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Cosmic centre ppt


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Cosmic centre ppt

  1. 1. • Get simple solutions to your complexproblems• Unfold your destiny through Astrology ,Tarot, Numerology, Palmistry, CosmicSolutions and moreCosmic Centre – The Guide toYour
  2. 2. • Determine your life path• Understand the cycles of your life• Determine your best career• Assess your compatibility with your prospectivepartnerIt explains planetary positions with respect to timeand their effect on humans and other entities.Astrology- An ancient Indian science that dates back to
  3. 3. Know what your birthday number, life path number,or personality number reveals about you• Define your opportunities and challenges• Grow relationships• See the cycles in your life and get what you wantA Science based on themathematics of the universeNumerology-Numbers provide real
  4. 4. • Access your unconscious• Look into your past• Understand the present• Create your own futureA Tool for Personal Explorationand Self-DiscoveryTarot
  5. 5. By correct placement ofyour home , office or factory youmaximize the energy emanated bynatural and man- made environments.Benefit by this Indian art and science ofplacementVastu-Balance nature with your
  6. 6. Cosmic SolutionsBe at the right place at the right timeEnsure safety, security and success in your life byfinding solutions from your Cosmic Map Remove malefic doshas and achieve your fullpotential Nullify inauspicious planetary configurations inyour birth
  7. 7. Cosmic Centre – ExpertCounselors easily accessible and available at shortnoticeAsk a question and get best solutions for issues botheringyou from any of the following domains Business Career Education Family Health Litigation Relationships Spiritual wellness Lost items/
  8. 8. Contact Cosmic Centre byproviding your address and phonenumberContact Address:Ph : +91 – 9015046183Email : contact@cosmiccentre.comCosmic Centre is also available on Skype andGoogle
  9. 9. • Acharya Anoop – A man with multi-faceted skills.Counselor and Astrologer for many industrial houses in Indiaand abroad• Swami Prem Parivartan – Has specific expertise inPalmistry and Numerology. Edited books on subjects such asAstrology, Vastu and more. Has written articles for variousnewspapers ans publications• Rashi Garg – Mastered the art of Tarot reading and hasexpertise in Numerology and CrystalsCosmic Centre – The Leading Destination forCounselingServed by experts well-known in