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Getting Social With Joomla


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This is from my presentation at Joomla Day Chicago on August 5, 2011. In it, I talk about different ways to incorporate social media in your Joomla website. This is a non-technical, high-level overview of the topic.

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Getting Social With Joomla

  1. 1. Getting Social with Joomla Cory Webb
  2. 2. Getting Social | Agenda● Introduction● Simple● Intermediate● Advanced● Which one should I choose?
  3. 3. Introduction | Who is this guy?● Author, Beginning Joomla Web Site Development (Wrox 2009)
  4. 4. Introduction | Who is this guy?● Joomla developer / integrator
  5. 5. Introduction | Who is this guy?● Founder: Cory Webb Media, HowToJoomla
  6. 6. Introduction | Social is...● Human interaction● A 2-way street● More than Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/Google+
  7. 7. Getting Social | Simple● Step 1: Set up a Twitter/LinkedIn/Facebook/Google+ page● Step 2: Link to them
  8. 8. Getting Social | Simple● Advantages – Easy to set up – Easy to maintain – Leaves social networking functionality to the established experts● Disadvantages – Sends visitors away from your site – Less control over the medium
  9. 9. Getting Social | Intermediate● Forums (NinjaBoard, Agora, Kunena)
  10. 10. Getting Social | Intermediate● Facebook widgets (SourceCoast)
  11. 11. Getting Social | Intermediate● Facebook Connect (SourceCoast) – Users login to your site via Facebook – Profile info and avatar sync with site
  12. 12. Getting Social | Intermediate● Twitter Modules (JoomlaBamboo, JoeJoomla)
  13. 13. Getting Social | Intermediate● Other Tools – AddThis / ShareThis Widgets – JomComment – JoomlaComment – Disqus
  14. 14. Getting Social | Intermediate● Advantages – Keeps visitors on your site – More control over the medium – Still using established networks● Disadvantages – More effort to set up – More to maintain
  15. 15. Getting Social | Advanced● Build your own social network – JomSocial – Community Builder – Anahita Social Engine
  16. 16. Getting Social | Advanced● Advantages – Total control over the medium – Creates a social destination for users – Keeps visitors on your site● Disadvantages – Difficult to set up – More to maintain – More susceptible to spam – Requires more effort to moderate
  17. 17. Which one should I choose?● Good question. Im glad you asked.● The short answer is “It depends.”● Remember the Jen Kramer rule: “Just because you can doesnt mean you should.”
  18. 18. Now is the time when you askquestions, make comments, criticize my presentation, make fun of my shirt, call me names, etc.