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Print Scans: NPH Product Catalog 2003

  1. 1. Get "Closer to Christ"with books from NPH! Dear Partner of NPH, Northwestern Publishing House strives to reach out to your church, school, and home, and to the whole world. Together may our work proceed so that Gods love in Jesus Christ continues to reach the hearts and minds of alL. This 2003 Product Catalog highlights new products published by Northwestern Publishing House through the summer of 2003. It is a supplement to the 2003-2005 Resource Catalog, which includes NPH products and products from other publishers. Also included, on pages 28 through 35, is a list of NPH products currently in print. The list does not include Christ-Light religion curriculum. (These products are advertised in a separate curriculum brochure.) The Closer to Christ logo identifies NPH products that are specificaLLy designed for laypeople-products with less theological language than books written for pastors and teachers, but which provide plenty of sound spiritual guidance. In Christ, The NPH Staff ~ ~ Northwestern 1..r Publishing House Publisher of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) f (
  2. 2. A wonderful 12--book series about the lives and times ofsome of Gods chosen people. The plots and settings ineach book have been carefully drawn from the living recordof Scripture. The authors of this series show us that Godspeople, both then and now find respite fOTtheir souLSinGods abiding grace. You wiLL led to experience Gods beplan of salvation as it unfolds on the pages of Scripture. Subscribe to the Gods People series to save 10% off the cover prices of each of the 12 books! Subscribers are schedl!ledJo receive two new books every six months. TheJirst two boo~s; available S~ptember 2003, are:Elijah:, FiEtryProphetoy James A. AaermanOne of the Bibles best-known prophets, Elijah stood up tothe godless King Ahab and wicked Queen JezebeL, chal-lenged false prophets of Baal to a prayer duel, and brought~ife back into a young boys corpse. Yet Elijah still had -hisdoubts. Find out how the still, small voice of the gospelpropped him up through his many challenges. Size, 6" x 8".Papercover. 46 pages. PC12N1767 $6.99 James A. AdermanRuth: A Love Storyby Owen A. DarnThe story of Ruth is the story of Ruths love for the trueGod, of her unflinching loyalty to an aging and embitteredmother-in-law, and of the godly union the Lord used tomove history one step closer to fulfillment in the promisedMessiah. This book also clearly explains some of thecustoms that underlie her story. Size, 6" x 8". Papercover.42 pages. PC12Nl776 $6.99
  3. 3. _II love learning about
  4. 4. Gall from the BattoIl& bo Take a look at the four Buttons books! In Buttons Picnic, Buttons teaches his Uncle Skeeter to praise God for all the wonderful things he does. This1 books theme is PRAISE, and Buttons himself tells the Bible story about Jesus feeding many, many people with just a little lunch brought by a boy. Papercover. 27 pages. PC16N1632 $5.99. In Buttons Visits Grandma, Buttons learns that obeying his grandmother is a way to show love for God. This books theme is OBEDIENCE,and the Bible story is about Noah and how he showed love for God by buHding the arKJust the way God told him to build it. Papercover. 29 pages; PC16N1633 $5.99. In Buttons in the Dark, Buttons sees and hears fearful tliings in his dark bedroom and learns to trust God and his loving care. This books theme is TRUST,and the Bible story told by Buttons father is about Jesus calming the wind and the waves of a terrible storm. Papercover. 27 pages. PC16N1634 .•..••..••••••••.••• $5.99.
  5. 5. The Peoples Bible Many people have found The Peoples Bible to be the most reliable Bible commentary series published. Its the Laypeoples Bible-down to earth, clearly written, easy to read and understand, filled with practical and contempo- rary applications. Each compact 5 W x 8" papercover volume includes that books complete text from the NIV Bible. The Christ-centered commentaries foLLowingthe Scripture sections contain explanations of the text, histor- ical background, maps, illustrations, and archaeological information. The Peoples Bible commentaries are great for persollal:~0r group study. The final volume of The Peoples Bible series is 110wavailable! ..James,1,2 Peter, 1,2,3 John, Jude by Mark A. Jeske Papercover, 354 pages PC15N0669 $15.99 James Peter, John, Jude comments on the seven "catholic," or universal, letters that follow the book of Hebrews. These seem to have been addressed to Christians in general and not specificaLLyto Christians in localized groups. James, Peter, John, Jude follows the pattern set by other volumes in this serie of Bible commentaries. Mark Jeske, a veteran parish pastor, includes many scrip- tural applications for todays reader. The Peoples Bible series is available as individual volumes sets, or by subscription. For su6scription savings, call NPH Order Services.Save when you order the useful Peoples Bible sets!The Books of Moses Set Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy PC15N0700 $68.49The Promised Land Set Joshua, Judges/Ruth, 1,2 Samuel PC15N0701 $41.49Rise and Fall of Israel Set 1,2 Kings, 1 Chronicles, 2 Chronicles, Ezra/Nehemiah/Esther PC15N0702 $55.7.9Psalms and Wisdom Set Job,Psolms 1-72, Psalms 73-150, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes/Song of Songs PC15N0703 $68.49
