Cosmic Awareness 1979-08: Astrology; How Anyone Can Easily Understand it


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Cosmic Awareness 1979-08: Astrology; How Anyone Can Easily Understand it

  1. 1. Cosmic Awareness Communication s 79 .. 8 P . 0. err M . Olympia, Wu~anpo,, 9550 , COSMIC AWARENESS is the Force that expressed Itself through Edgar Cayce, Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed an d other great avatars who served as Channels for the Heavenly Father and who speaks again today as the world begins to enter .the New Ag of spiritual consciousness and awareness. Since 1963 Cosmic Awareness has been communicating through certain carefully-trained channels e The information contained herein was received from deep, super-conscious trance states and interpreted by an entity affiliated with C .A .C. . This information is for those who desire to help in bringing in the New Age and those who shall inherit the New Age. Throughout the many thousands of Readings given through these channels, Cosmic Awareness repeatedly tells us not to believe anything, but to question, explore , doubt, and discover for yourself, through your own channel, what is the truth . Cosmic Auarene.,s will only indicate and suggest . Members o f Cosmic Awareness Conmtunicattons are invited to send in questions (on anything of general interest) for possible publication in this Newsletter .QUESTION : In the Past, CAC has received requests fro mmembers asking if we have someone who can do good, reliabl eastrological charts . We had hoped the entity KB wouldbe able to this by mail, but this situation didn tdevelop . Now Ananda Li Miller has offered her astrolog-ical experience to the membership and we woul dlike Awareness to comment if this is a goo d ASTROLOG Yidea and whether her capabilities in thi sarea would be sufficient . Also whether Anni emay have some other type service she coul d *HOW ANYONE CAN EASIL Yrender in addition to doing astrologica l UNDERSTAND ITcharts ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that this >>~ C .A.C. Announcesentity as capable of giving this service t~ A New Service AvaildlaCe 9 ~~in terms of astrology—that the entity To the Mem b 0can do this particularly, on cassette f. ~ `~(}~ ~tapes in a manner that Is expedient PEAS . LOGICAL & CCUNSELIN Gand efficient . To Help r tilde You Through the Stormy Months Ahea d "his Awareness indicates that the ;} }entity also has certain abilities relating roc= ., ; = a nto counseling—this in terms of a spiritua d lcounseigw~hmaybcludein the tape, particularly slanted toward the tpersons situation as indicated by the chart .ThisAwarenes sug est hat hisenti yalsoha svery strong healing powers, particularly in terms o fthe laying on of hands, but also the entity as capable of .. ~ ,, .absent healing . This as a quality which may be developed . This Awareness suggests that the information necessary for this entity to create the properastrol ogical readings may be presented in a certain mail-out that will explain what is necessarycharts and to give th e f he and what service sshe of.ers . *Please see end of reading for fees and information on this new astrological charting and counseling service . This Awareness indicates that the entity Stuart Turner of the Aquarian Church as also one who has particularlclear energies in regards to astrology . This in particular relating to psychological analysis using astrological source yof information . This Awareness indicates that the Aquarian Church, the Gooduhip, may release information regards -ing this entity, Stuart Turner, in regards to his particular capabilities . * This Awareness indicates that it can be of great ser v ice for entities to have access to astrological information i nmaking decisions during the coming three years in particular . That there can be some intensities during these time swhich entities may be prepared for, and in preparation may avoid mistakes . *Entities substxibing to Paul Shockleys Voyage to the Source Newsletters will receive information on the service of Stuart Turner. COPYRIGHT 1979 By Comic Awareness Communications & the Aquarian Church ;:# Ilniaeralil Servce . Reproduction b permission only.
