Internet Marketing for the Downtown Auburn Association


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Learn how to market your business with Facebook, Content Marketing and Blogging.

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  • Let’s stop here a moment and make sure we are clear on what I mean by Internet marketing.
  • How do you feel about Internet Marketing?
  • Don't fear. When you understand the concepts I'll be sharing with you you'll learn how the internet creates many directions of opportunity.
  • Ties together Editorial, marketing, PR, SEO and social
  • I would have picked a swan among the ducks but a goose is quite nice too.
  • You don’t have to be the best writer in the world to create contentShow your expertise with what you think is interesting and worth sharing
  • Internet Marketing for the Downtown Auburn Association

    1. 1. Social Media Marketing to Grow Your Business View this presentation online at: Coryon Redd 1
    2. 2. What is Internet Marketing?
    3. 3. Let’s Start with the Basics • Start with a persuasive website • Drive traffic from a variety of sources: Search Engines (SEO) Social Media Email Videos Local Search Lots more options… 3
    4. 4. Why is Online Marketing about Content? 6
    5. 5. Content Marketing is: Audience Focused Communication Branding Relevant and Valuable Informative and Interesting Content Marketing isn’t:
    6. 6. Marketing Strategy Starts with Content Goals of Content Marketing: Educate and Entertain Link Bait for SEO Build Trust and Relationships Answer Questions Branding Generate Traffic, Leads and Sales 8
    7. 7. Are you ready to stand out?
    8. 8. Make your Blog the Hub of your Online Marketing
    9. 9. Content Creation vs. Content Curation Source:
    10. 10. Facebook – The Big Picture Why Bother? •Is your market on Facebook? Is your Business Engaging? •Can you create good content? •Can you answer questions? Do you have a Strategy? •Facebook can fit into your existing marketing plan Can Facebook be an Easy Addition? •Facebook can be simple, but don’t expect much •Posts and comments can be small but should be regular Do Likes Really Matter? •Not really, unless you are marketing to them •Website traffic for offers matters most 12
    11. 11. Can I use for my business? • Set up a business page • Create an editorial calendar and plan out content • Use Facebook as a place to post simple content related to your existing blogging and email marketing • Great place to research your market •Find groups, pages, places and interests • Read more - 13
    12. 12. Getting Started with a Facebook Business Page • Create a Page •From your profile go to Pages then click Create a Page • Upload Timeline Image – 851X315 pixels • Upload Profile Icon – 160X160 pixels •Read More - • Fill Out all Info – Add Sections • Study other Facebook Pages • Invite Friends to your Page 14
    13. 13. Consider Blogging as Hub to Online Marketing
    14. 14. Here’s Why! Blog Marketing Starts with Content Generate Traffic, Leads and Sales Link Bait for SEO Build Trust and Relationships Answer Questions Increase Brand Awareness 16
    15. 15. Blogging and SMM References Create compelling content for your blog – Lots of ideas Blogging glossary (including dofollow/nofollow) 21 Tactics to increase blog traffic 7 tips to increase your blog comments Tips and lots of links for small business owners 17
    16. 16. Facebook References The Basics – Facebook Help from Facebook - Pages help Facebook Marketing Bible Facebook Marketing Series from Mashable – Many good articles Article with Good Tips to Get Started – Includes Examples Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses Powerpoint with Examples of Larger Companies using Facebook 18
    17. 17. 19