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Mobile Web Apps for Library Exhibits


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Project at NCSU Libraries to build low cost supplements to physical exhibits in the library. Uses Ruby on Rails, jQuery Mobile, and Djatoka image server. Originally presented at Code4Lib 2011.

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Mobile Web Apps for Library Exhibits

  1. 1. Mobile Web Apps for Library Exhibits Cory Lown NCSU Libraries Code4Lib 2011 February 2011
  2. 2. Opportunity •! Increased power and popularity of mobile devices •! Digital special collections are now easier to repurpose and reuse (Thank you Solr & Djatoka image server)
  3. 3. Project Goals •! Establish a set of tools for creating mobile web applications to supplement temporary exhibits in the library •! Keep development time/cost low •! Make use of existing digital special collections content
  4. 4. 4-H & NC State Exhibit with mobile supplement
  5. 5. Untitled Image Layout
  6. 6. Untitled Image Layout
  7. 7. Untitled Image Layout
  8. 8. Untitled Image Layout
  9. 9. Untitled Image Layout
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Untitled Image Layout
  12. 12. Untitled Image Layout
  13. 13. Tools we used•! Web App: •! Ruby on Rails•! Data: •! Solr index of image metadata•! The user interface: •! jQuery Mobile – lightly customized css
  14. 14. Tools we used•! Serve images from Djatoka Image Server: •! 1st request: served on the fly by Djatoka (any size and crop) and cached locally by rails (slow) •! 2nd request: Apache serves image cached by rails (fast)
  15. 15. Lessons learned•! Exhibit designer hand selected the images for the mobile supplement.•! jQuery Mobile and Djatoka are very useful
  16. 16. Future plans•! Package rails app as an engine gem for re-use for future mobile supplements to exhibits•! Build an admin interface so exhibit designer can manage themes and associated images
  17. 17. Thanks!Cory LownDigital Technologies Development LibrarianNCSU Librariescory_lown@ncsu.eduThe mobile site: the project: