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Cosmic Awareness 1978-35: More About 'Ascended Masters'


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Cosmic Awareness 1978-35: More About 'Ascended Masters'

  1. 1. Cosmic Awareness Communications78-35 P . 0 . fins 515, Otympts . Wahlnjtrel 9850 9 COSMIC AWAR1_NFIS is the force that expressed Itself through Fdgar Cayce . Jesus of Narareth, the Buddha . Krishna , Mohatumid, and other great avatars who served as -Channels for the t{en vcnly Father, and who speaks again today as th e world begins to enter the tv Age of spiritual consciousness and ;awareness . Since (963 Cosmic Awarcness has been communi- cating through certain carefully trained channels . "[he information contained herein was received Irum deep trance states an d interpreted by an envoy alfiliatcd with ( A .( . {his inl01m ;tion IF for those who inherit, the New Age . Awareness tells you no t to believe anything . but to question .,•xplurc . doubt and dt,ruvrr I,u Y,ntrscii what is the truth . Cosmic Awareness only it- dicales and suggests . Paul Shockle y Trance-Interprete r MORE ABOUT " ASCENDED MASTERS " AND GROUPS REPRESENTING THE SPIRITUAL HIERARCH Y (Riding on the Coat-Tail of Jehovah ) Question : We get a number of questions like this one I a m going to ask about the Great White Brotherhood and othe r channels and so forth . This one is from R .S . of St . Cloud , Minnesota, who writes : There are three New Age light groups I am involved i n at the present time and I would like to know where they ~~:` are at from Cosmic Awareness s point of view . These thre e /rrll ,+, groups have a large following so perhaps it would he con - sidered of common interest . I would like to ask thi s question to Awareness . These three New Age light groups : Mark Age, Summit Lighthouse and Movement of Spiritua l Inner Awareness ; with what type of energy the leaders o f each group are working? Is it mental, psychic or spirit - ual energy, or another type? Another part of th e question, : the leaders of these groups claim to be th e physical embodiments of immortal beings . Is this so ? From Mark Age, Charles Gentzel claims to be El Mory a on the spiritual plane, and Pauline Sharpe--Naida , from the Karmic Board ; from Summit Lighthouse, Mar k Prophet as Lanello and Elizabeth Prophet as the mess- enger from the Great White Brotherhood ; from MSIA , Roger Hinkins as John-Roger the Mystical Traveler . All of these people are doing a great deal of goo d to the people through helping them to raise the levels of awareness and freeing the m from negativity . However, I would like to know whether their identity claims are valid? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates the identity claims are of little concern to this Aware - ness . This Awareness indicates that wherein entities desire to follow authorities , and wherein entities claim to be an authority of a certain type, identifying and claiming kinship with certain authorities, whether this be of a political, a spiritua l or knowledgeable authority, that this as being related unto the hierarchy system , wherein the claim of authority as being stressed and emphasized in order that thos e who listen pay greater attention to the words of those who claim such authority . t :upvr:rht 1974 by t(1,rrlu 4, (~nr .,ur,ur ; utu . ., . S l ;:r -+ .+r, ., , :u , : ( , :., .r,uf S-,r r : r It,p cNI,„leap, r. r ,deer .,, bier r,•.rir,i,rrrr . .,ptrl,
  2. 2. This Awareness indicates that by your fruits you shall know them . By the fruit sof a tree, entities know the value and production of that tree . This Awareness suggest sthat any tree which claims to be an apple tree, but which produces pears willa discrepancy in its claims . `Tti:s, warenets indicates that any tree which claims to be a fruit-bearing tree ,but produces nothing, will reflect exactly what it . This Awareness suggests that you not concern yourself with the claims of authority ,that you look simply at the teachings and ask yourself : Is the fruit of this tree ,is the teaching of this person that which is beneficial to my welfare? This Awareness , suggests that there are now, and ever shall be, entities who eclaims in order to sell their products . This Awareness suggests this is part of th epackaging . This Awareness suggests that any entity who has lived in this commercia lera should become aware of the nature of packaging and commercialization of all phase sof human endeavor, whereby these products may be sold to the public, and whereby th eadvertising department ma es claims which may or may not be valid . This Awareness suggests you forge t the claims ,examine the product, talk to those wh o have been user s product, and that you simply tes t this produc tfor yourself . 