  6. 6. ?e~les BBLE . Teachings Bible Gods Inspired, Inerrant Word by Brian R. Keller Parish pastor author Brian Keller states in his introduction: "This volume was written to introduce the Bible to people just like you. Everyone needs to know what the Bible 1S Bible and what it says. Whether you are just beginning your study of the Bible or continuing your Christian education after decades of familiarity with Holy Scripture, this book aims to encourage you to read the Bible for what it-is: Gods verbally inspired and inerrant Word." The author uses Marriage and Family Scripture to discuss topics such as • what the Bible is and what it isnt Gods Inspir • .why Gotg~ve us the BibJe and how it is useful, Inerrant Wo • what the Bible says and howsit points to Christ i. In acrdit~on, tj,is~~olumeoffers reliable i~formation on when tHe Bibl~.was written and by whom ." hQwthe SiDle was passed on to us .and how we know o"Jilli;~!~;Z~··~tJiatthe·Bibteis different from alt"Dther books The Family Photo Album ;,• .whythe~Bible has~been translated and wbat the differ- .e.nces ~en translations of the Bible howt ,. d the Bible and what Bible ;:,;;, ••••••••••••• BIBLE T••••••••• PC15N0605 PC15N0611
  7. 7. As Luther Taught the Word of TruthDevotions on the Small Catechismby Richard E. LauersdorfOne of a small number of devotional books discussing MartinLuthers Small Catechism, As Luther Taught the Word of Truthcontains 58 devotions that will deepen your understandingof scriptural application. Each devotion penetrates aconcept or phrase found in one of five chief parts of thecatechism. The author also uses personal remembrances toconnect with resonant events in the readers life. At theheart of every devotion is the comforting message of thegospel, which is just as Luther taught the Word of Truth.Papercover, 198 pages. PC06N0722 $12.99
  8. 8. The Gift of PrayerPower for Todays Christian Womanby Jane SchlenvogtGod wants us to come to him in prayer. Through Gods giftof prayer we have full, free, and direct access to the Onewho provides for our every need. And this all-powerful Godeven talks back-through his Word, as we hear him speakin the Bible.Jane Schlenvogt examines this God-given privilege in herbook The Gift of Prayer. In it she marvels at the gift ofprayer, uses the Lords Prayer to discuss the variousaspects of this gift, and gives some practical advice abouthow to pray and about how to receive the bLessings tnatcome from prayer. Papercover. 104 pages. PC12Nl779 $11.99
  9. 9. A Garment Woven in VictoryLutheran Comfort in the Resurrectionby Carol GeislerCarol Geisler shows how Luther and the Scriptures teachthat the unseen resurrection life is more real than thevisual experience of death. Beginning with Jesus ownresurrection, she leads the reader through Scripturesteachings about our own resurrection and the joys ofheaven that await all who are clothed in Christs right-eousness. The book is tied together by the metaphor of athread woven into a garment representing the thread ofresurrection hope that is woven into the very fabric of ourChristian faith. Papercover. 109 pages. PC15N0697 $11.99Aging GracefullyA Practical Guide to Facingthe Challenges of Growing Oldby Fred MatzkeThere are many how-to books available today aimed athelping people weather the aging process. Fred MatzkesAging Gracefully contains moving accounts of.1iow Christia_nsdeal with the difficulties of aging by clinging to valueslearned from Gods Word. It speaks to the heart of issuesoften associated with the aging process: loneliness, indeci-sion, isolation, retirement, health, money, grief, depend-ency, and fear. Using the tools of humor, compassion, ancandor, the author addresses these issues with a voice ofexperience and a wealth of Christian insight. Matzke cites10 ulligue cases, including a chapter about the blessingsand e ,allenge~ ofdlis own life. Papercover. 19 ",ages. PC12Nl778 $11.99
  10. 10. The ABCs of WorshipLutheran Customs and Practices ABCsby Paul T. PrangeLutheran worship is a whoLe new experience to manypeople-guests, visitors, new members. Even members ofLutheran churches may not know aLL details behind the the of Worshipthings they see or do every week. Furniture has strange-sounding names, such as pew, altar, pulpit, Lectern, and Lutheran Customs and Practicesfont. The worship Leader is usually dressed in a robe. Peoplestand, sit, and sometimes kneeL at different times. WordsLikeservice and liturgy, epistle and gospel, Baptism and:Communion, and Amen are used. Some of these customscome from the BibLe; others come from Christian tradition.The ABCs of Worship is a handy guide with 26 aLphabeticaLchapters expLaining the customs and practices used by theLutheran church. The short chapters are packed with usefuLinformation; each one shows the deep appreciation for thegospeL reflected in the way Lutherans worship. This book Paul T. Prangecan be used for personaL meditation, group studies, Of toteach new members. For group study sessions, discussionquestions to use with the bookLet are avaiLabLe FREEonlineat www.nph.netfhtmLfabc.htmL. Papercover. 40 pages. PC15N0692 $4.50 (10 or more-15% off)
