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Wieneke 2013-calendar


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Published in: Self Improvement, Travel
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Wieneke 2013-calendar

  1. 1. J A N U A R Y Mt Hood Voodoo Donuts, Portland OR
  2. 2. F E B R U A R Y Kate & Molly sing backup vocals on Alistair Moock’s “Singing Our Way Through: Songs for the World’s Bravest Kids”
  3. 3. M A R C H Put a bird on it! Best coffee house in Melrose, MA
  4. 4. A P R I L Vacation with McBurneys Cherry Blossoms
  5. 5. Happy Birthday, Grampa Mann! M A Y Kate is a golfer now! Relaxing on the trampoline is key
  6. 6. J U N E Molly’s soccer team Molly loves bubble wrap Friends, friends, friends Cory & Eileen paint
  7. 7. J U L Y Tully Lake, Central Mass Kate’s best buddies Aunt Deb at Cranes Beach, Ipswich
  8. 8. First day w the Mystic Valley Charter bus stop gang A U G U S T Fun on Boston Harbor Forget camping – more ice cream! Angry note on windshield, Chinatown style
  9. 9. S E P T E M B E R More soccer… Backyard cookouts Friends Date night at the Boston Classical Orchestra
  10. 10. O C T O B E R Rhode Island School of Design Alum visit Mt. Monadnock Topsfield Fair
  11. 11. N O V E M B E R School play Cinderella Volunteering at Cradles to Crayons Best babysitter ever Ummm…???
  12. 12. D E C E M B E R Molly takes a bow Kate & Molly hang with Santa