11 ( (7:r–m1-tea, . This Awareness suggests that wherein t`you take upon yourself the use of a produc tsimply ° because of the claims, but do not ijhave the discernment to determine whether this product is really beneficial to you or ` 1 , .,- ,--- •not, and whereby you question other sources . /-- - .N; as to its value, this becomes likened unto .using this Awareness as an evaluator of ; / • ,; . the product . This Awareness indicates this i sakin to placing this Awareness in the role o fthe FDA to evaluate spiritual organizations . This Awareness suggests that the various spiritual paths are open to many, tha tthere are many ways wherein entities may travel to these states of enlightenment an dunderstanding . This Awareness indi. ates the entity who is presently unknown, such a san entity may, at this moment, . be standing on a street corner with nothing to d oand no place to an entity may make a claim, stating that "I a mthe incarnatien of Zarathrustra," or some other historically known spiritual leader ,and this entity, in repeating this often enough, begins to identify with this concept ,to feel the energies of that entity with whom be identifies, and may begin . to creat ea following of entities who are looking for something or someone to follow . Thi sAwareness indicates that once this occurs, the entity then has more support for hi sclaim, for his followers also agree that he . is, , the,reincarnation. of this entity . This .Awareness suggests that as a following oceuts, this makes it possible for a neven greater following to occur, a cult begins . This Awareness indicates a cul tis simply an action whereby a small number of entities in a society believe in th eteachings of that particular group . A culture is that which is larger than a cult ,wherein the culture encompasses the entire society, and the society accepts thi sbelief as a truth there is little question and few entities who do not accep tthe teachings of the societys culture . This Awareness indicates that entities on all levels are being programmed b ythose who claim, and who make claims, of delivery from problems and difficulties ;and those entities generally are playing the role of an authority . This Awareness suggests that the entity, Jesus ;:: the entity Krishna, and all o fthe other great leaders of various religions, these entities have been placed int o 2.
  3. 3. roles of authorities, whereby the personality became the guiding factor . This Aware-ness suggests that this is an error of the mass mind . This Awareness suggests this a slikened unto the child who quotes the mother or the father for proof of his bel .ieis . This Awareness suggests that you not concern yourself with the quotin gs o :r: moath -inns, or the repetition of ideas of those who are claiming to be authorities, so muc has that you look carefully at what ideas, statements are being expressed . This Aware -ness suggests the teaching, not the teachers, the message, not the messenger . Thi sAwareness indicates that the awareness, not the entity who claims to have the aware-ness . This Awareness suggests that when you lock carefully at the teachings, you wil lfind there is much which may be so but cannot he verified . Therefore, if it cannot b everified, it needs to be taken either by faith alone, accepted by faith and belief ,or it needs to be questioned and placed upon a shelf for further concern and examin -ation at a later time, or it needs to be rejected as unprovable and unacceptabl ebecause there is no proof . This Awareness suggests that either the belief or the rejection as being tha twhich can lead you into wrong answers ; but wherein you listen, without believing o rrejecting, that infdrma .tion then may be placed upon a shelf in . your consciousness fo rpossible use or possible verification at a later time . This Awareness indicates that you need not reject information . You need not . accep tinformation . You may simply let the information be, and as more and more informatio nis gathered, the capability for evaluating the information from ether informatio nwhich has been gathered becomes greater . And this capability of greater evaluation i sthat which allows you to begin to see areas which may be more likely to he truthfu lthan if you simply follow a teaching because someone claims to he a teacher and yo umust accept the teaching since that entity has made those claims . This Awareness indicates in your particular question you are indee d questioning the claims of these teachers . This Awareness is suggestin g to you that this is appropriate to question