  2. 2. Astrology Is not a science of the cun^•.tPatinns Influences This Awareness wishes to comment briefly on astrology . This Awareness indicates that astrology is not basically a science of the constellations influences upon the earth ,even though the constellations have influence upon the earth . This Awareness indicates that this is not essentially ascience of planetary influences upon the earth, even though the planets have influence upon the earth . This Aware-ness indicates that the signs of the zodiac are not the constellations . That the signs in fact are the directions of th eforces of the universe . This Awareness suggests that you take a square piece of paper, put North, South, East and West upon these corn-ers, then write in North-Northeast, East-Northeast, East-Southeast, South-Southrast, South-Southwest, and West -Southwest, West-Northwest, and North-Northwest, and you shall have a zodiac . All that remains is to take thes etwelve directions and place signs upon these directions . This Awareness suggests that after this, you place a series of star sytens or constellations inside those directions ,giving them the same signs or direction symbols. This Awareness suggests that the center of this to be the earth .That around this earth be the planets . s E n,c z, ZODIA C This Awareness indicates what you are looking at is the influence of these forces in these various directions upon the central point, which is the individual around which the zodiac influences are acting and being centered upon . This Awareness indicates that essentially it is not the constellations that are creating the signs, it is not the planets . The constellations are named after the signs which they rule . The constellations move and change their positions , just as the planets move and change their positions . Yet the signs remain the same, just as directions remain the same . This Awareness indicates that the various directions of the universe emanate a different energy . That wherein a planet or constellation moves in between an entity and that energy which is emanating from the outer edges of th e universe—that energy is blocked by that planet, by that constellation, and therefore the entity in the center receive s a different kind of energy . This Awareness indicates that this is the affect upon entities—the astrological affect .That wherein there are aspects and angles between planet between these forces of the signs, the energies of the signs uprrt , an entity, these also have their affect and this is also an astrological influence . The Science of Astrology is Millions of Years Ol d This Awareness indicates that the science of astrology is that which is over four-hundred thousand years old upo n this earth and is essentially millions of years old in the universe . This Awareness indicates that it has been lost, it has been confused, it has been perverted, it has been distorted. The astrologers have been mistaken, the scientists have been mistaken—but the science itself is accurate . This Awareness indicates interpretations may be mistaken , but the energies are what they are . This Awareness indicates that science originally discarded astrology because Capernicus discovered the sun wa s center of the solar system and not the earth, and therefore believed that horoscopes were in error as the horoscopes put the earth in the center . This Awareness indicates that were the horosocopes to have put the sun in the center , the influences acting upon the sun, with the planets and various signs around the sun, would not have given an acc- urate astrological influence on the individual unless the individual also was on the sun . This Awareness indicates that this would have given a chart for an entity living upon the sun . That the chart is not the same as an astronom- ical chart of the solar system, but rather is determining the influence upon the individual. This Awareness indicate s astronomy deals with quantity, with locations, with masses ; whereas astrology deals with quality, with influences . 2.
  3. 3. This Awareness indicates that another argument which science has used to discredi t astrologry is that the constellations have moved out of their original placements an d therefore the signs are innacurate . This Awareness suggests that many scientists ar e saying that there are no longer twelve signs . One particular book has been writte n giving 14 signs, because the constellations have changed . This Awareness indicates tha t It has mentioned previously, the constellations are not the signs . The constellation was simply named after the sign which it rules, just as planets arc placed in certai n signs which they rule . This Awareness indicates the concept of a ruling sign, or a plan - et in ruling sign, simply means that thcsign has a quality similar to that of the plane t --the constellation has an emanating quality similar to that of the sign which it rules . This Awareness indicates that in ancient times entities did not have calendars a s you have now, hanging upon their walls ; therefore, they had other means of reading the time of year, the time of cycle, and these times were read in the heavens . Thi s Awareness indicates that as entities looked upward and saw that which was the Le o constellation at a particular point, they knew what time of year it was . This Awareness indicates that wherein entit- ies looked up and saw the constellation of Taurus, they knew what time of year it was, according to the location of that constellation . This Awareness indicates that from this time of year they picked a symbol which would typify the type of energ y which was prevalent at that time of year . This Awareness indicates the bull as being an animal which typified certai n energies of fertility during the spring of the year ; therefore, the bull was superimposed over the star system (which , incidentally, does not look like a bull in any shape or manner unless ones mind is conditioned to see bull superim- posed over that star system .) This Awareness indicates in this manner the ancients then began to condition thei r minds to seeing the bull when they saw that pattern . -.X: - 1 This Awareness indicates that wherein it was possible for entities to choose i a symbol to typify a type of energy or consciousness expressed by that sign, an d wherein there was a pattern of stars which was associated with that energy and the typifying symbol and pattern of stars could be brought together in a part - icular symbol, they would do so . This Awareness indicates the scorpion as being a symbol which fit coincidentally into the pattern of stars which was used whic h emanated the energies of that sign now known as Scorpio . This Awareness ind- Leo the OR . icates had the star pattern been of a different nature, looking like a creature of j h? ~ a different type, the entities might have chosen a different symbol which expresse d - `the same kind of energies as indicated by the sign of Scorpio or by the constellatio n within that sign . This Awareness indicates that in other words, astrology is not based on the sign s known as the constellations, but rather the symbols were created to fit the energie s I j and superimposed over the constellations, and the constellations were then name d after those symbols and those energies . This Awareness indicates that the energie s themselves emanate from the outer edges of the universe, and toward the subject , which is the individual at any time or place within that universe . –as This Awareness indicates each entity, where ever that entity is, has around him o r Sagittarius the archer. her a zodiac of energies which are focusing upon that entity . This Awareness indicate s the entity is receiving influences from all directions . This Awareness indicates the entity also is emanating his or he r own personal influences outward . This Awareness suggests that the astrological influences are of a very high vibration working on the etheric bod y and are influencing in a manner which is of a greater force for this kind of energy than is for example, a tree, a mag - net, or another entity nearby . This Awareness indicates that many scientists have argued that the mother standin g near the child has greater influence than Mars, Jupiter, or another planet . This Awareness indicates that this is so o n one level, for the mother has a certain type of influence, but that vibration emanated by the mother is not of th e same octave, not of the same frequency, as the vibrations emanated by Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, or any of the othe r heavenly bodies . This Awareness indicates that psychology can deal with the environmental effects of local behavior upon the ind - ividual, such as whether the individual had a mother nearby or not . This Awareness indicates that astrology reflect s the cosmic influences upon the child and can determine whether or not the T~~ ,, S 2 entity had a mother nearby . This Awareness indicates that you notice the diff- erence: astrology can determine whether the child had a mother nearby, whe n the mother was present, and what the relationship was . This Awareness indic- ates that psychology or psychiatry determines what affect the presence of th e mother may have had upon the psyche of the child . 3. Scorpio the scorpion .
