more likened unto a world-wide political movement . This Awareness indicates that the so-called Illuminati with its world-wide political movement, as having certain influence sfrom the outer space connection, with those of Orion . This Awareness shall refer to these entities as Luciferians for want of abetter term . This Awareness indicates these may also be referred to as agents of Hades, for want of a better term . This Aware-ness indicates that these entities having been attempting to set up a world government, began to function in a concerted mann-er on May 1, 1776, when Adam Weishaupt created that which was the Bavarian Illuminati as a center for the coordinating o fthe efforts .
  6. 6. The Bavarian Illuminati Originated all Political Polarities or Direction s This Awareness indicates that shortly thereafter, this entity Adam Weishaupt, working with the various powers in banking an din the royal families of Austria, Germany and the Prussian empire, this entity working with others, assisted in setting up the pro - and Karl Ritter to write up a program fo rgram which led to the commissioning of Karl Marx to write the Communist Manifesto,Fascism, for the extreme right side—this effort of Karl Marx as being that which would lead to the socialist, the state socialist ,and the effort of Karl Ritter that which would lead to the state capitalist—that both of these appearing to be in opposition to done another. This Awareness indicates this as that which began the polarity which surfaced as the Right and Left, the Fascist anCommunist organizations through the coming conflicts between American and Russian or Chinese interests—between the part o fEurope which led to the right and left wings of the various governments—this also including those terms as Conservatives an dLiberals . but splinters from those early efforts of th e This Awareness indicates that all of these splits or polarities in political levels areBavarian Illuminati to create the two paths for entities to follow . This Awareness indicates that these efforts of creating the div-ision between nations by dividing these economic systems and setting one against the other, this was designed to create tw ocamps of human beings—those which were pro, and those which were con, those which were for one side and those which wer e ;for the other side . This Awareness indicates that unless entities are on one side or the other, it is difficult to be manipulatedtherefore the effort and intent was to create two camps, setting one against the other, raising the situation to such a level that aworld war would appear inevitable, holding the tension for such a long period of time that entities in fear of their lives woul d sgradually surrender their entire belief system which had been programmed to them by these two polarized forces—surrender thi . This Aware-into a concept of a one world government controlled by those who were the perpetrators of the action to begin with ; this Awareness indicate sness indicates that the concept of the one world government would be ideal as a solution to avoid warshowever, this is the same old trick used by so many—creating the illness so that you can give them the pill which cures the illnes s s—this as a trick of religions, whereby you are told that you are a sinner, therefore must take the pill of salvation . This Awarenesindicates this manipulation in terms of the Cold War as one where you arc set up to either kill or be killed or to settle for a with children— telling the child , ruler over your lives . This Awareness indicates that this as a trick commonly used by parents - `You have a choice—either sit in the corner, or do what I say . This Awareness indicates that these actions of giving two alternatives, both negative, are forms of manipulations . This Awareness indicates that this as setting the background scenario, or stage, the scenery for that which has just occurre d y during the past few months . This Awareness indicates that the following reading will begin to explain in greater detail, exactl what has occurred at present time in relation to the attempts by these forces to bring this into a one world government . unde r their domination . This Awareness suggests the Interpreter be brought from trance . War Helmet Worn by the Illuminati Awareness For more information on Jehovah, cloning and UFOs, please refer to Revelations ofand Hitler , No . 78-35 and 79-9 . (Price : $2 .00 each, available from C.A .C .)I or more on Zionists please refer to 78-14 and 78-29 ($2 .00 each) . 6.
