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Cosmic Awareness 1978-38: How to overcome fear (A new meditation from Awareness)


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Spiritual
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Cosmic Awareness 1978-38: How to overcome fear (A new meditation from Awareness)

  1. 1. `--- 78-38 Cosmic Awareness Communication s P . 0. env 115, 0lympb, WunIe(toe ci c 7 (OSAII( r11•-KI . 1I s a the lincc that c .ptesscd lt•.rtt tht .+,l l_h I ..Algal .7 .cc• Ic .u■ tI Nai .tt,Ul, the Buddha, Rristur,l . Nuhannned . and athrr gloat :moats whu xrcal as thannrl> I :t : tlic Ilea (col) I .tthcl . .trnl sVho •.l :a1,s Again tud ;ty as th e world begins tt cntcr (fie Veit . er n( .pr.dual r .,nseinu .ne.• and .ncaicuc .. 1t11Ct I`>h ; ( : : Atva rrueo ha, been co ntitittn l sating tltrnngh ictt :nn e I3eI li) ttarned .hanriels I he inluttu .tti„n tt,nt :oncd hctrlt: was reLeibcd 11 ,ut ricer inure state . an d inlerptt:ted by an enlr} aliiti:nrr! with ( ( 1 his mlul mauun a lot thus t+ht) Inherit the New :1ge . •w :ucnces tell, you nu t to I7ehcic anything, hit to lluealinn . e ..pkure, dotthl and disco .ct (t i vuur .ei! what I N the tlulh . (- tt .uu Aa;+rtltrss uuty in- dtcates and suggc .ts Paul Shockle y Trance-Interprete r It 0W TO OVERCOM E ( A New Meditation ) From Awareness COSMIC AWARENESS : (Opening Message ) This Awareness suggests that a meditation to assist entities in overcomin g fears, particularly unnecessary fears, will be given . This Awareness suggests that you may make yourself comfortable, either sittin g or lying down, and visualize that which is the fear, or the cause of your fear , before you . This Awareness suggests that this may be of any nature, such as an intervie w for a job or a conversation . with another entity, or some type of experience which you have developed a kind of fear which you feel is unnecessary and inappropriat e in dealing with the situation . This Awareness indicates that in your dealings with the situation, realizin g that you can best deal with this situation without having this fear, it become s necessary for you to find a method whereby you may overcome the fear withi n yourself. This Awareness suggests that you visualize the fear-causing situation befor e you and, as you see this clearly and have this visualization clearly, experiencin g the feeling, that you then begin imagining your body growing larger and large r and larger as cha situation becomes smaller and smaller and smaller and more in - significant . i ,gfyrighl 1978 by / n,nrnufu .,,el. tt 4 l7rr brur+rtre. r lean lr . .; I ?uvrr .rr1 , rrt• . I(,•prt,lnr tint Is p: ra 1 hu1 tr .lu:l milt n1 .pl, lIrsrrunt .t .-t rh : .,n
  2. 2. This Awareness suggests that you continue in this until the situatio ndiminishes to the size of a dot . That you then decide you will deal with .that dot in a manner that is to your own suiting . This Awareness suggests that at that point in your meditation that yo uchant AUM three times and make some type of gesture with the hands as aphysical grounding for the attitude which you have developed . This Awareness wishes entities to understand, for this has been give nbefore, yet many entities may have missed this information ; that in dealingwith consciousness and magic, (which is the changing of consciousness), tha timagery is important . Yet, any change in consciousness needs to be accompanie dby a physical action which is set as a deliberate grounding of that new chang eof consciousness . This physical action can he anything an entity chooses ,such as snapping the fingers, blinking the eyes, forming a pattern with thehands, forming a geometrical pattern or symbol with the hands, or whateverelse entities may desire, such as stamping a foot or turning in a circle . This Awareness suggests that this physical grounding is that whic htransfers the image held in consciousness to the body itself, the physica lbody, which then allows all of the being to accept this as being a fact . This Awareness indicates this then engages the subconscious levels o fthe body into accepting that which the conscious imaging,, has been give nand has experienced .ED s Note :The chanting of the AUM three times is used in the Cosmic Awarenes sDevelopment Classes to summon Awareness . The vibration ACM is a sacre dvibration, used for ages by many esoteric groups, and means God .Awareness has indicated that in crisis situations, an entity can vibrat ethe AIIM three times and very often be protected from whatever is threatening .There are many different ways that the AUM is vibrated, but Awareness ha sdirected those in the Awareness movement to vibrate it slowly so that i tsounds like : Aaaa 000mm aWhen done correctly, you can feel your nose vibrating .If you listen to the Moody Blues LP recording, In Search of the Lost Chor d you can get a fairly good idea of how the Alit is vibrated .This meditation can also be used in conjunction with the Meditation fo rProtection and Healing Yourself as given in Revelations of Awareness 78-36 . Kt:VfI.ATIONS OF ,W Alt IPSS is a cumin,: newsletter published by t „uni, -tr,,rrrn,• .sc r,,,nurunar ;rthinit . P .O . B o I I5 . Olympia, Washington 9850I . Rates and mcntbrrslup information av :,ilahle np„n rr lu<st .