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Getting Started with iThemes Education Program

Lindsey Miller shares how to get started in the iThemes Education Program for schools, educators and students.

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Getting Started with iThemes Education Program

  1. 1. iThemes  Education   With Lindsey Miller@iThemesEd (855)224-6810
  2. 2. Who  are  we?   O iThemes, founded in 2008 by Cory Miller with a team of over 20 experts, headquartered in Oklahoma City. O We want to be the premiere partner in the education community – for educators, schools and students.@iThemesEd (855)224-6810
  3. 3. Educator  Toolkit   O – with over 400+ hrs of professional, 24/7 on-demand training library. O iThemes Builder – our innovative web design tool that allows quick and easy website creation. The perfect centerpiece for nearly any web design curriculum and a great introductory tool for students. Includes 65+ templates. O BackupBuddy – our most popular product, that lets you backup, restore and migrate entire websites with ease. O Access to an Education Director and our support forums to help you along the way.@iThemesEd (855)224-6810
  4. 4. Free  to  Educators??  Why?   O iThemes is committed to training the next generation by offering premiere web design tools and training in schools. O  We also started a nonprofit web tech foundation in our local community called The Div, Inc. Our Div Jr. Program focuses on teaching children web design and coding languages.@iThemesEd (855)224-6810
  5. 5. Student  Toolkit     O Access to all 150+ themes at O Access to all 20+ plugins at PluginBuddy O Access to all the webinar training at, including all live trainings. O Access to the Student Community Forum, where students can help each other learn these tools.@iThemesEd (855)224-6810
  6. 6. Student  Toolkit  Pricing     O $97 for a year of all these great tools. O A discount of over $800. O Priced similar to other computer software, with the student in mind. O We have worked with schools like USC and Francis Tuttle Technology Center, to set up coupon codes for students. Just another resource for the classroom.@iThemesEd (855)224-6810
  7. 7. Education  Pricing     O For schools where the price is not passed on to students we have special discounts. O Contact me for more information and how we can help accommodate you.@iThemesEd (855)224-6810
  8. 8. Now  that  you  are  an  iThemes   Educator   O Attending this webinar today means I will fast track your application. Mention it on your application so I know J O I will set up your education account. O You will receive your login and password. O And immediately have access to all the products iThemes offers!@iThemesEd (855)224-6810
  9. 9. iThemes  Educator   O When you first login it can be overwhelming to see 100’s of products and not know where to start. O I would love the opportunity to walk you through one-on-one.@iThemesEd (855)224-6810
  10. 10. Find  Lindsey     O Follow me on Twitter: @iThemesEd O Email me: O Call me: (855)224-6810 O Read my blog: (855)224-6810
  11. 11. {Demo}  @iThemesEd (855)224-6810

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Lindsey Miller shares how to get started in the iThemes Education Program for schools, educators and students.


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