  11. 11. Gods Promise An Interactive Journey through the Bible You have probably heard or read the stories of the Bible many times, but youve never experienced them like this! Gods Promise is a multimedia CD-ROMthat uses visuals, sound, and interactions to make the story of the Bible come alive. This great CD-ROMcontains 12 sections detailing the fall into sin and promise of a Savior, the birth and life of Jesus, and the start of the Christian church. Each section provides a virtual guide to walk you through the scenes. You can then click on a projector, interactive scrolls, or animated people to hear the story presented from several unique angles. When you are finished with a story, click on puzzle pieces to challenge your knowledge.Contrasting Covenants New This~was strong because itwasbasedon~s, Tn" COteIlatIt was weak bec.aus.e peopiearesW. 2-(0 SET PC35N0116 ..•...••••.•....••..•..•.•••••••.•...••• (site license available)
  12. 12. A Portrait of PaulMaking Disciples of All Nationsby David J. ValleskyIn A Portrait of Paul, Professor Vallesky pictures the worldin which this most well-known early missionary lived,especially as it was relevant to the apostles early yearsand cosmopolitan background. Vallesky also examinesPauls teaching and leadership activities in the church.As the author constructs his picture, he looks for wa-ystoapply the lessons of Pauls life to pastors and leaders oftodays churches. It is here that the book provides plentyof practical content: How should pastors be prepared formissionary work? How can outreach be Garried out i;1congregational life? How can mission boards approachgrowth? Papercover. 116 pages. PC15N0685 $11.99 ~,~~, // A Qortralt/of l~ ·~~P·E.TE R ~itW, leadership, and humble service ~ I .i {. ~RMI } ~
  13. 13. Periodicals Lutheran Parent A great parenting magazine that enhances the spiritual lives of families. A valued resource for the Christian home, it tackles difficult-to-answer questions and offers real-life solutions to problems-from a Lutheran perspective. LP is filled with parenting tips, short feature articles, and activities for families with school-aged children. Many families and congregations have chosen Lutheran Parent Lutheran Parent includes: because it encourages parents to build their homes on • increased devotional Christ. Find more than 55 age-appropriate devotional offerings offerings in the expanded devotional section including • greater range of "7-Minute Messages," "Bible Pictures," and "A Bible story age-specific materials to share." Churches, order a bulk subscription for families in for younger children the congregation! Published bimonthly. 32 pages per issue. • sound law-gospel presen- Individual Subscription tations for families who One year $19.99 spend time each day Two years 37.98 around Gods Word Bulk Subscriptions • biblical perspectives for Listing for ten or more copies delivered to individual raising a family in tcdays changing cultural currents addresses: One year, per copy $17.99 • excellent writing Bundle of ten or more copies delivered to a single address: • quality art One year, per copy $16.99 Meditations An inspiring, personal devotional booklet, each meditation is clearlywritten and easy to understand, with a specie] Scripture reading, devotion, and prayer for each day. Contributions from pastors in eveT¥ field of ttle WEtS and the ELSprovide scriptural guidance and encouragement for daily living. Available as bulk subscriptions to congregations and organizations. Published quarterly. 96 pages per issue. Meditations ....•.... Large I!rint Edition A sight-saving publication of Meditations, produced in an 81f2"x II" format. Available as bulk subscriptions to congregations and organizations. Published quarterly. 96 pages per issue. Meditations Online Receive the complete text version of the daily Meditations devotion via e-mail at work OJ home. Online, subscribers also have access to search the arehive of pa~devotiollS. Subscription rate is the same worldwide in US funds.Meditations Individual Subscription One year $10.00 Two years 18.00Meditations Bulk SubscriptionsBundle of 12 or more copies delivered to a single address; One quarter, per copy •..... $2.25 Ol1e year, per C(fpy ••••••••••• 8.60Bundle of 100 or more copies delivered to a single add res$!. One quarter, per copy $2.10 One ~ear, Rer 8.00
  14. 14. ~--------------.-- LUTHERAN LEADERi1 NPH Subscription Services Call 1-800-662-6093 ext. 8 (Milwaukee area 414-615-5785) Representatives welcome any subscription inquiries or orders between 8:00 A.M. and 4:30 P.M. CTweekdays. Online Bankcard subscription orders are also welcome online at www.nph.netjperiodicals Pricing Rates listed are for delivery within the USA. Contact NPH Subscription Services for Canadian and foreign rates. Discover, MasterCard, and Visa are accepted. All prices are subject to change without notice. 13