  4. 4. This Awareness indicates that psvchiatzy and psychology deals with the childs innate nature in relation to th enature of the mother and other environmental factors, but that astrology itself deals with the influences of the eth-ecic and atomic particles, the consciousness, the universal awareness and consciousness which emanates throughou tthe cosmos and influences cells, the emotions, the feelings, the agility, motion, and the physical features of an indiv-idual or any other organism or organization . eq oaticomsz, j This Awareness indicates that there are many complexities of relationship between forces of a cosmic level, of a social level, of a per-sonal level ; that these appear to be impossibly complex, so that a mind might feel like a spaghetti factory in trying to unravel realit yfrom all of these complexities . This Awareness suggests however that it is much like a musical scale, or chord, whereby a note is playe d--that note echoes on a higher vibration, an octave higher, and that hi gher octave also creates an overtone still one more octave higher ,which in turn creates another overtone one more octave higher and so forth into infinity . This Awareness indicates that likewise, a chord may be played whereby each note of that chord creates overtones of ;higher octave swhich in turn create higher octaves, etc . into infinity . This Awareness indicates that these being only a Saw of the sounds creating vib-rations that move on into infinity and never cease in their movement, each one creating a higher sound which becomes much harder t ohear as it is softer, losing volume while moving into higher frequencies . This Awareness indicates tie likewise, events which occur o none level echo into another level, and into still another level . This Awareness indicates the individual hes within himself many atoms ; that these atoms are tiny solar systems . This Awareness ind-icates that in the heavens entities look upward and see many stars ; these stars are solar systems . That these solar systems are likened unt omolecules, similar to the molecules within an entitys body . This Awareness indicates that many of these molecules create certain patt-erns ; many of these stars create certain patterns . This Awareness indicates that atoms create molecules ; molecules create patterns ; patt-erns create that which becomes substances and solids . This Awareness indicates these molecules creating chemicals ; chemicals and min-erals and other substances, coming together, create organs and organisms and organizations . This Awareness indicates that these creatin gthose greater organisms, organizations or organic creations called planets . That these planets adding together around a central sun, ma ybe likened unto molecules or atoms . That these suns coming together may be likened unto chains of energies, forms, shapes . This Awareness indicates that there are certain forms and shapes and energies that flow between suns, between planets, even as ther eare energies which flow between atoms and their parts . This Awareness indicates that when entities understand the microcosm, when a nentity can understand an atom, an entity can also understand the macrocosm, the universe . When an entity can understand oneself, th eentity also can understand the Universal Being . This Awareness indicates that as it is above, so it is below . This Awareness indicates upon your plane at this time, there are force swhich have been in movement for eons of time, which are now coming into a climax . This climax between the positive and negativ eforces upon this plane are not unlike the climax which occurs in the sexual act between male and female . Tha wherein this climax occ-urs, a blending of energies may occur which balances out the male and female principles to allow a neutralizing of the energies upo nthis plane . This Awareness indicates that this House of Sex, Scorpio, is also the House of Death ; that there is in death an action of ehan .Ciiithere is in sex an action of change---that energies transform and transmute . This Awareness indicates that wherein entities move throug hthose points of interchange, that wherein love is present, all will turn out properly as the ener g ies transform, transmute, or transfer ; an dthat transformation will bring about the New Being–the birth of the Christ-Child within each entity, within the realm of humanity upo nthe face of the earth . This Awareness indicates that you are likened unto sperm and eggs, rushing toward your purpose . As you approach the future month : ;during these coming few years, this Awareness asks you , each and every one, to love one another, to be aware of your own divinity ,and to recognize the relationship between yourself as a mediator between the smallest creation and the- largest creation--the microcosm ,the macrocosm--and to reconcile the yes and no, 4.