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Direct Mail: Google Places


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Direct Mail: Google Places

  1. 1. Inaccurate Business Information ?on Google Is Like…• Misspelling your store sign• Incorrectly posting hours in your window• Distributing expired coupons• Posting the wrong address in ads• Helping your competition
  2. 2. Dear First Name Last Name,Consumers are Googling your business, but does it show up?Since Google is the most-trafficked search engine used by consumers to find contact/purchase information aboutlocal businesses, we can help you claim and manage Google listings for all your locations. That includes establishingGoogle Places Pages — collections of business information, customer reviews, coupons, maps and more — thatappear at the top of Google search results. We canalso distribute your business listings to more than A majority of consumers shop within 15 miles of160 other sources, including search sites and GPS their homes. But to bring those consumers into yoursystems, so your information remains accurate for store(s), you have tosearching consumers. help them find you. Since 1967, 15miles has helped turn searchingConsumers are already searching locally; give them consumers into payingwhat they need to shop there, too. For a FREE customers by targetinglocal-listings analysis, including Google Places, them where they arecontact 15miles at 1-877-343-1678 or ®© 2011 15miles. All rights reserved.275 Madison Ave., Suite 2600, New York, NY 10016