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Learn how to blog to grow your business and engage your best customers. This presentation was created for Sierra Commons and taught by Coryon Redd and Erin Thiem. Lots of tips, tricks, and techniques to fuel your social media and make Google stand up and take notice.

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  • Let’s stop here a moment and make sure we are clear on what I mean by Internet marketing.
  • Let’s stop here a moment and make sure we are clear on what I mean by Internet marketing.
  • Let’s stop here a moment and make sure we are clear on what I mean by Internet marketing.
  • How do you feel about Internet Marketing?
  • Don't fear. When you understand the concepts I'll be sharing with you you'll learn how the internet creates many directions of opportunity.
  • As an example of promoting in social media.
  • Example of the innards of WP
  • More WP innards
  • Adding images to WP blog post
  • SEO byYoast
  • Repeated because it will likely be first slide of second session
  • Cooperation with Partners -Ex. Of Pinterest then email to everyone tagged asking for them sharing.Example of Erin Creating Articles on based on blog themes – Erin will demo on site.** For Coryon - Review Outside Inn Analytics to see what worked** Erin will outline success stories about writing specific blogs. Also step by step for a couple of blogs
  • Blogging for Business 101

    1. 1. 1 Blogging to Grow your Business
    2. 2. 2 View this presentation online at: Thanks to Sierra Commons. Our Local Business Ignitor! Coryon Redd Erin Thiem
    3. 3. Why Should I Blog for Business?
    4. 4. 4 Here’s Why! Blog Marketing to Achieve Business Goals Generate Traffic, Leads and Sales Build Audience and Influence Link Bait for SEO Answer Questions
    5. 5. 5 What are your Blogging Goals? Marketing – Branding, Content, Generate Leads Build Customer Engagement Increase Brand Awareness Good Content • What Topics Are You Going To Write About? • What is Expertise, Passion, & Mission? Website Traffic, Generate Leads, Sales
    6. 6. What is Marketing?
    7. 7. 7 Here’s What! Marketing 101 (in 1 slide) Who is your Market? Branding What is your Mission? - Why Are You in Business? • Simon Sinek TED Talk - Manage your Message – Takes Time and Effort Features vs. Benefits Marketing is Not Selling!
    8. 8. What is Internet Marketing?
    9. 9. 9 Let’s Start with the Basics • Start with a persuasive website • Drive traffic from a variety of sources: Search Engines (SEO) Social Media Email Video Paid Search Lots more options…
    10. 10. 12 Get to Know the Outside Inn History Mission A Bit about the Hospitality Industry Locally Focused Marketing Learn more at
    11. 11. 13 The movie “The Christmas Card” brings visitors to Nevada City. Match your blog content to the market! What’s Interesting & Relevant?
    12. 12. 14 • Look at past blog posts to see if they can be updated • Add text to images to bring blog content to life • Create Pinterest friendly images • Pin and drive traffic to blog • -of-nevada-county-hikes.htm/ What Works?
    13. 13. 15 What do People Love? Epic Outside Inn Blog Giveaway • Encourages local businesses to donate items • Visitors must comment to enter • Sharing on social media doubles your chances • Very popular because people win great stuff!
    14. 14. Blogging Basics Blog Should Be On your Website Use Keywords in your Blogs (Don’t go nuts) Set a Goal for Frequency of Posts Plan Out your Content Include Visuals – Pictures or Video Check Spelling and Grammar Promote in Social Media
    15. 15. 17
    16. 16. 18
    17. 17. 19 Blogging for Business – Pick a Platform • Wordpress – Free, open source, easy to install on most hosts. • Others include:,,, • – Build a website and/or blog. Download, themes, plugins, and get support. • Blogging – It’s got that too. (Psst… It’s Wordpress)
    18. 18. 20 Why use WordPress? • Easy to Use • Lives on your Website • Free • Many Themes Available – Many are Free • SEO Friendly • Highly Customizable – Plugins & Widgets • Large, Active Community • Lots of Support A Few Words about WordPress WordPress is a free and easy to use tool to build websites.
    19. 19. 21 WordPress Support and Tutorials Learn How to Blog and Use WordPress Thousands of Free Themes Big list of WordPress Tutorials List of WordPress Articles including Setup, SEO and Backup Detailed Tutorial on How to Use WordPress
    20. 20. 22
    21. 21. 23
    22. 22. 24
    23. 23. 25
    24. 24. 26
    25. 25. Make a Blog the Hub of your Online Marketing
    26. 26. Blogging Basics Blog Should Be On your Website Use Keywords in your Blogs (Don’t go nuts) Set a Goal for Frequency of Posts Plan Out your Content Check Spelling and Grammar Promote in Social Media
    27. 27. Blogging Tips and Tricks Answer Questions • Questions Audience is Asking and Should be Asking Cross Promotion and Co-Marketing Contests and Giveaways Use Blog to Create Content on your Website Use Stock Photography
    28. 28. 30 Blogging and SMM References Create compelling content for your blog – Lots of ideas Blogging glossary (including dofollow/nofollow) blogging-terms/ 21 Tactics to increase blog traffic 7 tips to increase your blog comments Tips and lots of links for small business owners
    29. 29. 31 More Blogging and SMM References Why a blog should have an editorial policy Blog Commenting to increase PageRank increase-page-rank/ How to find dofollow blogs: Ad Age list of top marketing blogs 2011 review of best blogging software
    30. 30. 32