  15. 15. Evangelical Lutheran DogmaticsVolume 3 ~ --===-by Adolf HoeneckeAdolf Hoenecke is one of Americas foremost confessionall;Luth~ran dogmaticians. His examination of doctrine and~ractice aLways begins in Scripture. This translation of ~Volume 3 covers the subject of soteriology, including thedoctrine of election, Christology, and the order ef salvation: ""-the call, enlightenment, rebirth, conversion, fepentance.;justification, the mystical union of believers with God, and -sanctification. Hoenecke also examines the teactiings oL£-,errorists from ancient times through the 19th century. At atime when thinking conceminq justification and sanctifka, =_tion is muddled even among some Lutherans, Hoeneckes, =. precise and thoroughly scriptural writing is a breath offresh air. Hoeneckes Dogmatics is a valuable reseurce forthe Eastor or seminary student who wants to. b~-tholi,ougFly..:~:;grounded in Lutheran dogmatics. Hardcover. 492-pages. ~ ~ PC15N0698 $36.99Sermon Studies on Selected Psalms-Edited by John A. BraunThe book of Psalms is a valuable worship and devotion resource. The psalms provide us with the spoken or musical responses we use in our worship. The words, distilled fromthe spectrum of h[Jm~n emotions, flow from tfie deep fattH of their ancient authors and touch the faith of readerstoday. The imagery of the book communicates well to readers in a culture of visual media.Sermon Studies on Selected Psatms aids pastors who maywant to preach about the psalms. This volume is a collec-tion of ~9 studies by various authors. The chosen psalmsare from the three-year lectionary readings listed inChristian Worship. Each s4ldy contains suggested usesof the psalm, its background and exegesis, homileticalsuggestions, and ideas for a childrens sermon. Thesesermon texts will provide comfort and strength to youand year congregation. Hardcover. 356 pages. PC15N0687......•.........•.. $32.99 Online:
  16. 16. An OutstandingNew Witness SeriesSearching for something to enhance your witness efforts?Take advantage of the new "I am" series of evangelismbrochures. With an interesting and attractive design, theyspeak to the unchurched in simple, straightforwardlanguage. Titles include:I Am a Christian (PC04N1296) Clears up any misunderstanding about what itmeans to be Christian.I Am a Lutheran (PC04N1297) We are Lutheran because we share Luthers belief in Jesus as Savior.I Am Going to Heaven (PC04N1300) We are surely going to heaven because it is won for us through Jesus.I Am Loved by Jesus (PC04N1298) Jesus loves us even though we are sinners.I Am Touched by God (P(04N1299) God touc es us throug his Word.I Am Gods Child by Faith Alone (P(04N1302) Christs righteousness is given to us by faith.I Am Gods Child by Scripture Alone (P(04N1303) God has cbosen to W(}l:I< faith through his Scripture alone.1 Am Gods Child by Grace Alone (P(04N1301) God lovesus for no otlier reason than that he chose to love
  17. 17. lIIe FamilY Life Series The new Family Life series is a marriage and family enrichment ministry tool that includes booklets and bifold brochures produced by Northwestern Publishing House in conjunction with the WELSCommission on Adult Discipleship. Each booklet and brochure in the series addresses an issue that most families will face at one time or another and provides Christ-centered guidance and encouragement. Written from the perspective of redeemed children of God, the series helps us recognize both the practical and spiritual implications of the various issues. The booklets and brochures can be used for private reading or for group Bible studies. They can also be distributed as The Family discussion pieces to leaders or members of a school or congregation. Life Series Set I The completed Family Life series will consist of a total of 24 booklets with corresponding brochures. The series is leaders Guide e------ divided into three sets of eight booklets and brochures, with a Leaders Guide for each set. Priorities Christian Education Dealing with In-Laws Children on Loan from God Spiritual Leadership Several features distinguish these Family Conflict Parents resources as versatile ministry tools: es • The booklets provide general reading and include several discussion questions at the end of each chapter to help the reader focus the message on Schumacher his or her own life. The questions can also be used to lead 20-minute Bible studies. • The bifold summary brochures can be given to Bible class participants as a review of the basic concepts covered in the booklet or used as a Children one-session Bible study covering the entire topic. on Loan Children on Loan from God &ifts,...,God • The Leader·s Guide provides an expanded study of each chapter in the booklets. Included are from God Y-Ihat changes changes may of a child? Some parents 0$ a secrace come they ~th YJeW have the birth these to endure. Why do you think they feel that way? student copy masters and answers and a CDwith "Sons are a heritage from the -- LORD.children a reward from student lessons in PDF and RTFformats. The PDF files him. BI•• sed i. the man who_ qui_r is full of them," Psalm 127:3.5 allow the user to print fuLLyformatted copies from the computer. The RTFfiles allow the class leader to adapt the materials to a different format or a different Laurie f. Biedenbender _ .