Cosmic Awareness 1978-27: The Beast Begins to Emerge From its Hiding Place


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Cosmic Awareness 1978-27: The Beast Begins to Emerge From its Hiding Place

  1. 1. Cosmic Awareness Communication s 78-2 7 p. in . Olynlplit, Wi;irtilngton 9dSe , I[CavC :11 ity "fins THE BEAST BEGINS TO EMERG E FROM ITS EUrJING PLAC E (Opening essage from a C .A .(% ) General Reading, June 16, L97 8WSMO AWARENSS . This Awareness indicates the Beast : as beginning to emerge from its hiding plac eand enter the field of vision of the mass mind . This Awareness indicates as this Beast:begins to emerge, there shall be many changes in consciousness, which begin . to effec tthe lives of many entities . This Awareness indicates that the appearance of energies in motion at this time ,those hidden and those being held in abeyance, ready but not yet released, and thos eenexgies which are active at this time ; the. indications being that there shall be som eturmoil in consciousness . That much of this will occur in legal battles and . in verba lcommunicative realms, but that some of this will spill into physical conflict and ma ylead to some personal tragedies for entities on cartain levels . This Awareness indicates that the general movement of energies indicates the Beas tshall have its da7 for a short time, but that many shall escape its trap, and those wh oare caught shall soon discover the nature of the Beast and shall throw off its chains . This Awareness indicates this particularly in the United tases . wind in rho Russianand Chinese empires . This Awareness indicates that it appears the Wropeans will have greater difficult yin throwing off the chains of this Beast, This Awareness suggests that entities h ewatchful, be aware, keep their lives simple and to realize ths Chshse, that thi stoo shall pass . £his Awareness asks entities to give their energies to tbe highest and best in eac hmoment, to live by humanitarian principles, to love one another, to be merciful, and t oforgive your enemies and not understand the nature of mercy . This Awareness suggests that in this maunet, the resistance and turmoils shall b elessened, and the difficulties which could. occur will not occur to the same intensit yand degree .
  2. 2. This Awareness suggests that the time comes within the following ten months wherei n dentities begin to realize the nature of the Beast and its purposes and motives, anthis realization begins to spread to greater and greater numbers of entities, whereb yan awakening begins to occur . This Awareness indicates the awakening as that which, for some, shall be too lat eto escape unscathed from the chains of the Beast . This Awareness indicates that for others who have been watchful, who are capabl eof moving beyond the worship of the gods of greed, lust and power, that these entitie smay begin to move into communication with those energies which are preparing the ne wworld, preparing the new levels of reality for others to enjoy as the reign of th eBeast diminishes .(Closing Message) This Awareness indicates that there are great energies throughout the variou srealms and from various planets and systems of this galaxy which are presently focuse dupon the earth, for the earth as becoming a super star in terms of what is occurrin gin its present development . The activities upon this earth, between the Forces o fLight and the Forces of Darkness, can be compared to a boxing match wherein th efight is about to begin . This Awareness indicates, however, that in the sense of what is occurring upo nthis earth, the fight is that which is between the forces which would reconcil ethe differences and the forces which would divide and conquer , This Awareness indicates the outcome as clear, that the forces of reconciliatio nwill, in fact, be victorious, but the necessity to allow the forces which woul ddivide and conquer have their moment ; this is necessary in order that all consciousnes s y see the futility in this kind of division .tsl NOTE : For more information on the Beast, please refer to the booklet, Cosmi cAwareness Speaks and to Revelations ofAwareness numbers 78-8 and 78-1 .6 .For more information on the Unified States of .Awareness, the alternative New Ag eworld government, please re fer to the Akashi.c Record booklet and Revelations o fAwareness #77-17, 77-18, 77-19 ; 77-22, 777-7.3 . REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS i ; a cosmic newsletter published by Cosmic ,4i ar .ncss ortrnunicatinn.c, P .O . 13os t la, Olympia, Washington 9SiQi . !fates and membership information available upon request .