  7. 7. THE WEB OF CONSPIRACY A COSMIC HISTOR Y OF THE ILLUMINATI (Part 2 ) Bringing it all back home REVOLUTIONARY WAR, CIVIL WAR INSTIGATE D BY ROTHSCHILD---ILLUMINAT I This Awareness indicates that when this nation was founded, prior to the Declaration of Independence, (this as a colony o fEngland), there were many entities who arrived in this continent with hopes of beginning a new life . This Awareness indicatesthat many of these entities were fleeing Europe from debts or from crimes, that many of these entities were considered criminal . This Awareness indicates that the entity Benjamin Franklin, in moving to England for a visit, remarked that the colonies wer eprofiting because they only minted as much money as they needed, and because they minted their own money . This Awarenessindicates that an entity working with the Rothschilds overheard this remark, and conveyed the message to the Rothschilds .This Awareness indicates that these entities then directed King George not to allow any colonies to mint their own money, tha tall colonies to mint their own money, that all colonies were to use British script . This Awareness indicates that this then led to the Revolutionary War . This Awareness indicates the country of England ha dbeen taken over through its indebtedness due to the war with Spain—the indebtedness being to the Rothschild banking system ,which was in collaboration with the Illuminati . This Awareness indicates that this has remained so since that time . This Aware-ness indicates that there were certain elements relating to the entity Madison and also to Thomas Jefferson, that these entitie sand LaFayette and George Washington and Benjamin Franklin—these entities in particular were aware of the banking control sand the manipulations of nations . This Awareness indicates that for this reason, the Constitution, in attempting to guarante efreedoms for individuals, was put together with three branches—the executive, legislative and judicial branch—in order to divid ethe power among these three branches . This Awareness indicates these entities should have also created a financial branch, whic hwas also controlled by the people, but failed to do so ; rather, they had the Constitution so written that Congress would contro lthe money . This Awareness indicates that Congress not only had the right to mint and coin money but also have the right t olegislate and make laws—this allowed Congress to be manipulated at a future time into giving away or voting away its right t omint and coin money, and by turning this over to the Federal Reserve Bank . This Awareness indicates that it has been given previously*, that the entity Abraham Lincoln was faced with a need to financ ehis troops for the Civil war.This Awareness indicates the Civil War itself was staged and set up by the Illuminati, whereby the ybrought the slaves from Africa to the southern plantations in order to create an atmosphere that would lead to an issue whic hcould be used for setting up a war which would & vide the nation . This Awareness indicates that the newspapers, being controlle dby these entities, began to build up the background and the attitude among the northerners to set the stage for that Civil War .This Awareness indicates that the entity Abraham Lincoln, attempting to finance his troops, sought money from the banks, an dwas told that it would cost 26% interest . This Awareness indicates that this entity then turned to the Constitution and printe dthe Lincoln greenbacks which were used for financing his armies . Please refer to Revelations of Awareness No. 77-2E (The Lincoln conspiracy) . 7.
  8. 8. Czar of Russia Prevented Franca and England From Invadin g United States During the Civil Wa r This Awareness indicates that during this time, the British and French, both being controlled by the Illuminati, prepared t o invade the United States . This Awareness indicates that the Czar of Russia, who was a good friend of Abraham Lincoln, warne d these two nations that they would be forced to fight Russia if they invaded the United States . This Awareness indicates that thi s prevented that from occurring, and the Union armies won the Civil War . This Awareness indicates that this then led the Illumina to its prepared efforts to take over this country through the banking process of the Federal Reserve System, and to take over th e Russian empire through its planned Revolutionary War . Rockefeller and Other Bankers Set Up Illuminetl-Planne d Federal Reserve Banking Syste m This Awareness suggests that in 1905 the entities Henry Morgan, Paul Warburg, Nelson Aldrich (a Senator from New York) —this Awareness indicates these three along with Jacob Schiff, John D . Rockefeller and several others, the names not seen clearly ,these entities went secretly by train, then by boat, to Jekyl Island—these entities meeting there for some time, discussing a pla nfor an economic system that would allow the banking establishment to control the money of this nation . This Awareness indic-ates these entities developed a program which was already .written, from the Illuminati, and presented by the entity Paul Warburg ,and adapted to the needs of their purposes—this being presented as the Aldrich Plan. This Awareness indicates that the majorit yof members of the press and of Congress objected, knowing that Aldrich worked for the Wall Street bankers ; therefore, theseentities objected to this plan, feeling that it would not be to the benefit of the people . This Awareness indicates the entities then returned and worked on an alternative plan, presenting this as the Peoples Plan .This Awareness indicates that both plans were essentially the same plan, one billed as the Bankers Plan, the other billed as th ePeoples Plan . This Awareness indicates this became the Federal Reserve System . This Awareness indicates that these entitiesthen had this Federal Reserve System passed in Congress on Christmas Eve, when most of the Congress had already left to gohome, except for those few working with