•.......•..•.. Pe:arm127 romoo. wthal ~ •• agMII aiftfRxD thatthey of_ Gad--...-d. _ MW:ant8tldl&cfafll!l:~ teaching style. Used with the copy masters, each ~9fl"Muetfrougttourdlldretl? 1rl~17.26,00d""".tJout booklet can serve as the basis of a three- or four- •••••••• detemWIed ,, __ "1Godl the IJmIJs set for Ibem session Bible study. The Leaders Guide has the entire ••••ee •••••• -shouIdhe.a _ nw.t ..••• ~ ••••••...." ___ 10 Olrchldren God ••• material for 28 different Bible class sessions. ~ ~ haw ~ to place them tOto. our __ r.nJiee. WhtIt~do "",,_t "-""""""""""" ftcmGodwl~~ _Ihom. _<A •••• -. •• ..•...16 Online:
  18. 18. Children on Loan trom GodSpiritualLeadership DavidP.RU$SQW C.elbertLl!elJIkJ fami,~YConf}ict by H. Curtis Lyon Helps us recognize several major causes of conflict in our families and leads us to Jesus as the solution. He alone can calm the storms that arise in our relationships. Four chapters. Booklet: PC22Nl052 $3.00 Bifold: 22Nl053.............. .50
  19. 19. Saints No one likes the thought of being wet for a long time. Think of a toddler squirming in a squishy dia- per or an adult caught in a cold, April shower. What uncomfortable pictures flash before the mental video screen! The very thought makes us shiver.For Living Saints bulletin inserts address a For a child of God, the picture of being wet for a lifetime evokes a far different reaction. Instead of dis-variety of relevant faith-life topics from a distinctively comfort and chills, the Christian senses the warmthscriptural Lutheran perspective. Written with an engaging and comfort that radiate from the promises that are ours through the water of Holy Baptism. Through thisstyle, the inserts offer brief educational messages that washing of water and the Word, the holy God comeshelp us recognize the working of Gods grace in our lives. into our lives and leaves us "wet"for life. God comes to us through this Sacrament and engulfs us in hisThey also help us recognize how we can respond to the powerful grace. Although this washing happens only once, it is so powerful that it drenches our parchedlove of Christ in our lives. The inserts can be placed in souls with the sweet refreshment of forgiveness overbulletins or given to friends, relatives, and neiqhbots as an and over again. Baptism is a washing with lasting effect. Its no wonder luther, the great reformer, onceevangelism tool. said, "Every Christian consequently has enough to learn and to practice all his life in regard to Baptism" (Large Catechism, Janzow translation, p. 103). Can Baptism mean so much throughout my entire life? Scripture says so. In fact, God has much to say about this washing of water with the Word. The var- ious forms of the word baptize occur over one hun- dred times in the New Testament, The apostle Paul states, "You were washed, you were sanctified, you ,in-a-lifetime e ngs are eternatent • ."- - r f . e of the Lo d Read carefulJ 0 obi Gad" (1 C . Jesus Christ You Were ~ Yo and rejoice Nor onnthians 621) declared in~eansed. You we~e se;ce ~he passive verbs past tense Itocent before Gods thapart. YouWere . . . ,san rone Nt· smcker, but no aCcomplished fa . 0 ce the declared. In B one can Change wh ct. Let skeptics and washed c~t,sm We have been at God has a our lives forever ; The water of Bap~~ited in Jesus sure and SOlid ,: God makes a to sm Willaffect nor a son of m Gad,s not a mat th mise, it stands r (Numbers 231: ) that he should ~ha at he should lie Think of yo~r ba . nge his mind" face the rn! Phsm eve face. Reme;;;or with Water /:; mOrning as you through th bber that God has ppmg from YOUr . e 100d f washed g,veness upo a Jesus and p you Clean evel) one of n you through Bapt.oured that for- th You i th ISm "B e forgiveness f n e name of Je e baptized the Water of B o. Your sins" (A t sus Christ for life. This prec apt,sm, We have ~ 5 2:38). Through ous Water warms een washed for and Comforts Us. J~ fE®. C2003 NOrfhWerternPublishin 14NOf184ZS 8 HouS(!. All rights ~erved. rl New Subscriber Guarantee If you are not satis.fied with For Living Saints, you can cancel your subscription and receive a fuLLrefund. And, as our gift to you.for trying For Living Saints, you keep the inserts.
