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Google Adwords 101


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Published in: Education, Technology, Design
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Google Adwords 101

  1. 1. Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Coryon Redd Presented by:1
  2. 2. Pay Per Click Advertising • Why? • Account setup • Search vs display • Pick keywords• Create compelling ads • Tools and Help• Test ad copy • Best Practices• Tricks, tips and • Advanced Techniques techniques • What’s Next? 2
  3. 3. Players, The Good, The Bad • Google AdWords • YAHOO! Search Marketing (includes Bing and MSN) • Highly focusedPROS • Predictable traffic • Lots of support – help pages, forums, articles • Show the right message to the right users • Use it to discover new keywordsCONS • Lose $$ quickly with a poor campaign • ROI may not be there in some markets
  4. 4. Google AdWords• CPC – Cost Per Click.• CPM – Cost per thousand impressions• Conversion –a purchase, signup, page view, or lead.• Conversion Rate - # conversions/# total clicks• CTR – Click-through rate. % of viewers that click on an ad.• Bid – Top amount you are willing to pay for a click.• Impressions – The number of views your ad gets.• Visitor – A person that clicks on an ad and visits your website.• Search Network – Google’s network of search sites like AOL and Netscape.• Display Network – Your ad shows based on context of page. Not search!• Quality Score – Ranking system used by Google to measure relevancy ofyour ads and landing pages.
  5. 5. Google AdWordsThe Basics: Setting up Your Adwords account • Set up account at – Credit card – Find $75-100 coupon • Create an ad campaign (example: shoes). • Create ad groups (example: red shoes, tennis shoes, kids shoes). • Create keyword groups (example: [shiny red shoes], [black and red shoes], [high heel red shoes]) • Create ads. • Set your bids manually.
  6. 6. Google AdWordsBidding, Ad Positioning, Eye Tracking
  7. 7. Google AdWords Campaign StructureCampaign Ad Group Keywords Ads • [White tennis Tennis Shoes shoes] • [Nike tennis Shoes shoes] Dress Shoes • [Tennis shoes non-marking] …………. Boat Shoes ………….
  8. 8. Google AdWordsBest Practices• Search advertising, then display• Tightly focus your keyword list for each ad group• Start with at LEAST 3 ads per ad group.• Set a daily budget.• Appropriate / focused landing pages.• Support SEO goals – landing pages and keyword focus.• Review search terms report • add relevant exact matches to keywords lists. • Add negative terms• Keep working at it.
  9. 9. Google AdWordsMeasure your success• Conversion rate• Return on investment (ROI)• Click-through rate (CTR)• Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) – Know how your average sales price and profit by product / product category.
  10. 10. Google AdWordsTroubleshootConversion rate • Shopping experience • Website usability • Ad copy not related to landing page copyClick-through rate (CTR) • Ad copy
  11. 11. Google AdWords Choose keywords• Google Keyword Tool •• Review search volume and relevancy.• Matching Options • Broad, phrase, exact, negative.• Add keywords directly or from a CSV w/ match type• Review competitor ads, bid competition, search volume.• – see competitors PPC advertising
  12. 12. Google AdWords Landing page quality Historical CTR ofdisplay URLs in the ad Quality Keyword relevancy to your ads group Score Relevance of keyword and ad to Determines Historical CTR search term CPC Historical Account history: CTR performance of your of all ads and account in your keywords in your geographic region account
  13. 13. Google AdWordsConversion TrackingInstall conversion tracking code. Learn keywords thatare leading to conversions.Conversion examples: WHY? • Connect keywords to• Purchases your business goals• Newsletter sign up • Measure success –• Page views boost ROI 13
  14. 14. Google AdWordsWriting Good Ads • Headline: Grab attention • Features • Benefits • Competitive advantages (free shipping, live customer service) • Call-to-action • Customize the URL
  15. 15. Google AdWordsTips and Tricks• Keyword insertions {Keyword:Default text}• Review competition• Rotate vs. Optimize – Rotate (not based on CTR)• Budget – Start small and build account.
  16. 16. Google AdWordsTools and Help• Download AdWords Editor• Opportunities tab – In AdWords• Ask for help -• Search for AdWords tutorial on• Keep working at it.
  17. 17. Google AdWordsAdvanced Techniques• Geographic Targeting • Go to Campaigns --> Edit Settings --> Edit Location. • Remove United States and use search tab. • Search by state, region, town, zip code, etc. •• Website Optimizer • Create new pages or variations to compare different content. • Web design required! •• Insight for Search and Google Trends • and • Analyzes your website content for suggested keywords • Compare search volume and patterns by location and over time
  18. 18. Google AdWordsOngoing Management (Track & Tweak) • Bidding – Adjust bids and watch cost per sale • AdWords Reporting • Search terms • Ad position • Cost per conversion • More • Analytics Reporting • ROI 18
  19. 19. Create Your Online Marketing Blueprint• The Basics– Website design, keyword selection, list of competitive advantages, Google tools (webmaster, analytics, local business center), competitor research.• SEO your pages – Create a list of top pages on your site to targeted with keywords, build links.• Put in the time – Assign staff to marketing projects.• Track results – Measure your website, measure your ROI.• Select marketing options – PPC, social media, email, link building, etc. 19
  20. 20. Google AdWords LinksGoogle Adwords SupportGoogle Learning Center – Tutorials, videos, quizes, and more. about the Google Landing Page Algorithm Adwords techniques AdWords and Analytics and Tools about PPC – GeneralMany articles about PPC advertising at paid traffic estimate for any site as well as keyword information. www.spyfu.comExperiment to optimize PPC campaigns value-proposition.html
  21. 21. SEO ToolsGeneral SEO ToolsList of free tool websites. Marketing-Tools/Look at paid traffic estimate for any site as well as keyword information. www.spyfu.comKeyword density analyzer search – Shows pages in Google for a website.Linking ToolsCheck competitors links with Yahoo Site Explorer. rank estimate, Sites linking in, history of traffic rated for quality of links. 21
  22. 22. Internet Marketing ResourcesDiscover what really works in optimization marketingexperiments.comYahoo’s list of SEO resources /Site_Announcement_and_Promotion/Search_Engine_Optimization__SEO_/SEMPO Learning Center marketing magazines / articles www.webpronews.comSEO Term Glossary about Google Algorithm factors 22
  23. 23. THANK YOU 23