them, who passed this Federal Reserve Plan—this was intended to prevent any furtherrun on the banks, or any form of crisis in the economics of this country . Nelson Rockefeller Sets Stage fo r World War II with Japa n This Awareness indicates that in 1929, the crash came, and the banks collecte d nine-tenths of all personal property on default of mortgages . This Awareness ind- icates the entities Nelson Rockefeller (named after the Senator Nelson Aldrich) , and his brother David, during the 40s served as assistants to the Chase Manhatta n Bank and its various interests . This Awareness indicates that these entities assiste d in setting up that which was known as the Pacific Institute of Research, this i n Japan . This Awareness indicates this Pacific Institute was used to create certain polit- ical influences in Japan, which helped to polarize the Japanese interests agains t the interests of the United States, and therefore set the stage for World War II i n the Pacific . This Awareness indicates this with the assistance of the President - Roosevelt . This Awareness indicates the entity Franklin Roosevelt not bein g fully aware of what was occurring behind the scenes, but being used as a puppe t for the energies . This Awareness indicates that essentially John D . Rockefeller and the empire built by him were financed after the Civil War by the Europea n powers of the Rothschilds, and these forces were allowed to grow and buil d during the World War II into that which became the most powerful banking an d financial interest in the entire world . Rockefeller—Rothschilds Sold War Machinery to Russi a . . .Sets Relatives Up in High Government Position s This Awareness indicates after World War II had been completed, the Rock- efellers assisted in selling all of the machinery, the war machinery, to Russia an d China, this allowing these nations to build up their industrial war machine and t o industrialize to a high capacity in order that they might become a greater power . This Awareness indicates that the previous statement as slightly in error—that th e Rockefellers sold this, arranged the sale of this to the Rothschilds, the Roths- childs being in control of Russia and China and the Communist forces, and there - fore in turn, the Rothschilds assisted in moving the war machinery and industrie sinto these countries . This Awareness indicates that the following of this action, the Rockefellers began to gain greater and greate rcontrol over this present United States government—the entity Allan Dulles, being Rockefeller s cousin, was put in charge of th eCIA. This Awareness indicates that the entity John Foster Dulles, another cousin, was made the Secretary of State . 8.
  9. 9. let Rockefeller–Rothschild–Kenned y Stage for Vietnam Wa r This Awareness indicates this began the move- ment toward greater power in the United States being controlled by the banking system, and the usurping of the power from the hands o f the people—this being the government—the power of government being taken from the people . This Awareness indicates this led to that which became th e secret government which controlled the United States from the time of Worl d War II up to recent times . This Awareness indicates that the Cold War then, as being but a chess gam e manipulated between the Rothschilds and Rockcfellers, as a kind of mind mass-manipulation to lead to the worl d government which was described previously : This Awareness indicates there appeared to be competition betwee n these entities—these banking interests--and this competition was real, yet there was also that complete respect an dthe mutual cooperation that was underlying much of the surface competition . This Awareness indicates that there also were cer-tain movements when the competition between these entities cost the lives of others, but from the viewpoint of these entities ,this was simply part of the financial game . This Awareness indicates that the efforts of the Rothschilds to force the United State sinto Vietnam--this was in part with the cooperation of the Rockcfellers and the Kennedys, due to the desire of the Rotchschild sto have greater control in Southeast Asia . This Awareness indicates that this in part relating to the drugs within the Golden Tri-angle area, and in part an effort to use up the military supplies of the United States and to cost more money to bankrupt thi snation, even as Britain had been bankrupted by the Spanish War in the 18th Century . The Illuminati--Federal Reserve Plot to Gain Contro l of the Worlds Silver and Gol d This Awareness indicates that the present situation wherein the United States economics began to suffer, relates to a time i nthe mid-sixtics, when the silver was taken–the silver backing was taken from the dollar . This Awareness indicates that this becam ean effort to remove all backing from the Federal Reserve Note . This Awareness indicates that Roosevelt had removed the gol dbacking during the 30 s, and that the silver backing was taken during the 60 s . This Awareness indicates that it was shortly there -after that a peculiar thing occurred which few entities are aware of, but which had a profound effect on history in general . ThisAwareness indicates that in 1969, an entity who was remotely related to the Rothschilds, went to Europe and met with variou sbankers in small . countries—these being independent bankers not associated with the Rothschild Illuminati . This entity began ex-plaining a technique whereby these bankers could effect the nature of the seizing of gold . This Awareness indicates the Illuminat ihad seized most of the gold—the Rotchschild banks along with the Rockefeller banks, had taken most of the gold and silver fro mcirculation–and held this in their control . This Awareness indicates at this time it was still possible to buy gold for $32 an ounce . This Awareness indicates that this entity in meeting with these various bankers in sixteen nations, small nations, presented aplan or pr ram whereby these entities could rake off some of the gold and make a large profit in so doing . This Awareness ind-icates the plan was as follows : The entities would purchase gold at a price of $32 per ounce, then take that gold, or its certificate of ownership, and mort-gage that at exactly the same amount—$32 per ounce . This Awareness indicates these entities could often mortgage this gol dright back to the bank which sold the gold to them . This Awareness indicates these entities then would take the money from th emortgage and purchase more gold at $32 an ounce, mortgage that at 100% value, and then again purchase more gold . In this 0
