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Riding the Roller Coaster of Entrepreneurship


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Cory Miller's lightning talk from WordCamp Phoenix 2011 on riding the roller coaster of entrepreneurship.

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Riding the Roller Coaster of Entrepreneurship

  1. 1. The Roller Coaster Rideof EntrepreneurshipCory Miller@corymiller303
  2. 2. Hardest job I’ve had.Wimps need not apply. @corymiller303
  3. 3. No such thing asan overnight success. @corymiller303
  4. 4. What are your life goals?Is a startup the best way to achieve them? @corymiller303
  5. 5. Significant others can be alife jacket or cement shoes. @corymiller303
  6. 6. Startups are like babies ...they throw up & poop on you. @corymiller303
  7. 7. Passion without profitis called a hobby. @corymiller303
  8. 8. Don’t apologize formaking money. Ever. @corymiller303
  9. 9. If at all possible ...Bootstrap it on your owntime, talent, treasure. @corymiller303
  10. 10. Have a compelling visionto change the world. @corymiller303
  11. 11. Startups are experimentsto beta test. @corymiller303
  12. 12. Start building anemail list yesterday. @corymiller303
  13. 13. Ignore the noise.(Stupid people don’t matter anyway.) @corymiller303
  14. 14. Be nice, generous & helpful... to everyone. @corymiller303
  15. 15. Ideas suck. Action rocks. @corymiller303
  16. 16. Perfectionism is evil. @corymiller303
  17. 17. Mind the cash flow. @corymiller303
  18. 18. Get a kitchen cabinet. @corymiller303
  19. 19. “If you want to go fast, goalone. If you want to go far,go together.” -African proverb @corymiller303
  20. 20. Get in.Buckle up.Hold on.But enjoy the ride. @corymiller303