these claims, but it is un- necessary to-discover whether these claims are valid or not . This Aware- ness suggests that were this Awareness to answer that these claims wer e valid, or were this Awareness to deny these claims as being invalid , the next question would be whether this Awareness was valid or not . This Awareness indicates there is no way to ask authority fo r verification of authority without relying upon authority for answer s This Awareness suggests you not rely upon authority for seekin g truth, that you listen to that which claims to be authority . Yo u evaluate according to the general reliability of that authority an d according to the implications and ramification? an d relationships of all the information that is gathered . t). So that wherein you begin to put the pieces of th e puzzle of various types of inCormation together , and whereby you can sec a total picture emer ; ;inl; ! [/ I, from this piecing of parts together, then . you TEMP I of Fon L g can begin to suspect, (and that may be all there I is), the suspicion that you have stumbled on . to ii SHINBONE A L I Ei . 2 information that is valid, or stumbled onto S .tsTY :1",O :;K. , information that implies something is not valid . rr» .usv vr:xr>o s —T--1 " This Awareness suggests that truth is that iiell1a for Ut }li~~ioit ! ; j which is, and wherein an entity believes that he t -,-pl 4 r has discovered The Truth , or a source for. TheTruth, such an entity generally ceases to question and to expl .ere to mand. to research further. in that area . This Awareness wishes entities to questt r "doubt, research ., and to avoid absolute conclusions on anything, but to continu egathering more and more information about everything . 3.
  4. 4. Blow Jehovah and the Hierarch y Control Their Follower s (A Lesson from Pavlovs Dogs ) Question : as) Awareness, I have one question relative t o this and it relates to fear . I have heard tape s from a representative of a large group, whic h will remain nameless, that in their invocatio n to Saint Germain, I believe it was, there is a -eference that if certain entities do not d o ertain things, that they can risk the annih- ilation of their soul . Now, when I hear things like thi s its a line that is drawn in my thinking that I don t particularly care to examine this any further ; that I believe this is a basic untruth and Id like to as k Awareness if there is a line drawn when the fear tri p is laid out in some of the information that comes fro m these various groups . COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this as related in terms of the old ways, wherein fea r and punishment were placed on one side, reward and paradise and approval were place d on the other side, and the entity was placed in the middle . This Awareness indicate s that the entity then may be controlled by tin stimulus response, or reward and punish- ment system, as explained in the works of Skinner and other psychologists ; this a s the most commonly understood form of motivational control over others . This Awareness indicates that the majority of religions down through the ages , the majority of political and governmental agencies, the majority of parental control s and the majority of all business and corporate systems, the majority of legal systems , all work using the reward and punishment method of control and motivational systems . This Awareness suggests that even the Old Testament and the Biblical teaching s are filled with rewards and punishment for various types of behavior . This Awarenes s indicates this as a condition which has been used throughout the universe, not onl y upon this plane, but throughout the universe for controlling entities wherein a forc e which sees itself as being superior to those which are being controlled, wishes t o have greater control over those who are its subjects . This Awareness suggests that this is the old way . This is the common way, an d this is the way for entities who are net highly evolved . This Awareness suggests that the entity Jesus, the Christ, the entity in hi s teachings, sought to change this effort and sought to bring about a new type of Deity : one which expressed itself in service, in mercy, and by giving itself to the masses , rather than being a threat and power over the masses . This Awareness wishes at this point to refer to the entity, Jehovah . The entit y Jehovah, who has for so many thousands of years claimed to be the creator of humanity . This Awareness indicates this entity has been given credit for creating the earth an d for creating all that is therein . This Awareness wishes entities to look closely at the book of Genesis . That in 4.