  10. 10. manner, these bankers and money speculators began to drain ott the ownership or gout, wren rue poasiuwry or ccueemmg mat . gold which was being tied up by the mortgage, redeeming this at $32 per ounce . This Awareness indicates this began happening on a rapid scale, and the gold which was tied up suddenly began to be tied into the banks of other nations, and these nation s having mortg : ^es which allowed them to redeem this gold at $32 per ounce . This Awareness indicates that after a certain time, the price of gold became quite valuable in various countries—then the entity ,the then President Nixon, made the announcement that he would put an end to the gold speculators and their efforts to destro ythe American dollar, by taking the gold backing off of the dollar . This Awareness indicates that this occurred and the price o fgold shot upwards to its present rate . (EDs Note : today, while typing this reading, the price of gold hit an all time high of $2SO -an ounce) . This Awareness indicates that those nations which then had invested in gold, mortgaged that gold at $32 an ounce,could then redeem the gold at $32 per ounce and resell at the current value . NIXONS RELEASE OF GOLD BACKIN G STARTED CURRENT INFLATIO N This Awareness indicates this through the time-table for the take-over of the economies of the nations, this through the time -table of the Illuminati and the banking systems, off by several years, this allowing certain changes to occur—allowing people tobecome more aware of what was occurring . This Awareness indicates that this also caused that which is the present inflationspiral to begin. Rockefeller and Kissinger Bring Russian Nuclear Bomb s Into Freshwater Lakes of United States to Blackmail U .B . Into Surrendering This Awareness indicates that in terms of what was occurring in Russia during that time, the Russians in cooperation with th eRockefcllers, had begun to bring in the armaments known as the nuclear bombs or the nuclear mines, which were placed aroundthe coastline, and in the bays and inlets, and within freshwater lakes of this nation, these to be used for blackmailing this natio ninto surrendering . This Awareness indicates that the Rockefellers and Kissinger, both were assisting in this action. This Awarenessindicates that once these were in place, the Dr . Beter tapes began to explain what had occurred, and Dr . Beter spoke with the thenSecretary of Navy General Brown, who ordered the Navy to remove these mines . This Awareness indicates that some were remove dand then Kissinger had the entity Brown removed from his duties . This Awareness indicates that these weapons were then rep-laced . This Awareness indicates much of this information is available on the Dr . Beter tapes.* This Awareness indicates that as Dr .Beter has explained, there was also that Battle of the Harvest Moon, wherein the Russians gained control of the moon base, an din so doing, suddenly took the power out of the hands of the Rockefellers . This Awareness indicates that during that time, the detente between the United States and Russia had been building and th efriendship between these nations became stronger, the intention of this was to allow the Russians and the United States to begi ndissolving the Cold War, and bringing about the possibility of a world government whereby the United States would be dominate dby the Rockefellers with their new constitution, forced to accept by the blackmailing or by cooperation, and therefore coming t oterms with Russia and the forces of Bolshevism which controlled Russia, which in turn were manipulated by the Illuminati . Bolsheviks in Russia Now Replaced with Doubles Christianity Begins to Flower in Russi a This Awareness indicates that this was quite close to occurring, and these entities became quite confident . When the Battle o fthe Harvest Moon took place, the Rockefeller powers did not realize what had occurred, for in Russia a strange thing had bee noccurring over the past years, and the Bolsheviks had lost much of their power and control, but their replacements continued wit hthe same plan, and pretended to be the same entities . This Awareness indicates that this relates unto that which Dr . Behr refersto as the doubles . This Awareness indicates that in the Beter readings, or tapes, it has been indicated that a small but very tight-knit Christia norganization, working for 60 years, worked themselves into positions of power in Russia, and took over from the Bolsheviks an dbegan to kick them out of government . This Awareness indicates this as a simplified explanation of what occurred . This Awareness indicates these entities worked in connection with the Bolsheviks for some time—one of the secret program sin Russia was to create doubles, a program whereby they trained certain entities to take over the position and lifestyles of others .This Awareness indicates this program was set up by the Bolsheviks, with the compliance of those who were working their wayinto power . This Awareness indicates that the program was such as follows : That there were the complete researches for certainentities to be replaced, so that the entity from childhood to present was totally researched—the mannerisms and expressions o fthe entity were copied, on film or through other forms of study, the relationships and friendships of the entity was researche dand studied, whereby there were questions relating to the