Cosmic Awareness 1978-29: More About the Nazi Holocaust (The Karmic Passion Play With a Cast of Millions)


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Cosmic Awareness 1978-29: More About the Nazi Holocaust (The Karmic Passion Play With a Cast of Millions)

  1. 1. Cosmic Awareness Communicatio n P. 0, pnr 115, Olyrnpla, W iin•t1On asa ;78-29 COSMIC AWARENESS is the force that expressed itself through Edgar Cayce, Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna , Mohammed, and other great avatars who served as Channel ; for the Heavenly i :ather, and who speaks again today as th e world begins to enier the Noe Age of s piritual . :onseiousncsa and awareness . Since 190 Cosmic Awareness has been communi- cating through eertaia carefully trained channels . The information container: herein was received from deep trance states an d interpreted by an entity affiliated with C .A .C . This information is for those who inherit the New Age . Awareness tells you no t to believe anything . but zo question, explore, doubt and discover for yourself what is the truth . Cosmic Awareness only in- dicates and suggests . 1~ICItE A80tiT TH E NAf i HOLOCAUS T The Karmic Passion Play With a Cast of Million s Paul Shockle y Trance--Interprete rQUEST TON ea_ There has been a network TV series this week called Holocaust that ha s attracted a lot of attention . This concerned aJewish family in Na ti Germany from the30s to the 40s . Nationally, many Jews got together on the anniversary of the so--calle dholocaust, retelling the experience to their children, lest they never forget . Man ybelieve that for the salve of the children it is necessary to go over this tragedy o fthe 40s over and over again,. Now Awareness has told us that in the case of a rap evictim, for example, the retelling of the experience over and over, can help remove th etrauma from the psyche of the victims . Those who were victims of the Nazis and wh osurvived are probably being helped in this manner . M question is : in relation to thechildren of today, those who never lived during those times, is this retelling of tha ttragedy actually doing them any good, or is this but re-energizing negative experience s in. consciousness ? COSMIC AWARENISS : This Awareness indicates this as something that allows the entities to have a kin d of racial identification, likened unto a history of their people,, This Awareness ind- icates that this cultural history is that which can be beneficial in terms of givin g the entities a sense of understanding and . dignity in. being who they are in relation . t o their religious and racial heritage . This Awareness indicates that this racial and religious or cultural herita e,,whist : entities often_ feel drawn to, is important in assisting them to develop their ow n individuality . This Awareness indicates that from certain levels, this is not necessar y and is not important, yet, when an entity comes into being and is told that they do no t(bpsiIgin I ,)7o h4 C r+v^r .,vr~ra. •: . C .,r,,fl . ..n-A rnt :. guar r.,•t r hn~Jrr•r > :atn :.5c1 bc! ~ . L .. . .ue ~ ; Ii E :r„•t:. ~, vt7nr: lhr sI , I , :m< :nmaxo,L
  2. 2. know much about their origins, where they come from, or whether anything . of any signif -icance occurred to them in the past, these entities sometimes feel a kind of uncertain-ty in relation to the questions of Who am I ? This Awareness indicates that the Jewish culture had as its heritage, its religiou sand ethnic pride and background, which it could point to for identification, yet thi sculture throughout history bas felt itself to be in conflict with those who were no tof that particular religion or culture . This Awareness indicates that the conflict between the Muslim and the Jewish, th eMohammedan and the Jewish, the Christian and the Jewish cultures have been emphasize dfor the last centuries in a manner that allowed the Jewish people to feel a kind o fstigma in relation to other cultures . This Awareness indicates that the Nazi movement emphasized this even more greatly ,to the point where the Jewish culture began to question and wonder, What have we doneto deserve this treatment? This Awareness indicates that in this manner, there was adeep examination of the basic qualities which the Jewish people and their philosophyand their attitudes expressed toward others . This Awareness indicates that these entities took on a kind of sacrificial lam bexperience whereby they became the victims of the sacrifice to the forces that followe dthe god of power „ This Awareness indicates that when entities follow the god of power, lust an dgreed, they may serve that god only so long as they themselves continue to feel them -selves insensitive to feeling, to mercy, to love, insensitive to levels of humanity . This Awareness indicates that the god, Jehovah, as a god of power, favoring on epeople over another, as basically defined and described as a god of power which th eforces of the Jewish or Hebrew culture worshipped and exemplified as an ideal , Jehovah Also :a Money Go d This Awareness indicates that Jehovah basically is a money god . This Awareness indicates that the Hebrew or. Jewish cultur e moved for these thousands of years through the world using th e economic systems in a manner that allowed advantage to those wh o followed the Lord Cod Jehovah, the powerful, jealous god which Jehovah, God of :3alti!s represented the qualities which controlled the material world . This Awareness indicates these forces as that which create the matter in th euniverse, This Awareness indicates that the Yod-He-Shin•-Vau-Heh, (the Shin being th e5th element), ties this back into the Spirit, This Awareness indicates od-H.e-Shin-Vau-Heh as the spelling for the name Jesus . This Awareness suggests that this Yod-Zle -Va.u-Heh as having been a key to the kingdom of the material plane, whereas the Yod-He -Shin-Va .u-lieh as being the key to the link between spirit and matter . The Crucifixation ofChris t __ - And the:Karmic Curs e This Awareness suggests that the crucifixion of Christ as a symbolic action wherei nthe entity Jesus moved through the passion play and gave his life as a sacrificia llamb to the end of the age of Aries, or the age of David, as a fisher of men enterin ginto the Piscean Age . This Awareness indicates this entity, having given his life to create a kind o fexample for the Piscean Age, was said to have been slain by the Jews . This Awarenes sindicates that in the story it is said that the Jews said : " Let his blood be on ou rheads and on . the heads of our children" . This Awareness indicates this statement a sthat which has assisted in creating hostility toward the Jewish race by those wh ofollowed the Christian doctrines and teachings . 2,.
