Cosmic Awareness Communication s                                                            P 0 . nor 11 ;, 0(ympin, W3Shi...
Jesus, Krishna entering into the physical body of the followers : the entire concep tof the Christ, of the Messiahs, the p...
This Awareness indicates that the Bible, itself, is full of threats, is full o F         curses, written by those priests ...
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Cosmic Awareness 1977-12: For Those Who Think Awareness Is The Work Of The "Devil" (A Personal Message From Cosmic Awareness To Those Who Believe The Bible Is The Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The Truth)


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Cosmic Awareness 1977-12: For Those Who Think Awareness Is The Work Of The "Devil" (A Personal Message From Cosmic Awareness To Those Who Believe The Bible Is The Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The Truth)

  1. 1. Cosmic Awareness Communication s P 0 . nor 11 ;, 0(ympin, W3Shin¢lon 78507 #77-I2 Paul. Shockley , Interprete r FOR_ THOSE WHO THINK AWARENES S IS THE WORK OF THE "DEVIL " ( A Personal Message from Cosmic Awareness to thos e .iese the Bible is the Truth, the Whol e who Bel Truth, and Nothing But the Truth )Question : Awareness, we occasionally get little tracts, religious tracts and things like tha tin the mail implying that what we are into is the work of the devil, and so forth, an dthey can hack this up with biblical references . We occasionally get letters like th efollowing, and we d sort of like to have something compact that we could print up i nreply to this type of letter : "I am really frightened to initiate contact with C .A .C . I am told by .y sister tha tsoothsaying and Tarot reading are prohibited in the Bible . Also that Cosmic Awarenes sis the work of the Devil . Rowever, I have been reading your publication and I think tha tit is good . How am I going to be able to figure out what the truth is? You see, my siste rfeels that the only intention of Cosmic Awareness is to separate people from believin gin Jesus Christ . thank you for your consideration in this matter ." Signed by M .B .Cosmic Awareness : This Awareness indicates that the purpose of this Awareness in communicating wit hentities upnn this plane s to separate entities from the feeling that their "God", tha ttheir Divine Gurus and teachers, whether Jesus, Mohammed, Krishna, Buddha, or whateve rname, that these entities are "out there" somewhere, and that there is a separatio nbetween oneself and ones deity . This Awareness wishes to bring about the realization that the Christ is within, th eKrishna is within, the Buddha is within, Brahma is within, Cod is within, the . Kingdomof Heaven is within, the guardian angels are within . This Awareness is within each of you . This Awareness wishes that entities begin to understand that as Lon ; as they knee lbefore a crucifixion, as long as they project the concept : of their Christ being "ou tthere" suffering for them, they are missing the teachings of the Christ, they ar emissing the purpose of the crucifixion . The action of the Christ, moving into the physical body of the entity, Jesus : thi saction was designed to bring about a realization that there is no need for separatio nbetween the human being and the Father in heaven . The teachings of Jesus were such that it said the Father in heaven and the Chris twithin are the same : "I and the Father are One, " The Real Meaning of the "Second Coming " This Awareness indicates that the Christ entering into the physical body of the man
  2. 2. Jesus, Krishna entering into the physical body of the followers : the entire concep tof the Christ, of the Messiahs, the purpose of these actions is to toform entities tha tthe consciousness, the Christ Consciousness, the crystal clarity, the Cosmic Awarenes slevels of consciousness are at your own disposal . All that is necessary is to lay aside the rational thinking mind, the mind which i sLucifer, which assumes to know but does not have wisdom . The crystal clear consciousness is all about entities, and entities can attun ethemselves to this consciousness . And when this occurs, the Christ does indeed ente rthe entities . This Awareness indicates that wherein you understand that the Christ is waitin gwithin, and that you may open your door and allow that consciousness to become one wit hyou, then you shall understand the meaning of "The t econd Coming and then your eye sshall see the Christ , This Awareness indicates that the teachings of Jesus were that every eye shall se ehim when Inc returns . This Awareness indicates this was the Christ speaking tilroug,h th ebody of the entity Jesus, the Christ Consciousness . That wherein entities become ope nto the Christ Consciousness, indeed, every eye shall see this Christ, this crystal clea rconsciousness as it returns in its " second coming . " Wallowin g; in the Conce L of Bei_rt a " Sinner " This Awareness indicates that the majority of entities prefer not to take th eresponsibility for their own actions, prefer Co think in terms of having "forces " abov eand below themselves, prefer not to think that they are one with the Creator, prefer t othink that they are separate from Cod, separate from Christ, separate from the creativ eforces, prefer to think that they are apart from the Christ and must struggle to b eblessed by the Christ, prefer to think that they are apart from Cod . and must struggl eto be part of Cod, prefer to wallow in the concept of being a "sinner", prefer to wallo