friends, asking these friends about this person, various experience sthis person and the friend may have had which were of significance . This Awareness indicates this all was put into a record . ThisAwareness indicates that then the double would be found—the entity who looked similar, appeared to be the same height . ThisAwareness suggests that these entities then were affected through plastic surgery and other more advanced techniques so that th eappearance would be almost duplicate of the one being replaced—that these entities then, (the double) would then be taken t oa training place, and spend months imitating the voice, copying the words, tones and voice of the person,(the original), and study-ing the faces of the associates and friends, studying the experiences which these entities had shared, until this double had reachedsuch a fine understanding of the person that they could move in and take the place of the person without being detected—thi sparticularly in the public sense, more so than on the private life of the entity . 1A
  11. 11. This Awareness indicates that the purpose of this program was to replace entities in the United States in positions of power ,Is Russia gradually took over this nation . However, this small group of persons which the entity Dr . Beterhas referred to as Christ-ians, began to use this same program on the rulers of Russia, and found replacements for most of those entities in power ; ana inthis manner, a purge was created that removed persons from power without this being easily noticed or observed by the publi cor by the world in general . This Awareness indicates that this is what occurred, which has allowed the Russians to bring Christianity back into that nation .This Awareness indicates also that this was not detected for some time, and that the Rockefellers were unaware of what was occ-urring—that the Rothschilds realized this was happening before the Rockefellers discovered it, and this is what cost the Rockef-ellers their power . This Awareness indicates that the entities upon discovering what was occurring, began to reverse their detentewith Russia program, to one whereby they were .extremely threatened by Russia, and began to seek to build up the armament swhich they had deliberately allowed to be depleted, so that Russia could take this country over . This Awareness indicates tha tthese entities then began scrambling to remove the weapons around the United States in the fresh water lakes, but were unableto do so, because they did not know where these had been placed . This Awareness indicates that the entities then began to feel a desperation, that even the Rothschilds began to realize that theyhad been put into a position of uncertainty, that at this time, the OPEC nations began to turn and move toward Russia, awa yfrom their cooperation with the Rockefellcrs . This Awareness indicates that this led to the development of the European Monetar ySystem, as a possibility for these developing nations . This Awareness indicates that as this occurred, the International Monetary Fund, the European Common Market, and the Ill-uminati, or that which is the Rothschild branch, became somewhat desperate, and realized that if the European Monetary Systemworked, they would be bankrupt and that would be the end of their efforts to control or to gain control of the world government .This Awareness indicates that these entities then became desperate and tried a long shot—an effort to destroy the EuropeanMonetary System—an effort to create a powerful force that would overpower Russia through the rebuilding of NATO, througha pact between Israel and Egypt, through a destabilization of the countries around Russia, through an agreement and alliance wit hCommunist China—and all of these efforts would need to be accomplished quickly. Strategic Air Command (SAC) Global Shield 79 Exercise Was • Planned Nuclear First Strik e " ( U .S . and NATO Bombers Did Not Plan to Turn Back when Russian Borders Reached ) This Awareness indicates that this is what led tothe sudden decision to have a first strike against Russia, to send the SAC o rStrategic Air Command toward Russia as a maneuver, which would allow them in reality to strike Russias missile bases anddestroy her power . This Awareness indicates that this all was a desperate plan which would obviously fail, yet these entities wer ewilling to commit the suicide and take the rest of the world with them, in order to continue their goal of world domination . ThisAwareness indicates that however, at the last minute, things did not work out, and they discovered they could not succeed in usin g that particular plan. This Awareness indicates that this brings things to the past month or two . This Awareness indicates that as Dr . Beter has indicated, the real Henry Kissinger is n o longer present, that the substitute Dr . Kissinger as being somewhat more remote an d less accessible than the original Dr . Kissinger—this in part to protect his image so tha t Y entities do not notice the differences . This Awareness indicates the same is so for th e j 1• Rockefellers, these entities being kept somewhat out of the public eye, except for em -,ft I * ergency showing and for stories of their being here or there . T This Awareness indicates that likewise, the entity President Carter now having bee n +11++ t removed and a double replacing this entity . This Awareness indicates that entities wh o doubt this may look at the May 7th issue of Newsweek and will be surprised at the differences in the two faces of Jimmy Carter . This Awareness indicates that th e 4, picture which was apparently taken earlier shows an entity who appears to be at leas t ten years older than the one who was taken more recently . This Awareness indicates also that these activities of creating doubles as that which has the assistance of man y other entities involved—that there has also been a kind of agreement reached betwee n the Illuminati and the powers within Russia, this agreement being such that even those members of