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New coaching services offered by We

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WebDesign.com Coaching for Freelancers

  1. 1. Cory Miller & Benjamin Bradley
  2. 2. Starting a businessis tough and lonely
  3. 3. For freelancers, it’s ...Lack of technical skillsLack of marketing and sales skillsKnowing how to charge what you’re worthLack of organizationLack of time... and CONFIDENCE in it all
  4. 4. You aren’t alone.
  5. 5. What if you had ...A guide for the journeyA partner for the ups and downsA coach helping you winA professional with skills and experienceAnd just someone to walk alongside you
  6. 6. Who we are ...
  7. 7. About CoryFounded iThemes in 2008Now have over 25 employees, thousands of customersNamed 7th Fastest Growing Co. in OKCBegan it all as a freelance web designerRegularly blogging about biz at StartupSofa.comEmphasis on business dev., marketing, sales, content
  8. 8. About BenjaminJoined WebDesign.com in 2010Over 300 Hours of TrainingUnderstands startupsGlobal Biz Dev Manager @ GarageGamesIn WordPress since .071 (almost 9 years ago)Skills in development, marketing, sales, management &survival!
  9. 9. Our GoalsTo help you get launched & be successfulTo be your partner, guide, coach along the wayTo be a sounding board to tweak plans, keep you onright path and accountableTo help 10 freelancers go pro this year #MakeWaves.... By offering our time -- one-on-one -- to you!
  10. 10. How we cando that for you ...
  11. 11. Group Coaching (Beta)One-on-one business coaching in group formatwith CoryPick 3 people from Go Pro Survey participantsGroup listens in to glean tips, experiencesBeta free and open to all WebDesign.com membersWednesdays, April 11, 18, 25 from 6-7:30 p.m. Central
  12. 12. Group Coaching TopicsBusiness DevelopmentMarketing and SalesGoing ProPersonal and Professional DevelopmentWork-Life AlignmentNot Technical
  13. 13. Private One-on-OneSessions are in two one-hour blocksSessions are split so that ‘work’ can be done betweenDesign to foster action into coaching relationshipDone over Skype or screen sharing applicationIn D.C. area? In-person coaching available
  14. 14. Coaching ScenariosYou are the quarterback; He is the sideline coachGuidance on technical projectsHelp prep for client projects and proposalsIdentify and optimize areas of improvement
  15. 15. What Coaching Is ...One-on-one time to get guidance, next stepsTime to ask specific questions from a proOpportunity to accelerate your business growthLeveraging time & energy to focus on core strengthsNew perspective to see blind spots, uncover issuesPoint you to helpful resources and contacts
  16. 16. What Coaching Isn’t ...Opportunity to offload coding work to someone elseA way to hire someone to do the job for youA therapeutic counseling environmentNo fluffy coaches :)
  17. 17. Let’s Talk Make sure you take the Go Pro Survey today! http://WebDesign.com/GoProFor Private Coaching, Contact Us to Get Started! http://WebDesign.com/contact/