  5. 5. the first few verses, the description of the creation of heaven and earth as tha twhich occurred from the works of the Universal Deity ; that the story of Adam and Ev eas that which was the work of the entity, Jehovah, who brought about, through genetics ,a type of entity who would attend his garden as his servant . This Awareness indicates the entity, Jehovah, as having been one who may be pres-ently called a space traveler, or a being from another dimension other than this plane ,but capable of moving into the physical from that dimension . This Awareness indicates the entity, Jehovah, as being an immortal being ; ye tthis entity as not the creator of the universe, but one who was capable of creatin gthrough the use of certain cosmic and universal principles, creating forms . This Awareness indicates your present scientists are reaching a level whereb ythey also may soon become capable of creating that which you call clones . This Aware-ness indicates the entity, Jehovah, essentially was creating mankind, Adam and Eve ,from an action similar to that which your scientists call cloning . HowJehovah Cloned Adam and Ev e This Awareness indicates that Adam, being created in the image of Jehovah, a slikened unto that which is related unto cloning, whereby the cell of an entity i staken and the nucleus of that cell is placed within the egg of a female, whereas th enucleus of that egg is removed . This Awareness indicates that this, then, is implante din an incubation system to allow the clone to develop, and that development will h ein the exact image of the entity from which the cell was taken . This Awareness indicates this has been done upon your plane with frogs and wit hcertain other creatures . This Awareness indicates this has been done upon your plan eby others than your own scientific establishment, whereby entities have been . clonedand created . This Awareness indicates that the entity, Jehovah, creating his special clonin gfollowers for tending his garden and for his personal experiments ., this entity the nproceeded to attempt to mold and create and direct these clones by using the motiv-ational behavior system of punishment and reward . This Awareness indicates that th eentire Western civilization as being reflective of that kind of consciousness . This Awareness indicates that the present spiritual organizations whc stress th efear and punishment, particularly wherein the punishment is that from an unknowncause, or what may be termed unknown fears : fears created by concepts which may o rmay not be valid, such . as the annihilation of the soul ; that such concepts and suc hfear-producing ideas being used against entities to keep them in line, to force theminto certain levels of obedience ; this is but an old way which has been used for consof time to keep entities enslaved and ignorant . This Awareness suggests that if the entity teaching this can give the clea rsource for this information, can show entities how they may discover this for them -selves, and can assist entities in finding ways whereby the behavior of an entity i sencouraged rather than enforced : this Awareness suggests that then the teacher i sshowing responsibility rather than mere reckless control over his or her following . What Happens When Its a "Possibility " But You Let ItStand at Tha t (Putting the Jig Saw Puzzle Together )Question : I feel there is an area still needing more clarification on this : when Awarenes shas reminded us not to come to final conclusions on matters, and I understand that ,but one question still bothers me . I•know of some people who dont seem to advance i nthought from year to year, but just say : "Its a possibility, " with no change . I tseems this situation doesnt allow any operating base for action . 5.
  6. 6. COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that when . entities Sit dawn to put a jigsaw puzzle to-gether and are given pieces of jigsaw puzzles that are thrown into a box : these ma ybe likened unto pieces of the puzzle of life . This Awareness indi cates the entit ydoes not know whether this is all one puzzle or whether this is many puzzles mixe dup together . This Awareness indicates that wherein an entity begins putting part stogether and they appear to fit, and a picture begins to emerge, the entity then ma yassume temporarily that this may be valid . This Awareness indicates that where th eentity runs out of pieces and cannot find further pieces to fit around that smal lportion, or picture, which he has assembled, the entity then must begin to look else -where and to seek to form other parts of the puzzle in another area ., This Awareness indicates, for example, the materialistic scientist attempts t oput the pieces of the puzzle together by exploring from the ground up ; from the prac-tical, materialistic level, upwards . The spiritualist scientist attempts to mov efrom the spirit downward, receiving information