  20. 20. Chapel Talks for Christian Children 2003-2004 Featuring lessons on songs of the Bible c These 42 adaptable services-one for each week of the school year-focus on songs of the Bible in the Old and New Testaments. Each service examines a Bible text with an object lesson, followed by discussions and applications for daily living. Copy masters for short worship services, plus complete music accompaniments, are also provided. There are many great ways to use {Ilape! Talks: • childrens sermons • weekly childrens services • Sunday school openings • youth group devotions Chapel Talks For Christian Children 2003-2004 PC06N5003 $24.99 Subscribe! Receive each years new Chapel Talks edition without having to reorder. Just ask NPH Order Services about our Blanket Order Subscription Service, and leave the details to us!Strong Roots for Tender ShootsEarly childhood programA Christ-centered early childhood program developed by the STRONGWELSCommission on Youth Discipleship and NorthwesternPublishing House, the packet contains Christian parenting Roots tender FORmaterials for prebirth through age 4, including sevenage-appropriate books, ten pamphlets with tips, songs, Shootspoems, and activities, pLus two magnets. The packagingenvelope serves as a coordinator file with areas to recordthe childs information and track material delivery dates. as they raiee their young children.Included in eachStrong Roots for Tender Shootspacket:
  21. 21. ~-eligion Curriculum Christ-Light ® 0 ers ible lessons for children from birth through grade 12. This correlated curriculum can be used in Sunday schools, preschools,i! Lutheran elementary schools, home schools, confirmation classes, teen Biblef! classes, Lutheran high schools, and early childhood programs, including Strong Roots for Tender Shoots. Christ-Light contains the resources a congregation needs to coordinate the curriculum for all its youth education agencies. Christ-Light available: Strong Roots fOI< Tender Shoots Birth-Age 4 Old Testament Bible lessons, A & B sets 1-4 Prekindergarten-Grade 6 Old TestameiifHible lessons, C sets 1-4 Grades 3-6 NewTesta~~efif Biblelessons, A & B sets 1-4 Prekindergarten-Grade 6 New Testafiient Bible Le;sons, C sets 1-4 ~.~Grades 3- Best Book of All Grades 3-4 Topical Biole"Study courses Grades 7-8 Catechism lessons Grades 7-8 Bible history/topical Bible study courses Grades 9-11 In development: Christ-Light fer.;rhree-Year-Olds Age 3 Bible history/topical Bible study courses Grade 12 Catechism lessons Grades 5-6 Christ-Light Coordinated Curriculum is a joint project of the WELS Commission on Youth Discipleship and Northwestern Publishing House. Christ-Light Adult Bible Study These are adult lessons coordinated to the Christ-Light youth curriculum (prekindergarten-grade 6). Each four-page lesson-contains an adult version of the childre~s Bil:llelesson. Christ-Light Adult BiJjle Study is a joint project of the WELS Commission on AduLt Discipleship and.Northwestern Publishing House. For Christ-Ugh~ order fO.1!ns,sample lessons, or ai:lditicmal information, caU NPH Order Services. Vacation Bible School Curriculum, 2004 Every year Christ-Light offers.a new and exciting vacation Bible school course containing the resources a congregation needs to host a five-day VBSfor children from age 3 through grade 6. A theme is integrated into five Bible lessons. The 2004 VBS materials include a theme-related adult/teen Bible study. The theme for 2004 is the Olympics, and the title of the VBS pro..gramis "Ready, Set, GolIJ." The user can choose the number and mix of individual components as needed: student lessons, teachers guides with class time ideas and copy master activities, a music guide and CDrecording, craft book, devotions, and leaders CD-ROM with customizable promotional and follow-up materials. CaUand request-the latest VBSbrochure --,.11IIII from NPH Order Services, orlook online at "Ready, set, Gold" will be available in Decernber 2003. Christ-light is a registereCf.rademark of Northwestern Publishing House. t 022 (Milwaukee 414-475-6600) 8:,(fQ>06..M. to 4:30 P.M. CTweekdays.
  22. 22. 2003 Childrens Christmas Service Kit Christmas around the World: A Childrens Christmas Service by Bryan and Jackie Gerlach Christmas around the World is a kit featuring Christmas caroLs from other Lands aFld cultures. It is a traditional childrens Christmas service full of narration, recita- tioll"..and music: • Hymns and carols, aLternative accompaniments, and hymn and song suggestions are included for additionaL variety in the service. • Prerecorded vocal demonstrations, accompaniment tracks, and eLectronic text fiLes are provided on CO. • Accompaniment MIDI fiLes are provided on CDfor use with the HymnSoft PLayer ModuLe or a MIDI keyboard. • Service text copy masters and an electronic fiLe include aLL song and hymn texts. • Visit to downLoad a sampLe service. The complete service text for Christmas around the WorLdis available as a PDFfile at on the Christmas kit icon to access this sample as well as a listing of the service music and portions of the vocal scores and accompaniments. Christmas Service Kit PC18N0372 $49.99 Christmas Service Kits from Northwestern Publishing House offer many • CDrecording has two versions of every s011g and options for both large and small congregations. hymn. Use the demonstration tracks with voice and • Copy masters provide for unLimited dupLicating of the accompaniment to introduce the songs. Then sing originaL service and music, eLiminating the need to aLong with the separate accompaniment tracks for purchase individuaL service bookLets for every teacher rehearsaL, or use them: for the actuaL service. and