the controlled press are force d to go along with what is occurring . This Awareness indicates that Russia essentially had the checkmate on both the Illuminati in England and in the United States , that the missiles around England would have destroyed this country if they had pursued any further in their efforts to use th e United States as a first strike against Russia . This Awareness indicates that the earlier reading referring to a visit by the Pope int o Poland which would trigger a war, this as that which was put off by the Russians until a time whereby they secured their position s of power over both the United States and the British . This Awareness indicates that this position has been secured to a degree, and the Illuminati or that which this Awareness ha s referred to as the Beast, is forced to retract its position, to retreat, and may indeed attempt to recuperate and to strike back at a la cr time, but the total power which the Illuminati hoped to gain will never become part of its reality . This Awareness indicates that the entity General Brown, in the latter part of April, met with NATO forces and leaders in Florida, in an attempt to brin g together an agreement and a program whereby they could launch the nuclear strike against Russia . This Awareness indicates these entities refused to participate in this action, and therefore the program was not feasible .
  12. 12. Thousands and Thousands of Letters Bombarde d Those In Washington who Planned War This Awareness indicates that meanwhile, thousands and thousands of letters were being sent to these entities at their ow noffices from irate citizens of the United States, which warned them that this kind of action would not be tolerated . This Aware-ness indicates that these letters along with the refusal of the European forces to participate, led to the obvious conclusion tha tsuch an action would be complete failure . This Awareness indicates that during this time also, the first strike program had been leaked to the public by the New Solidaritynewspaper of the U .S . Labor Party, by foreign newspapers and the letters which were being sent indicated that the public kne wwhat was occurring, and what was planned . This Awareness indicates that this also allowed these entities to realize that th eRussians likewise would be on to their plan . This Awareness indicates that the Russian newspaper, Izvestia, announced that if theStrategic Air Command moved toward the Russian borders for a mock strike, how would Russia know that this would not be anactual strike?—and the evaluation of this article was such that it was obvious Russia would have no way of knowing, therefor ewould have to assume it was a real strike, rather than a mock maneuver . This Awareness indicates that this so-called practice strike against Russia by the Strategic Air Command, using thousands of planes from all over the globe, loaded with nuclea rweapons, not allowing the foreign presses to participate or to watch, to be present at the time of the mock maneuver, not allow-ing the Russians even to know when this would occur—this obviously would be nothing but a trap to force the Russians int oeither striking first or sitting back and being struck . This Awareness indicates that these entities were so desperate to continu etheir plan for world domination, that they were grasping at straws in order to hope to win . ED, Note : According to Dr . Bete r s June Audio Tape (No . 46) the entire list of entities to whom you have been writin ghave been eliminated and replaced with doubles which hopefully, will never advocate such nuclear madness again . THE BATTLE OF MIDWAY HAS OCCURRE D IN THE WAR AGAINST THE BEAS T This Awareness indicates that in the latter part of April, the Russian cosmospheres hovering over Washington D .C . made i tapparent that either the United States must be forced to back off its plans, or the nation s capitol would be annihilated . This Awareness indicates the same action occurred in the British Isles, with the Rothschil4s . This Awareness indicates thatthis does not mean that the entire concern can be dropped and forgotten, this simply means that there has been a turning point ,and the Illuminati—the powers which have been in force for 400 years—arc now in retreat, the comparison of the Battle of Midwa yin World War II, whereby this was the turning point of the war in the Pacific . This may be likened unto the time of the PassagePerilous, whereby the turning point in 1979 was reached in the latter weeks of April—that the decision to forget the war effort ,to call off the nuclear strike in Saudi Arabia, this occurring in the first week of May, and finally the complete surrender of th eidea of this by those powers of the Illuminati, this being accepted approximately May 9th . This Awareness indicates these ent-ities have not totally given up on world domination, but rather as looking at the situation realistically and wondering whethe rthey can somehow recoup their powers to be involved in greater action of control at a later time . This Awareness indicates thes eentities as having been treated with a certain amount of mercy, allowed a certain amount of freedom, yet wondering whethe rthis will last, and looking for an advantage whereby they may either escape and rebuild their power, or somehow wrest the powe rfrom those who are now in control of their actions . Thistkwarcness indicates this does not mean that the agents under the Illuminati are even aware of what has occurred—man yof these are still believing that all is the same as before, this likened unto the Rockefeller belief that the same people were in powe rin Russia. This Awareness indicates that there are many who still believe the same people are in power in the United States a swere in power last year . This Awareness wishes to remind you that the so-called Jimmy Carter (the double) shall be meetin gsoon with the entity Brezhnev, and they plan to have private talks after they discuss the SALT II talks . This meeting of th eprivate talks is