from . spiritual levels which are int-ended or supposed to account eventually for the material . manifestation . This Awareness indicates the entities who are putting this puzzle together mayeach work separately on different areas, and each may say, "°I_ have the key to th epuzzle . I can see from my little portion that the entire puzzle is going to look lik ethis, and this is what We will discover . " This Awareness indicates that if they atop their efforts at the periphery of their own picture and fail to look any further, and assume they know what the pict -ure of this puzzle is going to produce, they have ceased to discover . They hav eceased to learn . They have assumed they know . This Awareness indicates that wherein one group assumes it knows and anothe rgroup assumes it knows, yet all of these various groups, (assuming they understan dthe entire picture of life), are not In agreement with one another, there must h esome kind of error . This Awareness indicates that, of course, each group assumes that the others ar ein error and that they have the correct answer . This Awareness suggests that wherein_ anewcomer enters the scene and begins to help one of the various puzzle persons pu ttheir puzzle together ; this newcomer is likely to become identified with whoever h eor she is assisting, and may begin to champion the cause of his or her own sponsor .This Awareness suggests that an entity, wishing to be totally objective, will loo kat the materialistic levels, will look at the spiritual levels, will look at th eother levels and other entities putting their pictures together . This Awareness indicates you may eventually have many different kinds of material-istic attitudes and beliefs and sy ;stems which each may claim to see the correc tpicture . Yet, even these materialistic approaches may differ from one another as t owhat: is the proper picture of the universe . This Awareness indicates the same may b esaid for the various spiritual organizations, each claiming to see the proper picture , This Awareness indicates wherein an entity enters and wishes to discover truth ,the entity must look for the entire picture rather than believe in any p ortion o rpart therein . This Awareness indicates wherein an entity simply wishes security an ddoes not mind to be deceived, the entity then may side with any one portion tha tdeceives him into believing that that portion is correct , 6.
  7. 7. More on Jehovah . . . THE CH RI S T I AN "RAPTURE " (Shooting Off From the Eart h In the Name of the Lord ) (Not as Far-Fetched as it Sounds ) question. : A question from D .L . of L .A. Calif . Please ask Awareness this question : Many Christians who are also avidly study - ing the Bible, expect that in a shor t while, the rapture will come . At this time, they will shoot off the earth i n some fashion . My question is : will th e rapture really be the great surge whe n many souls reach the Cosmic Consciousnes s together ? COSMIC AWARENiESS : et_ This Awareness indicates this agai n relates back unto the activity of Jehovah . This Awareness indicates this entity a s one who was using the earth to create a particular type of entity which he the n intends at a later time to harvest . This Awareness indicates that the plan o f Jehovah as that which was partiall y thwarted by the entity, Jesus . This entity changing the concept of a god of power an d wrath, one who would slay the enemies o f the Jews : this entity, Jesus ., changin g this concept of God into a merciful Go d who loved all entities, regardless o f origin, nationality, racial differences , or their place or status in life . This Awareness indicates, by doing this, the entity Jesus began to assist in th ebreaking down of the separation of the Jewish or Hebrew culture from the rest of th eworld, and from the other cultures of the world . This Awareness indicates Jehovah a shaving sought to keep the Hebrews separate through cultural demands and throug hvarious rules and regulations . This Awareness indicates that the entity, Jesus, a sone who was seeking to break down these cultural barriers and to allow the Jewis hentities, the Hebrews, to move into a merging with the rest of the people on th eearth . This Awareness indicates that the entity, Jesus, as changing the religion fro mone which was based on a space being who was harvesting and growing human beings fo rhis own purposes, to one which was of a mystical nature, a spiritual nature, whereb ythe religion of the world,(t :he Western world in particular), would take on a mystica linterpretation, dealing with spiritual energies rather than hereditary and behavio rtype of energies . This Awareness suggests that the rapture reflects back on the Jewish belief, th e eHebrew belief, that Jehovah would return and slay the non-Hebrew, or destroy thpeople of the world who were not his creation, and would take the Hebrew from thi splanet to another place in the universe . 7.