win the concept of being in error, so that they can improve themselves . this Awareness has asked entities not to judge themselves, not to deny themselves ,not to compare themselves with others, but to love themselves, to love others above sel fand to communicate with one another as though you were addressing gods . For indeed, wit.hi_each of you there is the Christ, there is the God, trrnre is the divine force . This Awareness wishes entities Co understand that those who wish to assume tha tChrist: and Cod and Divine Forces are above tliemselves, are also inclined to assume tha tthey are progressing up the spiritual pat :h toward these Divine Forces, and that other sare far below them . And these entities tend to point to those below themselves and sa ythat they are "sinners " , they are in error, they are of the "Devil, " This Awareness indicates that those entities who enjoy thinking that they have th eonly path, the only answers, those entities are simply involved in furthering their ownego trips, their own self interest :, their own lust for power through the excuse that the yare cl .aittl .Lng to be " the chosen ones " of the only God, the only Truth . this Awareness indicates that there are many books of authority within the worl dtoday . The Bible does have much truth within it, but the Bible is a collection of man ydifferent writings by many different entities who held portions of truth . The works o fthe Vedar.e writers, the works of certain . Sanskrit writers, the works of certain religiou sgroups all over the world also contain much truth . This Awareness indicates that it is not only foolish, it is also very petty an ddisi.11usi.ouing for an entity to think that by reading simply one book, because it ha sbeen stated as being " the book", that that entity has the only truth and all other sare in error . Page ..
  3. 3. This Awareness indicates that the Bible, itself, is full of threats, is full o F curses, written by those priests who curse. those who might change their writing . Tha t throughout the Bible there are the uses of curses and promises, curses and promises , be damne d Do what I say and you shall be rewarded, fail in what I say and you shall orever . This Awarennss indicates these corses and promises are not the will of this Awareness , are not the will of divine being, even though they claimed to be from t divino source . this Awareness indicates that any entity who has the slightest into lligencc can begi n to see that there is trickery involved in certain of- the Biblical teachings . This Awareness indicates that there is also great wisdom in. centain of thn Biblica l teachings . That it is nst necessary to discard the entire work as being unworthy, no r is It necessary to accept. : the entire work . as being the only source of divine information . This Awareness indicates that entities who cannot move beyond their own limiations , cannot take their nose out of one book, but : become so hypnotised by their own . belie f system, those entities are simply caught on a rung of the ladder and are not progressing . Even though they ma y look around at others and point fingers of condemnation, stil l is i n they have not learned thn truth : For the truth is in constant change, the truth constant exptession . .. the Bible is the truth, the whol e IF von realLv helievo... r fhis Awareness indicates this earth and the inhabitants of the earth have existe d for sours 30 million years with human consciousness upon this plane . The earth itself i s mere titan 3 billion . years old .s.-..- This Awareness indisates uhe Bible as less than six thousand years old . The storie s of the Bihlu as less than six thousand years old . The compilation of those stories les s thafl 2000 years old, taken . Iron various texts, written by varions entiuins, variou s priests from different religious sources of the time . This Awareness asks you to sit down and to chart out a 11101) of Increments, tracing th e existence of liuwii . life upon this plane by making on a sheet of paper : 30 lines , each one million years of duration- Then, on the last line, mark off : what would he i n proper proportion, 2000 years, 01 even 6000 years, and then examino and ask yoursel f If all of she truth of human cxisten .oe is actually expressed in a book that was writte n and held for that brief duration ? This Awareness indicates that : the 2000 year marl upon a . line, the hint million years , will be nothtng but : a dot, Yet, you are assuming that everything that has (weir- bee n said, or everything that can be said, in. terms of truth, is expressed in that tiny dot , and there can be no other interpretation of truth : for that: dot, that period, is th e final . word . This Awareness indicates that this is very foolish of. entities . That the importanc e of spiritual teachings is the spirit the spirit of what is being conveyed, rather tha n the personality cult, and the concept of self-righteousness and judgment against others , hostility, wars, violence, condemnation : these are ways of error . This Awareness indicates that any who follow these ways of judging, pointing fingers , casting devils, attributing devils to others who are looking toward truths, looking fo r truths, examining, questioning : these entihLes who sec themselves up as supreme judge s shall surely finu themselves being judged by t1-teir own condemnations . R c•t e ■11 ■) A .■ 1 :0)n :1e 1:V1V z,Ie er , ■ !al) lc A ■, I)l I■ : 1 t ., ;1 . , (1 I)ox Its, ,,I!yt,,■I,t,,, men! .t . .1111)Ie 1, j l■,)r 1,qUtSt . Page 3 .