intended to bring about a new detente between the United States and Russia . This Awareness indicates that thes etwo nations now shall begin to move into closer and closer alignment, very gradually, very slowly, so as not to draw too muc hattention to the changes which have occurred as this nation moved through its Passage Perilous and as the Beast began to becom edismantled . This Awareness indicates this battle which has taken place behind the scenes, offstage, away from the audience, seen by thos ewho look behind the scenes, is that which has been the most significant action, the most significant battle which has been playe dout upon this earth in hundreds and hundreds of years . UFO Entities Have Been , Assistin g This Awareness indicates there have been involved entities from the Galactic Pacts who have assisted in this, in an effort t o prevent the violence and bloodshed which could have occurred—the carnage, the incineration of millions which could have occ- ul, .e t, had not this secret battle taken place . This Awareness indicates that not only has this been occurring upon your plan e bct :<• . :th your own White House dome, beneath the eyes of those who are the protectors of your President and leaders, this als o oci-urr .7 1 between those Alien Forces of the Space Connection, and the Intergalactic Space Pacts—the forces known as the UF O and the interdimensional entities of the hierarchy . 12 .
  13. 13. The Dark Force is Being Defeate d In Outer Space Als o This Awareness indicates the Forces of Darkness on tha t level have also moved desperately to control this earth, an d are now also being defeated in the space war which is occurrin g about this planet, and even upon this planet . This Awareness indicates that you remain awake—that thos e entities who are annoyed at your efforts to awaken them, may be ignored . This Awareness suggests that it is not necessar y nor is it efficient to awaken an entity who insists on sleeping — there are too many others who are close to being awake an d these entities may appreciate being awakened . This Awareness suggests that entities who remain in thei r cabins and wish to make fun of those who have been on deck , watching what has occurred—these entities may be encourage d to go back to sleep . This Awareness suggests there is no reaso n to awaken those who will be disturbed at being awakened . Thi s Awareness suggests you awaken only those who will appreciat e your efforts . This Awareness suggests however, that you remain awake and watchful, for the Beast is not dead—the Beast is onl y wounded, and still has much force and power ; and until thi s entity gives up its goals of domination over others, it is still a dangerous creation . This Awareness indicates that those who are awake, may extend a helping hand to the Beast, but only when the Beast is n olonger dangerous—for you do not need to have your hand bitten by this creature . This Awareness suggests that mercy does no trequire sacrifice ; therefore, be cautious, be merciful, but do not let yourself or others be sacrificed by forgiving too soon, forget-ting too soon, and letting your guard down too soon . This Awareness indicates there are still dangers in terms of enslavement i nthis nation, that these dangers have diminished greatly, but the chance of nuclear war as that which has diminished almost entirel yat this time, but that there still could be a possibility of this reoccurring if entities fall asleep and let the Beast talk them int oignorance . Gathering Storm Informatio n Should Still be Duplicated and Passed Aroun d This Awareness indicates it appears there will never again be that kind of stupor upon those entities who have awakened, tha tthe majority of these entities shall remain alert and awake and informed, and able to watch events clearly so that the Beast wil lnever again have its own, its same power . This Awareness indicates that the information which has gone out upon this plane i sbeing duplicated, will continue to be duplicated, and that this as a mushrooming factor which spreads and quadruples, triples i npower after power in quantum jumps . This Awareness indicates that it will only be a matter of months before enough people ar eaware of what has been occurring—that the chances of such an occurrence again happening will be very remote . This Awareness indicates that the information which has been released relating to the plans of the Beast, the control of th eeconomy, the efforts to manipulate the masses, the efforts to create a nuclear war—this information has touched so many entitie sin so many levels that it has created a . totally different society from what was present one year ago . This Awareness indicates tha tessentially approximately one million persons are familiar with the material released from C .A .C ., that another million person sare partially familiar, that approximately two million more are aware through conversations with friends and relations of th esituation, at least in part, and approximately three million more are aware but doubtful, or are aware from other sources beside sthese . This Awareness indicates that roughly there are approximately twenty million persons in the United States who do no tbelieve the controlled press, and who are aware of the cc -:spiracy theory . This Awareness indicates that approximately forty mor emillion—making a total of sixty million persons—do not actually trust the government . This Awareness indicates this indicates astrange thing about the government, but also it indicates an interesting thing about the people, for it shows that the people them -selves are beginning to think for themselves—and this is healthy . This Awareness indicates that if there are any questions related to anything given, that these may be asked . EDs Note : Offset proofs of the GATHERING STORM material is still available from C.A .C . for those who wish to print this information themselves and get it distributed . (Price : $10 per set) . (Reading concludes on following page ) 13 .