  8. 8. This Awareness indicates the New Testament and the rapture described in the Ne w eTestament, was of a slightly different : variation, giving a religion in which thos twho were loving and those who followed the teachings of Christ would be raptured b yChrist and his followers, Christ and his angels, and would be taken away . This Awareness indicates that in another sense, the rapture as being symbolic o fentities who become enraptured at the revisitation of the Christ Consciousness int otheir lives . This Awareness indicates the Second Corning is available in each generat-ion, wherein an entity opens oneself up to experience the Christ Consciousness ; the nthe Christ Consciousness enters and entities experience the rapture . This Awareness indicates the Beast itself is capable of entering into the live sof each individual and ruling therein for a short time ; yet the Beast rule can neve rbe lasting in any individual, for such a rule becomes too intense and the entitysimply cannot survive under the controls of that force when that force inhabits a nentitys consciousness . This Awareness indicates the Beast on this symbolic level, is the mind , the selfishness end . the greed-centered consciousness ; whereas the Christ Consciou s- ness is that which is pure, virgin.-born and virgin-pure, clear without greed an d lust mot .r ation as with the Beast . This Awareness indicates that wherein this pure consciousness enters the entity , that is the Second Coming and the rapture` which entities may experience . Thi s Awareness indicates this, of course, is a symbolic meaning of Revelation, the Boo k of Revelation and the seven seals or chakras within the entity which open and revea l oneself to oneself, which open and reveal one s consciousness to oneself . This Awareness indicates that this does not, however, preclude the possibilit y of this action, this activity, expressing itself in a universal . event upon this plane . This Awareness suggests that entities upon this plane may wish to know that ther e are many levels of reality . There are many worlds, and there are the realms of th e immortals, and these immortals can into this plane and have their effect upo n this plane and can, in . fact, take entities away from this plane to other areas in theuniverse, or to other realms in the Universe . This Awareness indicates this as related to the consciousness of entities and t o certain inter-relationships and karmic implications by such entities involved . Is it a Violation to be Whisked Off the Earth ? –aaaa (More on the Alien Force ) Question : Awareness ., isnt that a violation of entities ? COSMIC AkA7ENESS : This Awareness indicates there are entities within the universe who violat e others, hut not all entities who violate live among you on this plane in physica l form . There are entities who are of other realms, often invisible to you, who indee d can vie ate entities . This Awareness indicates it is important that entities are aware of the kinds o f energies which they emanate and the effects of those energies, and that they als o become aware of the methods and means whereby they may protect themselves from thos e forcea which would violate . This Awareness suggests that entities who move int o higher levels of consciousness become more subject to potential interference by thos e entities who do not wish entities to move into higher levels of consciousness . 8.
  9. 9. This Awareness indicates, however, that as entities practice the Law ofLove an dr J . - resist not, and follow the course of least resistance, without fear ; these entitie s are almost impossible for alien forces to manipulate, regulate, or to interfer e with their purposes and lives . This Awareness indicates that entities may shield themselves from these alie n forces . That wherein an entity begins to open oneself up through fear or throug h hostility, or through frustration or through illness, through drugs, or through thos e rituals or associations with entities who draw in such alien forces : these entitie s may find themselves in situations wherein the alien forces are penetrating an d causing certain disturbances . This Awareness indicates that often an entity, moving in high levels of conscious- ness, will find himself or herself bombarded by those alien forces in a manner tha t is most difficult to deal with . This Awareness indicates the alien forces do no t bombard the entity who is working with them, but attempts to bombard the entity wh o is working in higher spiritual levels in a manner that might threaten the alie n forces . This Awareness suggests that it becomes necessary for entities working in hig h spiritual levels to be aware of, but not fearful of, alien forces, and to be awar e of how to deal with those energies, if necessary, without becoming fearful or`host :il e toward such forces . This Awareness indicates alien forces, essentially, are only forces which liv e in ignorance and self-centered greed energies . **:h;*** ED s NOTE : For more information on the Alien force and how to protect yoursel f against it, please refer to Revelations of Awareness No . 77-13, 78-9, 78-13, 78-36 : MORE ON CELESTRTA . . . LAND OF A THOUSAND RAINBOW S uestion : A Question from R .E .E : "Awareness indicated Celestria contains entities who di d not split off from the integration with Awareness and universal forces and follow th e Luciferian mind into separateness . Please indicate if this realm called Celestria means the upper astral plane, the lower and higher mental planes, and/or the plane s beyond the mind, sometimes called the god planes or the Buddhic, Nirvanic etc . o f non-polarized calm, and whether it contains that mass of entities from which th e earth entities divided from upon the fall of man ; if this is what occurred ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this as that which has been termed the land of Essence . That in the area of Celestria, wherein the thousand rainbows constantly emanate thei r light, wherein light itself is that which is the essence of being ; wherein the ref le e . tion of that light emanates as colors ; wherein entities are indeed themselves a s bodies of light ; wherein entities come in contact with one another and create spark s of light and life ; wherein bliss is the very atmosphere which entities breathe ; wherein entities in coming in contact with one another in this sea of bliss, exper - ience that which may be likened unto the experience of sexUai climax in a s p iritua l 9.