chiLd. ACIditionaLCDs can be orderea. • AduLt participation can enhance the service through • The Users Guide features a banner pattern that choraL seLections or story narration and recitation. represents the service theme. • ELectronic service text fiLes make customization • The fuLL-coLorbuLLetin cover coordinates with the easy-youre free to customize text without service theme and may be ordered in quantity from obtaining permission. NPH. A bulletin sample is included in every kit.NPH Lenten ,Resources for 2004Cross ExaminationKits include the following: • Sermon helps, including outlines and complete texts of nine sermons • Service pLanning resources-comprised of sermon text Kit includes a CDthat is Windows and Mac compatible. and theme, with suggestions for order of service, The sermon helps (mcLuding BiOle references hemes, hymns, psalms, Scripture readings, and prayers to rein~ and complete texts ~or :t:h~nine sert;pons) max be force the theme of each service throughout Lent purchased separately. • Copy masters for midweek services-for those who For kit titles c~rrently available, check the NPH Online wish to reproduce the text "as is" for a worship CataLog at or call PI:!Order S""ervices. service foLder • Lenten bulletin sampLe-available in quantity from NPH for use""a~a service folder from Ash Wednesday th Il ~oo~:fi:tjGlay f (0 nS;$Qlt;sep.~!~t~~)
  23. 23. Music CurriculumSing and Make MusicA Music Curriculumfor the Lutheran Elementary Schoolby Dr. Edward H. Meyer,professor emeritus of music at Martin Luther CoLLege SingW --"""----~~-----~~---~ .. ~Can be used as a stand-alone music curriculum or as an afid O;r JV1akeMus"-enhancement to any standard music curriculum. In addi-tion to teaching basic musical concepts, it also examines SyUable Ladderthe music and liturgy of the church. Materials include soteachers guides, student lessons, accompaniment and se »>: t:r----Bstudent songbooks, accompaniment music on CD, and fasupplementary recordings. . . ,,,.,,. -":-.:.-: ." .,, ... :::: .,. , .... :. ~ .. - . ~ , • " •• ,. it •••• :.:. Designed for • todays busy class scheduLes • teachers of varied musicaL abilities • multigrade teachers Level One: CompLete Set (Prekindergarten and Kindergarten) PC76N0106 $260.00 LeveLTwo: Complete Set (Grades 1 and 2) "PC76N0207 ......•.......... 315.00 ,~etel Three: Complete Set (Grades 3 and 4) :PC76N0307 315.00 J&vet Four: Co plete Set (Grades 5 and 6) "I~(J6N0407 315.00 level Five: Complete Set (Grades 7 and 8) PC76N0507 ...•...•.....•... 315.00
  24. 24. Christian Worship:New Service SettingsThis newest resource from the Christian Worship productLine includes new musicaL settings for two orders of servicefrom Christian Worship and a new order of service notfound in Christian Worship. • The Common Service can be used in pLace of CWpage 15 with or without HoLyCommunion. This flexibLe service has accompaniments for organ or piano and optionaL instruments. • Morning Praise can be used in pLace of CWpage 45 for morning services. This service has accompaniments for piano or keyboard and optionaL instruments. • Prayer at the Close of Oay, historically known as CompLine, can be used in pLace of CWpage 52 for evening services. There are two versions of this service: one setting includes an accompaniment for organ, whiLe the second setting has accompaniments for organ, piano, and guitar.Christian WorsMp: New Service Settings is available in threeeditions that can be purchased individually OJ paired tosuit your congregations needs.
  25. 25. 34 Alternate Hymn Accom·paniments. Sets 1 and 2 by ~dl:Xard H. Meyer 34 8 h"x"11" sheets/set t 34 Alternate Hymn DifficuLtylevel: Easy Accompaniments These aLternate accompaniments of hymns from Christian Set I Worship are crafted to be pLayeCl::on any type of ke.yboard instrument, Each setting may ~e used te-introducgjjyrnn Advent, sjAging in worship services. Brackets in the music show where a .s~prt hymn~jntfoductiQtl may begirt Eaclls.etting Chrisu.nas, prpyides an interesting three-p~ft: texture, which can be Epiphany, used to support tbesinging ofthe congregation or choirs, ~speciaLly those comprised of childrens voices. Included and General are selections for specific seasons and generaL use. Q,ther Features: ···."Profe~~or-Mey~[~~freshcbutl;traditional styLe of -comJ1~sing wtlL:iLappeaLto-o;ganists and keyboard_. pLayersof aLiabfLities.·~ • Each set has a tune and titLe index and a table that fists the hymn numbers-of five current = Lutheran hymnals: Organists and keyboard pLayers can use these simple settings ffir congregation, chQir, and 34 Alternate Hymn solo~accompanlments. ~- _ Accompaniments The settings are printed on one side of Loose-Leaf, Set 2 punched, heavy stock paper that can be kept in a binder. Lent, 34 Alternate ~ymIPAccomp-animentsJ.·et 1: Ad¥ent, Christmas, Epiphany, and General Easter, . PC27N00:35•..•.••••• ;; .•.••.. $14.00 Pmt~cOS.~ 34 Alternate Hymn Accompaniments and General Sa 2: Lent, Easter, Pentecost, and GeJ]eral PC27N0036 ••••.•.•••.•••..•.. $14.00 ~ Call: 1-800.-662-60.22 (Mllwaukee 414-475-6600) 8:00 A.M.-to 4:30 P.M. CT weekdays.