  3. 3. This Awareness indicates that the use of the Talmud by these entities as als othat which has been seen as threatening to the Christians . This Awareness indicate sthat basically, these conflicts from the religious teachings have resulted in bloodshed ,hostility, violence, between the followers of these different philosophies or religions .This Awareness indicates that the great tragedy is that it was all so unnecessary fo rthe actions to occur in this manner . This Awareness indicates that the Jews in Germany as having moved into the ga schambers and other forms of death in a passive, meek manner, likened unto the lamb sgoing to slaughter . This Awareness indicates that this as also an action of a passio nplay acted out on a grand scale with a cast of millions . This Awareness indicates this as such an unnecessary tragedy brought on by thes ephilosophies that allow nations, people, families, individuals, to slaugher one anothe ror to sacrifice themselves for some belief or cause that is unnecessary, and does no tcerve the p urpose of constructive living . This Awareness indicates that when an action begins, wherein the action may appea rto be small and . insignificant, though that action seems minor, it can grow and grow ,and when that action violates another, the action can create repercussions that ar efelt centuries later by those who become caught in the movement of the energies o fthat action . This Awareness indicates that the repercussion of the crucifixion of the entit yJesus as that which has carried down through the ages . This Awareness indicates tha tthe repercussion of the slaughter of the innocents in Germany as that which als ocarries down through the ages . This Awareness indicates that the Wheel of Karma continues to spin and spin, an dto seek revenge after revenge, until "Enough! I shal lnot take my revenge . I shall stop the Wheel of Karma right here" . This Awareness indicates that there are still entities who have hostility towar dthe Jewish people . How many more would you like to see sacrificed before you ceas ein this stupidity of bigotry ? This Awareness indicates that each entity, when reincarnating upon this plane ,is potentially capable of reincarnating into any other race, whether this be Oriental ,Indian, Jewish, Gypsy, Black, Caucasian, or of the Brown Race, or of Latin nature .This Awareness indicates that any entity has the potential of reincarnating into an yculture, any nation, any area, and any status of being, whether of poverty or wealth ;the potential as determined by those needs which will give the entity the greates tspiritual growth, according to their ability to grow . This Awareness indicates it behooves entities not to plant seeds of hostilit ytoward any particular race, culture, status or nation, for indeed they may return t olive a life within the skin of that culture which they have directed hostility towards . This Awareness indicates there is so much more that could be said, but the word sto discuss the holocaust of this event and of other events will always be inadequate .The experience which occurred will always be remembered within the psyche of thos ewho participated, and the karma which resulted will be long remembered . And the lesson .,to be learned shall be slowly realized as entities become more sensitive, loving an dcaring toward one another, as entities begin to realize the true meaning of th eLaw of Tolerance,* What Effect on the Childre n Watching this TV Reenactment ?.q^ u9 st1011 ° What was accomplished, if anything, by having the children who had no knowledg eof the actual event, seeing a reenactment on TV ? 3.
  4. 4. COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this allowed these children to recognize something o ftheir heritage, to face the facts of their racial or cultural memory .. This allowedthese entities the opportunity of discovering through vicarious experiences th ebigotry, as well as the stigma, of the experience ; that these entities are awar ethat there was a deep stigma against being Jewish, that there was great bigotr ydirected toward them . This Awareness indicates that the other side was not clearly presented as to th ereasons why the Nazis turned on the Jews in all that hostility, and it is unlikel ythat this will ever be shown ; for the punishment so greatly outweighed the crim ethat entities see the punishment inflicted being the greater crime , indeed it was . This Awareness indicates that the Nazi activities, in attempting to solve th eso-called final solution te the Jewish problem ; this was indeed no solution, fo rit created a greater problem . This Awareness indicates the can only comewhen entities are capable of communicating and reconciling their conflicts . Thi sAwareness indicates that the tragedy and ignorance can be talked about eternally : and resent the experience ; the violators may look bac kand justify their actions ; but all of this is meaningless in terms of sensitivit yand love and compassion of human beings, one toward another . This Awareness indicates the self-righteous entity can express indignatio ntoward others, but the spiritual entity can only express love, forgiveness an d others . The Violations Create d This Awareness indicates that there are no words that can describe or explai nor sumtma.rize or give the human mind a moments rest from this experience, otherexperiences wherein entities have violated one another ; for though the desire t ounderstand and catagorize and place this experience into some neat little pachag ewitI-I•, a label, saying, "This was caused by this particular attitudecorrected and forgotte n" , this Awareness indicates this as pure foolishness, fo rsuch experiences cannot be forgotten, cannot be neatly labeled and placed aside .This Awareness indicates entities can only move on and learn individually what eac hcan learn from the experience as they have seen this to be . This Awareness indicates that this holocaust will be dragged up again, and agai nfor entities to look at so long as entities feel a need to recall, to examine, an dto look at this image . This Awareness indicates that as entities move further and further away fro mthe experience, greater objectivity will be experienced to allow these entities t olearn whatever can be learned by looking back at the experience from another time ,another place, another state of consciousness . This Awareness indicates that there were many entities watching this dram arecently who began to understand a little more clearly certain lessons which wil lallow them and their children to avoid in future experiences . i C**JC* *** .. ***: **(See Cosmic Awareness Speaks booklet, page 69 . Also Booklet Laws and Preccsi sof Cosmic Awareness .For more information on the holocaust, refer to Revelations of Awareness #78-14 . REVELATIONS OF AVAR! .iNESS is a cosmic newsletter published by Gamic Awareness CorrrnlUnk•ations, F .O. Pox 115 , Olympia, Washington 98507 . Rates and membership information available upon request .