  10. 10. level, which is beyond the imagination of entities upon this Plane ; that cannot entities upon this plane, tfor its nature is of such blissful energies that description with wort . is inadequate . Sex Life in Celestri a (The Cosmic Or g asm ) This Awareness indicates that if you can visualize yourself as a body of blissfu llight, moving upon a land made of golden light, wherein plants and growin ., thing salso emanate that li ght ; wherein you may drink of the nectar of flowers, a liqui dwhich is more pleasing than the taste of honey . Ilia Awareness indicates this likene dunto a cross between the heart of a watermelon and a drop of honey ; yet this a shaving a fragrance likened unto lotus blossom and a texture that when it touches you rtongue, causes an electrical flow of energy throughout your body and causes the bod yto emanate sparks of vitality, bliss and light . This /awareness indicates that thi sis the food of the gods which entities in Celestria drink . This Awareness indicates that such entities then, in moving in contact with on eanother, approaching one another, (even at a distance of five times their own armreach), may touch each others auras ; and when this occurs, these beams of ligh tshower between such entities, exchanging the energies of the entities in a manne rthat may be referred to as Cosmic Climax . This as being the only form of sex whic hthese entities have . This as likened unto an exchange of bliss between the entities ,even though they do not physically touch, their auras being all that merge . This Awareness indicates, indeed, this is the heights of dev- elopment of entities in physical forms, yet these forms as bein g not of a physical nature, but of a magnetic light . This Awarenes s indicates that the magnetism and radiance being that which create s these lights and the souls and spirits of these entities . This Awareness indicates the fall of the angels, the fall o f Lucifer, this entire action was one wherein those entities wh o followed Lucifer, moved into that realm which may be referred t o as blades, the darkness of the universe, wherein the realm wa s partially completed, but not totally completed, to allow thes e immortals to have certain experiences whereby they might struggl e and whereby they might develop a desire, and whereby they migh t learn and discover, Who, In Fact, They Really Are ; and whereby they might reflect upon the nature of their own being to discove r their inner workings . This Awareness indicates that the created realm known as the mortal world, a sthat wherein were made from material energies, plus the use of immorta l that material combination of energies . This Awareness indicates tha tthis as likened unto the efforts of Jehovah . in creating Adam and creating Eve . Thi sAwareness indicates there were many entities made in the material levels on othe rplanets, In other galaxies, in other places of the universe, made by other space orimmortals than Jehovah, himself . This Awareness indicates the immortals being capable of creating into the morta lworld these various bodies and shapes which then allow spirits to develop and, i n cases, allow immortals to invade into those physical bodies which are the ncapable of certain, types of experience that are denied the immortals , This Awareness indicates when entities are immortal, life can become somewha tboring and entities can often look forward to an experience of great change, such a sbirth in the physical, and death in the physical, wherein birth and death in th emortal realms becomes likened unto a vacation from immortality so that entities ma yforget for a time all of the long string of memories and experiences that immortal s 10 .