  26. 26. 34 Alternate Hymn Accompaniments, Sets 1 and 2 1" An: by,Edward H. Meyer ::; ... 34 Alternate Hymn . ;;r 34 8 W )(~ 1" sheets/set ~ Difficulty level: Easy These alternate accompaniments of hymns from Christian Accompaniments Set 1 Worship are crafted to be played on any type of keyboard instrument. Each setting may be used to introduce hymn Advent, ~inging in worship services. Brackets in t.he music show . where a short hymrftntroductifn"may brgln. Each setting ChrisQnas, provides an interesting three-part texture, which can be Epiphany, used to support the singing of the congregation or choirs, especially those comprised of childrens voices. Included and General are selections for specific seasons and general use. Ed •••. ard 1I :Icycr Other features: !±iU0~Pr.Qfe~~oJJ:1eyers fresh but)radition~ntyle of , compbsing will appeal to organists and keyboard ~o.I.orthwestem players of all abilities. 1f ~~-2-H3Jse • Each set has a tune and title index and a table that lists tlie hymn numbers of five current Lutheran -hymnals. • Organists and keyboard players can use these simple-settinqsfor congregation, choir, and 34 Alternate Hymn solo accompaniments. ~:~ Accompaniments -. The settings are printed on one side of loose-leaf, Set 2 punched, heavy stock paper that can be kept in a binder. 34 Alternate Hymn Accomeaniments Set 1: Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, and General PC27N0035 c•••••••• $14.0~0 34 Alternate Hymn Accompaniments Set 2: Lent, Easter, Pentecost, and General PC27N0036 $14.00 ."M99
  27. 27. Music Afn<••••••• ~n.i.slO~ARYIfYM:" T....:ribooIt.!!.a~~;~ Choral - T_Afnc;oo hpoI<IlkkI,I1U_lm •••• oIL •••••.•••••• t:-lIIqIpI 1. Supbb MO)"o An African Song of Life An: by Karen Emmett Phipps Missions, General SATB This SATBsetting for the unaccompanied choir combines two African songs of praise with the mission hymn "From Greenlands Icy Mountains." In Africa the songs are used as the congregation brings forward their offerings. This ~~.,:.- n-.LJ... r, ~.~ Ii ,; rhythmic anthem would be suitable for mission festivals o Dearest SAT1I..t~· Jesus and any service with an emphasis on evangelism or ~ __ Tr.c-...""~-II."l_1l."" ISH-I ••• 1, •. gospel proclamation. PC28N6075 $1.65 o Dearest Jesus Arr. by Harold R. Vetter Lent, Good Friday SATBand piano Three stanzas of the classic Lenten hymn "0 Dearest Jesus" are set in a traditional Baroque style that will appeal to - - I I singers and listeners alike. Flowing piano accompaniment and elegant SATBchoral writing makes this excellent for E~!~~~1.~b! ~ I~ SAlBond~ B1t(l(IKDALI! use during Lent and Holy Week. IMoA,B(ASCAP) PC28N6078 ..........•......... $1.65 Extol the Lamb! by John A. Behnke Lent 1, Easter, St. Michael and All Angels, End Time kM_s..Mi· . __ ••••.••• __ •• . , ftict .:-. £.0--" ••••••• _ £00 .••• ,..,. ••• no ••• ~~ SATBand keyboard l;-j"I . , l~i~ Two solid texts-one for Easter and the other for the minor festival of St. Michael and ALL Angels-are used with a powerful new tune by John Behnke. Fresh, but fip.. o.._ .....!-~004._1 Thep.._s.,. ,..poI> dr accessible, choir and keyboard parts make this an exciting choice for the average church choir. You Call Us, Lord Our Fathers God in Years Long Gone Mi><d ..t~ PC28N6076 •.....•.•.•......... $1.65 " J You Call Us. Lord Our Fathers God in Years Long Gone by William Braun -1: _I kn .i~ I, rr , 1 Church Anniversary, Dedication, Ministry, General Two optional texts are set with this new tune for use at special church occasions and times of dedication. Designed .., -- -,..._-- .. i;MJ.- ••••• __ ••••. _ for use with large and smaLLchoirs, this wiLL a welcome be k _ Mr< "_";" " __ •••• bit~rIooo ·;,11" "".,., Do •••. ",., -.r •. addition to the choirs library of special service music. Two-part .J~~ I~ I j l PC28N6073 •••...•••••••.••..• $ 1.65 A,__ f"SAB._~_.,..,..."- ••• comp.>t r"(If)I<)_Non"",ao ••• IobIIl.biA&_ •• " I .•••••••••••. _",,.21:·601~i> •• ~w •••• p/uI<I.Th.r •••,, •••oIlow)W •.,.;_ •• SAB plus keyboard and optional instruments (PDF only) voi"lIofllll ••••• Alu.-.,..<rC/.nC-_Iojoj, ,IKV>t><I;",.tnuDt ••• lfOf-yC ••••• H_ ~._~ ••,IJ •. L«d.- _AD,;P<>",.,..,. •••••••• PC28N6074 •••...•.••••..••••. $13.00 ~~AJI$...~I~N.U) .•. "_..-....W.26 ~ Northwestern- Publishing House Online:
  28. 28. The Apostolic BlessinglCori""i"".1~;l4(/>lV) S"TIi E";ID. B.d<r.IS93-19~1~I~;;~-~~,I @ r _6 - =z=j " Th< g__ of"",l.®l !e.,", ~ . »r, -:-- - ---==- j ~ l[t-); 1=: o Come, T~·o-l"Icl>oir Emmanuel ••• ybo>rd, == ••••• optiONJ"""&nt N.iI andTracy Honkwi •• 16:·~"~ on tunes from
  29. 29. 80N2100 Sign up for email updates to be kepI informed of n~wHome on the net. QUi mission is simple. to Promotionsrel](h heorts and minds with Goo s lo.~ in Announcements.Jesus Chri1 thlough OUI quality Christ· . Gods People Series(entered malerials forlhe thurrh, s(hool, "Buttons" Book Seriesurtd home. We hope rou enjoy your .,isil. New Periodical-Worship Music i Visit Our Online Cqtolog! ~,