  14. 14. WHY WAS VICE PRESIDENT MONDALE S DOUBLE ALSO EXECUTED 7 I had one question about Vice President Mondale that s not clear in my mind . According to Dr . Betcr, Vice President Mondale was executed and a double took his place . This double in turn went ou t on Air Force II on some mission and was shot down, supposedly by the Russians . A second double was hurriedly put together . My question is : I don t understand, that if these people who are executing thes e potential `button-pushers of war behind the scenes, and replacing them with doubles--why they are also elim- inating the doubles they have created ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates there are two factions creating doubles . This Awareness indicates there is much more to this whic h is occurring, but that this is not the proper time for the release of this information . This Awareness indicates that generally speaking, you and your readers already know too much . This Awareness indicate s that more will be brought to light later . This Awareness suggests that those who are sleeping are generally safer though they ar e not helpful during times of crisis . This Awareness indicates that those who are awake and helpful are blessed by this Awareness , those who have assisted in the efforts to clear the planet of Dark Forces, these entitites shall receive great rewards in the comin g times. Those who have sought to hide, seek security, seek the gratification of sleep--these entities may wonder what they have missed out on, and where did their life go as they seem to have little real value or significance in their being--these entitie s being satisfied with the stupor and sleep of not knowing what is occurring . This Awareness indicates that there are certain things which cannot be told at this time, that even the information which wa sgiven is dangerous to this channel . This Awareness indicates that it being given in a general form, allows the danger to be minim -ized, wherein this were more specific, this danger would increase greatly . QUESTION : Is it the will of Awareness that these readings be published soon ?COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness suggests that this be reconsidered after the next Dr . Betcr tape is released . This Awareness indicates th eInterpreter was asked not to release certain information before Dr . Beter released this information on his tape ; that th eentity Dr . Beter had stated he might discuss this on his following tape . ***************** *EDs Note :This information was discussed on Dr . Beters latest tape (No . 46 ) To subscribe to Dr. Beters Audio Letter, Please write : The Dr . Beter Audio Lette rand therefore this reading is released to the public . P .O . Box 16428, Ft . Worth, Texas, 7613 3 At first, photographers thought they had their negative s reversed . But no, Jimmy Carter had changed the part in hi s hair from the right side to the left . Ever attuned to subtl e symbolism, the Washington press corps demanded an ex - planation . "Do you want a serious answer ? " the Presiden t asked one reporter . "Well, I dont want to give you one . " Further digging revealed that Carter s tonsorial turna- bout came a week earlier, during his vacation, and that no t even First Lady Rosalynn Carter had noticed . Neither di d her hairdresser, Eivind I3jerkc, who has been trimmin g Carters hair recently . "Its not an image-making idea, " insisted White House image maker Gerald Rafshoon, afte r speculation that the shift was a Presidential cover-up fo r Carters receding hairline . The change from right to heft , Carter joked at the weekend, "is only for the primaries . Fo r the general election—right down the middle . " (Reprinted from May 7, 1979 NEWSWEEK ) REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS is a cosmic newsletter published by Cosmic Awareness Communications , P .O . Box 115, Olympia, Washington, 98507 . Rates and membership information available upon request .