  11. 11. must deal and live with eternally . This Awareness suggests that the question may be reaske .d if there were area swhich were not clearly answered . Jehovah and Rhve eauestion : Not the particular question . I had a question . What was the relationship, i fany, between Jehovah and Rhyee, the first separateness ?COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates the entity, Jehovah, as having : at one time been th eruler of Marc, the Lord of Mars . This Awareness indicates Rhyee as having been th eLord of Earth . This Awareness indicates that the entity Rhyee as also having bee na representative or extenstion of the entity known as Lucifer . CAN AN ENTITY EVOLV E BEYOND CELESTRIA ? est _aC_ru g In relation to Celestria, assuming that those entities there are karma-free an dhave a choice of not relating to other earth experiences, or other experiences, hav ethese entities reached the ultimate of their spiritual development or evolvement, o rare there other levels beyond Celestria to which they can go if they wish ?COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates these entities can experience higher levels only i nslight degree of dif arence . This Awareness indicates these entities living in bliss ,experiencing bliss, have little motivation or reason to move into any more sublimelevel of experience, for they seek not to escape from a n y experience which they have ,other than the possibility of becoming somewhat complaceZt and bored with thei rp resent experience . This Awareness indicates that wherein these entities do become somewhat bore dof their present experience, they usually seek adventure and some type of hardshi pexperience, and in that manner, leave Celestria for the lower realms . This Awareness indicates that essentially, the only higher realms which suc hentities may move to would be into levels whereby they dissolve their identification sinto experiences of greater bliss . This Awareness indicates that the greater blis sas that which allows the entitys aura to expand and contact other entities i nCelestria and experience their experiences through such contacts . This Awareness indicates that essentially, melting of individuality as that whic hallows them to merge into the clarity and the blissful energies which are th eessences of akasha and the Universal Spirit . This Awareness suggests that such entities do not seek to remain in that stat epermanently, but do return to areas whereby they may experience certain degrees o findividuality . TRE REALM OF CIMMERI A (TI oint of No Return ) This Awareness indicates that there is a realm known as Cimmeria by certai nentities, whereby those immortals who cannot adjust to Celestria, to Hades, or to th ecreated realms of the mortals, may he sent . This occurring in very rare instances ,for when entities enter into Cimmeria ; this area as likened unto that which is th eresidue of a previous creation, but which does not have at this time, consciousness ,but is more likened unto a mystical fog of seething unconsciousness that seeks wit h 1.1 .
  12. 12. all its being to find form into which it may express itself . Cimmeria as that which is the deepest mystery and most dreaded area in al lcreation, whereby even the immortals dare not go . This Awareness indicates this may be likened unto the second death, fo ronce entities enter Cimmeria, they seldom, if ever, return . This Awareness indicates the spelling of this as Cimmeria . . . .C-I-M-M-E-R-l-A . DOES COSMIC AWARENESS HAVE THE POWE R OR, DESIRETO SAVE ENTITIES FROM SUICIDE ?Question : A question from D .R . of Beaverton, Oregon . Does Awareness have the power to sav eIts followers from such dangers as suicide or perdition? Does it have the desire t osave Its followers from these dangers? How strong is this desire, assuming it exists ?COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness wishes entities not to think of this Awareness as an entity u p there holding power over the lives of entities . This Awareness wishes you to look at this Awareness as awareness . Does awareness, does enlightenment, have the power to prevent entities from suicide ? Does enlightenment have the power to prevent entities from suffering? Doe senlightenment have the power to bring this planet into balance ? This Awareness indicates that enlightenment can do these things when entitie sbegin to share and experience that enlightenment . This Awareness can do these things when entities begin to share and experienc ewith this Awareness .EDS NOTE : For mor einformation on Celestri aand Hades, please refer t oRevelations of Awarenes snumber 78-19 . -The illustrations used i nRevelationsof Awarenes sNewsletters have neithe rbeen approved nor disapprove dby Cosmic Awareness . (We r e afraid to ask), but are th eresponsibility of the editor . R1 . 01 Al IONS l A %. I.I NI-SS . ; eostmt n.a,?c tirr Iwbli,ir :(i Itt ( „ " o, It) . 1 . 1 ti . tllcrttpi ;,, :j I Iupinn)10(17 11 .11rs ana :ttrmllers.I tp inlonil i : ;on nl n1 , egt1c,t